Official Internet Protocol Standards

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Internet Standards

STD #NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
STD 3RFC 1122ASCII, PDF Requirements for Internet Hosts - Communication Layers R. Braden, Ed.October 1989Errata, Updates RFC 793, Updated by RFC 1349, RFC 4379, RFC 5884, RFC 6093, RFC 6298, RFC 6633, RFC 6864, RFC 8029Internet Standard
STD 3RFC 1123ASCII, PDFRequirements for Internet Hosts - Application and Support R. Braden, Ed.October 1989Errata, Updates RFC 822, RFC 952, Updated by RFC 1349, RFC 2181, RFC 5321, RFC 5966, RFC 7766Internet Standard
STD 5RFC 791ASCII, PDF Internet Protocol J. PostelSeptember 1981Errata, Obsoletes RFC 760, Updated by RFC 1349, RFC 2474, RFC 6864Internet Standard
STD 5RFC 792ASCII, PDF Internet Control Message Protocol J. PostelSeptember 1981Errata, Obsoletes RFC 777, Updated by RFC 950, RFC 4884, RFC 6633, RFC 6918Internet Standard
STD 5RFC 950ASCII, PDF Internet Standard Subnetting Procedure J.C. Mogul, J. PostelAugust 1985Updates RFC 792, Updated by RFC 6918Internet Standard
STD 5RFC 1112ASCII, PDF Host extensions for IP multicasting S.E. DeeringAugust 1989Obsoletes RFC 988, RFC 1054, Updated by RFC 2236Internet Standard
STD 5RFC 919ASCII, PDF Broadcasting Internet Datagrams J.C. MogulOctober 1984    Internet Standard
STD 5RFC 922ASCII, PDF Broadcasting Internet datagrams in the presence of subnets J.C. MogulOctober 1984    Internet Standard
STD 6RFC 768ASCII, PDF User Datagram Protocol J. PostelAugust 1980    Internet Standard
STD 7RFC 793ASCII, PDF Transmission Control Protocol J. PostelSeptember 1981Errata, Obsoletes RFC 761, Updated by RFC 1122, RFC 3168, RFC 6093, RFC 6528Internet Standard
STD 8RFC 854ASCII, PDF Telnet Protocol Specification J. Postel, J.K. ReynoldsMay 1983Errata, Obsoletes RFC 764, Updated by RFC 5198Internet Standard
STD 8RFC 855ASCII, PDF Telnet Option Specifications J. Postel, J.K. ReynoldsMay 1983Obsoletes NIC 18640Internet Standard
STD 9RFC 959ASCII, PDFFile Transfer Protocol J. Postel, J. ReynoldsOctober 1985Errata, Obsoletes RFC 765, Updated by RFC 2228, RFC 2640, RFC 2773, RFC 3659, RFC 5797, RFC 7151Internet Standard
STD 10RFC 1870ASCII, PDF SMTP Service Extension for Message Size Declaration J. Klensin, N. Freed, K. MooreNovember 1995Obsoletes RFC 1653Internet Standard
STD 13RFC 1034ASCII, PDF Domain names - concepts and facilities P.V. MockapetrisNovember 1987Errata, Obsoletes RFC 973, RFC 882, RFC 883, Updated by RFC 1101, RFC 1183, RFC 1348, RFC 1876, RFC 1982, RFC 2065, RFC 2181, RFC 2308, RFC 2535, RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 4035, RFC 4343, RFC 4035, RFC 4592, RFC 5936, RFC 8020, RFC 8482Internet Standard
STD 13RFC 1035ASCII, PDFDomain names - implementation and specification P.V. MockapetrisNovember 1987Errata, Obsoletes RFC 973, RFC 882, RFC 883, Updated by RFC 1101, RFC 1183, RFC 1348, RFC 1876, RFC 1982, RFC 1995, RFC 1996, RFC 2065, RFC 2136, RFC 2181, RFC 2137, RFC 2308, RFC 2535, RFC 2673, RFC 2845, RFC 3425, RFC 3658, RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 4035, RFC 4343, RFC 5936, RFC 5966, RFC 6604, RFC 7766, RFC 8482, RFC 8490Internet Standard
STD 16RFC 1212ASCII, PDF Concise MIB definitions M.T. Rose, K. McCloghrieMarch 1991    Internet Standard
STD 16RFC 1155ASCII, PDF Structure and identification of management information for TCP/IP-based internets M.T. Rose, K. McCloghrieMay 1990Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1065Internet Standard
STD 17RFC 1213ASCII, PDFManagement Information Base for Network Management of TCP/IP-based internets: MIB-IIK. McCloghrie, M. RoseMarch 1991Obsoletes RFC 1158, Updated by RFC 2011, RFC 2012, RFC 2013Internet Standard
STD 19RFC 1002ASCII, PDF Protocol standard for a NetBIOS service on a TCP/UDP transport: Detailed specifications NetBIOS Working Group in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Internet Activities Board, End-to-End Services Task ForceMarch 1987ErrataInternet Standard
STD 19RFC 1001ASCII, PDF Protocol standard for a NetBIOS service on a TCP/UDP transport: Concepts and methods NetBIOS Working Group in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Internet Activities Board, End-to-End Services Task ForceMarch 1987ErrataInternet Standard
STD 20RFC 862ASCII, PDF Echo Protocol J. PostelMay 1983    Internet Standard
STD 21RFC 863ASCII, PDF Discard Protocol J. PostelMay 1983    Internet Standard
STD 22RFC 864ASCII, PDF Character Generator Protocol J. PostelMay 1983ErrataInternet Standard
STD 23RFC 865ASCII, PDF Quote of the Day Protocol J. PostelMay 1983    Internet Standard
STD 24RFC 866ASCII, PDF Active users J. PostelMay 1983    Internet Standard
STD 25RFC 867ASCII, PDF Daytime Protocol J. PostelMay 1983    Internet Standard
STD 26RFC 868ASCII, PDF Time Protocol J. Postel, K. HarrenstienMay 1983ErrataInternet Standard
STD 27RFC 856ASCII, PDF Telnet Binary Transmission J. Postel, J. ReynoldsMay 1983Obsoletes NIC 15389Internet Standard
STD 28RFC 857ASCII, PDF Telnet Echo Option J. Postel, J. ReynoldsMay 1983Obsoletes NIC 15390Internet Standard
STD 29RFC 858ASCII, PDF Telnet Suppress Go Ahead Option J. Postel, J. ReynoldsMay 1983Obsoletes NIC 15392Internet Standard
STD 30RFC 859ASCII, PDF Telnet Status Option J. Postel, J. ReynoldsMay 1983Obsoletes RFC 651Internet Standard
STD 31RFC 860ASCII, PDF Telnet Timing Mark Option J. Postel, J. ReynoldsMay 1983Obsoletes NIC 16238Internet Standard
STD 32RFC 861ASCII, PDF Telnet Extended Options: List Option J. Postel, J. ReynoldsMay 1983Obsoletes NIC 16239Internet Standard
STD 33RFC 1350ASCII, PDF The TFTP Protocol (Revision 2) K. SollinsJuly 1992Errata, Obsoletes RFC 783, Updated by RFC 1782, RFC 1783, RFC 1784, RFC 1785, RFC 2347, RFC 2348, RFC 2349Internet Standard
STD 35RFC 1006ASCII, PDFISO Transport Service on top of the TCP Version: 3 M.T. Rose, D.E. CassMay 1987Obsoletes RFC 983, Updated by RFC 2126Internet Standard
STD 36RFC 1390ASCII, PDF Transmission of IP and ARP over FDDI Networks D. KatzJanuary 1993    Internet Standard
STD 37RFC 826ASCII, PDFAn Ethernet Address Resolution Protocol: Or Converting Network Protocol Addresses to 48.bit Ethernet Address for Transmission on Ethernet HardwareD. PlummerNovember 1982Updated by RFC 5227, RFC 5494Internet Standard
STD 38RFC 903ASCII, PDF A Reverse Address Resolution ProtocolR. Finlayson, T. Mann, J.C. Mogul, M. TheimerJune 1984    Internet Standard
STD 40RFC 907ASCII, PDF Host Access Protocol specification Bolt Beranek, Newman LaboratoriesJuly 1984Updated by RFC 1221Internet Standard
STD 41RFC 894ASCII, PDFA Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams over Ethernet Networks C. HornigApril 1984ErrataInternet Standard
STD 42RFC 895ASCII, PDF Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over experimental Ethernet networks J. PostelApril 1984    Internet Standard
STD 43RFC 1042ASCII, PDF Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over IEEE 802 networks J. Postel, J.K. ReynoldsFebruary 1988Errata, Obsoletes RFC 948Internet Standard
STD 44RFC 891ASCII, PDFDCN Local-Network Protocols D.L. MillsDecember 1983    Internet Standard
STD 45RFC 1044ASCII, PDF Internet Protocol on Network System's HYPERchannel: Protocol Specification K. Hardwick, J. LekashmanFebruary 1988Updated by RFC 5494Internet Standard
STD 46RFC 1201ASCII, PDF Transmitting IP traffic over ARCNET networks D. ProvanFebruary 1991Obsoletes RFC 1051Internet Standard
STD 47RFC 1055ASCII, PDF Nonstandard for transmission of IP datagrams over serial lines: SLIP J.L. RomkeyJune 1988ErrataInternet Standard
STD 48RFC 1088ASCII, PDF Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over NetBIOS networks L.J. McLaughlinFebruary 1989    Internet Standard
STD 49RFC 1132ASCII, PDF Standard for the transmission of 802.2 packets over IPX networks L.J. McLaughlinNovember 1989    Internet Standard
STD 51RFC 1661ASCII, PDF The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) W. Simpson, Ed.July 1994Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1548, Updated by RFC 2153Internet Standard
STD 51RFC 1662ASCII, PDF PPP in HDLC-like Framing W. Simpson, Ed.July 1994Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1549Internet Standard
STD 52RFC 1209ASCII, PDFThe Transmission of IP Datagrams over the SMDS ServiceD. Piscitello, J. LawrenceMarch 1991    Internet Standard
STD 53RFC 1939ASCII, PDF Post Office Protocol - Version 3 J. Myers, M. RoseMay 1996Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1725, Updated by RFC 1957, RFC 2449, RFC 6186, RFC 8314Internet Standard
STD 54RFC 2328ASCII, PDF OSPF Version 2 J. MoyApril 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2178, Updated by RFC 5709, RFC 6549, RFC 6845, RFC 6860, RFC 7474, RFC 8042Internet Standard
STD 55RFC 2427ASCII, PDF Multiprotocol Interconnect over Frame Relay C. Brown, A. MalisSeptember 1998Obsoletes RFC 1490, RFC 1294Internet Standard
STD 56RFC 2453ASCII, PDF RIP Version 2 G. MalkinNovember 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1723, Updated by RFC 4822Internet Standard
STD 57RFC 1722ASCII, PDF RIP Version 2 Protocol Applicability Statement G. MalkinNovember 1994    Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard November 1998)
STD 58RFC 2578ASCII, PDF Structure of Management Information Version 2 (SMIv2) K. McCloghrie, Ed., D. Perkins, Ed., J. Schoenwaelder, Ed.April 1999Obsoletes RFC 1902Internet Standard
STD 58RFC 2579ASCII, PDF Textual Conventions for SMIv2 K. McCloghrie, Ed., D. Perkins, Ed., J. Schoenwaelder, Ed.April 1999Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1903Internet Standard
STD 58RFC 2580ASCII, PDF Conformance Statements for SMIv2 K. McCloghrie, Ed., D. Perkins, Ed., J. Schoenwaelder, Ed.April 1999Obsoletes RFC 1904Internet Standard
STD 59RFC 2819ASCII, PDF Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base S. WaldbusserMay 2000Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1757Internet Standard
STD 60RFC 2920ASCII, PDF SMTP Service Extension for Command Pipelining N. FreedSeptember 2000Obsoletes RFC 2197Internet Standard
STD 61RFC 2289ASCII, PDF A One-Time Password System N. Haller, C. Metz, P. Nesser, M. StrawFebruary 1998Obsoletes RFC 1938Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard June 2000)
STD 62RFC 3411ASCII, PDF An Architecture for Describing Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Frameworks D. Harrington, R. Presuhn, B. WijnenDecember 2002Obsoletes RFC 2571, Updated by RFC 5343, RFC 5590Internet Standard
STD 62RFC 3412ASCII, PDF Message Processing and Dispatching for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) J. Case, D. Harrington, R. Presuhn, B. WijnenDecember 2002Obsoletes RFC 2572, Updated by RFC 5590Internet Standard
STD 62RFC 3413ASCII, PDF Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Applications D. Levi, P. Meyer, B. StewartDecember 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2573Internet Standard
STD 62RFC 3414ASCII, PDF User-based Security Model (USM) for version 3 of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv3) U. Blumenthal, B. WijnenDecember 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2574, Updated by RFC 5590Internet Standard
STD 62RFC 3415ASCII, PDF View-based Access Control Model (VACM) for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) B. Wijnen, R. Presuhn, K. McCloghrieDecember 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2575Internet Standard
STD 62RFC 3416ASCII, PDF Version 2 of the Protocol Operations for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) R. Presuhn, Ed.December 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1905Internet Standard
STD 62RFC 3417ASCII, PDF Transport Mappings for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) R. Presuhn, Ed.December 2002Obsoletes RFC 1906, Updated by RFC 4789, RFC 5590Internet Standard
STD 62RFC 3418ASCII, PDF Management Information Base (MIB) for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) R. Presuhn, Ed.December 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1907Internet Standard
STD 63RFC 3629ASCII, PDF UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646 F. YergeauNovember 2003Obsoletes RFC 2279Internet Standard
STD 64RFC 3550ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with ImagesRTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications H. Schulzrinne, S. Casner, R. Frederick, V. JacobsonJuly 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1889, Updated by RFC 5506, RFC 5761, RFC 6051, RFC 6222, RFC 7022, RFC 7160, RFC 7164, RFC 8083, RFC 8108Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard)
STD 65RFC 3551ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with Images RTP Profile for Audio and Video Conferences with Minimal Control H. Schulzrinne, S. CasnerJuly 2003Obsoletes RFC 1890, Updated by RFC 5761, RFC 7007Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard)
STD 66RFC 3986ASCII, PDFUniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax T. Berners-Lee, R. Fielding, L. MasinterJanuary 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2732, RFC 2396, RFC 1808, Updates RFC 1738, Updated by RFC 6874, RFC 7320Internet Standard
STD 67RFC 4506ASCII, PDFXDR: External Data Representation StandardM. Eisler, Ed.May 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1832Internet Standard
STD 68RFC 5234ASCII, PDFAugmented BNF for Syntax Specifications: ABNFD. Crocker, Ed., P. OverellJanuary 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4234, Updated by RFC 7405Internet Standard
STD 69RFC 5731ASCII, PDFExtensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Domain Name MappingS. HollenbeckAugust 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4931Internet Standard
STD 69RFC 5730ASCII, PDFExtensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)S. HollenbeckAugust 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4930Internet Standard
STD 69RFC 5732ASCII, PDFExtensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Host MappingS. HollenbeckAugust 2009Obsoletes RFC 4932Internet Standard
STD 69RFC 5733ASCII, PDFExtensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Contact MappingS. HollenbeckAugust 2009Obsoletes RFC 4933Internet Standard
STD 69RFC 5734ASCII, PDFExtensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Transport over TCPS. HollenbeckAugust 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4934Internet Standard
STD 70RFC 5652ASCII, PDFCryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)R. HousleySeptember 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3852Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard June 2013)
STD 71RFC 6152ASCII, PDFSMTP Service Extension for 8-bit MIME TransportJ. Klensin, N. Freed, M. Rose, D. Crocker, Ed.March 2011Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1652Internet Standard
STD 72RFC 6409ASCII, PDFMessage Submission for MailR. Gellens, J. KlensinNovember 2011Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4409, Updated by RFC 8314Internet Standard
STD 73RFC 6522ASCII, PDFThe Multipart/Report Media Type for the Reporting of Mail System Administrative MessagesM. Kucherawy, Ed.January 2012Obsoletes RFC 3462, Updated by RFC 6533Internet Standard
STD 74RFC 5011ASCII, PDFAutomated Updates of DNS Security (DNSSEC) Trust AnchorsM. StJohnsSeptember 2007    Internet Standard (changed from Proposed Standard January 2013)
STD 75RFC 6891ASCII, PDFExtension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS(0))J. Damas, M. Graff, P. VixieApril 2013Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2671, RFC 2673Internet Standard
STD 76RFC 6376ASCII, PDFDomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) SignaturesD. Crocker, Ed., T. Hansen, Ed., M. Kucherawy, Ed.September 2011Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4871, RFC 5672, Updated by RFC 8301, RFC 8463, RFC 8553Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard June 2013)
STD 77RFC 7011ASCII, PDFSpecification of the IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Protocol for the Exchange of Flow InformationB. Claise, Ed., B. Trammell, Ed., P. AitkenSeptember 2013Errata, Obsoletes RFC 5101Internet Standard
STD 78RFC 5343ASCII, PDFSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Context EngineID DiscoveryJ. SchoenwaelderSeptember 2008Updates RFC 3411Internet Standard (changed from Proposed Standard February 2014)
STD 78RFC 5590ASCII, PDFTransport Subsystem for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)D. Harrington, J. SchoenwaelderJune 2009Updates RFC 3411, RFC 3412, RFC 3414, RFC 3417Internet Standard (changed from Proposed Standard February 2014)
STD 78RFC 5591ASCII, PDFTransport Security Model for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)D. Harrington, W. HardakerJune 2009    Internet Standard (changed from Proposed Standard February 2014)
STD 78RFC 6353ASCII, PDFTransport Layer Security (TLS) Transport Model for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)W. HardakerJuly 2011Obsoletes RFC 5953Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard February 2014)
STD 79RFC 7296ASCII, PDFInternet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2)C. Kaufman, P. Hoffman, Y. Nir, P. Eronen, T. KivinenOctober 2014Errata, Obsoletes RFC 5996, Updated by RFC 7427, RFC 7670, RFC 8247Internet Standard
STD 80RFC 20ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesASCII format for network interchange V.G. CerfOctober 1969ErrataInternet Standard (changed from Unknown January 2015)
STD 81RFC 7679ASCII, PDFA One-Way Delay Metric for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM)G. Almes, S. Kalidindi, M. Zekauskas, A. Morton, Ed.January 2016Obsoletes RFC 2679Internet Standard
STD 82RFC 7680ASCII, PDFA One-Way Loss Metric for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM)G. Almes, S. Kalidindi, M. Zekauskas, A. Morton, Ed.January 2016Obsoletes RFC 2680Internet Standard
STD 83RFC 7761ASCII, PDFProtocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM): Protocol Specification (Revised)B. Fenner, M. Handley, H. Holbrook, I. Kouvelas, R. Parekh, Z. Zhang, L. ZhengMarch 2016Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4601Internet Standard
STD 84RFC 8077ASCII, PDFPseudowire Setup and Maintenance Using the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)L. Martini, Ed., G. Heron, Ed.February 2017Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4447, RFC 6723Internet Standard
STD 85RFC 8098ASCII, PDFMessage Disposition NotificationT. Hansen, Ed., A. Melnikov, Ed.February 2017Obsoletes RFC 3798, Updates RFC 2046, RFC 3461Internet Standard
STD 86RFC 8200ASCII, PDFInternet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) SpecificationS. Deering, R. HindenJuly 2017Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2460Internet Standard
STD 87RFC 8201ASCII, PDFPath MTU Discovery for IP version 6J. McCann, S. Deering, J. Mogul, R. Hinden, Ed.July 2017Obsoletes RFC 1981Internet Standard
STD 88RFC 3596ASCII, PDFDNS Extensions to Support IP Version 6 S. Thomson, C. Huitema, V. Ksinant, M. SouissiOctober 2003Obsoletes RFC 3152, RFC 1886Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard May 2017)
STD 89RFC 4443ASCII, PDFInternet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv6) for the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) SpecificationA. Conta, S. Deering, M. Gupta, Ed.March 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2463, Updates RFC 2780, Updated by RFC 4884Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard May 2017)
STD 90RFC 8259ASCII, PDFThe JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Interchange FormatT. Bray, Ed.December 2017Errata, Obsoletes RFC 7159Internet Standard
STD 91RFC 8341ASCII, PDFNetwork Configuration Access Control ModelA. Bierman, M. BjorklundMarch 2018Obsoletes RFC 6536Internet Standard
STD 92RFC 8010ASCII, PDFInternet Printing Protocol/1.1: Encoding and TransportM. Sweet, I. McDonaldJanuary 2017Obsoletes RFC 2910, RFC 3382Internet Standard (changed from Proposed Standard June 2018)
STD 92RFC 8011ASCII, PDFInternet Printing Protocol/1.1: Model and SemanticsM. Sweet, I. McDonaldJanuary 2017Obsoletes RFC 2911, RFC 3381, RFC 3382Internet Standard (changed from Proposed Standard June 2018)

Draft Standards

[Note: This maturity level was retired by RFC 6410: "Any protocol or service that is currently at the abandoned Draft Standard maturity level will retain that classification, absent explicit actions."]

NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 951ASCII, PDF Bootstrap Protocol W.J. Croft, J. GilmoreSeptember 1985Errata, Updated by RFC 1395, RFC 1497, RFC 1532, RFC 1542, RFC 5494Draft Standard
RFC 1184ASCII, PDF Telnet Linemode Option D.A. BormanOctober 1990Obsoletes RFC 1116Draft Standard
RFC 1188ASCII, PDF Proposed Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams over FDDI Networks D. KatzOctober 1990Obsoletes RFC 1103Draft Standard
RFC 1191ASCII, PDF Path MTU discovery J.C. Mogul, S.E. DeeringNovember 1990Obsoletes RFC 1063Draft Standard
RFC 1288ASCII, PDF The Finger User Information Protocol D. ZimmermanDecember 1991Obsoletes RFC 1196, RFC 1194, RFC 742Draft Standard
RFC 1356ASCII, PDF Multiprotocol Interconnect on X.25 and ISDN in the Packet Mode A. Malis, D. Robinson, R. UllmannAugust 1992Obsoletes RFC 877Draft Standard (changed from Proposed Standard)
RFC 1534ASCII, PDF Interoperation Between DHCP and BOOTP R. DromsOctober 1993ErrataDraft Standard (changed from Proposed Standard January 1997)
RFC 1542ASCII, PDF Clarifications and Extensions for the Bootstrap Protocol W. WimerOctober 1993Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1532, Updates RFC 951Draft Standard
RFC 1559ASCII, PDF DECnet Phase IV MIB Extensions J. SaperiaDecember 1993Obsoletes RFC 1289Draft Standard
RFC 1575ASCII, PDF An Echo Function for CLNP (ISO 8473) S. Hares, C. WittbrodtFebruary 1994Obsoletes RFC 1139Draft Standard
RFC 1629ASCII, PDF Guidelines for OSI NSAP Allocation in the Internet R. Colella, R. Callon, E. Gardner, Y. RekhterMay 1994Obsoletes RFC 1237Draft Standard
RFC 1658ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Character Stream Devices using SMIv2 B. StewartJuly 1994Obsoletes RFC 1316Draft Standard
RFC 1659ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for RS-232-like Hardware Devices using SMIv2 B. StewartJuly 1994Obsoletes RFC 1317Draft Standard
RFC 1660ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Parallel-printer-like Hardware Devices using SMIv2 B. StewartJuly 1994Obsoletes RFC 1318Draft Standard
RFC 1694ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for SMDS Interfaces using SMIv2 T. Brown, Ed., K. Tesink, Ed.August 1994Obsoletes RFC 1304Draft Standard
RFC 1724ASCII, PDF RIP Version 2 MIB Extension G. Malkin, F. BakerNovember 1994Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1389Draft Standard
RFC 1748ASCII, PDFIEEE 802.5 MIB using SMIv2 K. McCloghrie, E. DeckerDecember 1994Obsoletes RFC 1743, RFC 1231, Updated by RFC 1749Draft Standard
RFC 1762ASCII, PDF The PPP DECnet Phase IV Control Protocol (DNCP) S. SenumMarch 1995Obsoletes RFC 1376Draft Standard
RFC 1772ASCII, PDF Application of the Border Gateway Protocol in the Internet Y. Rekhter, P. GrossMarch 1995Obsoletes RFC 1655Draft Standard
RFC 1864ASCII, PDF The Content-MD5 Header Field J. Myers, M. RoseOctober 1995Obsoletes RFC 1544Draft Standard
RFC 1989ASCII, PDF PPP Link Quality Monitoring W. SimpsonAugust 1996Obsoletes RFC 1333Draft Standard
RFC 1990ASCII, PDF The PPP Multilink Protocol (MP) K. Sklower, B. Lloyd, G. McGregor, D. Carr, T. CoradettiAugust 1996Obsoletes RFC 1717Draft Standard
RFC 1994ASCII, PDF PPP Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) W. SimpsonAugust 1996Obsoletes RFC 1334, Updated by RFC 2484Draft Standard
RFC 2045ASCII, PDF Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies N. Freed, N. BorensteinNovember 1996Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1521, RFC 1522, RFC 1590, Updated by RFC 2184, RFC 2231, RFC 5335, RFC 6532Draft Standard
RFC 2046ASCII, PDFMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Two: Media Types N. Freed, N. BorensteinNovember 1996Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1521, RFC 1522, RFC 1590, Updated by RFC 2646, RFC 3798, RFC 5147, RFC 6657, RFC 8098Draft Standard
RFC 2047ASCII, PDFMIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Part Three: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text K. MooreNovember 1996Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1521, RFC 1522, RFC 1590, Updated by RFC 2184, RFC 2231Draft Standard
RFC 2049ASCII, PDF Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Five: Conformance Criteria and Examples N. Freed, N. BorensteinNovember 1996Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1521, RFC 1522, RFC 1590Draft Standard
RFC 2067ASCII, PDF IP over HIPPI J. RenwickJanuary 1997    Draft Standard
RFC 2115ASCII, PDF Management Information Base for Frame Relay DTEs Using SMIv2 C. Brown, F. BakerSeptember 1997Obsoletes RFC 1315Draft Standard
RFC 2131ASCII, PDF Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol R. DromsMarch 1997Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1541, Updated by RFC 3396, RFC 4361, RFC 5494, RFC 6842Draft Standard
RFC 2132ASCII, PDF DHCP Options and BOOTP Vendor Extensions S. Alexander, R. DromsMarch 1997Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1533, Updated by RFC 3442, RFC 3942, RFC 4361, RFC 4833, RFC 5494Draft Standard
RFC 2347ASCII, PDF TFTP Option Extension G. Malkin, A. HarkinMay 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1782, Updates RFC 1350Draft Standard
RFC 2348ASCII, PDF TFTP Blocksize Option G. Malkin, A. HarkinMay 1998Obsoletes RFC 1783, Updates RFC 1350Draft Standard
RFC 2349ASCII, PDF TFTP Timeout Interval and Transfer Size Options G. Malkin, A. HarkinMay 1998Obsoletes RFC 1784, Updates RFC 1350Draft Standard
RFC 2355ASCII, PDF TN3270 Enhancements B. KellyJune 1998Obsoletes RFC 1647, Updated by RFC 6270Draft Standard
RFC 2390ASCII, PDF Inverse Address Resolution Protocol T. Bradley, C. Brown, A. MalisSeptember 1998Obsoletes RFC 1293Draft Standard
RFC 2613ASCII, PDF Remote Network Monitoring MIB Extensions for Switched Networks Version 1.0 R. Waterman, B. Lahaye, D. Romascanu, S. WaldbusserJune 1999    Draft Standard (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 2741ASCII, PDF Agent Extensibility (AgentX) Protocol Version 1 M. Daniele, B. Wijnen, M. Ellison, D. FranciscoJanuary 2000Obsoletes RFC 2257Draft Standard (changed from Proposed Standard December 2001)
RFC 2742ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Extensible SNMP Agents L. Heintz, S. Gudur, M. EllisonJanuary 2000    Draft Standard (changed from Proposed Standard December 2001)
RFC 2790ASCII, PDF Host Resources MIB S. Waldbusser, P. GrilloMarch 2000Obsoletes RFC 1514Draft Standard
RFC 2863ASCII, PDF The Interfaces Group MIB K. McCloghrie, F. KastenholzJune 2000Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2233Draft Standard
RFC 2865ASCII, PDF Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) C. Rigney, S. Willens, A. Rubens, W. SimpsonJune 2000Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2138, Updated by RFC 2868, RFC 3575, RFC 5080, RFC 6929, RFC 8044Draft Standard
RFC 2895ASCII, PDF Remote Network Monitoring MIB Protocol Identifier Reference A. Bierman, C. Bucci, R. IddonAugust 2000Obsoletes RFC 2074, Updated by RFC 3395Draft Standard (changed from Proposed Standard August 2003)
RFC 3191ASCII, PDF Minimal GSTN address format in Internet Mail C. AllocchioOctober 2001Obsoletes RFC 2303, Updates RFC 2846Draft Standard
RFC 3192ASCII, PDF Minimal FAX address format in Internet Mail C. AllocchioOctober 2001Obsoletes RFC 2304, Updates RFC 2846Draft Standard
RFC 3275ASCII, PDF (Extensible Markup Language) XML-Signature Syntax and Processing D. Eastlake 3rd, J. Reagle, D. SoloMarch 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3075Draft Standard
RFC 3282ASCII, PDF Content Language Headers H. AlvestrandMay 2002Obsoletes RFC 1766Draft Standard
RFC 3302ASCII, PDF Tag Image File Format (TIFF) - image/tiff MIME Sub-type Registration G. Parsons, J. RaffertySeptember 2002Obsoletes RFC 2302Draft Standard (changed from Proposed Standard June 2004)
RFC 3461ASCII, PDF Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Service Extension for Delivery Status Notifications (DSNs) K. MooreJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1891, Updated by RFC 3798, RFC 3885, RFC 5337, RFC 6533, RFC 8098Draft Standard
RFC 3463ASCII, PDF Enhanced Mail System Status Codes G. VaudreuilJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1893, Updated by RFC 3886, RFC 4468, RFC 4865, RFC 4954, RFC 5248Draft Standard
RFC 3464ASCII, PDF An Extensible Message Format for Delivery Status Notifications K. Moore, G. VaudreuilJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1894, Updated by RFC 4865, RFC 5337, RFC 6533Draft Standard
RFC 3592ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the Synchronous Optical Network/Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SONET/SDH) Interface Type K. TesinkSeptember 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2558Draft Standard
RFC 3593ASCII, PDF Textual Conventions for MIB Modules Using Performance History Based on 15 Minute Intervals K. Tesink, Ed.September 2003Obsoletes RFC 2493Draft Standard
RFC 3801ASCII, PDF Voice Profile for Internet Mail - version 2 (VPIMv2) G. Vaudreuil, G. ParsonsJune 2004Obsoletes RFC 2421, RFC 2423Draft Standard
RFC 3802ASCII, PDF Toll Quality Voice - 32 kbit/s Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) MIME Sub-type Registration G. Vaudreuil, G. ParsonsJune 2004Obsoletes RFC 2422Draft Standard
RFC 3803ASCII, PDF Content Duration MIME Header Definition G. Vaudreuil, G. ParsonsJune 2004Obsoletes RFC 2424Draft Standard
RFC 3848ASCII, PDF ESMTP and LMTP Transmission Types Registration C. NewmanJuly 2004    Draft Standard (changed from Proposed Standard January 2010)
RFC 3912ASCII, PDF WHOIS Protocol Specification L. DaigleSeptember 2004Obsoletes RFC 954, RFC 812Draft Standard
RFC 3949ASCII, PDFFile Format for Internet FaxR. Buckley, D. Venable, L. McIntyre, G. Parsons, J. RaffertyFebruary 2005Obsoletes RFC 2301Draft Standard
RFC 3950ASCII, PDFTag Image File Format Fax eXtended (TIFF-FX) - image/tiff-fx MIME Sub-type Registration L. McIntyre, G. Parsons, J. RaffertyFebruary 2005Obsoletes RFC 3250Draft Standard
RFC 3965ASCII, PDF A Simple Mode of Facsimile Using Internet Mail K. Toyoda, H. Ohno, J. Murai, D. WingDecember 2004Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2305Draft Standard
RFC 4271ASCII, PDFA Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4)Y. Rekhter, Ed., T. Li, Ed., S. Hares, Ed.January 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1771, Updated by RFC 6286, RFC 6608, RFC 6793, RFC 7606, RFC 7607, RFC 7705, RFC 8212Draft Standard
RFC 4291ASCII, PDFIP Version 6 Addressing ArchitectureR. Hinden, S. DeeringFebruary 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3513, Updated by RFC 5952, RFC 6052, RFC 7136, RFC 7346, RFC 7371, RFC 8064Draft Standard
RFC 4456ASCII, PDFBGP Route Reflection: An Alternative to Full Mesh Internal BGP (IBGP)T. Bates, E. Chen, R. ChandraApril 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2796, RFC 1966, Updated by RFC 7606Draft Standard
RFC 4502ASCII, PDFRemote Network Monitoring Management Information Base Version 2S. WaldbusserMay 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2021, Updates RFC 3273Draft Standard
RFC 4760ASCII, PDFMultiprotocol Extensions for BGP-4T. Bates, R. Chandra, D. Katz, Y. RekhterJanuary 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2858, Updated by RFC 7606Draft Standard
RFC 4861ASCII, PDFNeighbor Discovery for IP version 6 (IPv6)T. Narten, E. Nordmark, W. Simpson, H. SolimanSeptember 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2461, Updated by RFC 5942, RFC 6980, RFC 7048, RFC 7527, RFC 7559, RFC 8028, RFC 8319, RFC 8425Draft Standard
RFC 4862ASCII, PDFIPv6 Stateless Address AutoconfigurationS. Thomson, T. Narten, T. JinmeiSeptember 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2462, Updated by RFC 7527Draft Standard
RFC 4941ASCII, PDFPrivacy Extensions for Stateless Address Autoconfiguration in IPv6T. Narten, R. Draves, S. KrishnanSeptember 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3041Draft Standard
RFC 5036ASCII, PDFLDP SpecificationL. Andersson, Ed., I. Minei, Ed., B. Thomas, Ed.October 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3036, Updated by RFC 6720, RFC 6790, RFC 7358, RFC 7552Draft Standard
RFC 5065ASCII, PDFAutonomous System Confederations for BGPP. Traina, D. McPherson, J. ScudderAugust 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3065Draft Standard
RFC 5072ASCII, PDFIP Version 6 over PPPS. Varada, Ed., D. Haskins, E. AllenSeptember 2007Obsoletes RFC 2472, Updated by RFC 8064Draft Standard
RFC 5321ASCII, PDFSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolJ. KlensinOctober 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2821, Updates RFC 1123, Updated by RFC 7504Draft Standard
RFC 5322ASCII, PDFInternet Message FormatP. Resnick, Ed.October 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2822, Updates RFC 4021, Updated by RFC 6854Draft Standard
RFC 5492ASCII, PDFCapabilities Advertisement with BGP-4J. Scudder, R. ChandraFebruary 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3392Draft Standard
RFC 5531ASCII, PDFRPC: Remote Procedure Call Protocol Specification Version 2R. ThurlowMay 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1831Draft Standard
RFC 5681ASCII, PDFTCP Congestion ControlM. Allman, V. Paxson, E. BlantonSeptember 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2581Draft Standard

Proposed Standards

NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 726ASCII, PDF Remote Controlled Transmission and Echoing Telnet option J. Postel, D. CrockerMarch 1977    Proposed Standard
RFC 727ASCII, PDF Telnet logout option M.R. CrispinApril 1977    Proposed Standard
RFC 735ASCII, PDF Revised Telnet byte macro option D. Crocker, R.H. GumpertzNovember 1977Obsoletes RFC 729Proposed Standard
RFC 736ASCII, PDF Telnet SUPDUP option M.R. CrispinOctober 1977    Proposed Standard
RFC 749ASCII, PDF Telnet SUPDUP-Output option B. GreenbergSeptember 1978    Proposed Standard
RFC 779ASCII, PDF Telnet send-location option E. KillianApril 1981    Proposed Standard
RFC 885ASCII, PDF Telnet end of record option J. PostelDecember 1983    Proposed Standard
RFC 927ASCII, PDF TACACS user identification Telnet option B.A. AndersonDecember 1984    Proposed Standard
RFC 933ASCII, PDF Output marking Telnet option S. SilvermanJanuary 1985    Proposed Standard
RFC 946ASCII, PDF Telnet terminal location number option R. NedvedMay 1985    Proposed Standard
RFC 1043ASCII, PDF Telnet Data Entry Terminal option: DODIIS implementation A. Yasuda, T. ThompsonFebruary 1988Updates RFC 732Proposed Standard
RFC 1073ASCII, PDF Telnet window size option D. WaitzmanOctober 1988    Proposed Standard
RFC 1079ASCII, PDF Telnet terminal speed option C.L. HedrickDecember 1988    Proposed Standard
RFC 1091ASCII, PDF Telnet terminal-type option J. VanBokkelenFebruary 1989Obsoletes RFC 930Proposed Standard
RFC 1096ASCII, PDF Telnet X display location option G.A. MarcyMarch 1989    Proposed Standard
RFC 1144ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with ImagesCompressing TCP/IP Headers for Low-Speed Serial Links V. JacobsonFebruary 1990    Proposed Standard
RFC 1195ASCII, PS, PDF Use of OSI IS-IS for routing in TCP/IP and dual environments R.W. CallonDecember 1990Errata, Updated by RFC 1349, RFC 5302, RFC 5304Proposed Standard
RFC 1256ASCII, PDF ICMP Router Discovery Messages S. Deering, Ed.September 1991    Proposed Standard
RFC 1277ASCII, PS, PDF Encoding Network Addresses to Support Operation over Non-OSI Lower Layers S.E. Hardcastle-KilleNovember 1991    Proposed Standard
RFC 1332ASCII, PDF The PPP Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP) G. McGregorMay 1992Obsoletes RFC 1172, Updated by RFC 3241Proposed Standard
RFC 1372ASCII, PDF Telnet Remote Flow Control Option C. Hedrick, D. BormanOctober 1992Obsoletes RFC 1080Proposed Standard
RFC 1377ASCII, PDF The PPP OSI Network Layer Control Protocol (OSINLCP) D. KatzNovember 1992    Proposed Standard
RFC 1381ASCII, PDF SNMP MIB Extension for X.25 LAPB D. Throop, F. BakerNovember 1992    Proposed Standard
RFC 1382ASCII, PDF SNMP MIB Extension for the X.25 Packet Layer D. Throop, Ed.November 1992    Proposed Standard
RFC 1413ASCII, PDF Identification Protocol M. St. JohnsFebruary 1993Errata, Obsoletes RFC 931Proposed Standard
RFC 1420ASCII, PDF SNMP over IPX S. BostockMarch 1993Obsoletes RFC 1298Proposed Standard
RFC 1471ASCII, PDF The Definitions of Managed Objects for the Link Control Protocol of the Point-to-Point Protocol F. KastenholzJune 1993    Proposed Standard
RFC 1472ASCII, PDF The Definitions of Managed Objects for the Security Protocols of the Point-to-Point Protocol F. KastenholzJune 1993    Proposed Standard
RFC 1473ASCII, PDF The Definitions of Managed Objects for the IP Network Control Protocol of the Point-to-Point Protocol F. KastenholzJune 1993    Proposed Standard
RFC 1570ASCII, PDF PPP LCP Extensions W. Simpson, Ed.January 1994Updates RFC 1548, Updated by RFC 2484Proposed Standard
RFC 1572ASCII, PDF Telnet Environment Option S. Alexander, Ed.January 1994    Proposed Standard
RFC 1582ASCII, PDF Extensions to RIP to Support Demand Circuits G. MeyerFebruary 1994    Proposed Standard
RFC 1598ASCII, PDF PPP in X.25 W. SimpsonMarch 1994    Proposed Standard
RFC 1618ASCII, PDF PPP over ISDN W. SimpsonMay 1994    Proposed Standard
RFC 1663ASCII, PDF PPP Reliable Transmission D. RandJuly 1994    Proposed Standard
RFC 1697ASCII, PDF Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) Management Information Base (MIB) using SMIv2 D. Brower, Ed., B. Purvy, A. Daniel, M. Sinykin, J. SmithAugust 1994    Proposed Standard
RFC 1731ASCII, PDF IMAP4 Authentication Mechanisms J. MyersDecember 1994    Proposed Standard
RFC 1740ASCII, PDF MIME Encapsulation of Macintosh Files - MacMIME P. Faltstrom, D. Crocker, E. FairDecember 1994    Proposed Standard
RFC 1752ASCII, PDF The Recommendation for the IP Next Generation Protocol S. Bradner, A. MankinJanuary 1995    Proposed Standard
RFC 1755ASCII, PDF ATM Signaling Support for IP over ATM M. Perez, F. Liaw, A. Mankin, E. Hoffman, D. Grossman, A. MalisFebruary 1995    Proposed Standard
RFC 1767ASCII, PDF MIME Encapsulation of EDI Objects D. CrockerMarch 1995    Proposed Standard
RFC 1793ASCII, PDF Extending OSPF to Support Demand Circuits J. MoyApril 1995Updated by RFC 3883Proposed Standard
RFC 1812ASCII, PDF Requirements for IP Version 4 Routers F. Baker, Ed.June 1995Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1716, RFC 1009, Updated by RFC 2644, RFC 6633Proposed Standard
RFC 1829ASCII, PDF The ESP DES-CBC Transform P. Karn, P. Metzger, W. SimpsonAugust 1995    Proposed Standard
RFC 1833ASCII, PDF Binding Protocols for ONC RPC Version 2 R. SrinivasanAugust 1995Updated by RFC 5665Proposed Standard
RFC 1847ASCII, PDF Security Multiparts for MIME: Multipart/Signed and Multipart/Encrypted J. Galvin, S. Murphy, S. Crocker, N. FreedOctober 1995    Proposed Standard
RFC 1928ASCII, PDF SOCKS Protocol Version 5 M. Leech, M. Ganis, Y. Lee, R. Kuris, D. Koblas, L. JonesMarch 1996ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 1929ASCII, PDF Username/Password Authentication for SOCKS V5 M. LeechMarch 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 1961ASCII, PDF GSS-API Authentication Method for SOCKS Version 5 P. McMahonJune 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 1962ASCII, PDF The PPP Compression Control Protocol (CCP) D. RandJune 1996Updated by RFC 2153Proposed Standard
RFC 1964ASCII, PDF The Kerberos Version 5 GSS-API Mechanism J. LinnJune 1996Updated by RFC 4121, RFC 6649Proposed Standard
RFC 1968ASCII, PDF The PPP Encryption Control Protocol (ECP) G. MeyerJune 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 1973ASCII, PDF PPP in Frame Relay W. SimpsonJune 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 1982ASCII, PDF Serial Number Arithmetic R. Elz, R. BushAugust 1996Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035Proposed Standard
RFC 1985ASCII, PDF SMTP Service Extension for Remote Message Queue Starting J. De WinterAugust 1996ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 1995ASCII, PDF Incremental Zone Transfer in DNS M. OhtaAugust 1996Errata, Updates RFC 1035Proposed Standard
RFC 1996ASCII, PDF A Mechanism for Prompt Notification of Zone Changes (DNS NOTIFY) P. VixieAugust 1996Updates RFC 1035Proposed Standard
RFC 1997ASCII, PDF BGP Communities Attribute R. Chandra, P. Traina, T. LiAugust 1996Errata, Updated by RFC 7606Proposed Standard
RFC 2003ASCII, PDF IP Encapsulation within IP C. PerkinsOctober 1996Errata, Updated by RFC 3168, RFC 6864Proposed Standard
RFC 2004ASCII, PDF Minimal Encapsulation within IP C. PerkinsOctober 1996ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2005ASCII, PDF Applicability Statement for IP Mobility Support J. SolomonOctober 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 2006ASCII, PDF The Definitions of Managed Objects for IP Mobility Support using SMIv2 D. Cong, M. Hamlen, C. PerkinsOctober 1996ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2015ASCII, PDF MIME Security with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) M. ElkinsOctober 1996Errata, Updated by RFC 3156Proposed Standard
RFC 2017ASCII, PDF Definition of the URL MIME External-Body Access-Type N. Freed, K. Moore, A. CargilleOctober 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 2018ASCII, PDFTCP Selective Acknowledgment Options M. Mathis, J. Mahdavi, S. Floyd, A. RomanowOctober 1996Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1072Proposed Standard
RFC 2020ASCII, PDF IEEE 802.12 Interface MIB J. FlickOctober 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 2022ASCII, PDF Support for Multicast over UNI 3.0/3.1 based ATM Networks G. ArmitageNovember 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 2024ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Data Link Switching using SMIv2 D. Chen, Ed., P. Gayek, S. NixOctober 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 2025ASCII, PDF The Simple Public-Key GSS-API Mechanism (SPKM) C. AdamsOctober 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 2029ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format of Sun's CellB Video Encoding M. Speer, D. HoffmanOctober 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 2034ASCII, PDF SMTP Service Extension for Returning Enhanced Error Codes N. FreedOctober 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 2043ASCII, PDF The PPP SNA Control Protocol (SNACP) A. FuquaOctober 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 2051ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for APPC using SMIv2 M. Allen, B. Clouston, Z. Kielczewski, W. Kwan, B. MooreOctober 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 2056ASCII, PDF Uniform Resource Locators for Z39.50 R. Denenberg, J. Kunze, D. LynchNovember 1996    Proposed Standard
RFC 2077ASCII, PDF The Model Primary Content Type for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions S. Nelson, C. Parks, MitraJanuary 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2079ASCII, PDF Definition of an X.500 Attribute Type and an Object Class to Hold Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) M. SmithJanuary 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2080ASCII, PDF RIPng for IPv6 G. Malkin, R. MinnearJanuary 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2085ASCII, PDF HMAC-MD5 IP Authentication with Replay Prevention M. Oehler, R. GlennFebruary 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2087ASCII, PDF IMAP4 QUOTA extension J. MyersJanuary 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2091ASCII, PDF Triggered Extensions to RIP to Support Demand Circuits G. Meyer, S. SherryJanuary 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2097ASCII, PDF The PPP NetBIOS Frames Control Protocol (NBFCP) G. PallJanuary 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2108ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.3 Repeater Devices using SMIv2 K. de Graaf, D. Romascanu, D. McMaster, K. McCloghrieFebruary 1997Obsoletes RFC 1516Proposed Standard
RFC 2113ASCII, PDF IP Router Alert Option D. KatzFebruary 1997Updated by RFC 5350, RFC 6398Proposed Standard
RFC 2122ASCII, PDF VEMMI URL Specification D. Mavrakis, H. Layec, K. KartmannMarch 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2125ASCII, PDF The PPP Bandwidth Allocation Protocol (BAP) / The PPP Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BACP) C. Richards, K. SmithMarch 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2126ASCII, PDF ISO Transport Service on top of TCP (ITOT) Y. Pouffary, A. YoungMarch 1997Errata, Updates RFC 1006Proposed Standard
RFC 2127ASCII, PDF ISDN Management Information Base using SMIv2 G. Roeck, Ed.March 1997ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2128ASCII, PDF Dial Control Management Information Base using SMIv2 G. Roeck, Ed.March 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2136ASCII, PDFDynamic Updates in the Domain Name System (DNS UPDATE) P. Vixie, Ed., S. Thomson, Y. Rekhter, J. BoundApril 1997Errata, Updates RFC 1035, Updated by RFC 3007, RFC 4035, RFC 4033, RFC 4034Proposed Standard
RFC 2142ASCII, PDF Mailbox Names for Common Services, Roles and Functions D. CrockerMay 1997ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2156ASCII, PDF MIXER (Mime Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay): Mapping between X.400 and RFC 822/MIME S. KilleJanuary 1998Obsoletes RFC 987, RFC 1026, RFC 1138, RFC 1148, RFC 1327, RFC 1495, Updates RFC 822Proposed Standard
RFC 2157ASCII, PDF Mapping between X.400 and RFC-822/MIME Message Bodies H. AlvestrandJanuary 1998ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2158ASCII, PDF X.400 Image Body Parts H. AlvestrandJanuary 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2159ASCII, PDF A MIME Body Part for FAX H. AlvestrandJanuary 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2160ASCII, PDF Carrying PostScript in X.400 and MIME H. AlvestrandJanuary 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2163ASCII, PDF Using the Internet DNS to Distribute MIXER Conformant Global Address Mapping (MCGAM) C. AllocchioJanuary 1998Obsoletes RFC 1664, Updated by RFC 3597Proposed Standard
RFC 2164ASCII, PDF Use of an X.500/LDAP directory to support MIXER address mapping S. KilleJanuary 1998Obsoletes RFC 1838Proposed Standard
RFC 2165ASCII, PDF Service Location Protocol J. Veizades, E. Guttman, C. Perkins, S. KaplanJune 1997Updated by RFC 2608, RFC 2609Proposed Standard
RFC 2177ASCII, PDF IMAP4 IDLE command B. LeibaJune 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2181ASCII, PDF Clarifications to the DNS Specification R. Elz, R. BushJuly 1997Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 1123, Updated by RFC 4035, RFC 2535, RFC 4343, RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 5452Proposed Standard
RFC 2183ASCII, PDF Communicating Presentation Information in Internet Messages: The Content-Disposition Header Field R. Troost, S. Dorner, K. Moore, Ed.August 1997Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1806, Updated by RFC 2184, RFC 2231Proposed Standard
RFC 2193ASCII, PDF IMAP4 Mailbox Referrals M. GahrnsSeptember 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2195ASCII, PDF IMAP/POP AUTHorize Extension for Simple Challenge/Response J. Klensin, R. Catoe, P. KrumviedeSeptember 1997Obsoletes RFC 2095Proposed Standard
RFC 2198ASCII, PDF RTP Payload for Redundant Audio Data C. Perkins, I. Kouvelas, O. Hodson, V. Hardman, M. Handley, J.C. Bolot, A. Vega-Garcia, S. Fosse-ParisisSeptember 1997Updated by RFC 6354Proposed Standard
RFC 2203ASCII, PDF RPCSEC_GSS Protocol Specification M. Eisler, A. Chiu, L. LingSeptember 1997Errata, Updated by RFC 5403Proposed Standard
RFC 2205ASCII, PDF Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) -- Version 1 Functional Specification R. Braden, Ed., L. Zhang, S. Berson, S. Herzog, S. JaminSeptember 1997Errata, Updated by RFC 2750, RFC 3936, RFC 4495, RFC 5946, RFC 6437, RFC 6780Proposed Standard
RFC 2206ASCII, PDF RSVP Management Information Base using SMIv2 F. Baker, J. Krawczyk, A. SastrySeptember 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2207ASCII, PDF RSVP Extensions for IPSEC Data Flows L. Berger, T. O'MalleySeptember 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2210ASCII, PDF The Use of RSVP with IETF Integrated Services J. WroclawskiSeptember 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2211ASCII, PDF Specification of the Controlled-Load Network Element Service J. WroclawskiSeptember 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2212ASCII, PDF Specification of Guaranteed Quality of Service S. Shenker, C. Partridge, R. GuerinSeptember 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2213ASCII, PDF Integrated Services Management Information Base using SMIv2 F. Baker, J. Krawczyk, A. SastrySeptember 1997ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2214ASCII, PDF Integrated Services Management Information Base Guaranteed Service Extensions using SMIv2 F. Baker, J. Krawczyk, A. SastrySeptember 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2215ASCII, PDF General Characterization Parameters for Integrated Service Network Elements S. Shenker, J. WroclawskiSeptember 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2218ASCII, PDF A Common Schema for the Internet White Pages Service T. Genovese, B. JenningsOctober 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2221ASCII, PDF IMAP4 Login Referrals M. GahrnsOctober 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2225ASCII, PDF Classical IP and ARP over ATM M. Laubach, J. HalpernApril 1998Obsoletes RFC 1626, RFC 1577, Updated by RFC 5494Proposed Standard
RFC 2226ASCII, PDF IP Broadcast over ATM Networks T. Smith, G. ArmitageOctober 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2227ASCII, PDF Simple Hit-Metering and Usage-Limiting for HTTP J. Mogul, P. LeachOctober 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2228ASCII, PDF FTP Security Extensions M. Horowitz, S. LuntOctober 1997Updates RFC 959Proposed Standard
RFC 2231ASCII, PDFMIME Parameter Value and Encoded Word Extensions: Character Sets, Languages, and ContinuationsN. Freed, K. MooreNovember 1997Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2184, Updates RFC 2045, RFC 2047, RFC 2183Proposed Standard
RFC 2232ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for DLUR using SMIv2 B. Clouston, Ed., B. Moore, Ed.November 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2236ASCII, PDF Internet Group Management Protocol, Version 2 W. FennerNovember 1997Errata, Updates RFC 1112, Updated by RFC 3376Proposed Standard
RFC 2238ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for HPR using SMIv2 B. Clouston, Ed., B. Moore, Ed.November 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2241ASCII, PDF DHCP Options for Novell Directory Services D. ProvanNovember 1997ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2242ASCII, PDF NetWare/IP Domain Name and Information R. Droms, K. FongNovember 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2243ASCII, PDF OTP Extended Responses C. MetzNovember 1997    Proposed Standard
RFC 2244ASCII, PDF ACAP -- Application Configuration Access Protocol C. Newman, J. G. MyersNovember 1997Errata, Updated by RFC 6075Proposed Standard
RFC 2247ASCII, PDF Using Domains in LDAP/X.500 Distinguished Names S. Kille, M. Wahl, A. Grimstad, R. Huber, S. SataluriJanuary 1998Updated by RFC 4519, RFC 4524Proposed Standard
RFC 2250ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for MPEG1/MPEG2 Video D. Hoffman, G. Fernando, V. Goyal, M. CivanlarJanuary 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2038Proposed Standard
RFC 2266ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.12 Repeater Devices J. FlickJanuary 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2287ASCII, PDF Definitions of System-Level Managed Objects for Applications C. Krupczak, J. SaperiaFebruary 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2290ASCII, PDF Mobile-IPv4 Configuration Option for PPP IPCP J. Solomon, S. GlassFebruary 1998Updates RFC 2002, Updated by RFC 2794Proposed Standard
RFC 2293ASCII, PDF Representing Tables and Subtrees in the X.500 Directory S. KilleMarch 1998Obsoletes RFC 1837Proposed Standard
RFC 2294ASCII, PDF Representing the O/R Address hierarchy in the X.500 Directory Information Tree S. KilleMarch 1998Obsoletes RFC 1836Proposed Standard
RFC 2308ASCII, PDF Negative Caching of DNS Queries (DNS NCACHE) M. AndrewsMarch 1998Errata, Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035, Updated by RFC 4035, RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 6604, RFC 8020, RFC 8499Proposed Standard
RFC 2320ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Classical IP and ARP Over ATM Using SMIv2 (IPOA-MIB) M. Greene, J. Luciani, K. White, T. KuoApril 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2331ASCII, PDF ATM Signalling Support for IP over ATM - UNI Signalling 4.0 Update M. MaherApril 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2332ASCII, PDF NBMA Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP) J. Luciani, D. Katz, D. Piscitello, B. Cole, N. DoraswamyApril 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2333ASCII, PDF NHRP Protocol Applicability Statement D. CanseverApril 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2334ASCII, PDF Server Cache Synchronization Protocol (SCSP) J. Luciani, G. Armitage, J. Halpern, N. DoraswamyApril 1998ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2335ASCII, PDF A Distributed NHRP Service Using SCSP J. LucianiApril 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2342ASCII, PDF IMAP4 Namespace M. Gahrns, C. NewmanMay 1998Updated by RFC 4466Proposed Standard
RFC 2363ASCII, PDF PPP Over FUNI G. Gross, M. Kaycee, A. Li, A. Malis, J. StephensJuly 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2364ASCII, PDF PPP Over AAL5 G. Gross, M. Kaycee, A. Li, A. Malis, J. StephensJuly 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2369ASCII, PDF The Use of URLs as Meta-Syntax for Core Mail List Commands and their Transport through Message Header Fields G. Neufeld, J. BaerJuly 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2371ASCII, PDF Transaction Internet Protocol Version 3.0 J. Lyon, K. Evans, J. KleinJuly 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2380ASCII, PDF RSVP over ATM Implementation Requirements L. BergerAugust 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2381ASCII, PDF Interoperation of Controlled-Load Service and Guaranteed Service with ATM M. Garrett, M. BordenAugust 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2384ASCII, PDF POP URL Scheme R. GellensAugust 1998ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2387ASCII, PDF The MIME Multipart/Related Content-type E. LevinsonAugust 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2112Proposed Standard
RFC 2389ASCII, PDF Feature negotiation mechanism for the File Transfer Protocol P. Hethmon, R. ElzAugust 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2392ASCII, PDF Content-ID and Message-ID Uniform Resource Locators E. LevinsonAugust 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2111Proposed Standard
RFC 2397ASCII, PDFThe "data" URL scheme L. MasinterAugust 1998ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2403ASCII, PDF The Use of HMAC-MD5-96 within ESP and AH C. Madson, R. GlennNovember 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2404ASCII, PDF The Use of HMAC-SHA-1-96 within ESP and AH C. Madson, R. GlennNovember 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2405ASCII, PDF The ESP DES-CBC Cipher Algorithm With Explicit IV C. Madson, N. DoraswamyNovember 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2410ASCII, PDF The NULL Encryption Algorithm and Its Use With IPsec R. Glenn, S. KentNovember 1998ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2417ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Multicast over UNI 3.0/3.1 based ATM Networks C. Chung, M. GreeneSeptember 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2366Proposed Standard
RFC 2419ASCII, PDF The PPP DES Encryption Protocol, Version 2 (DESE-bis) K. Sklower, G. MeyerSeptember 1998Obsoletes RFC 1969Proposed Standard
RFC 2420ASCII, PDF The PPP Triple-DES Encryption Protocol (3DESE) H. KummertSeptember 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2428ASCII, PDF FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs M. Allman, S. Ostermann, C. MetzSeptember 1998ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2431ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for BT.656 Video Encoding D. TynanOctober 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2435ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for JPEG-compressed Video L. Berc, W. Fenner, R. Frederick, S. McCanne, P. StewartOctober 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2035Proposed Standard
RFC 2439ASCII, PDF BGP Route Flap Damping C. Villamizar, R. Chandra, R. GovindanNovember 1998ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2444ASCII, PDF The One-Time-Password SASL Mechanism C. NewmanOctober 1998Updates RFC 2222Proposed Standard
RFC 2449ASCII, PDF POP3 Extension Mechanism R. Gellens, C. Newman, L. LundbladeNovember 1998Updates RFC 1939, Updated by RFC 5034Proposed Standard
RFC 2451ASCII, PDF The ESP CBC-Mode Cipher Algorithms R. Pereira, R. AdamsNovember 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2455ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for APPN B. Clouston, B. MooreNovember 1998Obsoletes RFC 2155Proposed Standard
RFC 2456ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for APPN TRAPS B. Clouston, B. MooreNovember 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2457ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Extended Border Node B. Clouston, B. MooreNovember 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2464ASCII, PDF Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Ethernet Networks M. CrawfordDecember 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1972, Updated by RFC 6085, RFC 8064Proposed Standard
RFC 2467ASCII, PDF Transmission of IPv6 Packets over FDDI Networks M. CrawfordDecember 1998Obsoletes RFC 2019, Updated by RFC 8064Proposed Standard
RFC 2470ASCII, PDF Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Token Ring Networks M. Crawford, T. Narten, S. ThomasDecember 1998Updated by RFC 8064Proposed Standard
RFC 2473ASCII, PDF Generic Packet Tunneling in IPv6 Specification A. Conta, S. DeeringDecember 1998    Proposed Standard
RFC 2474ASCII, PDFDefinition of the Differentiated Services Field (DS Field) in the IPv4 and IPv6 HeadersK. Nichols, S. Blake, F. Baker, D. BlackDecember 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1455, RFC 1349, Updates RFC 791, Updated by RFC 3168, RFC 3260, RFC 8436Proposed Standard
RFC 2480ASCII, PDF Gateways and MIME Security Multiparts N. FreedJanuary 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2484ASCII, PDF PPP LCP Internationalization Configuration Option G. ZornJanuary 1999Updates RFC 2284, RFC 1994, RFC 1570Proposed Standard
RFC 2485ASCII, PDF DHCP Option for The Open Group's User Authentication Protocol S. DrachJanuary 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2491ASCII, PDF IPv6 over Non-Broadcast Multiple Access (NBMA) networks G. Armitage, P. Schulter, M. Jork, G. HarterJanuary 1999Updated by RFC 8064Proposed Standard
RFC 2492ASCII, PDF IPv6 over ATM Networks G. Armitage, P. Schulter, M. JorkJanuary 1999Errata, Updated by RFC 8064Proposed Standard
RFC 2494ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the DS0 and DS0 Bundle Interface Type D. Fowler, Ed.January 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2497ASCII, PDF Transmission of IPv6 Packets over ARCnet Networks I. SouvatzisJanuary 1999Updated by RFC 8064Proposed Standard
RFC 2507ASCII, PDF IP Header Compression M. Degermark, B. Nordgren, S. PinkFebruary 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2508ASCII, PDF Compressing IP/UDP/RTP Headers for Low-Speed Serial Links S. Casner, V. JacobsonFebruary 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2512ASCII, PDF Accounting Information for ATM Networks K. McCloghrie, J. Heinanen, W. Greene, A. PrasadFebruary 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2513ASCII, PDF Managed Objects for Controlling the Collection and Storage of Accounting Information for Connection-Oriented Networks K. McCloghrie, J. Heinanen, W. Greene, A. PrasadFebruary 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2514ASCII, PDF Definitions of Textual Conventions and OBJECT-IDENTITIES for ATM Management M. Noto, E. Spiegel, K. TesinkFebruary 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2515ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for ATM Management K. Tesink, Ed.February 1999Obsoletes RFC 1695Proposed Standard
RFC 2526ASCII, PDF Reserved IPv6 Subnet Anycast Addresses D. Johnson, S. DeeringMarch 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2529ASCII, PDF Transmission of IPv6 over IPv4 Domains without Explicit Tunnels B. Carpenter, C. JungMarch 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2530ASCII, PDF Indicating Supported Media Features Using Extensions to DSN and MDN D. WingMarch 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2532ASCII, PDF Extended Facsimile Using Internet Mail L. Masinter, D. WingMarch 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2533ASCII, PDF A Syntax for Describing Media Feature Sets G. KlyneMarch 1999Updated by RFC 2738, RFC 2938Proposed Standard
RFC 2534ASCII, PDF Media Features for Display, Print, and Fax L. Masinter, D. Wing, A. Mutz, K. HoltmanMarch 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2536ASCII, PDF DSA KEYs and SIGs in the Domain Name System (DNS) D. Eastlake 3rdMarch 1999Updated by RFC 6944Proposed Standard
RFC 2539ASCII, PDF Storage of Diffie-Hellman Keys in the Domain Name System (DNS) D. Eastlake 3rdMarch 1999Updated by RFC 6944Proposed Standard
RFC 2545ASCII, PDF Use of BGP-4 Multiprotocol Extensions for IPv6 Inter-Domain Routing P. Marques, F. DupontMarch 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2557ASCII, PDF MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate Documents, such as HTML (MHTML) J. Palme, A. Hopmann, N. ShelnessMarch 1999Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2110Proposed Standard
RFC 2561ASCII, PDF Base Definitions of Managed Objects for TN3270E Using SMIv2 K. White, R. MooreApril 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2562ASCII, PDF Definitions of Protocol and Managed Objects for TN3270E Response Time Collection Using SMIv2 (TN3270E-RT-MIB) K. White, R. MooreApril 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2563ASCII, PDF DHCP Option to Disable Stateless Auto-Configuration in IPv4 Clients R. TrollMay 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2564ASCII, PDF Application Management MIB C. Kalbfleisch, C. Krupczak, R. Presuhn, J. SaperiaMay 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2584ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for APPN/HPR in IP Networks B. Clouston, B. MooreMay 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2585ASCII, PDFInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Operational Protocols: FTP and HTTP R. Housley, P. HoffmanMay 1999ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2589ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): Extensions for Dynamic Directory Services Y. Yaacovi, M. Wahl, T. GenoveseMay 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2590ASCII, PDF Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Frame Relay Networks Specification A. Conta, A. Malis, M. MuellerMay 1999Updated by RFC 8064Proposed Standard
RFC 2594ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for WWW Services H. Hazewinkel, C. Kalbfleisch, J. SchoenwaelderMay 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2595ASCII, PDF Using TLS with IMAP, POP3 and ACAP C. NewmanJune 1999Errata, Updated by RFC 4616, RFC 7817, RFC 8314Proposed Standard
RFC 2597ASCII, PDF Assured Forwarding PHB Group J. Heinanen, F. Baker, W. Weiss, J. WroclawskiJune 1999Errata, Updated by RFC 3260Proposed Standard
RFC 2601ASCII, PDF ILMI-Based Server Discovery for ATMARP M. DavisonJune 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2602ASCII, PDF ILMI-Based Server Discovery for MARS M. DavisonJune 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2603ASCII, PDF ILMI-Based Server Discovery for NHRP M. DavisonJune 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2605ASCII, PDF Directory Server Monitoring MIB G. Mansfield, S. KilleJune 1999Obsoletes RFC 1567Proposed Standard
RFC 2608ASCII, PDFService Location Protocol, Version 2 E. Guttman, C. Perkins, J. Veizades, M. DayJune 1999Errata, Updates RFC 2165, Updated by RFC 3224Proposed Standard
RFC 2609ASCII, PDF Service Templates and Service: Schemes E. Guttman, C. Perkins, J. KempfJune 1999Updates RFC 2165Proposed Standard
RFC 2610ASCII, PDF DHCP Options for Service Location Protocol C. Perkins, E. GuttmanJune 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2615ASCII, PDF PPP over SONET/SDH A. Malis, W. SimpsonJune 1999Obsoletes RFC 1619Proposed Standard
RFC 2622ASCII, PDF Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL) C. Alaettinoglu, C. Villamizar, E. Gerich, D. Kessens, D. Meyer, T. Bates, D. Karrenberg, M. TerpstraJune 1999Obsoletes RFC 2280, Updated by RFC 4012, RFC 7909Proposed Standard
RFC 2623ASCII, PDF NFS Version 2 and Version 3 Security Issues and the NFS Protocol's Use of RPCSEC_GSS and Kerberos V5 M. EislerJune 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2631ASCII, PDF Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Method E. RescorlaJune 1999ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2634ASCII, PDF Enhanced Security Services for S/MIME P. Hoffman, Ed.June 1999Updated by RFC 5035Proposed Standard
RFC 2640ASCII, PDF Internationalization of the File Transfer Protocol B. CurtinJuly 1999Errata, Updates RFC 959Proposed Standard
RFC 2645ASCII, PDF ON-DEMAND MAIL RELAY (ODMR) SMTP with Dynamic IP Addresses R. GellensAugust 1999ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2651ASCII, PDF The Architecture of the Common Indexing Protocol (CIP) J. Allen, M. MeallingAugust 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2652ASCII, PDF MIME Object Definitions for the Common Indexing Protocol (CIP) J. Allen, M. MeallingAugust 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2653ASCII, PDF CIP Transport Protocols J. Allen, P. Leach, R. HedbergAugust 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2658ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for PureVoice(tm) Audio K. McKayAugust 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2661ASCII, PDF Layer Two Tunneling Protocol "L2TP" W. Townsley, A. Valencia, A. Rubens, G. Pall, G. Zorn, B. PalterAugust 1999ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2662ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the ADSL Lines G. Bathrick, F. LyAugust 1999ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2675ASCII, PDFIPv6 Jumbograms D. Borman, S. Deering, R. HindenAugust 1999Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2147Proposed Standard
RFC 2677ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the NBMA Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP) M. Greene, J. Cucchiara, J. LucianiAugust 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2678ASCII, PDF IPPM Metrics for Measuring Connectivity J. Mahdavi, V. PaxsonSeptember 1999Obsoletes RFC 2498Proposed Standard
RFC 2681ASCII, PDF A Round-trip Delay Metric for IPPM G. Almes, S. Kalidindi, M. ZekauskasSeptember 1999ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2684ASCII, PDF Multiprotocol Encapsulation over ATM Adaptation Layer 5 D. Grossman, J. HeinanenSeptember 1999Obsoletes RFC 1483Proposed Standard
RFC 2685ASCII, PDF Virtual Private Networks Identifier B. Fox, B. GleesonSeptember 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2686ASCII, PDF The Multi-Class Extension to Multi-Link PPP C. BormannSeptember 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2687ASCII, PDF PPP in a Real-time Oriented HDLC-like Framing C. BormannSeptember 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2688ASCII, PDF Integrated Services Mappings for Low Speed Networks S. Jackowski, D. Putzolu, E. Crawley, B. DavieSeptember 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2710ASCII, PDF Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) for IPv6 S. Deering, W. Fenner, B. HabermanOctober 1999Updated by RFC 3590, RFC 3810Proposed Standard
RFC 2711ASCII, PDFIPv6 Router Alert Option C. Partridge, A. JacksonOctober 1999Updated by RFC 6398Proposed Standard
RFC 2712ASCII, PDF Addition of Kerberos Cipher Suites to Transport Layer Security (TLS) A. Medvinsky, M. HurOctober 1999ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2720ASCII, PDF Traffic Flow Measurement: Meter MIB N. BrownleeOctober 1999Obsoletes RFC 2064Proposed Standard
RFC 2725ASCII, PDF Routing Policy System Security C. Villamizar, C. Alaettinoglu, D. Meyer, S. MurphyDecember 1999Updated by RFC 4012Proposed Standard
RFC 2726ASCII, PDF PGP Authentication for RIPE Database Updates J. ZsakoDecember 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2728ASCII, PDF The Transmission of IP Over the Vertical Blanking Interval of a Television Signal R. Panabaker, S. Wegerif, D. ZigmondNovember 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2730ASCII, PDF Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol (MADCAP) S. Hanna, B. Patel, M. ShahDecember 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2734ASCII, PDF IPv4 over IEEE 1394 P. JohanssonDecember 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2735ASCII, PDF NHRP Support for Virtual Private Networks B. Fox, B. PetriDecember 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2738ASCII, PDF Corrections to "A Syntax for Describing Media Feature Sets" G. KlyneDecember 1999Updates RFC 2533Proposed Standard
RFC 2739ASCII, PDF Calendar Attributes for vCard and LDAP T. Small, D. Hennessy, F. DawsonJanuary 2000Updated by RFC 6350Proposed Standard
RFC 2743ASCII, PDF Generic Security Service Application Program Interface Version 2, Update 1 J. LinnJanuary 2000Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2078, Updated by RFC 5554Proposed Standard
RFC 2744ASCII, PDF Generic Security Service API Version 2 : C-bindings J. WrayJanuary 2000Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1509Proposed Standard
RFC 2745ASCII, PDF RSVP Diagnostic Messages A. Terzis, B. Braden, S. Vincent, L. ZhangJanuary 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2746ASCII, PDF RSVP Operation Over IP Tunnels A. Terzis, J. Krawczyk, J. Wroclawski, L. ZhangJanuary 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2747ASCII, PDF RSVP Cryptographic Authentication F. Baker, B. Lindell, M. TalwarJanuary 2000Errata, Updated by RFC 3097Proposed Standard
RFC 2748ASCII, PDF The COPS (Common Open Policy Service) Protocol D. Durham, Ed., J. Boyle, R. Cohen, S. Herzog, R. Rajan, A. SastryJanuary 2000Updated by RFC 4261Proposed Standard
RFC 2749ASCII, PDF COPS usage for RSVP S. Herzog, Ed., J. Boyle, R. Cohen, D. Durham, R. Rajan, A. SastryJanuary 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2750ASCII, PDF RSVP Extensions for Policy Control S. HerzogJanuary 2000Updates RFC 2205Proposed Standard
RFC 2769ASCII, PDF Routing Policy System Replication C. Villamizar, C. Alaettinoglu, R. Govindan, D. MeyerFebruary 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2782ASCII, PDF A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV) A. Gulbrandsen, P. Vixie, L. EsibovFebruary 2000Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2052, Updated by RFC 6335, RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 2784ASCII, PDF Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) D. Farinacci, T. Li, S. Hanks, D. Meyer, P. TrainaMarch 2000Errata, Updated by RFC 2890Proposed Standard
RFC 2788ASCII, PDF Network Services Monitoring MIB N. Freed, S. KilleMarch 2000Obsoletes RFC 2248Proposed Standard
RFC 2789ASCII, PDF Mail Monitoring MIB N. Freed, S. KilleMarch 2000Obsoletes RFC 2249, RFC 1566Proposed Standard
RFC 2794ASCII, PDF Mobile IP Network Access Identifier Extension for IPv4 P. Calhoun, C. PerkinsMarch 2000Updates RFC 2290Proposed Standard
RFC 2814ASCII, PDF SBM (Subnet Bandwidth Manager): A Protocol for RSVP-based Admission Control over IEEE 802-style networks R. Yavatkar, D. Hoffman, Y. Bernet, F. Baker, M. SpeerMay 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2815ASCII, PDF Integrated Service Mappings on IEEE 802 Networks M. Seaman, A. Smith, E. Crawley, J. WroclawskiMay 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2817ASCII, PDF Upgrading to TLS Within HTTP/1.1 R. Khare, S. LawrenceMay 2000Errata, Updates RFC 2616, Updated by RFC 7230, RFC 7231Proposed Standard
RFC 2834ASCII, PDF ARP and IP Broadcast over HIPPI-800 J.-M. PittetMay 2000Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1374, Updated by RFC 5494Proposed Standard
RFC 2835ASCII, PDF IP and ARP over HIPPI-6400 (GSN) J.-M. PittetMay 2000Updated by RFC 5494Proposed Standard
RFC 2845ASCII, PDF Secret Key Transaction Authentication for DNS (TSIG) P. Vixie, O. Gudmundsson, D. Eastlake 3rd, B. WellingtonMay 2000Updates RFC 1035, Updated by RFC 3645, RFC 4635, RFC 6895Proposed Standard
RFC 2846ASCII, PDF GSTN Address Element Extensions in E-mail Services C. AllocchioJune 2000Errata, Updated by RFC 3191, RFC 3192Proposed Standard
RFC 2847ASCII, PDF LIPKEY - A Low Infrastructure Public Key Mechanism Using SPKM M. EislerJune 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2848ASCII, PDF The PINT Service Protocol: Extensions to SIP and SDP for IP Access to Telephone Call Services S. Petrack, L. ConroyJune 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2849ASCII, PDF The LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) - Technical Specification G. GoodJune 2000ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2852ASCII, PDF Deliver By SMTP Service Extension D. NewmanJune 2000Errata, Updates RFC 1894Proposed Standard
RFC 2855ASCII, PDF DHCP for IEEE 1394 K. FujisawaJune 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2856ASCII, PDF Textual Conventions for Additional High Capacity Data Types A. Bierman, K. McCloghrie, R. PresuhnJune 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2857ASCII, PDF The Use of HMAC-RIPEMD-160-96 within ESP and AH A. Keromytis, N. ProvosJune 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2862ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for Real-Time Pointers M. Civanlar, G. CashJune 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2864ASCII, PDF The Inverted Stack Table Extension to the Interfaces Group MIB K. McCloghrie, G. HansonJune 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2872ASCII, PDF Application and Sub Application Identity Policy Element for Use with RSVP Y. Bernet, R. PabbatiJune 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2873ASCII, PDF TCP Processing of the IPv4 Precedence Field X. Xiao, A. Hannan, V. Paxson, E. CrabbeJune 2000ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2879ASCII, PDF Content Feature Schema for Internet Fax (V2) G. Klyne, L. McIntyreAugust 2000Obsoletes RFC 2531Proposed Standard
RFC 2883ASCII, PDF An Extension to the Selective Acknowledgement (SACK) Option for TCP S. Floyd, J. Mahdavi, M. Mathis, M. PodolskyJuly 2000ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2890ASCII, PDF Key and Sequence Number Extensions to GRE G. DommetySeptember 2000Updates RFC 2784Proposed Standard
RFC 2891ASCII, PDF LDAP Control Extension for Server Side Sorting of Search Results T. Howes, M. Wahl, A. AnanthaAugust 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2894ASCII, PDF Router Renumbering for IPv6 M. CrawfordAugust 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2907ASCII, PDF MADCAP Multicast Scope Nesting State Option R. KermodeSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2912ASCII, PDF Indicating Media Features for MIME Content G. KlyneSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2913ASCII, PDF MIME Content Types in Media Feature Expressions G. KlyneSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2918ASCII, PDF Route Refresh Capability for BGP-4 E. ChenSeptember 2000Updated by RFC 7313Proposed Standard
RFC 2919ASCII, PDF List-Id: A Structured Field and Namespace for the Identification of Mailing Lists R. Chandhok, G. WengerMarch 2001ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2930ASCII, PDF Secret Key Establishment for DNS (TKEY RR) D. Eastlake 3rdSeptember 2000Updated by RFC 6895Proposed Standard
RFC 2931ASCII, PDF DNS Request and Transaction Signatures ( SIG(0)s ) D. Eastlake 3rdSeptember 2000Updates RFC 2535Proposed Standard
RFC 2935ASCII, PDF Internet Open Trading Protocol (IOTP) HTTP Supplement D. Eastlake 3rd, C. SmithSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2937ASCII, PDF The Name Service Search Option for DHCP C. SmithSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2938ASCII, PDF Identifying Composite Media Features G. Klyne, L. MasinterSeptember 2000Errata, Updates RFC 2533Proposed Standard
RFC 2940ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Common Open Policy Service (COPS) Protocol Clients A. Smith, D. Partain, J. SeligsonOctober 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2941ASCII, PDF Telnet Authentication Option T. Ts'o, Ed., J. AltmanSeptember 2000Obsoletes RFC 1416Proposed Standard
RFC 2942ASCII, PDF Telnet Authentication: Kerberos Version 5 T. Ts'oSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2943ASCII, PDF TELNET Authentication Using DSA R. Housley, T. Horting, P. YeeSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2944ASCII, PDF Telnet Authentication: SRP T. WuSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2945ASCII, PDF The SRP Authentication and Key Exchange System T. WuSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2946ASCII, PDF Telnet Data Encryption Option T. Ts'oSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2947ASCII, PDF Telnet Encryption: DES3 64 bit Cipher Feedback J. AltmanSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2948ASCII, PDF Telnet Encryption: DES3 64 bit Output Feedback J. AltmanSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2949ASCII, PDF Telnet Encryption: CAST-128 64 bit Output Feedback J. AltmanSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2950ASCII, PDF Telnet Encryption: CAST-128 64 bit Cipher Feedback J. AltmanSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2954ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Frame Relay Service K. Rehbehn, D. FowlerOctober 2000Obsoletes RFC 1604Proposed Standard
RFC 2955ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Monitoring and Controlling the Frame Relay/ATM PVC Service Interworking Function K. Rehbehn, O. Nicklass, G. MouradianOctober 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2959ASCII, PDF Real-Time Transport Protocol Management Information Base M. Baugher, B. Strahm, I. SuconickOctober 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2961ASCII, PDF RSVP Refresh Overhead Reduction Extensions L. Berger, D. Gan, G. Swallow, P. Pan, F. Tommasi, S. MolendiniApril 2001Updated by RFC 5063Proposed Standard
RFC 2971ASCII, PDF IMAP4 ID extension T. ShowalterOctober 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2981ASCII, PDFEvent MIB R. Kavasseri, Ed.October 2000ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2982ASCII, PDF Distributed Management Expression MIB R. Kavasseri, Ed.October 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2984ASCII, PDF Use of the CAST-128 Encryption Algorithm in CMS C. AdamsOctober 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2987ASCII, PDF Registration of Charset and Languages Media Features Tags P. HoffmanNovember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2996ASCII, PDF Format of the RSVP DCLASS Object Y. BernetNovember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 2997ASCII, PDF Specification of the Null Service Type Y. Bernet, A. Smith, B. DavieNovember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 3003ASCII, PDF The audio/mpeg Media Type M. NilssonNovember 2000ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3004ASCII, PDF The User Class Option for DHCP G. Stump, R. Droms, Y. Gu, R. Vyaghrapuri, A. Demirtjis, B. Beser, J. PrivatNovember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 3006ASCII, PDF Integrated Services in the Presence of Compressible Flows B. Davie, C. Iturralde, D. Oran, S. Casner, J. WroclawskiNovember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 3007ASCII, PDF Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Dynamic Update B. WellingtonNovember 2000Obsoletes RFC 2137, Updates RFC 2535, RFC 2136Proposed Standard
RFC 3011ASCII, PDF The IPv4 Subnet Selection Option for DHCP G. WatersNovember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 3014ASCII, PDF Notification Log MIB R. KavasseriNovember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 3017ASCII, PDF XML DTD for Roaming Access Phone Book M. Riegel, G. ZornDecember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 3020ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Monitoring and Controlling the UNI/NNI Multilink Frame Relay Function P. Pate, B. Lynch, K. RehbehnDecember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 3021ASCII, PDF Using 31-Bit Prefixes on IPv4 Point-to-Point Links A. Retana, R. White, V. Fuller, D. McPhersonDecember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 3024ASCII, PDF Reverse Tunneling for Mobile IP, revised G. Montenegro, Ed.January 2001Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2344Proposed Standard
RFC 3030ASCII, PDF SMTP Service Extensions for Transmission of Large and Binary MIME Messages G. VaudreuilDecember 2000Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1830Proposed Standard
RFC 3031ASCII, PDF Multiprotocol Label Switching Architecture E. Rosen, A. Viswanathan, R. CallonJanuary 2001Errata, Updated by RFC 6178, RFC 6790Proposed Standard
RFC 3032ASCII, PDF MPLS Label Stack Encoding E. Rosen, D. Tappan, G. Fedorkow, Y. Rekhter, D. Farinacci, T. Li, A. ContaJanuary 2001Errata, Updated by RFC 3443, RFC 4182, RFC 5332, RFC 3270, RFC 5129, RFC 5462, RFC 5586, RFC 7274Proposed Standard
RFC 3033ASCII, PDF The Assignment of the Information Field and Protocol Identifier in the Q.2941 Generic Identifier and Q.2957 User-to-user Signaling for the Internet Protocol M. SuzukiJanuary 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3034ASCII, PDF Use of Label Switching on Frame Relay Networks Specification A. Conta, P. Doolan, A. MalisJanuary 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3035ASCII, PDF MPLS using LDP and ATM VC Switching B. Davie, J. Lawrence, K. McCloghrie, E. Rosen, G. Swallow, Y. Rekhter, P. DoolanJanuary 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3038ASCII, PDF VCID Notification over ATM link for LDP K. Nagami, Y. Katsube, N. Demizu, H. Esaki, P. DoolanJanuary 2001Updated by RFC 7274Proposed Standard
RFC 3042ASCII, PDF Enhancing TCP's Loss Recovery Using Limited Transmit M. Allman, H. Balakrishnan, S. FloydJanuary 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3046ASCII, PDF DHCP Relay Agent Information Option M. PatrickJanuary 2001Updated by RFC 6607Proposed Standard
RFC 3049ASCII, PDF TN3270E Service Location and Session Balancing J. Naugle, K. Kasthurirangan, G. LedfordJanuary 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3055ASCII, PDF Management Information Base for the PINT Services Architecture M. Krishnaswamy, D. RomascanuFebruary 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3056ASCII, PDF Connection of IPv6 Domains via IPv4 Clouds B. Carpenter, K. MooreFebruary 2001ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3059ASCII, PDF Attribute List Extension for the Service Location Protocol E. GuttmanFebruary 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3060ASCII, PDF Policy Core Information Model -- Version 1 Specification B. Moore, E. Ellesson, J. Strassner, A. WesterinenFebruary 2001Updated by RFC 3460Proposed Standard
RFC 3062ASCII, PDF LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation K. ZeilengaFebruary 2001ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3070ASCII, PDF Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) over Frame Relay V. Rawat, R. Tio, S. Nanji, R. VermaFebruary 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3074ASCII, PDF DHC Load Balancing Algorithm B. Volz, S. Gonczi, T. Lemon, R. StevensFebruary 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3077ASCII, PDF A Link-Layer Tunneling Mechanism for Unidirectional Links E. Duros, W. Dabbous, H. Izumiyama, N. Fujii, Y. ZhangMarch 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3080ASCII, PDF The Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol Core M. RoseMarch 2001ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3081ASCII, PDF Mapping the BEEP Core onto TCP M. RoseMarch 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3095ASCII, PDFRObust Header Compression (ROHC): Framework and four profiles: RTP, UDP, ESP, and uncompressed C. Bormann, C. Burmeister, M. Degermark, H. Fukushima, H. Hannu, L-E. Jonsson, R. Hakenberg, T. Koren, K. Le, Z. Liu, A. Martensson, A. Miyazaki, K. Svanbro, T. Wiebke, T. Yoshimura, H. ZhengJuly 2001Updated by RFC 3759, RFC 4815Proposed Standard
RFC 3097ASCII, PDF RSVP Cryptographic Authentication -- Updated Message Type Value R. Braden, L. ZhangApril 2001Updates RFC 2747Proposed Standard
RFC 3101ASCII, PDF The OSPF Not-So-Stubby Area (NSSA) Option P. MurphyJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1587Proposed Standard
RFC 3108ASCII, PDF Conventions for the use of the Session Description Protocol (SDP) for ATM Bearer Connections R. Kumar, M. MostafaMay 2001ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3110ASCII, PDF RSA/SHA-1 SIGs and RSA KEYs in the Domain Name System (DNS) D. Eastlake 3rdMay 2001Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2537, Updated by RFC 6944Proposed Standard
RFC 3111ASCII, PDF Service Location Protocol Modifications for IPv6 E. GuttmanMay 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3115ASCII, PDF Mobile IP Vendor/Organization-Specific Extensions G. Dommety, K. LeungApril 2001Obsoletes RFC 3025Proposed Standard
RFC 3118ASCII, PDF Authentication for DHCP Messages R. Droms, Ed., W. Arbaugh, Ed.June 2001ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3122ASCII, PDF Extensions to IPv6 Neighbor Discovery for Inverse Discovery Specification A. ContaJune 2001ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3124ASCII, PDF The Congestion Manager H. Balakrishnan, S. SeshanJune 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3140ASCII, PDF Per Hop Behavior Identification Codes D. Black, S. Brim, B. Carpenter, F. Le FaucheurJune 2001Obsoletes RFC 2836Proposed Standard
RFC 3144ASCII, PDF Remote Monitoring MIB Extensions for Interface Parameters Monitoring D. RomascanuAugust 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3145ASCII, PDF L2TP Disconnect Cause Information R. Verma, M. Verma, J. CarlsonJuly 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3146ASCII, PDF Transmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 1394 Networks K. Fujisawa, A. OnoeOctober 2001Updated by RFC 8064Proposed Standard
RFC 3153ASCII, PDF PPP Multiplexing R. Pazhyannur, I. Ali, C. FoxAugust 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3156ASCII, PDF MIME Security with OpenPGP M. Elkins, D. Del Torto, R. Levien, T. RoesslerAugust 2001Errata, Updates RFC 2015Proposed Standard
RFC 3161ASCII, PDF Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Time-Stamp Protocol (TSP) C. Adams, P. Cain, D. Pinkas, R. ZuccheratoAugust 2001Errata, Updated by RFC 5816Proposed Standard
RFC 3162ASCII, PDF RADIUS and IPv6 B. Aboba, G. Zorn, D. MittonAugust 2001Errata, Updated by RFC 8044Proposed Standard
RFC 3165ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the Delegation of Management Scripts D. Levi, J. SchoenwaelderAugust 2001Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2592Proposed Standard
RFC 3168ASCII, PDF The Addition of Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) to IP K. Ramakrishnan, S. Floyd, D. BlackSeptember 2001Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2481, Updates RFC 2003, RFC 2474, RFC 2401, RFC 793, Updated by RFC 4301, RFC 6040, RFC 8311Proposed Standard
RFC 3173ASCII, PDF IP Payload Compression Protocol (IPComp) A. Shacham, B. Monsour, R. Pereira, M. ThomasSeptember 2001Obsoletes RFC 2393Proposed Standard
RFC 3175ASCII, PDF Aggregation of RSVP for IPv4 and IPv6 Reservations F. Baker, C. Iturralde, F. Le Faucheur, B. DavieSeptember 2001Updated by RFC 5350Proposed Standard
RFC 3181ASCII, PDF Signaled Preemption Priority Policy Element S. HerzogOctober 2001Obsoletes RFC 2751Proposed Standard
RFC 3182ASCII, PDF Identity Representation for RSVP S. Yadav, R. Yavatkar, R. Pabbati, P. Ford, T. Moore, S. Herzog, R. HessOctober 2001Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2752Proposed Standard
RFC 3185ASCII, PDF Reuse of CMS Content Encryption Keys S. Farrell, S. TurnerOctober 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3190ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for 12-bit DAT Audio and 20- and 24-bit Linear Sampled Audio K. Kobayashi, A. Ogawa, S. Casner, C. BormannJanuary 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3193ASCII, PDF Securing L2TP using IPsec B. Patel, B. Aboba, W. Dixon, G. Zorn, S. BoothNovember 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3195ASCII, PDF Reliable Delivery for syslog D. New, M. RoseNovember 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 3201ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Circuit to Interface Translation R. Steinberger, O. NicklassJanuary 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3202ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Frame Relay Service Level Definitions R. Steinberger, O. NicklassJanuary 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3203ASCII, PDFDHCP reconfigure extension Y. T'Joens, C. Hublet, P. De SchrijverDecember 2001Updated by RFC 6704Proposed Standard
RFC 3204ASCII, PDF MIME media types for ISUP and QSIG Objects E. Zimmerer, J. Peterson, A. Vemuri, L. Ong, F. Audet, M. Watson, M. ZonounDecember 2001Errata, Updated by RFC 3459, RFC 5621Proposed Standard
RFC 3206ASCII, PDF The SYS and AUTH POP Response Codes R. GellensFebruary 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3207ASCII, PDF SMTP Service Extension for Secure SMTP over Transport Layer Security P. HoffmanFebruary 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2487, Updated by RFC 7817Proposed Standard
RFC 3209ASCII, PDF RSVP-TE: Extensions to RSVP for LSP Tunnels D. Awduche, L. Berger, D. Gan, T. Li, V. Srinivasan, G. SwallowDecember 2001Errata, Updated by RFC 3936, RFC 4420, RFC 4874, RFC 5151, RFC 5420, RFC 5711, RFC 6780, RFC 6790, RFC 7274Proposed Standard
RFC 3212ASCII, PDF Constraint-Based LSP Setup using LDP B. Jamoussi, Ed., L. Andersson, R. Callon, R. Dantu, L. Wu, P. Doolan, T. Worster, N. Feldman, A. Fredette, M. Girish, E. Gray, J. Heinanen, T. Kilty, A. MalisJanuary 2002Updated by RFC 3468, RFC 7358Proposed Standard
RFC 3214ASCII, PDF LSP Modification Using CR-LDP J. Ash, Y. Lee, P. Ashwood-Smith, B. Jamoussi, D. Fedyk, D. Skalecki, L. LiJanuary 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3219ASCII, PDF Telephony Routing over IP (TRIP) J. Rosenberg, H. Salama, M. SquireJanuary 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3224ASCII, PDF Vendor Extensions for Service Location Protocol, Version 2 E. GuttmanJanuary 2002Errata, Updates RFC 2608Proposed Standard
RFC 3225ASCII, PDF Indicating Resolver Support of DNSSEC D. ConradDecember 2001Updated by RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 4035Proposed Standard
RFC 3226ASCII, PDF DNSSEC and IPv6 A6 aware server/resolver message size requirements O. GudmundssonDecember 2001Errata, Updates RFC 2535, RFC 2874, Updated by RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 4035Proposed Standard
RFC 3229ASCII, PDF Delta encoding in HTTP J. Mogul, B. Krishnamurthy, F. Douglis, A. Feldmann, Y. Goland, A. van Hoff, D. HellersteinJanuary 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3230ASCII, PDF Instance Digests in HTTP J. Mogul, A. Van HoffJanuary 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3231ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Scheduling Management Operations D. Levi, J. SchoenwaelderJanuary 2002Obsoletes RFC 2591Proposed Standard
RFC 3241ASCII, PDF Robust Header Compression (ROHC) over PPP C. BormannApril 2002Updates RFC 1332, Updated by RFC 4815Proposed Standard
RFC 3246ASCII, PDF An Expedited Forwarding PHB (Per-Hop Behavior) B. Davie, A. Charny, J.C.R. Bennet, K. Benson, J.Y. Le Boudec, W. Courtney, S. Davari, V. Firoiu, D. StiliadisMarch 2002Obsoletes RFC 2598Proposed Standard
RFC 3253ASCII, PDF Versioning Extensions to WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) G. Clemm, J. Amsden, T. Ellison, C. Kaler, J. WhiteheadMarch 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3255ASCII, PDF Extending Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) over Synchronous Optical NETwork/Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SONET/SDH) with virtual concatenation, high order and low order payloads N. Jones, C. MurtonApril 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3256ASCII, PDF The DOCSIS (Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications) Device Class DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Relay Agent Information Sub-option D. Jones, R. WoundyApril 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3261ASCII, PDFSIP: Session Initiation Protocol J. Rosenberg, H. Schulzrinne, G. Camarillo, A. Johnston, J. Peterson, R. Sparks, M. Handley, E. SchoolerJune 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2543, Updated by RFC 3265, RFC 3853, RFC 4320, RFC 4916, RFC 5393, RFC 5621, RFC 5626, RFC 5630, RFC 5922, RFC 5954, RFC 6026, RFC 6141, RFC 6665, RFC 6878, RFC 7462, RFC 7463, RFC 8217Proposed Standard
RFC 3262ASCII, PDF Reliability of Provisional Responses in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. Rosenberg, H. SchulzrinneJune 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2543Proposed Standard
RFC 3263ASCII, PDF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): Locating SIP Servers J. Rosenberg, H. SchulzrinneJune 2002Obsoletes RFC 2543, Updated by RFC 7984, RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 3264ASCII, PDF An Offer/Answer Model with Session Description Protocol (SDP) J. Rosenberg, H. SchulzrinneJune 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2543, Updated by RFC 6157Proposed Standard
RFC 3270ASCII, PDF Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Support of Differentiated Services F. Le Faucheur, L. Wu, B. Davie, S. Davari, P. Vaananen, R. Krishnan, P. Cheval, J. HeinanenMay 2002Errata, Updates RFC 3032, Updated by RFC 5462Proposed Standard
RFC 3273ASCII, PDF Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base for High Capacity Networks S. WaldbusserJuly 2002Updated by RFC 4502Proposed Standard
RFC 3274ASCII, PDF Compressed Data Content Type for Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) P. GutmannJune 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3279ASCII, PDF Algorithms and Identifiers for the Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Profile L. Bassham, W. Polk, R. HousleyApril 2002Errata, Updated by RFC 4055, RFC 4491, RFC 5480, RFC 5758Proposed Standard
RFC 3284ASCII, PDF The VCDIFF Generic Differencing and Compression Data Format D. Korn, J. MacDonald, J. Mogul, K. VoJune 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3287ASCII, PDF Remote Monitoring MIB Extensions for Differentiated Services A. BiermanJuly 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3289ASCII, PDF Management Information Base for the Differentiated Services Architecture F. Baker, K. Chan, A. SmithMay 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3292ASCII, PDF General Switch Management Protocol (GSMP) V3 A. Doria, F. Hellstrand, K. Sundell, T. WorsterJune 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3293ASCII, PDF General Switch Management Protocol (GSMP) Packet Encapsulations for Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Ethernet and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) T. Worster, A. Doria, J. BuerkleJune 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3295ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the General Switch Management Protocol (GSMP) H. Sjostrand, J. Buerkle, B. SrinivasanJune 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3296ASCII, PDF Named Subordinate References in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Directories K. ZeilengaJuly 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3297ASCII, PDF Content Negotiation for Messaging Services based on Email G. Klyne, R. Iwazaki, D. CrockerJuly 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3301ASCII, PDF Layer Two Tunnelling Protocol (L2TP): ATM access network extensions Y. T'Joens, P. Crivellari, B. SalesJune 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3306ASCII, PDF Unicast-Prefix-based IPv6 Multicast Addresses B. Haberman, D. ThalerAugust 2002Updated by RFC 3956, RFC 4489, RFC 7371Proposed Standard
RFC 3307ASCII, PDF Allocation Guidelines for IPv6 Multicast Addresses B. HabermanAugust 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3308ASCII, PDF Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) Differentiated Services Extension P. Calhoun, W. Luo, D. McPherson, K. PeirceNovember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3311ASCII, PDF The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) UPDATE Method J. RosenbergOctober 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3312ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with Images Integration of Resource Management and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) G. Camarillo, Ed., W. Marshall, Ed., J. RosenbergOctober 2002Errata, Updated by RFC 4032, RFC 5027Proposed Standard
RFC 3319ASCII, PDF Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv6) Options for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Servers H. Schulzrinne, B. VolzJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3320ASCII, PDF Signaling Compression (SigComp) R. Price, C. Bormann, J. Christoffersson, H. Hannu, Z. Liu, J. RosenbergJanuary 2003Updated by RFC 4896Proposed Standard
RFC 3321ASCII, PDF Signaling Compression (SigComp) - Extended Operations H. Hannu, J. Christoffersson, S. Forsgren, K.-C. Leung, Z. Liu, R. PriceJanuary 2003Updated by RFC 4896Proposed Standard
RFC 3323ASCII, PDF A Privacy Mechanism for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. PetersonNovember 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3326ASCII, PDF The Reason Header Field for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) H. Schulzrinne, D. Oran, G. CamarilloDecember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3327ASCII, PDF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension Header Field for Registering Non-Adjacent Contacts D. Willis, B. HoeneisenDecember 2002Errata, Updated by RFC 5626Proposed Standard
RFC 3329ASCII, PDF Security Mechanism Agreement for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. Arkko, V. Torvinen, G. Camarillo, A. Niemi, T. HaukkaJanuary 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3331ASCII, PDF Signaling System 7 (SS7) Message Transfer Part 2 (MTP2) - User Adaptation Layer K. Morneault, R. Dantu, G. Sidebottom, B. Bidulock, J. HeitzSeptember 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3335ASCII, PDF MIME-based Secure Peer-to-Peer Business Data Interchange over the Internet T. Harding, R. Drummond, C. ShihSeptember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3336ASCII, PDF PPP Over Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer 2 (AAL2) B. Thompson, T. Koren, B. BuffamDecember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3337ASCII, PDF Class Extensions for PPP over Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer 2 B. Thompson, T. Koren, B. BuffamDecember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3339ASCII, PDF Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps G. Klyne, C. NewmanJuly 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3347ASCII, PDF Small Computer Systems Interface protocol over the Internet (iSCSI) Requirements and Design Considerations M. Krueger, R. HaagensJuly 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3355ASCII, PDF Layer Two Tunnelling Protocol (L2TP) Over ATM Adaptation Layer 5 (AAL5) A. Singh, R. Turner, R. Tio, S. NanjiAugust 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3361ASCII, PDF Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP-for-IPv4) Option for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Servers H. SchulzrinneAugust 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3362ASCII, PDF Real-time Facsimile (T.38) - image/t38 MIME Sub-type Registration G. ParsonsAugust 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3367ASCII, PDF Common Name Resolution Protocol (CNRP) N. Popp, M. Mealling, M. MoseleyAugust 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3368ASCII, PDF The 'go' URI Scheme for the Common Name Resolution Protocol M. MeallingAugust 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3370ASCII, PDF Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) Algorithms R. HousleyAugust 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2630, RFC 3211, Updated by RFC 5754Proposed Standard
RFC 3371ASCII, PDF Layer Two Tunneling Protocol "L2TP" Management Information Base E. Caves, P. Calhoun, R. WheelerAugust 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3376ASCII, PDF Internet Group Management Protocol, Version 3 B. Cain, S. Deering, I. Kouvelas, B. Fenner, A. ThyagarajanOctober 2002Errata, Updates RFC 2236, Updated by RFC 4604Proposed Standard
RFC 3380ASCII, PDFInternet Printing Protocol (IPP): Job and Printer Set Operations T. Hastings, R. Herriot, C. Kugler, H. LewisSeptember 2002Errata, Updates RFC 2910, RFC 2911Proposed Standard
RFC 3389ASCII, PDFReal-time Transport Protocol (RTP) Payload for Comfort Noise (CN) R. ZopfSeptember 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3390ASCII, PDF Increasing TCP's Initial Window M. Allman, S. Floyd, C. PartridgeOctober 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2414, Updates RFC 2581Proposed Standard
RFC 3393ASCII, PDF IP Packet Delay Variation Metric for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) C. Demichelis, P. ChimentoNovember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3395ASCII, PDF Remote Network Monitoring MIB Protocol Identifier Reference Extensions A. Bierman, C. Bucci, R. Dietz, A. WarthSeptember 2002Updates RFC 2895Proposed Standard
RFC 3396ASCII, PDF Encoding Long Options in the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv4) T. Lemon, S. CheshireNovember 2002Updates RFC 2131Proposed Standard
RFC 3397ASCII, PDF Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Domain Search Option B. Aboba, S. CheshireNovember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3398ASCII, PDF Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) User Part (ISUP) to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Mapping G. Camarillo, A. B. Roach, J. Peterson, L. OngDecember 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3402ASCII, PDF Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part Two: The Algorithm M. MeallingOctober 2002Obsoletes RFC 2915, RFC 2168Proposed Standard
RFC 3403ASCII, PDF Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part Three: The Domain Name System (DNS) Database M. MeallingOctober 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2915, RFC 2168Proposed Standard
RFC 3404ASCII, PDF Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part Four: The Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) M. MeallingOctober 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2915, RFC 2168Proposed Standard
RFC 3407ASCII, PDFSession Description Protocol (SDP) Simple Capability Declaration F. AndreasenOctober 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3408ASCII, PDF Zero-byte Support for Bidirectional Reliable Mode (R-mode) in Extended Link-Layer Assisted RObust Header Compression (ROHC) Profile Z. Liu, K. LeDecember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3419ASCII, PDF Textual Conventions for Transport Addresses M. Daniele, J. SchoenwaelderDecember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3420ASCII, PDF Internet Media Type message/sipfrag R. SparksNovember 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3425ASCII, PDF Obsoleting IQUERY D. LawrenceNovember 2002Updates RFC 1035Proposed Standard
RFC 3428ASCII, PDF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension for Instant Messaging B. Campbell, Ed., J. Rosenberg, H. Schulzrinne, C. Huitema, D. GurleDecember 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3432ASCII, PDF Network performance measurement with periodic streams V. Raisanen, G. Grotefeld, A. MortonNovember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3433ASCII, PDF Entity Sensor Management Information Base A. Bierman, D. Romascanu, K.C. NorsethDecember 2002ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3434ASCII, PDF Remote Monitoring MIB Extensions for High Capacity Alarms A. Bierman, K. McCloghrieDecember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3436ASCII, PDF Transport Layer Security over Stream Control Transmission Protocol A. Jungmaier, E. Rescorla, M. TuexenDecember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3437ASCII, PDF Layer-Two Tunneling Protocol Extensions for PPP Link Control Protocol Negotiation W. Palter, W. TownsleyDecember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3440ASCII, PDF Definitions of Extension Managed Objects for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines F. Ly, G. BathrickDecember 2002    Proposed Standard
RFC 3442ASCII, PDF The Classless Static Route Option for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) version 4 T. Lemon, S. Cheshire, B. VolzDecember 2002Updates RFC 2132Proposed Standard
RFC 3443ASCII, PDF Time To Live (TTL) Processing in Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Networks P. Agarwal, B. AkyolJanuary 2003Updates RFC 3032, Updated by RFC 5462Proposed Standard
RFC 3456ASCII, PDF Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv4) Configuration of IPsec Tunnel Mode B. Patel, B. Aboba, S. Kelly, V. GuptaJanuary 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3458ASCII, PDF Message Context for Internet Mail E. Burger, E. Candell, C. Eliot, G. KlyneJanuary 2003Updated by RFC 3938Proposed Standard
RFC 3459ASCII, PDF Critical Content Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Parameter E. BurgerJanuary 2003Updates RFC 3204, Updated by RFC 5621Proposed Standard
RFC 3460ASCII, PDF Policy Core Information Model (PCIM) Extensions B. Moore, Ed.January 2003Updates RFC 3060Proposed Standard
RFC 3471ASCII, PDF Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Signaling Functional Description L. Berger, Ed.January 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 4201, RFC 4328, RFC 4872, RFC 6002, RFC 6003, RFC 6205, RFC 7074, RFC 7699, RFC 8359Proposed Standard
RFC 3472ASCII, PDF Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Signaling Constraint-based Routed Label Distribution Protocol (CR-LDP) Extensions P. Ashwood-Smith, Ed., L. Berger, Ed.January 2003Updated by RFC 3468, RFC 4201Proposed Standard
RFC 3473ASCII, PDF Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Signaling Resource ReserVation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) Extensions L. Berger, Ed.January 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 4003, RFC 4201, RFC 4420, RFC 4783, RFC 4874, RFC 4873, RFC 4974, RFC 5063, RFC 5151, RFC 5420, RFC 6002, RFC 6003, RFC 6780, RFC 8359Proposed Standard
RFC 3477ASCII, PDF Signalling Unnumbered Links in Resource ReSerVation Protocol - Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) K. Kompella, Y. RekhterJanuary 2003Updated by RFC 6107Proposed Standard
RFC 3478ASCII, PDF Graceful Restart Mechanism for Label Distribution Protocol M. Leelanivas, Y. Rekhter, R. AggarwalFebruary 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3479ASCII, PDF Fault Tolerance for the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) A. Farrel, Ed.February 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3480ASCII, PDF Signalling Unnumbered Links in CR-LDP (Constraint-Routing Label Distribution Protocol) K. Kompella, Y. Rekhter, A. KullbergFebruary 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3485ASCII, PDF The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Session Description Protocol (SDP) Static Dictionary for Signaling Compression (SigComp) M. Garcia-Martin, C. Bormann, J. Ott, R. Price, A. B. RoachFebruary 2003Updated by RFC 4896Proposed Standard
RFC 3486ASCII, PDF Compressing the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) G. CamarilloFebruary 2003Updated by RFC 5049Proposed Standard
RFC 3492ASCII, PDF Punycode: A Bootstring encoding of Unicode for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) A. CostelloMarch 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 5891Proposed Standard
RFC 3495ASCII, PDF Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Option for CableLabs Client Configuration B. Beser, P. Duffy, Ed.March 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3497ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) 292M Video L. Gharai, C. Perkins, G. Goncher, A. MankinMarch 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3498ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Linear Automatic Protection Switching (APS) Architectures J. Kuhfeld, J. Johnson, M. ThatcherMarch 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3501ASCII, PDFINTERNET MESSAGE ACCESS PROTOCOL - VERSION 4rev1 M. CrispinMarch 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2060, Updated by RFC 4466, RFC 4469, RFC 4551, RFC 5032, RFC 5182, RFC 5738, RFC 6186, RFC 6858, RFC 7817, RFC 8314, RFC 8437, RFC 8474Proposed Standard
RFC 3502ASCII, PDF Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) - MULTIAPPEND Extension M. CrispinMarch 2003Updated by RFC 4466, RFC 4469Proposed Standard
RFC 3503ASCII, PDF Message Disposition Notification (MDN) profile for Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) A. MelnikovMarch 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3510ASCII, PDF Internet Printing Protocol/1.1: IPP URL Scheme R. Herriot, I. McDonaldApril 2003Updates RFC 2910Proposed Standard
RFC 3515ASCII, PDF The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Refer Method R. SparksApril 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 7647, RFC 8217Proposed Standard
RFC 3516ASCII, PDF IMAP4 Binary Content Extension L. NerenbergApril 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 4466Proposed Standard
RFC 3518ASCII, PDF Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Bridging Control Protocol (BCP) M. Higashiyama, F. Baker, T. LiaoApril 2003Obsoletes RFC 2878Proposed Standard
RFC 3519ASCII, PDF Mobile IP Traversal of Network Address Translation (NAT) Devices H. Levkowetz, S. VaaralaApril 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3520ASCII, PDF Session Authorization Policy Element L-N. Hamer, B. Gage, B. Kosinski, H. ShiehApril 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3524ASCII, PDF Mapping of Media Streams to Resource Reservation Flows G. Camarillo, A. MonradApril 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3526ASCII, PDF More Modular Exponential (MODP) Diffie-Hellman groups for Internet Key Exchange (IKE) T. Kivinen, M. KojoMay 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3527ASCII, PDF Link Selection sub-option for the Relay Agent Information Option for DHCPv4 K. Kinnear, M. Stapp, R. Johnson, J. KumarasamyApril 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3537ASCII, PDF Wrapping a Hashed Message Authentication Code (HMAC) key with a Triple-Data Encryption Standard (DES) Key or an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Key J. Schaad, R. HousleyMay 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3539ASCII, PDF Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) Transport Profile B. Aboba, J. WoodJune 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3543ASCII, PDF Registration Revocation in Mobile IPv4 S. Glass, M. ChandraAugust 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3544ASCII, PDF IP Header Compression over PPP T. Koren, S. Casner, C. BormannJuly 2003Obsoletes RFC 2509Proposed Standard
RFC 3545ASCII, PDF Enhanced Compressed RTP (CRTP) for Links with High Delay, Packet Loss and Reordering T. Koren, S. Casner, J. Geevarghese, B. Thompson, P. RuddyJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3554ASCII, PDF On the Use of Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) with IPsec S. Bellovin, J. Ioannidis, A. Keromytis, R. StewartJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3556ASCII, PDF Session Description Protocol (SDP) Bandwidth Modifiers for RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Bandwidth S. CasnerJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3557ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) European Standard ES 201 108 Distributed Speech Recognition Encoding Q. Xie, Ed.July 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3558ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for Enhanced Variable Rate Codecs (EVRC) and Selectable Mode Vocoders (SMV) A. LiJuly 2003Updated by RFC 4788Proposed Standard
RFC 3559ASCII, PDF Multicast Address Allocation MIB D. ThalerJune 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3560ASCII, PDF Use of the RSAES-OAEP Key Transport Algorithm in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) R. HousleyJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3565ASCII, PDF Use of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Encryption Algorithm in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) J. SchaadJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3566ASCII, PDF The AES-XCBC-MAC-96 Algorithm and Its Use With IPsec S. Frankel, H. HerbertSeptember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3573ASCII, PDF Signalling of Modem-On-Hold status in Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) I. GoyretJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3575ASCII, PDF IANA Considerations for RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) B. AbobaJuly 2003Errata, Updates RFC 2865, RFC 2868, Updated by RFC 6929Proposed Standard
RFC 3578ASCII, PDF Mapping of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) User Part (ISUP) Overlap Signalling to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) G. Camarillo, A. B. Roach, J. Peterson, L. OngAugust 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3581ASCII, PDF An Extension to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for Symmetric Response Routing J. Rosenberg, H. SchulzrinneAugust 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3585ASCII, PDF IPsec Configuration Policy Information Model J. Jason, L. Rafalow, E. VynckeAugust 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3586ASCII, PDF IP Security Policy (IPSP) Requirements M. Blaze, A. Keromytis, M. Richardson, L. SanchezAugust 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3590ASCII, PDF Source Address Selection for the Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) Protocol B. HabermanSeptember 2003Updates RFC 2710Proposed Standard
RFC 3591ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the Optical Interface Type H-K. Lam, M. Stewart, A. HuynhSeptember 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3594ASCII, PDF PacketCable Security Ticket Control Sub-Option for the DHCP CableLabs Client Configuration (CCC) Option P. DuffySeptember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3595ASCII, PDF Textual Conventions for IPv6 Flow Label B. WijnenSeptember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3597ASCII, PDF Handling of Unknown DNS Resource Record (RR) Types A. GustafssonSeptember 2003Errata, Updates RFC 2163, RFC 2535, Updated by RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 4035, RFC 5395, RFC 6195, RFC 6895Proposed Standard
RFC 3601ASCII, PDF Text String Notation for Dial Sequences and Global Switched Telephone Network (GSTN) / E.164 Addresses C. AllocchioSeptember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3602ASCII, PDF The AES-CBC Cipher Algorithm and Its Use with IPsec S. Frankel, R. Glenn, S. KellySeptember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3605ASCII, PDF Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP) attribute in Session Description Protocol (SDP) C. HuitemaOctober 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3606ASCII, PDF Definitions of Supplemental Managed Objects for ATM Interface F. Ly, M. Noto, A. Smith, E. Spiegel, K. TesinkNovember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3608ASCII, PDF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension Header Field for Service Route Discovery During Registration D. Willis, B. HoeneisenOctober 2003Updated by RFC 5630Proposed Standard
RFC 3611ASCII, PDF RTP Control Protocol Extended Reports (RTCP XR) T. Friedman, Ed., R. Caceres, Ed., A. Clark, Ed.November 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3620ASCII, PDF The TUNNEL Profile D. NewOctober 2003Updated by RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 3621ASCII, PDF Power Ethernet MIB A. Berger, D. RomascanuDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3623ASCII, PDF Graceful OSPF Restart J. Moy, P. Pillay-Esnault, A. LindemNovember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3630ASCII, PDF Traffic Engineering (TE) Extensions to OSPF Version 2 D. Katz, K. Kompella, D. YeungSeptember 2003Updates RFC 2370, Updated by RFC 4203, RFC 5786Proposed Standard
RFC 3634ASCII, PDF Key Distribution Center (KDC) Server Address Sub-option for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) CableLabs Client Configuration (CCC) Option K. Luehrs, R. Woundy, J. Bevilacqua, N. DavoustDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3635ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the Ethernet-like Interface Types J. FlickSeptember 2003Obsoletes RFC 2665Proposed Standard
RFC 3637ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the Ethernet WAN Interface Sublayer C.M. Heard, Ed.September 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3640ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for Transport of MPEG-4 Elementary Streams J. van der Meer, D. Mackie, V. Swaminathan, D. Singer, P. GentricNovember 2003Updated by RFC 5691Proposed Standard
RFC 3641ASCII, PDF Generic String Encoding Rules (GSER) for ASN.1 Types S. LeggOctober 2003Updated by RFC 4792Proposed Standard
RFC 3643ASCII, PDF Fibre Channel (FC) Frame Encapsulation R. Weber, M. Rajagopal, F. Travostino, M. O'Donnell, C. Monia, M. MerharDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3644ASCII, PDF Policy Quality of Service (QoS) Information Model Y. Snir, Y. Ramberg, J. Strassner, R. Cohen, B. MooreNovember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3645ASCII, PDF Generic Security Service Algorithm for Secret Key Transaction Authentication for DNS (GSS-TSIG) S. Kwan, P. Garg, J. Gilroy, L. Esibov, J. Westhead, R. HallOctober 2003Updates RFC 2845Proposed Standard
RFC 3646ASCII, PDF DNS Configuration options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) R. Droms, Ed.December 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3648ASCII, PDF Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Ordered Collections Protocol J. Whitehead, J. Reschke, Ed.December 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3657ASCII, PDF Use of the Camellia Encryption Algorithm in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) S. Moriai, A. KatoJanuary 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3659ASCII, PDFExtensions to FTPP. HethmonMarch 2007Errata, Updates RFC 959Proposed Standard
RFC 3670ASCII, PDF Information Model for Describing Network Device QoS Datapath Mechanisms B. Moore, D. Durham, J. Strassner, A. Westerinen, W. WeissJanuary 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3671ASCII, PDF Collective Attributes in the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) K. ZeilengaDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3672ASCII, PDF Subentries in the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) K. ZeilengaDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3673ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol version 3 (LDAPv3): All Operational Attributes K. ZeilengaDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3676ASCII, PDF The Text/Plain Format and DelSp Parameters R. GellensFebruary 2004Obsoletes RFC 2646Proposed Standard
RFC 3680ASCII, PDF A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Package for Registrations J. RosenbergMarch 2004Errata, Updated by RFC 6140Proposed Standard
RFC 3686ASCII, PDF Using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Counter Mode With IPsec Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) R. HousleyJanuary 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3687ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and X.500 Component Matching Rules S. LeggFebruary 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3691ASCII, PDF Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) UNSELECT command A. MelnikovFebruary 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3698ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Additional Matching Rules K. Zeilenga, Ed.February 2004Updates RFC 2798, Updated by RFC 4517Proposed Standard
RFC 3703ASCII, PDF Policy Core Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Schema J. Strassner, B. Moore, R. Moats, E. EllessonFebruary 2004Updated by RFC 4104Proposed Standard
RFC 3705ASCII, PDF High Capacity Textual Conventions for MIB Modules Using Performance History Based on 15 Minute Intervals B. Ray, R. AbbiFebruary 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3709ASCII, PDF Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure: Logotypes in X.509 Certificates S. Santesson, R. Housley, T. FreemanFebruary 2004Errata, Updated by RFC 6170Proposed Standard
RFC 3711ASCII, PDF The Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) M. Baugher, D. McGrew, M. Naslund, E. Carrara, K. NorrmanMarch 2004Errata, Updated by RFC 5506, RFC 6904Proposed Standard
RFC 3722ASCII, PDF String Profile for Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) Names M. BakkeApril 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3723ASCII, PDF Securing Block Storage Protocols over IP B. Aboba, J. Tseng, J. Walker, V. Rangan, F. TravostinoApril 2004Updated by RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 3727ASCII, PDF ASN.1 Module Definition for the LDAP and X.500 Component Matching Rules S. LeggFebruary 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3728ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Lines (VDSL) B. Ray, R. AbbiFebruary 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3729ASCII, PDF Application Performance Measurement MIB S. WaldbusserMarch 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3737ASCII, PDF IANA Guidelines for the Registry of Remote Monitoring (RMON) MIB modules B. Wijnen, A. BiermanApril 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3739ASCII, PDF Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure: Qualified Certificates Profile S. Santesson, M. Nystrom, T. PolkMarch 2004Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3039Proposed Standard
RFC 3744ASCII, PDF Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Access Control Protocol G. Clemm, J. Reschke, E. Sedlar, J. WhiteheadMay 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3745ASCII, PDF MIME Type Registrations for JPEG 2000 (ISO/IEC 15444) D. Singer, R. Clark, D. LeeApril 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3747ASCII, PDF The Differentiated Services Configuration MIB H. Hazewinkel, Ed., D. Partain, Ed.April 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3748ASCII, PDF Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) B. Aboba, L. Blunk, J. Vollbrecht, J. Carlson, H. Levkowetz, Ed.June 2004Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2284, Updated by RFC 5247, RFC 7057Proposed Standard
RFC 3749ASCII, PDFTransport Layer Security Protocol Compression Methods S. HollenbeckMay 2004Updated by RFC 8447Proposed Standard
RFC 3758ASCII, PDF Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Partial Reliability Extension R. Stewart, M. Ramalho, Q. Xie, M. Tuexen, P. ConradMay 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3762ASCII, PDF Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM) Service Registration for H.323 O. LevinApril 2004Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 3764ASCII, PDF enumservice registration for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Addresses-of-Record J. PetersonApril 2004Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 3767ASCII, PDF Securely Available Credentials Protocol S. Farrell, Ed.June 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3772ASCII, PDF Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Vendor Protocol J. Carlson, R. WinslowMay 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3776ASCII, PDF Using IPsec to Protect Mobile IPv6 Signaling Between Mobile Nodes and Home Agents J. Arkko, V. Devarapalli, F. DupontJune 2004Updated by RFC 4877Proposed Standard
RFC 3779ASCII, PDF X.509 Extensions for IP Addresses and AS Identifiers C. Lynn, S. Kent, K. SeoJune 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3788ASCII, PDF Security Considerations for Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN) Protocols J. Loughney, M. Tuexen, Ed., J. Pastor-BalbasJune 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3804ASCII, PDF Voice Profile for Internet Mail (VPIM) Addressing G. ParsonsJune 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3805ASCII, PDF Printer MIB v2 R. Bergman, H. Lewis, I. McDonaldJune 2004Obsoletes RFC 1759Proposed Standard
RFC 3807ASCII, PDF V5.2-User Adaptation Layer (V5UA) E. Weilandt, N. Khanchandani, S. RaoJune 2004Updates RFC 3057Proposed Standard
RFC 3810ASCII, PDF Multicast Listener Discovery Version 2 (MLDv2) for IPv6 R. Vida, Ed., L. Costa, Ed.June 2004Errata, Updates RFC 2710, Updated by RFC 4604Proposed Standard
RFC 3811ASCII, PDF Definitions of Textual Conventions (TCs) for Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Management T. Nadeau, Ed., J. Cucchiara, Ed.June 2004Errata, Updated by RFC 7274Proposed Standard
RFC 3812ASCII, PDF Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Traffic Engineering (TE) Management Information Base (MIB) C. Srinivasan, A. Viswanathan, T. NadeauJune 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3813ASCII, PDF Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label Switching Router (LSR) Management Information Base (MIB) C. Srinivasan, A. Viswanathan, T. NadeauJune 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3814ASCII, PDF Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Forwarding Equivalence Class To Next Hop Label Forwarding Entry (FEC-To-NHLFE) Management Information Base (MIB) T. Nadeau, C. Srinivasan, A. ViswanathanJune 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3815ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) J. Cucchiara, H. Sjostrand, J. LucianiJune 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3816ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for RObust Header Compression (ROHC) J. Quittek, M. Stiemerling, H. HartensteinJune 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3820ASCII, PDF Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Proxy Certificate Profile S. Tuecke, V. Welch, D. Engert, L. Pearlman, M. ThompsonJune 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3821ASCII, PDF Fibre Channel Over TCP/IP (FCIP) M. Rajagopal, E. Rodriguez, R. WeberJuly 2004Updated by RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 3822ASCII, PDF Finding Fibre Channel over TCP/IP (FCIP) Entities Using Service Location Protocol version 2 (SLPv2) D. PetersonJuly 2004Errata, Updated by RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 3826ASCII, PDF The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Cipher Algorithm in the SNMP User-based Security Model U. Blumenthal, F. Maino, K. McCloghrieJune 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3828ASCII, PDF The Lightweight User Datagram Protocol (UDP-Lite) L-A. Larzon, M. Degermark, S. Pink, L-E. Jonsson, Ed., G. Fairhurst, Ed.July 2004Updated by RFC 6335Proposed Standard
RFC 3830ASCII, PDF MIKEY: Multimedia Internet KEYing J. Arkko, E. Carrara, F. Lindholm, M. Naslund, K. NorrmanAugust 2004Errata, Updated by RFC 4738, RFC 6309Proposed Standard
RFC 3834ASCII, PDF Recommendations for Automatic Responses to Electronic Mail K. MooreAugust 2004Errata, Updated by RFC 5436Proposed Standard
RFC 3839ASCII, PDF MIME Type Registrations for 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Multimedia files R. Castagno, D. SingerJuly 2004Updated by RFC 6381Proposed Standard
RFC 3840ASCII, PDF Indicating User Agent Capabilities in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. Rosenberg, H. Schulzrinne, P. KyzivatAugust 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3841ASCII, PDF Caller Preferences for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. Rosenberg, H. Schulzrinne, P. KyzivatAugust 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3842ASCII, PDF A Message Summary and Message Waiting Indication Event Package for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) R. MahyAugust 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3843ASCII, PDF RObust Header Compression (ROHC): A Compression Profile for IP L-E. Jonsson, G. PelletierJune 2004Updated by RFC 4815Proposed Standard
RFC 3846ASCII, PDF Mobile IPv4 Extension for Carrying Network Access Identifiers F. Johansson, T. JohanssonJune 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3853ASCII, PDF S/MIME Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Requirement for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. PetersonJuly 2004Updates RFC 3261Proposed Standard
RFC 3854ASCII, PDF Securing X.400 Content with Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) P. Hoffman, C. Bonatti, A. EggenJuly 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3855ASCII, PDF Transporting Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) Objects in X.400 P. Hoffman, C. BonattiJuly 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3856ASCII, PDF A Presence Event Package for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. RosenbergAugust 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3857ASCII, PDF A Watcher Information Event Template-Package for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. RosenbergAugust 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3858ASCII, PDFAn Extensible Markup Language (XML) Based Format for Watcher Information J. RosenbergAugust 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3859ASCII, PDF Common Profile for Presence (CPP) J. PetersonAugust 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3860ASCII, PDF Common Profile for Instant Messaging (CPIM) J. PetersonAugust 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3861ASCII, PDF Address Resolution for Instant Messaging and Presence J. PetersonAugust 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3862ASCII, PDF Common Presence and Instant Messaging (CPIM): Message Format G. Klyne, D. AtkinsAugust 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3863ASCII, PDF Presence Information Data Format (PIDF) H. Sugano, S. Fujimoto, G. Klyne, A. Bateman, W. Carr, J. PetersonAugust 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3865ASCII, PDF A No Soliciting Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Service Extension C. MalamudSeptember 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3866ASCII, PDF Language Tags and Ranges in the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) K. Zeilenga, Ed.July 2004Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2596Proposed Standard
RFC 3868ASCII, PDF Signalling Connection Control Part User Adaptation Layer (SUA) J. Loughney, Ed., G. Sidebottom, L. Coene, G. Verwimp, J. Keller, B. BidulockOctober 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3872ASCII, PDF Management Information Base for Telephony Routing over IP (TRIP) D. Zinman, D. Walker, J. JiangSeptember 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3873ASCII, PDF Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Management Information Base (MIB) J. Pastor, M. BelinchonSeptember 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3876ASCII, PDF Returning Matched Values with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol version 3 (LDAPv3) D. Chadwick, S. MullanSeptember 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3877ASCII, PDF Alarm Management Information Base (MIB) S. Chisholm, D. RomascanuSeptember 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3878ASCII, PDF Alarm Reporting Control Management Information Base (MIB) H. Lam, A. Huynh, D. PerkinsSeptember 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3879ASCII, PDF Deprecating Site Local Addresses C. Huitema, B. CarpenterSeptember 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3880ASCII, PDF Call Processing Language (CPL): A Language for User Control of Internet Telephony Services J. Lennox, X. Wu, H. SchulzrinneOctober 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3883ASCII, PDF Detecting Inactive Neighbors over OSPF Demand Circuits (DC) S. Rao, A. Zinin, A. RoyOctober 2004Updates RFC 1793Proposed Standard
RFC 3885ASCII, PDF SMTP Service Extension for Message Tracking E. Allman, T. HansenSeptember 2004Updates RFC 3461Proposed Standard
RFC 3886ASCII, PDF An Extensible Message Format for Message Tracking Responses E. AllmanSeptember 2004Errata, Updates RFC 3463Proposed Standard
RFC 3887ASCII, PDF Message Tracking Query Protocol T. HansenSeptember 2004Errata, Updated by RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 3890ASCII, PDF A Transport Independent Bandwidth Modifier for the Session Description Protocol (SDP) M. WesterlundSeptember 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3891ASCII, PDF The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) "Replaces" Header R. Mahy, B. Biggs, R. DeanSeptember 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3892ASCII, PDF The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Referred-By Mechanism R. SparksSeptember 2004Updated by RFC 8217Proposed Standard
RFC 3893ASCII, PDF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Authenticated Identity Body (AIB) Format J. PetersonSeptember 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3894ASCII, PDF Sieve Extension: Copying Without Side Effects J. DegenerOctober 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3896ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the DS3/E3 Interface Type O. Nicklass, Ed.September 2004Obsoletes RFC 2496Proposed Standard
RFC 3898ASCII, PDF Network Information Service (NIS) Configuration Options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) V. KalusivalingamOctober 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3903ASCII, PDF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension for Event State Publication A. Niemi, Ed.October 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3909ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Cancel Operation K. ZeilengaOctober 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3910ASCII, PDFThe SPIRITS (Services in PSTN requesting Internet Services) Protocol V. Gurbani, Ed., A. Brusilovsky, I. Faynberg, J. Gato, H. Lu, M. UnmehopaOctober 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3911ASCII, PDF The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) "Join" Header R. Mahy, D. PetrieOctober 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3915ASCII, PDF Domain Registry Grace Period Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) S. HollenbeckSeptember 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3922ASCII, PDF Mapping the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) to Common Presence and Instant Messaging (CPIM) P. Saint-AndreOctober 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3923ASCII, PDF End-to-End Signing and Object Encryption for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) P. Saint-AndreOctober 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3925ASCII, PDF Vendor-Identifying Vendor Options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 4 (DHCPv4) J. LittlefieldOctober 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3927ASCII, PDFDynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link-Local AddressesS. Cheshire, B. Aboba, E. GuttmanMay 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 3928ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Client Update Protocol (LCUP) R. Megginson, Ed., M. Smith, O. Natkovich, J. ParhamOctober 2004    Proposed Standard
RFC 3931ASCII, PDF Layer Two Tunneling Protocol - Version 3 (L2TPv3) J. Lau, Ed., M. Townsley, Ed., I. Goyret, Ed.March 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 5641Proposed Standard
RFC 3938ASCII, PDF Video-Message Message-Context T. HansenOctober 2004Updates RFC 3458Proposed Standard
RFC 3939ASCII, PDF Calling Line Identification for Voice Mail Messages G. Parsons, J. MaruszakDecember 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3942ASCII, PDF Reclassifying Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 4 (DHCPv4) Options B. VolzNovember 2004Errata, Updates RFC 2132Proposed Standard
RFC 3945ASCII, PDF Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Architecture E. Mannie, Ed.October 2004Errata, Updated by RFC 6002Proposed Standard
RFC 3947ASCII, PDF Negotiation of NAT-Traversal in the IKE T. Kivinen, B. Swander, A. Huttunen, V. VolpeJanuary 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3948ASCII, PDF UDP Encapsulation of IPsec ESP Packets A. Huttunen, B. Swander, V. Volpe, L. DiBurro, M. StenbergJanuary 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 3953ASCII, PDFTelephone Number Mapping (ENUM) Service Registration for Presence Services J. PetersonJanuary 2005Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 3956ASCII, PDF Embedding the Rendezvous Point (RP) Address in an IPv6 Multicast Address P. Savola, B. HabermanNovember 2004Updates RFC 3306, Updated by RFC 7371Proposed Standard
RFC 3957ASCII, PDF Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) Registration Keys for Mobile IPv4 C. Perkins, P. CalhounMarch 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 3958ASCII, PDF Domain-Based Application Service Location Using SRV RRs and the Dynamic Delegation Discovery Service (DDDS) L. Daigle, A. NewtonJanuary 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 3959ASCII, PDF The Early Session Disposition Type for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) G. CamarilloDecember 2004ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3961ASCII, PDF Encryption and Checksum Specifications for Kerberos 5 K. RaeburnFebruary 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 8429Proposed Standard
RFC 3962ASCII, PDF Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Encryption for Kerberos 5 K. RaeburnFebruary 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 3963ASCII, PDF Network Mobility (NEMO) Basic Support Protocol V. Devarapalli, R. Wakikawa, A. Petrescu, P. ThubertJanuary 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 3966ASCII, PDF The tel URI for Telephone Numbers H. SchulzrinneDecember 2004Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2806, Updated by RFC 5341Proposed Standard
RFC 3970ASCII, PDF A Traffic Engineering (TE) MIB K. KompellaJanuary 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3971ASCII, PDFSEcure Neighbor Discovery (SEND) J. Arkko, Ed., J. Kempf, B. Zill, P. NikanderMarch 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 6494, RFC 6495, RFC 6980Proposed Standard
RFC 3972ASCII, PDFCryptographically Generated Addresses (CGA) T. AuraMarch 2005Updated by RFC 4581, RFC 4982Proposed Standard
RFC 3977ASCII, PDFNetwork News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)C. FeatherOctober 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 977, Updates RFC 2980, Updated by RFC 6048Proposed Standard
RFC 3981ASCII, PDF IRIS: The Internet Registry Information Service (IRIS) Core Protocol A. Newton, M. SanzJanuary 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 4992Proposed Standard
RFC 3982ASCII, PDF IRIS: A Domain Registry (dreg) Type for the Internet Registry Information Service (IRIS) A. Newton, M. SanzJanuary 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3983ASCII, PDF Using the Internet Registry Information Service (IRIS) over the Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP) A. Newton, M. SanzJanuary 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 3987ASCII, PDFInternationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) M. Duerst, M. SuignardJanuary 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3993ASCII, PDF Subscriber-ID Suboption for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Relay Agent Option R. Johnson, T. Palaniappan, M. StappMarch 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 3994ASCII, PDF Indication of Message Composition for Instant Messaging H. SchulzrinneJanuary 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 3995ASCII, PDF Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): Event Notifications and Subscriptions R. Herriot, T. HastingsMarch 2005Updates RFC 2911, RFC 2910Proposed Standard
RFC 3996ASCII, PDF Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): The 'ippget' Delivery Method for Event Notifications R. Herriot, T. Hastings, H. LewisMarch 2005Errata, Updates RFC 2911Proposed Standard
RFC 3998ASCII, PDF Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): Job and Printer Administrative Operations C. Kugler, H. Lewis, T. Hastings, Ed.March 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4001ASCII, PDF Textual Conventions for Internet Network Addresses M. Daniele, B. Haberman, S. Routhier, J. SchoenwaelderFebruary 2005Obsoletes RFC 3291Proposed Standard
RFC 4002ASCII, PDF IANA Registration for Enumservice 'web' and 'ft' R. Brandner, L. Conroy, R. StastnyFebruary 2005Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 4003ASCII, PDFGMPLS Signaling Procedure for Egress Control L. BergerFebruary 2005Updates RFC 3473Proposed Standard
RFC 4004ASCII, PDFDiameter Mobile IPv4 ApplicationP. Calhoun, T. Johansson, C. Perkins, T. Hiller, Ed., P. McCannAugust 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4007ASCII, PDFIPv6 Scoped Address Architecture S. Deering, B. Haberman, T. Jinmei, E. Nordmark, B. ZillMarch 2005Updated by RFC 7346Proposed Standard
RFC 4010ASCII, PDF Use of the SEED Encryption Algorithm in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) J. Park, S. Lee, J. Kim, J. LeeFebruary 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4011ASCII, PDF Policy Based Management MIB S. Waldbusser, J. Saperia, T. HongalMarch 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4012ASCII, PDF Routing Policy Specification Language next generation (RPSLng) L. Blunk, J. Damas, F. Parent, A. RobachevskyMarch 2005Updates RFC 2725, RFC 2622, Updated by RFC 7909Proposed Standard
RFC 4014ASCII, PDFRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) Attributes Suboption for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Relay Agent Information Option R. Droms, J. SchnizleinFebruary 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4015ASCII, PDF The Eifel Response Algorithm for TCP R. Ludwig, A. GurtovFebruary 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4018ASCII, PDFFinding Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) Targets and Name Servers by Using Service Location Protocol version 2 (SLPv2)M. Bakke, J. Hufferd, K. Voruganti, M. Krueger, T. SperryApril 2005Updated by RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 4019ASCII, PDFRObust Header Compression (ROHC): Profiles for User Datagram Protocol (UDP) LiteG. PelletierApril 2005Updated by RFC 4815Proposed Standard
RFC 4021ASCII, PDF Registration of Mail and MIME Header Fields G. Klyne, J. PalmeMarch 2005Updated by RFC 5322Proposed Standard
RFC 4022ASCII, PDF Management Information Base for the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) R. Raghunarayan, Ed.March 2005Obsoletes RFC 2452, RFC 2012Proposed Standard
RFC 4023ASCII, PDFEncapsulating MPLS in IP or Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) T. Worster, Y. Rekhter, E. Rosen, Ed.March 2005Updated by RFC 5332Proposed Standard
RFC 4025ASCII, PDFA Method for Storing IPsec Keying Material in DNS M. RichardsonMarch 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4028ASCII, PDFSession Timers in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)S. Donovan, J. RosenbergApril 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4030ASCII, PDFThe Authentication Suboption for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Relay Agent OptionM. Stapp, T. LemonMarch 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4032ASCII, PDF Update to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Preconditions Framework G. Camarillo, P. KyzivatMarch 2005Updates RFC 3312Proposed Standard
RFC 4033ASCII, PDFDNS Security Introduction and Requirements R. Arends, R. Austein, M. Larson, D. Massey, S. RoseMarch 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2535, RFC 3008, RFC 3090, RFC 3445, RFC 3655, RFC 3658, RFC 3755, RFC 3757, RFC 3845, Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 2136, RFC 2181, RFC 2308, RFC 3225, RFC 3597, RFC 3226, Updated by RFC 6014, RFC 6840Proposed Standard
RFC 4034ASCII, PDF Resource Records for the DNS Security Extensions R. Arends, R. Austein, M. Larson, D. Massey, S. RoseMarch 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2535, RFC 3008, RFC 3090, RFC 3445, RFC 3655, RFC 3658, RFC 3755, RFC 3757, RFC 3845, Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 2136, RFC 2181, RFC 2308, RFC 3225, RFC 3597, RFC 3226, Updated by RFC 4470, RFC 6014, RFC 6840, RFC 6944Proposed Standard
RFC 4035ASCII, PDF Protocol Modifications for the DNS Security Extensions R. Arends, R. Austein, M. Larson, D. Massey, S. RoseMarch 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2535, RFC 3008, RFC 3090, RFC 3445, RFC 3655, RFC 3658, RFC 3755, RFC 3757, RFC 3845, Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 2136, RFC 2181, RFC 2308, RFC 3225, RFC 3597, RFC 3226, Updated by RFC 4470, RFC 6014, RFC 6840, RFC 8198Proposed Standard
RFC 4036ASCII, PDFManagement Information Base for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) Cable Modem Termination Systems for Subscriber ManagementW. SawyerApril 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4037ASCII, PDF Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) Callout Protocol (OCP) Core A. RousskovMarch 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4039ASCII, PDF Rapid Commit Option for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 4 (DHCPv4) S. Park, P. Kim, B. VolzMarch 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4040ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for a 64 kbit/s Transparent CallR. KreuterApril 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4043ASCII, PDFInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Permanent IdentifierD. Pinkas, T. GindinMay 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4044ASCII, PDFFibre Channel Management MIBK. McCloghrieMay 2005Obsoletes RFC 2837Proposed Standard
RFC 4055ASCII, PDFAdditional Algorithms and Identifiers for RSA Cryptography for use in the Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) ProfileJ. Schaad, B. Kaliski, R. HousleyJune 2005Errata, Updates RFC 3279, Updated by RFC 5756Proposed Standard
RFC 4056ASCII, PDFUse of the RSASSA-PSS Signature Algorithm in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)J. SchaadJune 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4060ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Formats for European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) European Standard ES 202 050, ES 202 211, and ES 202 212 Distributed Speech Recognition EncodingQ. Xie, D. PearceMay 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4064ASCII, PDFExperimental Message, Extensions, and Error Codes for Mobile IPv4A. Patel, K. LeungMay 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4069ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Object Extensions for Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Lines (VDSL) Using Single Carrier Modulation (SCM) Line CodingM. Dodge, B. RayMay 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4070ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Object Extensions for Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Lines (VDSL) Using Multiple Carrier Modulation (MCM) Line CodingM. Dodge, B. RayMay 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4072ASCII, PDFDiameter Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) ApplicationP. Eronen, Ed., T. Hiller, G. ZornAugust 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 7268, RFC 8044Proposed Standard
RFC 4073ASCII, PDFProtecting Multiple Contents with the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)R. HousleyMay 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4075ASCII, PDFSimple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Configuration Option for DHCPv6V. KalusivalingamMay 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4077ASCII, PDFA Negative Acknowledgement Mechanism for Signaling CompressionA.B. RoachMay 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4087ASCII, PDFIP Tunnel MIBD. ThalerJune 2005Obsoletes RFC 2667Proposed Standard
RFC 4088ASCII, PDFUniform Resource Identifier (URI) Scheme for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)D. Black, K. McCloghrie, J. SchoenwaelderJune 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4090ASCII, PDFFast Reroute Extensions to RSVP-TE for LSP TunnelsP. Pan, Ed., G. Swallow, Ed., A. Atlas, Ed.May 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 8271, RFC 8537Proposed Standard
RFC 4095ASCII, PDFAttaching Meaning to Solicitation Class KeywordsC. MalamudMay 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4102ASCII, PDFRegistration of the text/red MIME Sub-TypeP. JonesJune 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 6354Proposed Standard
RFC 4103ASCII, PDFRTP Payload for Text ConversationG. Hellstrom, P. JonesJune 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2793Proposed Standard
RFC 4104ASCII, PDFPolicy Core Extension Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Schema (PCELS)M. Pana, Ed., A. Reyes, A. Barba, D. Moron, M. BrunnerJune 2005Updates RFC 3703Proposed Standard
RFC 4106ASCII, PDFThe Use of Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) in IPsec Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)J. Viega, D. McGrewJune 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4108ASCII, PDFUsing Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) to Protect Firmware PackagesR. HousleyAugust 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4109ASCII, PDFAlgorithms for Internet Key Exchange version 1 (IKEv1)P. HoffmanMay 2005Updates RFC 2409Proposed Standard
RFC 4112ASCII, PDFElectronic Commerce Modeling Language (ECML) Version 2 SpecificationD. Eastlake 3rdJune 2005Updates RFC 3106Proposed Standard
RFC 4113ASCII, PDFManagement Information Base for the User Datagram Protocol (UDP)B. Fenner, J. FlickJune 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2454, RFC 2013Proposed Standard
RFC 4114ASCII, PDFE.164 Number Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)S. HollenbeckJune 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4119ASCII, PDFA Presence-based GEOPRIV Location Object FormatJ. PetersonDecember 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 5139, RFC 5491, RFC 7459Proposed Standard
RFC 4120ASCII, PDFThe Kerberos Network Authentication Service (V5)C. Neuman, T. Yu, S. Hartman, K. RaeburnJuly 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1510, Updated by RFC 4537, RFC 5021, RFC 5896, RFC 6111, RFC 6112, RFC 6113, RFC 6649, RFC 6806, RFC 7751, RFC 8062, RFC 8129, RFC 8429, RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 4121ASCII, PDFThe Kerberos Version 5 Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Mechanism: Version 2L. Zhu, K. Jaganathan, S. HartmanJuly 2005Updates RFC 1964, Updated by RFC 6112, RFC 6542, RFC 6649, RFC 8062Proposed Standard
RFC 4122ASCII, PDFA Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID) URN NamespaceP. Leach, M. Mealling, R. SalzJuly 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4124ASCII, PDFProtocol Extensions for Support of Diffserv-aware MPLS Traffic EngineeringF. Le Faucheur, Ed.June 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4129ASCII, PDFDigital Private Network Signaling System (DPNSS)/Digital Access Signaling System 2 (DASS 2) Extensions to the IUA ProtocolR. Mukundan, K. Morneault, N. MangalpallySeptember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4130ASCII, PDFMIME-Based Secure Peer-to-Peer Business Data Interchange Using HTTP, Applicability Statement 2 (AS2)D. Moberg, R. DrummondJuly 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4131ASCII, PDFManagement Information Base for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) Cable Modems and Cable Modem Termination Systems for Baseline Privacy PlusS. Green, K. Ozawa, E. Cardona, Ed., A. KatsnelsonSeptember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4141ASCII, PDFSMTP and MIME Extensions for Content ConversionK. Toyoda, D. CrockerNovember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4142ASCII, PDFFull-mode Fax Profile for Internet Mail (FFPIM)D. Crocker, G. KlyneNovember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4143ASCII, PDFFacsimile Using Internet Mail (IFAX) Service of ENUMK. Toyoda, D. CrockerNovember 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 4145ASCII, PDFTCP-Based Media Transport in the Session Description Protocol (SDP)D. Yon, G. CamarilloSeptember 2005Updated by RFC 4572Proposed Standard
RFC 4149ASCII, PDFDefinition of Managed Objects for Synthetic Sources for Performance Monitoring AlgorithmsC. Kalbfleisch, R. Cole, D. RomascanuAugust 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4150ASCII, PDFTransport Performance Metrics MIBR. Dietz, R. ColeAugust 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4162ASCII, PDFAddition of SEED Cipher Suites to Transport Layer Security (TLS)H.J. Lee, J.H. Yoon, J.I. LeeAugust 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4164ASCII, PDFRObust Header Compression (ROHC): Context Replication for ROHC ProfilesG. PelletierAugust 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4165ASCII, PDFSignaling System 7 (SS7) Message Transfer Part 2 (MTP2) - User Peer-to-Peer Adaptation Layer (M2PA)T. George, B. Bidulock, R. Dantu, H. Schwarzbauer, K. MorneaultSeptember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4168ASCII, PDFThe Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) as a Transport for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. Rosenberg, H. Schulzrinne, G. CamarilloOctober 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4171ASCII, PDFInternet Storage Name Service (iSNS)J. Tseng, K. Gibbons, F. Travostino, C. Du Laney, J. SouzaSeptember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4172ASCII, PDFiFCP - A Protocol for Internet Fibre Channel Storage NetworkingC. Monia, R. Mullendore, F. Travostino, W. Jeong, M. EdwardsSeptember 2005Updated by RFC 6172, RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 4173ASCII, PDFBootstrapping Clients using the Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) ProtocolP. Sarkar, D. Missimer, C. SapuntzakisSeptember 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 4174ASCII, PDFThe IPv4 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Option for the Internet Storage Name ServiceC. Monia, J. Tseng, K. GibbonsSeptember 2005Updated by RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 4175ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for Uncompressed VideoL. Gharai, C. PerkinsSeptember 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 4421Proposed Standard
RFC 4178ASCII, PDFThe Simple and Protected Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Negotiation MechanismL. Zhu, P. Leach, K. Jaganathan, W. IngersollOctober 2005Obsoletes RFC 2478Proposed Standard
RFC 4182ASCII, PDFRemoving a Restriction on the use of MPLS Explicit NULLE. RosenSeptember 2005Errata, Updates RFC 3032, Updated by RFC 5462, RFC 7274Proposed Standard
RFC 4184ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for AC-3 AudioB. Link, T. Hager, J. FlaksOctober 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4188ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for BridgesK. Norseth, Ed., E. Bell, Ed.September 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1493Proposed Standard
RFC 4191ASCII, PDFDefault Router Preferences and More-Specific RoutesR. Draves, D. ThalerNovember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4193ASCII, PDFUnique Local IPv6 Unicast AddressesR. Hinden, B. HabermanOctober 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4194ASCII, PDFThe S Hexdump FormatJ. Strombergson, L. Walleij, P. FaltstromOctober 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4196ASCII, PDFThe SEED Cipher Algorithm and Its Use with IPsecH.J. Lee, J.H. Yoon, S.L. Lee, J.I. LeeOctober 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4201ASCII, PDFLink Bundling in MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE)K. Kompella, Y. Rekhter, L. BergerOctober 2005Updates RFC 3471, RFC 3472, RFC 3473Proposed Standard
RFC 4202ASCII, PDFRouting Extensions in Support of Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)K. Kompella, Ed., Y. Rekhter, Ed.October 2005Updated by RFC 6001, RFC 6002, RFC 7074Proposed Standard
RFC 4203ASCII, PDFOSPF Extensions in Support of Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)K. Kompella, Ed., Y. Rekhter, Ed.October 2005Updates RFC 3630, Updated by RFC 6001, RFC 6002, RFC 7074Proposed Standard
RFC 4204ASCII, PDFLink Management Protocol (LMP)J. Lang, Ed.October 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 6898Proposed Standard
RFC 4206ASCII, PDFLabel Switched Paths (LSP) Hierarchy with Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Traffic Engineering (TE)K. Kompella, Y. RekhterOctober 2005Updated by RFC 6001, RFC 6107Proposed Standard
RFC 4207ASCII, PDFSynchronous Optical Network (SONET)/Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Encoding for Link Management Protocol (LMP) Test MessagesJ. Lang, D. PapadimitriouOctober 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 6898Proposed Standard
RFC 4208ASCII, PDFGeneralized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) User-Network Interface (UNI): Resource ReserVation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) Support for the Overlay ModelG. Swallow, J. Drake, H. Ishimatsu, Y. RekhterOctober 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4209ASCII, PDFLink Management Protocol (LMP) for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Optical Line SystemsA. Fredette, Ed., J. Lang, Ed.October 2005Updated by RFC 6898Proposed Standard
RFC 4210ASCII, PDFInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Management Protocol (CMP)C. Adams, S. Farrell, T. Kause, T. MononenSeptember 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2510, Updated by RFC 6712Proposed Standard
RFC 4211ASCII, PDFInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Request Message Format (CRMF)J. SchaadSeptember 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2511Proposed Standard
RFC 4213ASCII, PDFBasic Transition Mechanisms for IPv6 Hosts and RoutersE. Nordmark, R. GilliganOctober 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2893Proposed Standard
RFC 4217ASCII, PDFSecuring FTP with TLSP. Ford-HutchinsonOctober 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4220ASCII, PDFTraffic Engineering Link Management Information BaseM. Dubuc, T. Nadeau, J. LangNovember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4227ASCII, PDFUsing the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) in Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP)E. O'Tuathail, M. RoseJanuary 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3288, Updated by RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 4231ASCII, PDFIdentifiers and Test Vectors for HMAC-SHA-224, HMAC-SHA-256, HMAC-SHA-384, and HMAC-SHA-512M. NystromDecember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4233ASCII, PDFIntegrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Q.921-User Adaptation LayerK. Morneault, S. Rengasami, M. Kalla, G. SidebottomJanuary 2006Obsoletes RFC 3057, Updated by RFC 5133Proposed Standard
RFC 4235ASCII, PDFAn INVITE-Initiated Dialog Event Package for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. Rosenberg, H. Schulzrinne, R. Mahy, Ed.November 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 7463Proposed Standard
RFC 4236ASCII, PDFHTTP Adaptation with Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES)A. Rousskov, M. StecherNovember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4237ASCII, PDFVoice Messaging Directory ServiceG. VaudreuilOctober 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4238ASCII, PDFVoice Message Routing ServiceG. VaudreuilOctober 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 4239ASCII, PDFInternet Voice Messaging (IVM)S. McRae, G. ParsonsNovember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4243ASCII, PDFVendor-Specific Information Suboption for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Relay Agent OptionM. Stapp, R. Johnson, T. PalaniappanDecember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4248ASCII, PDFThe telnet URI SchemeP. HoffmanOctober 2005Obsoletes RFC 1738Proposed Standard
RFC 4250ASCII, PDFThe Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol Assigned NumbersS. Lehtinen, C. Lonvick, Ed.January 2006Updated by RFC 8268Proposed Standard
RFC 4251ASCII, PDFThe Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol ArchitectureT. Ylonen, C. Lonvick, Ed.January 2006Updated by RFC 8308Proposed Standard
RFC 4252ASCII, PDFThe Secure Shell (SSH) Authentication ProtocolT. Ylonen, C. Lonvick, Ed.January 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 8308, RFC 8332Proposed Standard
RFC 4253ASCII, PDFThe Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer ProtocolT. Ylonen, C. Lonvick, Ed.January 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 6668, RFC 8268, RFC 8308, RFC 8332Proposed Standard
RFC 4254ASCII, PDFThe Secure Shell (SSH) Connection ProtocolT. Ylonen, C. Lonvick, Ed.January 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 8308Proposed Standard
RFC 4255ASCII, PDFUsing DNS to Securely Publish Secure Shell (SSH) Key FingerprintsJ. Schlyter, W. GriffinJanuary 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4256ASCII, PDFGeneric Message Exchange Authentication for the Secure Shell Protocol (SSH)F. Cusack, M. ForssenJanuary 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4261ASCII, PDFCommon Open Policy Service (COPS) Over Transport Layer Security (TLS)J. Walker, A. Kulkarni, Ed.December 2005Updates RFC 2748Proposed Standard
RFC 4262ASCII, PDFX.509 Certificate Extension for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) CapabilitiesS. SantessonDecember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4265ASCII, PDFDefinition of Textual Conventions for Virtual Private Network (VPN) ManagementB. Schliesser, T. NadeauNovember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4266ASCII, PDFThe gopher URI SchemeP. HoffmanNovember 2005Obsoletes RFC 1738Proposed Standard
RFC 4268ASCII, PDFEntity State MIBS. Chisholm, D. PerkinsNovember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4273ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for BGP-4J. Haas, Ed., S. Hares, Ed.January 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1269, RFC 1657Proposed Standard
RFC 4279ASCII, PDFPre-Shared Key Ciphersuites for Transport Layer Security (TLS)P. Eronen, Ed., H. Tschofenig, Ed.December 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4280ASCII, PDFDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Options for Broadcast and Multicast Control ServersK. Chowdhury, P. Yegani, L. MadourNovember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4283ASCII, PDFMobile Node Identifier Option for Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6)A. Patel, K. Leung, M. Khalil, H. Akhtar, K. ChowdhuryNovember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4286ASCII, PDFMulticast Router DiscoveryB. Haberman, J. MartinDecember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4287ASCII, PDFThe Atom Syndication FormatM. Nottingham, Ed., R. Sayre, Ed.December 2005Updated by RFC 5988Proposed Standard
RFC 4292ASCII, PDFIP Forwarding Table MIBB. HabermanApril 2006Obsoletes RFC 2096Proposed Standard
RFC 4293ASCII, PDFManagement Information Base for the Internet Protocol (IP)S. Routhier, Ed.April 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2011, RFC 2465, RFC 2466Proposed Standard
RFC 4295ASCII, PDFMobile IPv6 Management Information BaseG. Keeni, K. Koide, K. Nagami, S. GundavelliApril 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4298ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for BroadVoice Speech CodecsJ.-H. Chen, W. Lee, J. ThyssenDecember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4301ASCII, PDFSecurity Architecture for the Internet ProtocolS. Kent, K. SeoDecember 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2401, Updates RFC 3168, Updated by RFC 6040, RFC 7619Proposed Standard
RFC 4302ASCII, PDFIP Authentication HeaderS. KentDecember 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2402Proposed Standard
RFC 4303ASCII, PDFIP Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)S. KentDecember 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2406Proposed Standard
RFC 4304ASCII, PDFExtended Sequence Number (ESN) Addendum to IPsec Domain of Interpretation (DOI) for Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP)S. KentDecember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4308ASCII, PDFCryptographic Suites for IPsecP. HoffmanDecember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4309ASCII, PDFUsing Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) CCM Mode with IPsec Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)R. HousleyDecember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4311ASCII, PDFIPv6 Host-to-Router Load SharingR. Hinden, D. ThalerNovember 2005Updates RFC 2461Proposed Standard
RFC 4312ASCII, PDFThe Camellia Cipher Algorithm and Its Use With IPsecA. Kato, S. Moriai, M. KandaDecember 2005ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4314ASCII, PDFIMAP4 Access Control List (ACL) ExtensionA. MelnikovDecember 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2086Proposed Standard
RFC 4315ASCII, PDFInternet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) - UIDPLUS extension M. CrispinDecember 2005Obsoletes RFC 2359Proposed Standard
RFC 4318ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for Bridges with Rapid Spanning Tree ProtocolD. Levi, D. HarringtonDecember 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 4319ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for High Bit-Rate DSL - 2nd generation (HDSL2) and Single-Pair High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (SHDSL) LinesC. Sikes, B. Ray, R. AbbiDecember 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3276Proposed Standard
RFC 4320ASCII, PDFActions Addressing Identified Issues with the Session Initiation Protocol's (SIP) Non-INVITE TransactionR. SparksJanuary 2006Updates RFC 3261Proposed Standard
RFC 4323ASCII, PDFData Over Cable System Interface Specification Quality of Service Management Information Base (DOCSIS-QoS MIB)M. Patrick, W. MurwinJanuary 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4326ASCII, PDFUnidirectional Lightweight Encapsulation (ULE) for Transmission of IP Datagrams over an MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS)G. Fairhurst, B. Collini-NockerDecember 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 7280Proposed Standard
RFC 4328ASCII, PDFGeneralized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Signaling Extensions for G.709 Optical Transport Networks ControlD. Papadimitriou, Ed.January 2006Updates RFC 3471, Updated by RFC 7139Proposed Standard
RFC 4331ASCII, PDFQuota and Size Properties for Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV) CollectionsB. Korver, L. DusseaultFebruary 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4334ASCII, PDFCertificate Extensions and Attributes Supporting Authentication in Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)R. Housley, T. MooreFebruary 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3770Proposed Standard
RFC 4335ASCII, PDFThe Secure Shell (SSH) Session Channel Break ExtensionJ. Galbraith, P. RemakerJanuary 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4337ASCII, PDFMIME Type Registration for MPEG-4Y Lim, D. SingerMarch 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 6381Proposed Standard
RFC 4338ASCII, PDFTransmission of IPv6, IPv4, and Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Packets over Fibre ChannelC. DeSanti, C. Carlson, R. NixonJanuary 2006Obsoletes RFC 3831, RFC 2625, Updated by RFC 5494, RFC 8064Proposed Standard
RFC 4340ASCII, PDFDatagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP)E. Kohler, M. Handley, S. FloydMarch 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5595, RFC 5596, RFC 6335, RFC 6773Proposed Standard
RFC 4341ASCII, PDFProfile for Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) Congestion Control ID 2: TCP-like Congestion ControlS. Floyd, E. KohlerMarch 2006Updated by RFC 8311Proposed Standard
RFC 4342ASCII, PDFProfile for Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) Congestion Control ID 3: TCP-Friendly Rate Control (TFRC)S. Floyd, E. Kohler, J. PadhyeMarch 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5348, RFC 6323, RFC 8311Proposed Standard
RFC 4343ASCII, PDFDomain Name System (DNS) Case Insensitivity ClarificationD. Eastlake 3rdJanuary 2006Errata, Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 2181Proposed Standard
RFC 4344ASCII, PDFThe Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer Encryption ModesM. Bellare, T. Kohno, C. NamprempreJanuary 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4345ASCII, PDFImproved Arcfour Modes for the Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer ProtocolB. HarrisJanuary 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4348ASCII, PDFReal-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) Payload Format for the Variable-Rate Multimode Wideband (VMR-WB) Audio CodecS. AhmadiJanuary 2006Updated by RFC 4424Proposed Standard
RFC 4349ASCII, PDFHigh-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) Frames over Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, Version 3 (L2TPv3)C. Pignataro, M. TownsleyFebruary 2006Updated by RFC 5641Proposed Standard
RFC 4352ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for the Extended Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB+) Audio CodecJ. Sjoberg, M. Westerlund, A. Lakaniemi, S. WengerJanuary 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4355ASCII, PDFIANA Registration for Enumservices email, fax, mms, ems, and smsR. Brandner, L. Conroy, R. StastnyJanuary 2006Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 4356ASCII, PDFMapping Between the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and Internet MailR. GellensJanuary 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4359ASCII, PDFThe Use of RSA/SHA-1 Signatures within Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) and Authentication Header (AH)B. WeisJanuary 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4360ASCII, PDFBGP Extended Communities AttributeS. Sangli, D. Tappan, Y. RekhterFebruary 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 7153, RFC 7606Proposed Standard
RFC 4361ASCII, PDFNode-specific Client Identifiers for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Version Four (DHCPv4)T. Lemon, B. SommerfeldFebruary 2006Errata, Updates RFC 2131, RFC 2132, RFC 3315, Updated by RFC 5494Proposed Standard
RFC 4362ASCII, PDFRObust Header Compression (ROHC): A Link-Layer Assisted Profile for IP/UDP/RTPL-E. Jonsson, G. Pelletier, K. SandlundJanuary 2006Obsoletes RFC 3242, Updated by RFC 4815Proposed Standard
RFC 4363ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for Bridges with Traffic Classes, Multicast Filtering, and Virtual LAN ExtensionsD. Levi, D. HarringtonJanuary 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2674Proposed Standard
RFC 4364ASCII, PDFBGP/MPLS IP Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)E. Rosen, Y. RekhterFebruary 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2547, Updated by RFC 4577, RFC 4684, RFC 5462Proposed Standard
RFC 4368ASCII, PDFMultiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label-Controlled Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Frame-Relay Management Interface DefinitionT. Nadeau, S. HegdeJanuary 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4370ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Proxied Authorization ControlR. WeltmanFebruary 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4372ASCII, PDFChargeable User IdentityF. Adrangi, A. Lior, J. Korhonen, J. LoughneyJanuary 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4380ASCII, PDFTeredo: Tunneling IPv6 over UDP through Network Address Translations (NATs)C. HuitemaFebruary 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5991, RFC 6081Proposed Standard
RFC 4382ASCII, PDFMPLS/BGP Layer 3 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Management Information BaseT. Nadeau, Ed., H. van der Linde, Ed.February 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4383ASCII, PDFThe Use of Timed Efficient Stream Loss-Tolerant Authentication (TESLA) in the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)M. Baugher, E. CarraraFebruary 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4385ASCII, PDFPseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3) Control Word for Use over an MPLS PSNS. Bryant, G. Swallow, L. Martini, D. McPhersonFebruary 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5586Proposed Standard
RFC 4387ASCII, PDFInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Operational Protocols: Certificate Store Access via HTTPP. Gutmann, Ed.February 2006Updated by RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 4388ASCII, PDFDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) LeasequeryR. Woundy, K. KinnearFebruary 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 6148Proposed Standard
RFC 4390ASCII, PDFDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) over InfiniBandV. KashyapApril 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4391ASCII, PDFTransmission of IP over InfiniBand (IPoIB)J. Chu, V. KashyapApril 2006Updated by RFC 8064Proposed Standard
RFC 4393ASCII, PDFMIME Type Registrations for 3GPP2 Multimedia FilesH. GarudadriMarch 2006Updated by RFC 6381Proposed Standard
RFC 4396ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Timed TextJ. Rey, Y. MatsuiFebruary 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4398ASCII, PDFStoring Certificates in the Domain Name System (DNS)S. JosefssonMarch 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2538, Updated by RFC 6944Proposed Standard
RFC 4401ASCII, PDFA Pseudo-Random Function (PRF) API Extension for the Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API)N. WilliamsFebruary 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4404ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for Fibre Channel Over TCP/IP (FCIP)R. Natarajan, A. RijhsinghaniFebruary 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4411ASCII, PDFExtending the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Reason Header for Preemption EventsJ. PolkFebruary 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4412ASCII, PDFCommunications Resource Priority for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)H. Schulzrinne, J. PolkFebruary 2006Updated by RFC 7134Proposed Standard
RFC 4414ASCII, PDFAn ENUM Registry Type for the Internet Registry Information Service (IRIS) A. NewtonFebruary 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4415ASCII, PDFIANA Registration for Enumservice VoiceR. Brandner, L. Conroy, R. StastnyFebruary 2006Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 4419ASCII, PDFDiffie-Hellman Group Exchange for the Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer ProtocolM. Friedl, N. Provos, W. SimpsonMarch 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 8270Proposed Standard
RFC 4421ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for Uncompressed Video: Additional Colour Sampling ModesC. PerkinsFebruary 2006Updates RFC 4175Proposed Standard
RFC 4422ASCII, PDFSimple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)A. Melnikov, Ed., K. Zeilenga, Ed.June 2006Obsoletes RFC 2222Proposed Standard
RFC 4424ASCII, PDFReal-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) Payload Format for the Variable-Rate Multimode Wideband (VMR-WB) Extension Audio CodecS. AhmadiFebruary 2006Updates RFC 4348Proposed Standard
RFC 4425ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for Video Codec 1 (VC-1)A. KlemetsFebruary 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4426ASCII, PDFGeneralized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Recovery Functional SpecificationJ. Lang, Ed., B. Rajagopalan, Ed., D. Papadimitriou, Ed.March 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4429ASCII, PDFOptimistic Duplicate Address Detection (DAD) for IPv6N. MooreApril 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 7527Proposed Standard
RFC 4430ASCII, PDFKerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys (KINK)S. Sakane, K. Kamada, M. Thomas, J. VilhuberMarch 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4432ASCII, PDFRSA Key Exchange for the Secure Shell (SSH) Transport Layer ProtocolB. HarrisMarch 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4433ASCII, PDFMobile IPv4 Dynamic Home Agent (HA) AssignmentM. Kulkarni, A. Patel, K. LeungMarch 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4434ASCII, PDFThe AES-XCBC-PRF-128 Algorithm for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE)P. HoffmanFebruary 2006Obsoletes RFC 3664Proposed Standard
RFC 4436ASCII, PDFDetecting Network Attachment in IPv4 (DNAv4)B. Aboba, J. Carlson, S. CheshireMarch 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4438ASCII, PDFFibre-Channel Name Server MIBC. DeSanti, V. Gaonkar, H.K. Vivek, K. McCloghrie, S. GaiApril 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4439ASCII, PDFFibre Channel Fabric Address Manager MIBC. DeSanti, V. Gaonkar, K. McCloghrie, S. GaiMarch 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4442ASCII, PDFBootstrapping Timed Efficient Stream Loss-Tolerant Authentication (TESLA)S. Fries, H. TschofenigMarch 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4444ASCII, PDFManagement Information Base for Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS)J. Parker, Ed.April 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4448ASCII, PDFEncapsulation Methods for Transport of Ethernet over MPLS NetworksL. Martini, Ed., E. Rosen, N. El-Aawar, G. HeronApril 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5462, RFC 8469Proposed Standard
RFC 4449ASCII, PDFSecuring Mobile IPv6 Route Optimization Using a Static Shared KeyC. PerkinsJune 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4454ASCII, PDFAsynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) over Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3 (L2TPv3)S. Singh, M. Townsley, C. PignataroMay 2006Updated by RFC 5641Proposed Standard
RFC 4455ASCII, PDFDefinition of Managed Objects for Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) EntitiesM. Hallak-Stamler, M. Bakke, Y. Lederman, M. Krueger, K. McCloghrieApril 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4462ASCII, PDFGeneric Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Authentication and Key Exchange for the Secure Shell (SSH) ProtocolJ. Hutzelman, J. Salowey, J. Galbraith, V. WelchMay 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4466ASCII, PDFCollected Extensions to IMAP4 ABNFA. Melnikov, C. DabooApril 2006Updates RFC 2088, RFC 2342, RFC 3501, RFC 3502, RFC 3516, Updated by RFC 6237, RFC 7377Proposed Standard
RFC 4467ASCII, PDFInternet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) - URLAUTH ExtensionM. CrispinMay 2006Updated by RFC 5092, RFC 5550Proposed Standard
RFC 4468ASCII, PDFMessage Submission BURL ExtensionC. NewmanMay 2006Errata, Updates RFC 3463, Updated by RFC 5248Proposed Standard
RFC 4469ASCII, PDFInternet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) CATENATE ExtensionP. ResnickApril 2006Errata, Updates RFC 3501, RFC 3502, Updated by RFC 5550Proposed Standard
RFC 4470ASCII, PDFMinimally Covering NSEC Records and DNSSEC On-line SigningS. Weiler, J. IhrenApril 2006Errata, Updates RFC 4035, RFC 4034Proposed Standard
RFC 4476ASCII, PDFAttribute Certificate (AC) Policies ExtensionC. Francis, D. PinkasMay 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4479ASCII, PDFA Data Model for PresenceJ. RosenbergJuly 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4480ASCII, PDFRPID: Rich Presence Extensions to the Presence Information Data Format (PIDF)H. Schulzrinne, V. Gurbani, P. Kyzivat, J. RosenbergJuly 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4481ASCII, PDFTimed Presence Extensions to the Presence Information Data Format (PIDF) to Indicate Status Information for Past and Future Time IntervalsH. SchulzrinneJuly 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4482ASCII, PDFCIPID: Contact Information for the Presence Information Data FormatH. SchulzrinneJuly 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4483ASCII, PDFA Mechanism for Content Indirection in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) MessagesE. Burger, Ed.May 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4486ASCII, PDFSubcodes for BGP Cease Notification MessageE. Chen, V. GilletApril 2006Updated by RFC 8203Proposed Standard
RFC 4488ASCII, PDFSuppression of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) REFER Method Implicit SubscriptionO. LevinMay 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4489ASCII, PDFA Method for Generating Link-Scoped IPv6 Multicast AddressesJ-S. Park, M-K. Shin, H-J. KimApril 2006Updates RFC 3306Proposed Standard
RFC 4490ASCII, PDFUsing the GOST 28147-89, GOST R 34.11-94, GOST R 34.10-94, and GOST R 34.10-2001 Algorithms with Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)S. Leontiev, Ed., G. Chudov, Ed.May 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4491ASCII, PDFUsing the GOST R 34.10-94, GOST R 34.10-2001, and GOST R 34.11-94 Algorithms with the Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and CRL ProfileS. Leontiev, Ed., D. Shefanovski, Ed.May 2006Errata, Updates RFC 3279Proposed Standard
RFC 4494ASCII, PDFThe AES-CMAC-96 Algorithm and Its Use with IPsecJH. Song, R. Poovendran, J. LeeJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4495ASCII, PDFA Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) Extension for the Reduction of Bandwidth of a Reservation FlowJ. Polk, S. DhesikanMay 2006Updates RFC 2205Proposed Standard
RFC 4501ASCII, PDFDomain Name System Uniform Resource IdentifiersS. JosefssonMay 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4505ASCII, PDFAnonymous Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) MechanismK. ZeilengaJune 2006Obsoletes RFC 2245Proposed Standard
RFC 4508ASCII, PDFConveying Feature Tags with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) REFER MethodO. Levin, A. JohnstonMay 2006Updated by RFC 8217Proposed Standard
RFC 4509ASCII, PDFUse of SHA-256 in DNSSEC Delegation Signer (DS) Resource Records (RRs)W. HardakerMay 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4510ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Technical Specification Road MapK. Zeilenga, Ed.June 2006Obsoletes RFC 2251, RFC 2252, RFC 2253, RFC 2254, RFC 2255, RFC 2256, RFC 2829, RFC 2830, RFC 3377, RFC 3771Proposed Standard
RFC 4511ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): The ProtocolJ. Sermersheim, Ed.June 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2251, RFC 2830, RFC 3771Proposed Standard
RFC 4512ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Directory Information ModelsK. Zeilenga, Ed.June 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2251, RFC 2252, RFC 2256, RFC 3674Proposed Standard
RFC 4513ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Authentication Methods and Security MechanismsR. Harrison, Ed.June 2006Obsoletes RFC 2251, RFC 2829, RFC 2830Proposed Standard
RFC 4514ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): String Representation of Distinguished NamesK. Zeilenga, Ed.June 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2253Proposed Standard
RFC 4515ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): String Representation of Search FiltersM. Smith, Ed., T. HowesJune 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2254Proposed Standard
RFC 4516ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Uniform Resource LocatorM. Smith, Ed., T. HowesJune 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2255Proposed Standard
RFC 4517ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Syntaxes and Matching RulesS. Legg, Ed.June 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2252, RFC 2256, Updates RFC 3698Proposed Standard
RFC 4518ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Internationalized String PreparationK. ZeilengaJune 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4519ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Schema for User ApplicationsA. Sciberras, Ed.June 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2256, Updates RFC 2247, RFC 2798, RFC 2377Proposed Standard
RFC 4522ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): The Binary Encoding OptionS. LeggJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4523ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Schema Definitions for X.509 CertificatesK. ZeilengaJune 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2252, RFC 2256, RFC 2587Proposed Standard
RFC 4524ASCII, PDFCOSINE LDAP/X.500 SchemaK. Zeilenga, Ed.June 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1274, Updates RFC 2247, RFC 2798Proposed Standard
RFC 4526ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Absolute True and False FiltersK. ZeilengaJune 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4527ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Read Entry ControlsK. ZeilengaJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4528ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Assertion ControlK. ZeilengaJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4530ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) entryUUID Operational AttributeK. ZeilengaJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4532ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) "Who am I?" OperationK. ZeilengaJune 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4534ASCII, PDFGroup Security Policy Token v1A Colegrove, H HarneyJune 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4535ASCII, PDFGSAKMP: Group Secure Association Key Management ProtocolH. Harney, U. Meth, A. Colegrove, G. GrossJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4537ASCII, PDFKerberos Cryptosystem Negotiation ExtensionL. Zhu, P. Leach, K. JaganathanJune 2006Updates RFC 4120Proposed Standard
RFC 4538ASCII, PDFRequest Authorization through Dialog Identification in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. RosenbergJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4543ASCII, PDFThe Use of Galois Message Authentication Code (GMAC) in IPsec ESP and AHD. McGrew, J. ViegaMay 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4545ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for IP Storage User Identity AuthorizationM. Bakke, J. MuchowMay 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4546ASCII, PDFRadio Frequency (RF) Interface Management Information Base for Data over Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS) 2.0 Compliant RF InterfacesD. Raftus, E. CardonaJune 2006Obsoletes RFC 2670Proposed Standard
RFC 4547ASCII, PDFEvent Notification Management Information Base for Data over Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS)-Compliant Cable Modems and Cable Modem Termination SystemsA. Ahmad, G. NakanishiJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4548ASCII, PDFInternet Code Point (ICP) Assignments for NSAP AddressesE. Gray, J. Rutemiller, G. SwallowMay 2006Updates RFC 1888, RFC 4048Proposed Standard
RFC 4552ASCII, PDFAuthentication/Confidentiality for OSPFv3M. Gupta, N. MelamJune 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4553ASCII, PDFStructure-Agnostic Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) over Packet (SAToP)A. Vainshtein, Ed., YJ. Stein, Ed.June 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4555ASCII, PDFIKEv2 Mobility and Multihoming Protocol (MOBIKE)P. EronenJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4556ASCII, PDFPublic Key Cryptography for Initial Authentication in Kerberos (PKINIT)L. Zhu, B. TungJune 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 6112, RFC 8062Proposed Standard
RFC 4557ASCII, PDFOnline Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Support for Public Key Cryptography for Initial Authentication in Kerberos (PKINIT)L. Zhu, K. Jaganathan, N. WilliamsJune 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4558ASCII, PDFNode-ID Based Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) Hello: A Clarification StatementZ. Ali, R. Rahman, D. Prairie, D. PapadimitriouJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4560ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for Remote Ping, Traceroute, and Lookup OperationsJ. Quittek, Ed., K. White, Ed.June 2006Obsoletes RFC 2925Proposed Standard
RFC 4561ASCII, PDFDefinition of a Record Route Object (RRO) Node-Id Sub-ObjectJ.-P. Vasseur, Ed., Z. Ali, S. SivabalanJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4563ASCII, PDFThe Key ID Information Type for the General Extension Payload in Multimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY)E. Carrara, V. Lehtovirta, K. NorrmanJune 2006Updated by RFC 6309Proposed Standard
RFC 4566ASCII, PDFSDP: Session Description ProtocolM. Handley, V. Jacobson, C. PerkinsJuly 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2327, RFC 3266Proposed Standard
RFC 4567ASCII, PDFKey Management Extensions for Session Description Protocol (SDP) and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)J. Arkko, F. Lindholm, M. Naslund, K. Norrman, E. CarraraJuly 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4568ASCII, PDFSession Description Protocol (SDP) Security Descriptions for Media StreamsF. Andreasen, M. Baugher, D. WingJuly 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4570ASCII, PDFSession Description Protocol (SDP) Source FiltersB. Quinn, R. FinlaysonJuly 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4571ASCII, PDFFraming Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Packets over Connection-Oriented TransportJ. LazzaroJuly 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4573ASCII, PDFMIME Type Registration for RTP Payload Format for H.224R. Even, A. LochbaumJuly 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4574ASCII, PDFThe Session Description Protocol (SDP) Label AttributeO. Levin, G. CamarilloAugust 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4575ASCII, PDFA Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Package for Conference StateJ. Rosenberg, H. Schulzrinne, O. Levin, Ed.August 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4576ASCII, PDFUsing a Link State Advertisement (LSA) Options Bit to Prevent Looping in BGP/MPLS IP Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)E. Rosen, P. Psenak, P. Pillay-EsnaultJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4577ASCII, PDFOSPF as the Provider/Customer Edge Protocol for BGP/MPLS IP Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)E. Rosen, P. Psenak, P. Pillay-EsnaultJune 2006Errata, Updates RFC 4364Proposed Standard
RFC 4580ASCII, PDFDynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) Relay Agent Subscriber-ID OptionB. VolzJune 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4581ASCII, PDFCryptographically Generated Addresses (CGA) Extension Field FormatM. Bagnulo, J. ArkkoOctober 2006Updates RFC 3972Proposed Standard
RFC 4582ASCII, PDFThe Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP)G. Camarillo, J. Ott, K. DrageNovember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4583ASCII, PDFSession Description Protocol (SDP) Format for Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP) StreamsG. CamarilloNovember 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4585ASCII, PDFExtended RTP Profile for Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP)-Based Feedback (RTP/AVPF)J. Ott, S. Wenger, N. Sato, C. Burmeister, J. ReyJuly 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5506, RFC 8108Proposed Standard
RFC 4587ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for H.261 Video StreamsR. EvenAugust 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2032Proposed Standard
RFC 4588ASCII, PDFRTP Retransmission Payload FormatJ. Rey, D. Leon, A. Miyazaki, V. Varsa, R. HakenbergJuly 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4589ASCII, PDFLocation Types RegistryH. Schulzrinne, H. TschofenigJuly 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4591ASCII, PDFFrame Relay over Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3 (L2TPv3)M. Townsley, G. Wilkie, S. Booth, S. Bryant, J. LauAugust 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5641Proposed Standard
RFC 4592ASCII, PDFThe Role of Wildcards in the Domain Name SystemE. LewisJuly 2006Errata, Updates RFC 1034, RFC 2672Proposed Standard
RFC 4598ASCII, PDFReal-time Transport Protocol (RTP) Payload Format for Enhanced AC-3 (E-AC-3) AudioB. LinkJuly 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4604ASCII, PDFUsing Internet Group Management Protocol Version 3 (IGMPv3) and Multicast Listener Discovery Protocol Version 2 (MLDv2) for Source-Specific MulticastH. Holbrook, B. Cain, B. HabermanAugust 2006Updates RFC 3376, RFC 3810Proposed Standard
RFC 4605ASCII, PDFInternet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) / Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD)-Based Multicast Forwarding ("IGMP/MLD Proxying")B. Fenner, H. He, B. Haberman, H. SandickAugust 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4606ASCII, PDFGeneralized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Extensions for Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) ControlE. Mannie, D. PapadimitriouAugust 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3946, Updated by RFC 6344Proposed Standard
RFC 4607ASCII, PDFSource-Specific Multicast for IPH. Holbrook, B. CainAugust 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4610ASCII, PDFAnycast-RP Using Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)D. Farinacci, Y. CaiAugust 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4615ASCII, PDFThe Advanced Encryption Standard-Cipher-based Message Authentication Code-Pseudo-Random Function-128 (AES-CMAC-PRF-128) Algorithm for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE)J. Song, R. Poovendran, J. Lee, T. IwataAugust 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4616ASCII, PDFThe PLAIN Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) MechanismK. Zeilenga, Ed.August 2006Errata, Updates RFC 2595Proposed Standard
RFC 4618ASCII, PDFEncapsulation Methods for Transport of PPP/High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) over MPLS NetworksL. Martini, E. Rosen, G. Heron, A. MalisSeptember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4619ASCII, PDFEncapsulation Methods for Transport of Frame Relay over Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) NetworksL. Martini, Ed., C. Kawa, Ed., A. Malis, Ed.September 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4623ASCII, PDFPseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3) Fragmentation and ReassemblyA. Malis, M. TownsleyAugust 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4625ASCII, PDFFibre Channel Routing Information MIBC. DeSanti, K. McCloghrie, S. Kode, S. GaiSeptember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4626ASCII, PDFMIB for Fibre Channel's Fabric Shortest Path First (FSPF) ProtocolC. DeSanti, V. Gaonkar, K. McCloghrie, S. GaiSeptember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4629ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for ITU-T Rec. H.263 VideoJ. Ott, C. Bormann, G. Sullivan, S. Wenger, R. Even, Ed.January 2007Obsoletes RFC 2429, Updates RFC 3555Proposed Standard
RFC 4631ASCII, PDFLink Management Protocol (LMP) Management Information Base (MIB)M. Dubuc, T. Nadeau, J. Lang, E. McGinnis, A. FarrelSeptember 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4327Proposed Standard
RFC 4635ASCII, PDFHMAC SHA (Hashed Message Authentication Code, Secure Hash Algorithm) TSIG Algorithm IdentifiersD. Eastlake 3rdAugust 2006Errata, Updates RFC 2845Proposed Standard
RFC 4636ASCII, PDFForeign Agent Error Extension for Mobile IPv4C. PerkinsOctober 2006Errata, Updates RFC 3344Proposed Standard
RFC 4639ASCII, PDFCable Device Management Information Base for Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) Compliant Cable Modems and Cable Modem Termination SystemsR. Woundy, K. MarezDecember 2006Obsoletes RFC 2669Proposed Standard
RFC 4642ASCII, PDFUsing Transport Layer Security (TLS) with Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)K. Murchison, J. Vinocur, C. NewmanOctober 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 8143Proposed Standard
RFC 4643ASCII, PDFNetwork News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) Extension for AuthenticationJ. Vinocur, K. MurchisonOctober 2006Errata, Updates RFC 2980Proposed Standard
RFC 4644ASCII, PDFNetwork News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) Extension for Streaming FeedsJ. Vinocur, K. MurchisonOctober 2006Errata, Updates RFC 2980Proposed Standard
RFC 4648ASCII, PDFThe Base16, Base32, and Base64 Data EncodingsS. JosefssonOctober 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3548Proposed Standard
RFC 4649ASCII, PDFDynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) Relay Agent Remote-ID OptionB. VolzAugust 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4650ASCII, PDFHMAC-Authenticated Diffie-Hellman for Multimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY)M. EuchnerSeptember 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4656ASCII, PDFA One-way Active Measurement Protocol (OWAMP)S. Shalunov, B. Teitelbaum, A. Karp, J. Boote, M. ZekauskasSeptember 2006Updated by RFC 7717, RFC 7718, RFC 8545Proposed Standard
RFC 4659ASCII, PDFBGP-MPLS IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) Extension for IPv6 VPNJ. De Clercq, D. Ooms, M. Carugi, F. Le FaucheurSeptember 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4660ASCII, PDFFunctional Description of Event Notification FilteringH. Khartabil, E. Leppanen, M. Lonnfors, J. Costa-RequenaSeptember 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 6665Proposed Standard
RFC 4661ASCII, PDFAn Extensible Markup Language (XML)-Based Format for Event Notification FilteringH. Khartabil, E. Leppanen, M. Lonnfors, J. Costa-RequenaSeptember 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4662ASCII, PDFA Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Notification Extension for Resource ListsA. B. Roach, B. Campbell, J. RosenbergAugust 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4666ASCII, PDFSignaling System 7 (SS7) Message Transfer Part 3 (MTP3) - User Adaptation Layer (M3UA)K. Morneault, Ed., J. Pastor-Balbas, Ed.September 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3332Proposed Standard
RFC 4667ASCII, PDFLayer 2 Virtual Private Network (L2VPN) Extensions for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)W. LuoSeptember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4668ASCII, PDFRADIUS Authentication Client MIB for IPv6D. NelsonAugust 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2618Proposed Standard
RFC 4669ASCII, PDFRADIUS Authentication Server MIB for IPv6D. NelsonAugust 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2619Proposed Standard
RFC 4675ASCII, PDFRADIUS Attributes for Virtual LAN and Priority SupportP. Congdon, M. Sanchez, B. AbobaSeptember 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4680ASCII, PDFTLS Handshake Message for Supplemental DataS. SantessonOctober 2006Updates RFC 4346, Updated by RFC 8447Proposed Standard
RFC 4681ASCII, PDFTLS User Mapping ExtensionS. Santesson, A. Medvinsky, J. BallOctober 2006Updates RFC 4346Proposed Standard
RFC 4682ASCII, PDFMultimedia Terminal Adapter (MTA) Management Information Base for PacketCable- and IPCablecom-Compliant DevicesE. Nechamkin, J-F. MuleDecember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4683ASCII, PDFInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Subject Identification Method (SIM)J. Park, J. Lee, H.. Lee, S. Park, T. PolkOctober 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4684ASCII, PDFConstrained Route Distribution for Border Gateway Protocol/MultiProtocol Label Switching (BGP/MPLS) Internet Protocol (IP) Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)P. Marques, R. Bonica, L. Fang, L. Martini, R. Raszuk, K. Patel, J. GuichardNovember 2006Errata, Updates RFC 4364Proposed Standard
RFC 4685ASCII, PDFAtom Threading ExtensionsJ. SnellSeptember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4694ASCII, PDFNumber Portability Parameters for the "tel" URIJ. YuOctober 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4698ASCII, PDFIRIS: An Address Registry (areg) Type for the Internet Registry Information ServiceE. Gunduz, A. Newton, S. KerrOctober 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4701ASCII, PDFA DNS Resource Record (RR) for Encoding Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Information (DHCID RR)M. Stapp, T. Lemon, A. GustafssonOctober 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5494Proposed Standard
RFC 4702ASCII, PDFThe Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Client Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) OptionM. Stapp, B. Volz, Y. RekhterOctober 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4703ASCII, PDFResolution of Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) Conflicts among Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) ClientsM. Stapp, B. VolzOctober 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4704ASCII, PDFThe Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) Client Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) OptionB. VolzOctober 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4706ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2 (ADSL2)M. Morgenstern, M. Dodge, S. Baillie, U. BonolloNovember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4710ASCII, PDFReal-time Application Quality-of-Service Monitoring (RAQMON) FrameworkA. Siddiqui, D. Romascanu, E. GolovinskyOctober 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4711ASCII, PDFReal-time Application Quality-of-Service Monitoring (RAQMON) MIBA. Siddiqui, D. Romascanu, E. GolovinskyOctober 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4712ASCII, PDFTransport Mappings for Real-time Application Quality-of-Service Monitoring (RAQMON) Protocol Data Unit (PDU)A. Siddiqui, D. Romascanu, E. Golovinsky, M. Rahman,Y. KimOctober 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4717ASCII, PDFEncapsulation Methods for Transport of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) over MPLS NetworksL. Martini, J. Jayakumar, M. Bocci, N. El-Aawar, J. Brayley, G. KoleyniDecember 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4719ASCII, PDFTransport of Ethernet Frames over Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3 (L2TPv3)R. Aggarwal, Ed., M. Townsley, Ed., M. Dos Santos, Ed.November 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5641Proposed Standard
RFC 4720ASCII, PDFPseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3) Frame Check Sequence RetentionA. Malis, D. Allan, N. Del RegnoNovember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4721ASCII, PDFMobile IPv4 Challenge/Response Extensions (Revised)C. Perkins, P. Calhoun, J. BharatiaJanuary 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3012, Updates RFC 3344Proposed Standard
RFC 4724ASCII, PDFGraceful Restart Mechanism for BGPS. Sangli, E. Chen, R. Fernando, J. Scudder, Y. RekhterJanuary 2007Errata, Updated by RFC 8538Proposed Standard
RFC 4727ASCII, PDFExperimental Values In IPv4, IPv6, ICMPv4, ICMPv6, UDP, and TCP HeadersB. FennerNovember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4730ASCII, PDFA Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Package for Key Press Stimulus (KPML)E. Burger, M. DollyNovember 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4731ASCII, PDFIMAP4 Extension to SEARCH Command for Controlling What Kind of Information Is ReturnedA. Melnikov, D. CridlandNovember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4733ASCII, PDFRTP Payload for DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones, and Telephony SignalsH. Schulzrinne, T. TaylorDecember 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2833, Updated by RFC 4734, RFC 5244Proposed Standard
RFC 4734ASCII, PDFDefinition of Events for Modem, Fax, and Text Telephony SignalsH. Schulzrinne, T. TaylorDecember 2006Obsoletes RFC 2833, Updates RFC 4733Proposed Standard
RFC 4735ASCII, PDFExample Media Types for Use in DocumentationT. TaylorOctober 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4737ASCII, PDFPacket Reordering MetricsA. Morton, L. Ciavattone, G. Ramachandran, S. Shalunov, J. PerserNovember 2006Updated by RFC 6248Proposed Standard
RFC 4738ASCII, PDFMIKEY-RSA-R: An Additional Mode of Key Distribution in Multimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY)D. Ignjatic, L. Dondeti, F. Audet, P. LinNovember 2006Updates RFC 3830Proposed Standard
RFC 4740ASCII, PDFDiameter Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) ApplicationM. Garcia-Martin, Ed., M. Belinchon, M. Pallares-Lopez, C. Canales-Valenzuela, K. TammiNovember 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4745ASCII, PDFCommon Policy: A Document Format for Expressing Privacy PreferencesH. Schulzrinne, H. Tschofenig, J. Morris, J. Cuellar, J. Polk, J. RosenbergFebruary 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4747ASCII, PDFThe Virtual Fabrics MIBS. Kipp, G. Ramkumar, K. McCloghrieNovember 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4749ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for the G.729.1 Audio CodecA. SollaudOctober 2006Updated by RFC 5459Proposed Standard
RFC 4750ASCII, PDFOSPF Version 2 Management Information BaseD. Joyal, Ed., P. Galecki, Ed., S. Giacalone, Ed., R. Coltun, F. BakerDecember 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1850Proposed Standard
RFC 4752ASCII, PDFThe Kerberos V5 ("GSSAPI") Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) MechanismA. Melnikov, Ed.November 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2222Proposed Standard
RFC 4754ASCII, PDFIKE and IKEv2 Authentication Using the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)D. Fu, J. SolinasJanuary 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4755ASCII, PDFIP over InfiniBand: Connected ModeV. KashyapDecember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4759ASCII, PDFThe ENUM Dip Indicator Parameter for the "tel" URIR. Stastny, R. Shockey, L. ConroyDecember 2006    Proposed Standard
RFC 4761ASCII, PDFVirtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) Using BGP for Auto-Discovery and SignalingK. Kompella, Ed., Y. Rekhter, Ed.January 2007Updated by RFC 5462, RFC 8395Proposed Standard
RFC 4762ASCII, PDFVirtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) Using Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) SignalingM. Lasserre, Ed., V. Kompella, Ed.January 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4769ASCII, PDFIANA Registration for an Enumservice Containing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Signaling Information J. Livingood, R. ShockeyNovember 2006Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 4771ASCII, PDFIntegrity Transform Carrying Roll-Over Counter for the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)V. Lehtovirta, M. Naslund, K. NorrmanJanuary 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4776ASCII, PDFDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv4 and DHCPv6) Option for Civic Addresses Configuration InformationH. SchulzrinneNovember 2006Obsoletes RFC 4676, Updated by RFC 5774, RFC 6848Proposed Standard
RFC 4780ASCII, PDFManagement Information Base for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)K. Lingle, J-F. Mule, J. Maeng, D. WalkerApril 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4781ASCII, PDFGraceful Restart Mechanism for BGP with MPLSY. Rekhter, R. AggarwalJanuary 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4783ASCII, PDFGMPLS - Communication of Alarm InformationL. Berger, Ed.December 2006Errata, Updates RFC 3473Proposed Standard
RFC 4785ASCII, PDFPre-Shared Key (PSK) Ciphersuites with NULL Encryption for Transport Layer Security (TLS)U. Blumenthal, P. GoelJanuary 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4788ASCII, PDFEnhancements to RTP Payload Formats for EVRC Family CodecsQ. Xie, R. KapoorJanuary 2007Updates RFC 3558, Updated by RFC 5188Proposed Standard
RFC 4789ASCII, PDFSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) over IEEE 802 NetworksJ. Schoenwaelder, T. JeffreeNovember 2006Obsoletes RFC 1089, Updates RFC 3417Proposed Standard
RFC 4790ASCII, PDFInternet Application Protocol Collation RegistryC. Newman, M. Duerst, A. GulbrandsenMarch 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4791ASCII, PDFCalendaring Extensions to WebDAV (CalDAV)C. Daboo, B. Desruisseaux, L. DusseaultMarch 2007Errata, Updated by RFC 5689, RFC 6638, RFC 6764, RFC 7809, RFC 7953Proposed Standard
RFC 4792ASCII, PDFEncoding Instructions for the Generic String Encoding Rules (GSER)S. LeggJanuary 2007Updates RFC 3641Proposed Standard
RFC 4796ASCII, PDFThe Session Description Protocol (SDP) Content AttributeJ. Hautakorpi, G. CamarilloFebruary 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4798ASCII, PDFConnecting IPv6 Islands over IPv4 MPLS Using IPv6 Provider Edge Routers (6PE)J. De Clercq, D. Ooms, S. Prevost, F. Le FaucheurFebruary 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4801ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Textual Conventions for Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) ManagementT. Nadeau, Ed., A. Farrel, Ed.February 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4802ASCII, PDFGeneralized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Traffic Engineering Management Information BaseT. Nadeau, Ed., A. Farrel, Ed.February 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4803ASCII, PDFGeneralized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Label Switching Router (LSR) Management Information BaseT. Nadeau, Ed., A. Farrel, Ed.February 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4804ASCII, PDFAggregation of Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) Reservations over MPLS TE/DS-TE TunnelsF. Le Faucheur, Ed.February 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4805ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for the DS1, J1, E1, DS2, and E2 Interface TypesO. Nicklass, Ed.March 2007Obsoletes RFC 3895Proposed Standard
RFC 4806ASCII, PDFOnline Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Extensions to IKEv2M. Myers, H. TschofenigFebruary 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4807ASCII, PDFIPsec Security Policy Database Configuration MIBM. Baer, R. Charlet, W. Hardaker, R. Story, C. WangMarch 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4815ASCII, PDFRObust Header Compression (ROHC): Corrections and Clarifications to RFC 3095L-E. Jonsson, K. Sandlund, G. Pelletier, P. KremerFebruary 2007Updates RFC 3095, RFC 3241, RFC 3843, RFC 4019, RFC 4362Proposed Standard
RFC 4816ASCII, PDFPseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3) Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Transparent Cell Transport ServiceA. Malis, L. Martini, J. Brayley, T. WalshFebruary 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4817ASCII, PDFEncapsulation of MPLS over Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3M. Townsley, C. Pignataro, S. Wainner, T. Seely, J. YoungMarch 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4818ASCII, PDFRADIUS Delegated-IPv6-Prefix AttributeJ. Salowey, R. DromsApril 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4819ASCII, PDFSecure Shell Public Key SubsystemJ. Galbraith, J. Van Dyke, J. BrightMarch 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4820ASCII, PDFPadding Chunk and Parameter for the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)M. Tuexen, R. Stewart, P. LeiMarch 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4821ASCII, PDFPacketization Layer Path MTU DiscoveryM. Mathis, J. HeffnerMarch 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4822ASCII, PDFRIPv2 Cryptographic AuthenticationR. Atkinson, M. FantoFebruary 2007Obsoletes RFC 2082, Updates RFC 2453Proposed Standard
RFC 4825ASCII, PDFThe Extensible Markup Language (XML) Configuration Access Protocol (XCAP)J. RosenbergMay 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4826ASCII, PDFExtensible Markup Language (XML) Formats for Representing Resource ListsJ. RosenbergMay 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4827ASCII, PDFAn Extensible Markup Language (XML) Configuration Access Protocol (XCAP) Usage for Manipulating Presence Document ContentsM. Isomaki, E. LeppanenMay 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4833ASCII, PDFTimezone Options for DHCPE. Lear, P. EggertApril 2007Updates RFC 2132Proposed Standard
RFC 4836ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.3 Medium Attachment Units (MAUs)E. BeiliApril 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3636Proposed Standard
RFC 4837ASCII, PDFManaged Objects of Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPON)L. KhermoshJuly 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4842ASCII, PDFSynchronous Optical Network/Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SONET/SDH) Circuit Emulation over Packet (CEP)A. Malis, P. Pate, R. Cohen, Ed., D. ZeligApril 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 5143Proposed Standard
RFC 4848ASCII, PDFDomain-Based Application Service Location Using URIs and the Dynamic Delegation Discovery Service (DDDS)L. DaigleApril 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4849ASCII, PDFRADIUS Filter Rule AttributeP. Congdon, M. Sanchez, B. AbobaApril 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4853ASCII, PDFCryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) Multiple Signer ClarificationR. HousleyApril 2007Errata, Updates RFC 3852Proposed Standard
RFC 4855ASCII, PDFMedia Type Registration of RTP Payload FormatsS. CasnerFebruary 2007Obsoletes RFC 3555Proposed Standard
RFC 4856ASCII, PDFMedia Type Registration of Payload Formats in the RTP Profile for Audio and Video ConferencesS. CasnerFebruary 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3555Proposed Standard
RFC 4860ASCII, PDFGeneric Aggregate Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) ReservationsF. Le Faucheur, B. Davie, P. Bose, C. Christou, M. DavenportMay 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4863ASCII, PDFWildcard Pseudowire TypeL. Martini, G. SwallowMay 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4865ASCII, PDFSMTP Submission Service Extension for Future Message ReleaseG. White, G. VaudreuilMay 2007Errata, Updates RFC 3463, RFC 3464Proposed Standard
RFC 4866ASCII, PDFEnhanced Route Optimization for Mobile IPv6J. Arkko, C. Vogt, W. HaddadMay 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4867ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format and File Storage Format for the Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) and Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB) Audio CodecsJ. Sjoberg, M. Westerlund, A. Lakaniemi, Q. XieApril 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3267Proposed Standard
RFC 4868ASCII, PDFUsing HMAC-SHA-256, HMAC-SHA-384, and HMAC-SHA-512 with IPsecS. Kelly, S. FrankelMay 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4872ASCII, PDFRSVP-TE Extensions in Support of End-to-End Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) RecoveryJ.P. Lang, Ed., Y. Rekhter, Ed., D. Papadimitriou, Ed.May 2007Errata, Updates RFC 3471, Updated by RFC 4873, RFC 6780Proposed Standard
RFC 4873ASCII, PDFGMPLS Segment RecoveryL. Berger, I. Bryskin, D. Papadimitriou, A. FarrelMay 2007Errata, Updates RFC 3473, RFC 4872Proposed Standard
RFC 4874ASCII, PDFExclude Routes - Extension to Resource ReserVation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE)CY. Lee, A. Farrel, S. De CnodderApril 2007Errata, Updates RFC 3209, RFC 3473, Updated by RFC 6001, RFC 8390Proposed Standard
RFC 4875ASCII, PDFExtensions to Resource Reservation Protocol - Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) for Point-to-Multipoint TE Label Switched Paths (LSPs)R. Aggarwal, Ed., D. Papadimitriou, Ed., S. Yasukawa, Ed.May 2007Errata, Updated by RFC 6510Proposed Standard
RFC 4877ASCII, PDFMobile IPv6 Operation with IKEv2 and the Revised IPsec ArchitectureV. Devarapalli, F. DupontApril 2007Errata, Updates RFC 3776Proposed Standard
RFC 4878ASCII, PDFDefinitions and Managed Objects for Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Functions on Ethernet-Like InterfacesM. SquireJune 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4880ASCII, PDFOpenPGP Message FormatJ. Callas, L. Donnerhacke, H. Finney, D. Shaw, R. ThayerNovember 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1991, RFC 2440, Updated by RFC 5581Proposed Standard
RFC 4884ASCII, PDFExtended ICMP to Support Multi-Part MessagesR. Bonica, D. Gan, D. Tappan, C. PignataroApril 2007Errata, Updates RFC 792, RFC 4443, Updated by RFC 8335Proposed Standard
RFC 4895ASCII, PDFAuthenticated Chunks for the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)M. Tuexen, R. Stewart, P. Lei, E. RescorlaAugust 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4896ASCII, PDFSignaling Compression (SigComp) Corrections and ClarificationsA. Surtees, M. West, A.B. RoachJune 2007Updates RFC 3320, RFC 3321, RFC 3485Proposed Standard
RFC 4898ASCII, PDFTCP Extended Statistics MIBM. Mathis, J. Heffner, R. RaghunarayanMay 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4901ASCII, PDFProtocol Extensions for Header Compression over MPLSJ. Ash, Ed., J. Hand, Ed., A. Malis, Ed.June 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4904ASCII, PDFRepresenting Trunk Groups in tel/sip Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)V. Gurbani, C. JenningsJune 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4915ASCII, PDFMulti-Topology (MT) Routing in OSPFP. Psenak, S. Mirtorabi, A. Roy, L. Nguyen, P. Pillay-EsnaultJune 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4916ASCII, PDFConnected Identity in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. ElwellJune 2007Updates RFC 3261Proposed Standard
RFC 4917ASCII, PDFMobile IPv4 Message String ExtensionV. Sastry, K. Leung, A. PatelJune 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4918ASCII, PDFHTTP Extensions for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)L. Dusseault, Ed.June 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2518, Updated by RFC 5689Proposed Standard
RFC 4920ASCII, PDFCrankback Signaling Extensions for MPLS and GMPLS RSVP-TEA. Farrel, Ed., A. Satyanarayana, A. Iwata, N. Fujita, G. AshJuly 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4935ASCII, PDFFibre Channel Fabric Configuration Server MIBC. DeSanti, H.K. Vivek, K. McCloghrie, S. GaiAugust 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4936ASCII, PDFFibre Channel Zone Server MIBC. DeSanti, H.K. Vivek, K. McCloghrie, S. GaiAugust 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4939ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for iSNS (Internet Storage Name Service)K. Gibbons, G. Ramkumar, S. KippJuly 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4944ASCII, PDFTransmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 802.15.4 NetworksG. Montenegro, N. Kushalnagar, J. Hui, D. CullerSeptember 2007Errata, Updated by RFC 6282, RFC 6775, RFC 8025, RFC 8066Proposed Standard
RFC 4945ASCII, PDFThe Internet IP Security PKI Profile of IKEv1/ISAKMP, IKEv2, and PKIXB. KorverAugust 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4950ASCII, PDFICMP Extensions for Multiprotocol Label SwitchingR. Bonica, D. Gan, D. Tappan, C. PignataroAugust 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4951ASCII, PDFFail Over Extensions for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) "failover"V. Jain, Ed.August 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4954ASCII, PDFSMTP Service Extension for AuthenticationR. Siemborski, Ed., A. Melnikov, Ed.July 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2554, Updates RFC 3463, Updated by RFC 5248Proposed Standard
RFC 4955ASCII, PDFDNS Security (DNSSEC) ExperimentsD. BlackaJuly 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4959ASCII, PDFIMAP Extension for Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) Initial Client ResponseR. Siemborski, A. GulbrandsenSeptember 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4960ASCII, PDFStream Control Transmission ProtocolR. Stewart, Ed.September 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2960, RFC 3309, Updated by RFC 6096, RFC 6335, RFC 7053Proposed Standard
RFC 4967ASCII, PDFDial String Parameter for the Session Initiation Protocol Uniform Resource IdentifierB. RosenJuly 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4969ASCII, PDFIANA Registration for vCard EnumserviceA. MayrhoferAugust 2007Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 4972ASCII, PDFRouting Extensions for Discovery of Multiprotocol (MPLS) Label Switch Router (LSR) Traffic Engineering (TE) Mesh MembershipJP. Vasseur, Ed., JL. Leroux, Ed., S. Yasukawa, S. Previdi, P. Psenak, P. MabbeyJuly 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4974ASCII, PDFGeneralized MPLS (GMPLS) RSVP-TE Signaling Extensions in Support of CallsD. Papadimitriou, A. FarrelAugust 2007Updates RFC 3473, Updated by RFC 6001Proposed Standard
RFC 4975ASCII, PDFThe Message Session Relay Protocol (MSRP)B. Campbell, Ed., R. Mahy, Ed., C. Jennings, Ed.September 2007Errata, Updated by RFC 7977Proposed Standard
RFC 4976ASCII, PDFRelay Extensions for the Message Sessions Relay Protocol (MSRP)C. Jennings, R. Mahy, A. B. RoachSeptember 2007Errata, Updated by RFC 7977, RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 4978ASCII, PDFThe IMAP COMPRESS ExtensionA. GulbrandsenAugust 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4979ASCII, PDFIANA Registration for Enumservice 'XMPP'A. MayrhoferAugust 2007Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 4982ASCII, PDFSupport for Multiple Hash Algorithms in Cryptographically Generated Addresses (CGAs)M. Bagnulo, J. ArkkoJuly 2007Errata, Updates RFC 3972Proposed Standard
RFC 4983ASCII, PDFFibre Channel Registered State Change Notification (RSCN) MIBC. DeSanti, H.K. Vivek, K. McCloghrie, S. GaiAugust 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4985ASCII, PDFInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Subject Alternative Name for Expression of Service NameS. SantessonAugust 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4991ASCII, PDFA Common Schema for Internet Registry Information Service Transfer ProtocolsA. NewtonAugust 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4992ASCII, PDFXML Pipelining with Chunks for the Internet Registry Information ServiceA. NewtonAugust 2007Errata, Updates RFC 3981Proposed Standard
RFC 4993ASCII, PDFA Lightweight UDP Transfer Protocol for the Internet Registry Information ServiceA. NewtonAugust 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4994ASCII, PDFDHCPv6 Relay Agent Echo Request OptionS. Zeng, B. Volz, K. Kinnear, J. BrzozowskiSeptember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4997ASCII, PDFFormal Notation for RObust Header Compression (ROHC-FN)R. Finking, G. PelletierJuly 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4998ASCII, PDFEvidence Record Syntax (ERS)T. Gondrom, R. Brandner, U. PordeschAugust 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5001ASCII, PDFDNS Name Server Identifier (NSID) OptionR. AusteinAugust 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5003ASCII, PDFAttachment Individual Identifier (AII) Types for AggregationC. Metz, L. Martini, F. Balus, J. SugimotoSeptember 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5004ASCII, PDFAvoid BGP Best Path Transitions from One External to AnotherE. Chen, S. SangliSeptember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5005ASCII, PDFFeed Paging and ArchivingM. NottinghamSeptember 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5007ASCII, PDFDHCPv6 LeasequeryJ. Brzozowski, K. Kinnear, B. Volz, S. ZengSeptember 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5010ASCII, PDFThe Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Version 4 (DHCPv4) Relay Agent Flags SuboptionK. Kinnear, M. Normoyle, M. StappSeptember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5015ASCII, PDFBidirectional Protocol Independent Multicast (BIDIR-PIM)M. Handley, I. Kouvelas, T. Speakman, L. VicisanoOctober 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5017ASCII, PDFMIB Textual Conventions for Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)D. McWalter, Ed.September 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5018ASCII, PDFConnection Establishment in the Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP)G. CamarilloSeptember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5019ASCII, PDFThe Lightweight Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Profile for High-Volume EnvironmentsA. Deacon, R. HurstSeptember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5020ASCII, PDFThe Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) entryDN Operational AttributeK. ZeilengaAugust 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5021ASCII, PDFExtended Kerberos Version 5 Key Distribution Center (KDC) Exchanges over TCPS. JosefssonAugust 2007Updates RFC 4120Proposed Standard
RFC 5023ASCII, PDFThe Atom Publishing ProtocolJ. Gregorio, Ed., B. de hOra, Ed.October 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5025ASCII, PDFPresence Authorization RulesJ. RosenbergDecember 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5026ASCII, PDFMobile IPv6 Bootstrapping in Split ScenarioG. Giaretta, Ed., J. Kempf, V. Devarapalli, Ed.October 2007Updated by RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 5027ASCII, PDFSecurity Preconditions for Session Description Protocol (SDP) Media StreamsF. Andreasen, D. WingOctober 2007Updates RFC 3312Proposed Standard
RFC 5028ASCII, PDFA Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM) Service Registration for Instant Messaging (IM) ServicesR. MahyOctober 2007Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 5029ASCII, PDFDefinition of an IS-IS Link Attribute Sub-TLVJP. Vasseur, S. PrevidiSeptember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5031ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) for Emergency and Other Well-Known ServicesH. SchulzrinneJanuary 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 7163Proposed Standard
RFC 5032ASCII, PDFWITHIN Search Extension to the IMAP ProtocolE. Burger, Ed.September 2007Updates RFC 3501Proposed Standard
RFC 5034ASCII, PDFThe Post Office Protocol (POP3) Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) Authentication MechanismR. Siemborski, A. Menon-SenJuly 2007Obsoletes RFC 1734, Updates RFC 2449Proposed Standard
RFC 5035ASCII, PDFEnhanced Security Services (ESS) Update: Adding CertID Algorithm AgilityJ. SchaadAugust 2007Errata, Updates RFC 2634Proposed Standard
RFC 5040ASCII, PDFA Remote Direct Memory Access Protocol SpecificationR. Recio, B. Metzler, P. Culley, J. Hilland, D. GarciaOctober 2007Updated by RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 5041ASCII, PDFDirect Data Placement over Reliable TransportsH. Shah, J. Pinkerton, R. Recio, P. CulleyOctober 2007Updated by RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 5042ASCII, PDFDirect Data Placement Protocol (DDP) / Remote Direct Memory Access Protocol (RDMAP) SecurityJ. Pinkerton, E. DeleganesOctober 2007Updated by RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 5043ASCII, PDFStream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Direct Data Placement (DDP) AdaptationC. Bestler, Ed., R. Stewart, Ed.October 2007Updated by RFC 6581, RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 5044ASCII, PDFMarker PDU Aligned Framing for TCP SpecificationP. Culley, U. Elzur, R. Recio, S. Bailey, J. CarrierOctober 2007Errata, Updated by RFC 6581, RFC 7146Proposed Standard
RFC 5049ASCII, PDFApplying Signaling Compression (SigComp) to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)C. Bormann, Z. Liu, R. Price, G. Camarillo, Ed.December 2007Updates RFC 3486Proposed Standard
RFC 5051ASCII, PDFi;unicode-casemap - Simple Unicode Collation AlgorithmM. CrispinOctober 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5052ASCII, PDFForward Error Correction (FEC) Building BlockM. Watson, M. Luby, L. VicisanoAugust 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3452Proposed Standard
RFC 5053ASCII, PDFRaptor Forward Error Correction Scheme for Object DeliveryM. Luby, A. Shokrollahi, M. Watson, T. StockhammerOctober 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5055ASCII, PDFServer-Based Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP)T. Freeman, R. Housley, A. Malpani, D. Cooper, W. PolkDecember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5056ASCII, PDFOn the Use of Channel Bindings to Secure ChannelsN. WilliamsNovember 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5059ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesBootstrap Router (BSR) Mechanism for Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)N. Bhaskar, A. Gall, J. Lingard, S. VenaasJanuary 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2362, Updates RFC 4601Proposed Standard
RFC 5060ASCII, PDFProtocol Independent Multicast MIBR. Sivaramu, J. Lingard, D. McWalter, B. Joshi, A. KesslerJanuary 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5061ASCII, PDFStream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Dynamic Address ReconfigurationR. Stewart, Q. Xie, M. Tuexen, S. Maruyama, M. KozukaSeptember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5063ASCII, PDFExtensions to GMPLS Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) Graceful RestartA. Satyanarayana, Ed., R. Rahman, Ed.October 2007Errata, Updates RFC 2961, RFC 3473Proposed Standard
RFC 5064ASCII, PDFThe Archived-At Message Header FieldM. DuerstDecember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5066ASCII, PDFEthernet in the First Mile Copper (EFMCu) Interfaces MIBE. BeiliNovember 2007Updated by RFC 7124Proposed Standard
RFC 5073ASCII, PDFIGP Routing Protocol Extensions for Discovery of Traffic Engineering Node CapabilitiesJ.P. Vasseur, Ed., J.L. Le Roux, Ed.December 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5076ASCII, PDFENUM Validation Information Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning ProtocolB. HoeneisenDecember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5079ASCII, PDFRejecting Anonymous Requests in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. RosenbergDecember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5080ASCII, PDFCommon Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) Implementation Issues and Suggested FixesD. Nelson, A. DeKokDecember 2007Errata, Updates RFC 2865, RFC 2866, RFC 2869, RFC 3579Proposed Standard
RFC 5082ASCII, PDFThe Generalized TTL Security Mechanism (GTSM)V. Gill, J. Heasley, D. Meyer, P. Savola, Ed., C. PignataroOctober 2007Obsoletes RFC 3682Proposed Standard
RFC 5083ASCII, PDFCryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) Authenticated-Enveloped-Data Content TypeR. HousleyNovember 2007Updates RFC 3852Proposed Standard
RFC 5084ASCII, PDFUsing AES-CCM and AES-GCM Authenticated Encryption in the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)R. HousleyNovember 2007ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5085ASCII, PDFPseudowire Virtual Circuit Connectivity Verification (VCCV): A Control Channel for PseudowiresT. Nadeau, Ed., C. Pignataro, Ed.December 2007Errata, Updated by RFC 5586Proposed Standard
RFC 5088ASCII, PDFOSPF Protocol Extensions for Path Computation Element (PCE) DiscoveryJL. Le Roux, Ed., JP. Vasseur, Ed., Y. Ikejiri, R. ZhangJanuary 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5089ASCII, PDFIS-IS Protocol Extensions for Path Computation Element (PCE) DiscoveryJL. Le Roux, Ed., JP. Vasseur, Ed., Y. Ikejiri, R. ZhangJanuary 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5090ASCII, PDFRADIUS Extension for Digest AuthenticationB. Sterman, D. Sadolevsky, D. Schwartz, D. Williams, W. BeckFebruary 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4590Proposed Standard
RFC 5092ASCII, PDFIMAP URL SchemeA. Melnikov, Ed., C. NewmanNovember 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2192, Updates RFC 4467, Updated by RFC 5593Proposed Standard
RFC 5094ASCII, PDFMobile IPv6 Vendor Specific OptionV. Devarapalli, A. Patel, K. LeungDecember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5095ASCII, PDFDeprecation of Type 0 Routing Headers in IPv6J. Abley, P. Savola, G. Neville-NeilDecember 2007Updates RFC 2460, RFC 4294Proposed Standard
RFC 5096ASCII, PDFMobile IPv6 Experimental MessagesV. DevarapalliDecember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5097ASCII, PDFMIB for the UDP-Lite protocolG. Renker, G. FairhurstJanuary 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5098ASCII, PDFSignaling MIB for PacketCable and IPCablecom Multimedia Terminal Adapters (MTAs)G. Beacham, S. Kumar, S. ChannabasappaFebruary 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5103ASCII, PDFBidirectional Flow Export Using IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX)B. Trammell, E. BoschiJanuary 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5104ASCII, PDFCodec Control Messages in the RTP Audio-Visual Profile with Feedback (AVPF)S. Wenger, U. Chandra, M. Westerlund, B. BurmanFebruary 2008Updated by RFC 7728, RFC 8082Proposed Standard
RFC 5105ASCII, PDFENUM Validation Token Format DefinitionO. LendlDecember 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5107ASCII, PDFDHCP Server Identifier Override SuboptionR. Johnson, J. Kumarasamy, K. Kinnear, M. StappFebruary 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5109ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for Generic Forward Error CorrectionA. Li, Ed.December 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2733, RFC 3009Proposed Standard
RFC 5112ASCII, PDFThe Presence-Specific Static Dictionary for Signaling Compression (Sigcomp)M. Garcia-MartinJanuary 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5115ASCII, PDFTelephony Routing over IP (TRIP) Attribute for Resource PriorityK. Carlberg, P. O'HanlonJanuary 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5116ASCII, PDFAn Interface and Algorithms for Authenticated EncryptionD. McGrewJanuary 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5120ASCII, PDFM-ISIS: Multi Topology (MT) Routing in Intermediate System to Intermediate Systems (IS-ISs)T. Przygienda, N. Shen, N. ShethFebruary 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5121ASCII, PDFTransmission of IPv6 via the IPv6 Convergence Sublayer over IEEE 802.16 NetworksB. Patil, F. Xia, B. Sarikaya, JH. Choi, S. MadanapalliFebruary 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 8064Proposed Standard
RFC 5122ASCII, PDFInternationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) and Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)P. Saint-AndreFebruary 2008Obsoletes RFC 4622Proposed Standard
RFC 5124ASCII, PDFExtended Secure RTP Profile for Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP)-Based Feedback (RTP/SAVPF)J. Ott, E. CarraraFebruary 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5129ASCII, PDFExplicit Congestion Marking in MPLSB. Davie, B. Briscoe, J. TayJanuary 2008Updates RFC 3032, Updated by RFC 5462Proposed Standard
RFC 5130ASCII, PDFA Policy Control Mechanism in IS-IS Using Administrative TagsS. Previdi, M. Shand, Ed., C. MartinFebruary 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5131ASCII, PDFA MIB Textual Convention for Language TagsD. McWalter, Ed.December 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 5132ASCII, PDFIP Multicast MIBD. McWalter, D. Thaler, A. KesslerDecember 2007Obsoletes RFC 2932Proposed Standard
RFC 5133ASCII, PDFTerminal Endpoint Identifier (TEI) Query Request Number ChangeM. Tuexen, K. MorneaultDecember 2007Updates RFC 4233Proposed Standard
RFC 5139ASCII, PDFRevised Civic Location Format for Presence Information Data Format Location Object (PIDF-LO)M. Thomson, J. WinterbottomFebruary 2008Updates RFC 4119Proposed Standard
RFC 5140ASCII, PDFA Telephony Gateway REgistration Protocol (TGREP)M. Bangalore, R. Kumar, J. Rosenberg, H. Salama, D.N. ShahMarch 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5142ASCII, PDFMobility Header Home Agent Switch MessageB. Haley, V. Devarapalli, H. Deng, J. KempfJanuary 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5144ASCII, PDFA Domain Availability Check (DCHK) Registry Type for the Internet Registry Information Service (IRIS)A. Newton, M. SanzFebruary 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5147ASCII, PDFURI Fragment Identifiers for the text/plain Media TypeE. Wilde, M. DuerstApril 2008Updates RFC 2046Proposed Standard
RFC 5150ASCII, PDFLabel Switched Path Stitching with Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching Traffic Engineering (GMPLS TE)A. Ayyangar, K. Kompella, JP. Vasseur, A. FarrelFebruary 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5151ASCII, PDFInter-Domain MPLS and GMPLS Traffic Engineering -- Resource Reservation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) ExtensionsA. Farrel, Ed., A. Ayyangar, JP. VasseurFebruary 2008Errata, Updates RFC 3209, RFC 3473Proposed Standard
RFC 5152ASCII, PDFA Per-Domain Path Computation Method for Establishing Inter-Domain Traffic Engineering (TE) Label Switched Paths (LSPs)JP. Vasseur, Ed., A. Ayyangar, Ed., R. ZhangFebruary 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5155ASCII, PDFDNS Security (DNSSEC) Hashed Authenticated Denial of ExistenceB. Laurie, G. Sisson, R. Arends, D. BlackaMarch 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 6840, RFC 6944Proposed Standard
RFC 5161ASCII, PDFThe IMAP ENABLE ExtensionA. Gulbrandsen, Ed., A. Melnikov, Ed.March 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5163ASCII, PDFExtension Formats for Unidirectional Lightweight Encapsulation (ULE) and the Generic Stream Encapsulation (GSE)G. Fairhurst, B. Collini-NockerApril 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5170ASCII, PDFLow Density Parity Check (LDPC) Staircase and Triangle Forward Error Correction (FEC) SchemesV. Roca, C. Neumann, D. FurodetJune 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5172ASCII, PDFNegotiation for IPv6 Datagram Compression Using IPv6 Control ProtocolS. Varada, Ed.March 2008Obsoletes RFC 2472Proposed Standard
RFC 5173ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Body ExtensionJ. Degener, P. GuentherApril 2008Updates RFC 5229Proposed Standard
RFC 5175ASCII, PDFIPv6 Router Advertisement Flags OptionB. Haberman, Ed., R. HindenMarch 2008Obsoletes RFC 5075Proposed Standard
RFC 5177ASCII, PDFNetwork Mobility (NEMO) Extensions for Mobile IPv4K. Leung, G. Dommety, V. Narayanan, A. PetrescuApril 2008Updated by RFC 6626Proposed Standard
RFC 5178ASCII, PDFGeneric Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Internationalization and Domain-Based Service Names and Name TypeN. Williams, A. MelnikovMay 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5179ASCII, PDFGeneric Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Domain-Based Service Names Mapping for the Kerberos V GSS MechanismN. WilliamsMay 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5182ASCII, PDFIMAP Extension for Referencing the Last SEARCH ResultA. MelnikovMarch 2008Updates RFC 3501Proposed Standard
RFC 5183ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Environment ExtensionN. FreedMay 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5185ASCII, PDFOSPF Multi-Area AdjacencyS. Mirtorabi, P. Psenak, A. Lindem, Ed., A. OswalMay 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5187ASCII, PDFOSPFv3 Graceful RestartP. Pillay-Esnault, A. LindemJune 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5188ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for the Enhanced Variable Rate Wideband Codec (EVRC-WB) and the Media Subtype Updates for EVRC-B CodecH. Desineni, Q. XieFebruary 2008Updates RFC 4788Proposed Standard
RFC 5189ASCII, PDFMiddlebox Communication (MIDCOM) Protocol SemanticsM. Stiemerling, J. Quittek, T. TaylorMarch 2008Obsoletes RFC 3989Proposed Standard
RFC 5190ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for Middlebox CommunicationJ. Quittek, M. Stiemerling, P. SrisureshMarch 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5191ASCII, PDFProtocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access (PANA)D. Forsberg, Y. Ohba, Ed., B. Patil, H. Tschofenig, A. YeginMay 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 5872Proposed Standard
RFC 5192ASCII, PDFDHCP Options for Protocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access (PANA) Authentication AgentsL. Morand, A. Yegin, S. Kumar, S. MadanapalliMay 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5195ASCII, PDFBGP-Based Auto-Discovery for Layer-1 VPNsH. Ould-Brahim, D. Fedyk, Y. RekhterJune 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5196ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) User Agent Capability Extension to Presence Information Data Format (PIDF)M. Lonnfors, K. KissSeptember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5198ASCII, PDFUnicode Format for Network InterchangeJ. Klensin, M. PadlipskyMarch 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 698, Updates RFC 854Proposed Standard
RFC 5213ASCII, PDFProxy Mobile IPv6S. Gundavelli, Ed., K. Leung, V. Devarapalli, K. Chowdhury, B. PatilAugust 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 6543, RFC 7864Proposed Standard
RFC 5215ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for Vorbis Encoded AudioL. BarbatoAugust 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5216ASCII, PDFThe EAP-TLS Authentication ProtocolD. Simon, B. Aboba, R. HurstMarch 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2716Proposed Standard
RFC 5219ASCII, PDFA More Loss-Tolerant RTP Payload Format for MP3 AudioR. FinlaysonFebruary 2008Obsoletes RFC 3119Proposed Standard
RFC 5222ASCII, PDFLoST: A Location-to-Service Translation ProtocolT. Hardie, A. Newton, H. Schulzrinne, H. TschofenigAugust 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 6848Proposed Standard
RFC 5223ASCII, PDFDiscovering Location-to-Service Translation (LoST) Servers Using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)H. Schulzrinne, J. Polk, H. TschofenigAugust 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5225ASCII, PDFRObust Header Compression Version 2 (ROHCv2): Profiles for RTP, UDP, IP, ESP and UDP-LiteG. Pelletier, K. SandlundApril 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5227ASCII, PDFIPv4 Address Conflict DetectionS. CheshireJuly 2008Updates RFC 826Proposed Standard
RFC 5228ASCII, PDFSieve: An Email Filtering LanguageP. Guenther, Ed., T. Showalter, Ed.January 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3028, Updated by RFC 5229, RFC 5429, RFC 6785Proposed Standard
RFC 5229ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Variables ExtensionK. HommeJanuary 2008Errata, Updates RFC 5228, Updated by RFC 5173Proposed Standard
RFC 5230ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Vacation ExtensionT. Showalter, N. Freed, Ed.January 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5231ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Relational ExtensionW. Segmuller, B. LeibaJanuary 2008Obsoletes RFC 3431Proposed Standard
RFC 5232ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Imap4flags ExtensionA. MelnikovJanuary 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5233ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Subaddress ExtensionK. MurchisonJanuary 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3598Proposed Standard
RFC 5235ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Spamtest and Virustest ExtensionsC. DabooJanuary 2008Obsoletes RFC 3685Proposed Standard
RFC 5238ASCII, PDFDatagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) over the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP)T. PhelanMay 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5239ASCII, PDFA Framework for Centralized ConferencingM. Barnes, C. Boulton, O. LevinJune 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5240ASCII, PDFProtocol Independent Multicast (PIM) Bootstrap Router MIBB. Joshi, R. BijlaniJune 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5244ASCII, PDFDefinition of Events for Channel-Oriented Telephony SignallingH. Schulzrinne, T. TaylorJune 2008Updates RFC 4733Proposed Standard
RFC 5247ASCII, PDFExtensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Key Management FrameworkB. Aboba, D. Simon, P. EronenAugust 2008Errata, Updates RFC 3748Proposed Standard
RFC 5250ASCII, PDFThe OSPF Opaque LSA OptionL. Berger, I. Bryskin, A. Zinin, R. ColtunJuly 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2370Proposed Standard
RFC 5251ASCII, PDFLayer 1 VPN Basic ModeD. Fedyk, Ed., Y. Rekhter, Ed., D. Papadimitriou, R. Rabbat, L. BergerJuly 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5252ASCII, PDFOSPF-Based Layer 1 VPN Auto-DiscoveryI. Bryskin, L. BergerJuly 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5255ASCII, PDFInternet Message Access Protocol InternationalizationC. Newman, A. Gulbrandsen, A. MelnikovJune 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5256ASCII, PDFInternet Message Access Protocol - SORT and THREAD ExtensionsM. Crispin, K. MurchisonJune 2008Updated by RFC 5957Proposed Standard
RFC 5258ASCII, PDFInternet Message Access Protocol version 4 - LIST Command ExtensionsB. Leiba, A. MelnikovJune 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5259ASCII, PDFInternet Message Access Protocol - CONVERT ExtensionA. Melnikov, Ed., P. Coates, Ed.July 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5260ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Date and Index ExtensionsN. FreedJuly 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5261ASCII, PDFAn Extensible Markup Language (XML) Patch Operations Framework Utilizing XML Path Language (XPath) SelectorsJ. UrpalainenSeptember 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5262ASCII, PDFPresence Information Data Format (PIDF) Extension for Partial PresenceM. Lonnfors, E. Leppanen, H. Khartabil, J. UrpalainenSeptember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5263ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension for Partial Notification of Presence InformationM. Lonnfors, J. Costa-Requena, E. Leppanen, H. KhartabilSeptember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5264ASCII, PDFPublication of Partial Presence InformationA. Niemi, M. Lonnfors, E. LeppanenSeptember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5265ASCII, PDFMobile IPv4 Traversal across IPsec-Based VPN GatewaysS. Vaarala, E. KlovningJune 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5267ASCII, PDFContexts for IMAP4D. Cridland, C. KingJuly 2008Updated by RFC 5465Proposed Standard
RFC 5269ASCII, PDFDistributing a Symmetric Fast Mobile IPv6 (FMIPv6) Handover Key Using SEcure Neighbor Discovery (SEND)J. Kempf, R. KoodliJune 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5272ASCII, PDFCertificate Management over CMS (CMC)J. Schaad, M. MyersJune 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2797, Updated by RFC 6402Proposed Standard
RFC 5273ASCII, PDFCertificate Management over CMS (CMC): Transport ProtocolsJ. Schaad, M. MyersJune 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 6402Proposed Standard
RFC 5274ASCII, PDFCertificate Management Messages over CMS (CMC): Compliance RequirementsJ. Schaad, M. MyersJune 2008Updated by RFC 6402Proposed Standard
RFC 5275ASCII, PDFCMS Symmetric Key Management and DistributionS. TurnerJune 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5276ASCII, PDFUsing the Server-Based Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP) to Convey Long-Term Evidence RecordsC. WallaceAugust 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5277ASCII, PDFNETCONF Event NotificationsS. Chisholm, H. TrevinoJuly 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5278ASCII, PDFIANA Registration of Enumservices for Voice and Video MessagingJ. Livingood, D. TroshynskiJuly 2008Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 5280ASCII, PDFInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) ProfileD. Cooper, S. Santesson, S. Farrell, S. Boeyen, R. Housley, W. PolkMay 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3280, RFC 4325, RFC 4630, Updated by RFC 6818, RFC 8398, RFC 8399Proposed Standard
RFC 5282ASCII, PDFUsing Authenticated Encryption Algorithms with the Encrypted Payload of the Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2) ProtocolD. Black, D. McGrewAugust 2008Errata, Updates RFC 4306Proposed Standard
RFC 5283ASCII, PDFLDP Extension for Inter-Area Label Switched Paths (LSPs)B. Decraene, JL. Le Roux, I. MineiJuly 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5284ASCII, PDFUser-Defined Errors for RSVPG. Swallow, A. FarrelAugust 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5286ASCII, PDFBasic Specification for IP Fast Reroute: Loop-Free AlternatesA. Atlas, Ed., A. Zinin, Ed.September 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 8518Proposed Standard
RFC 5287ASCII, PDFControl Protocol Extensions for the Setup of Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) Pseudowires in MPLS NetworksA. Vainshtein, Y(J). SteinAugust 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5288ASCII, PDFAES Galois Counter Mode (GCM) Cipher Suites for TLSJ. Salowey, A. Choudhury, D. McGrewAugust 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5289ASCII, PDFTLS Elliptic Curve Cipher Suites with SHA-256/384 and AES Galois Counter Mode (GCM)E. RescorlaAugust 2008    Proposed Standard (changed from Informational March 2017)
RFC 5291ASCII, PDFOutbound Route Filtering Capability for BGP-4E. Chen, Y. RekhterAugust 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5292ASCII, PDFAddress-Prefix-Based Outbound Route Filter for BGP-4E. Chen, S. SangliAugust 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5293ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Editheader ExtensionJ. Degener, P. GuentherAugust 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5295ASCII, PDFSpecification for the Derivation of Root Keys from an Extended Master Session Key (EMSK)J. Salowey, L. Dondeti, V. Narayanan, M. NakhjiriAugust 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5301ASCII, PDFDynamic Hostname Exchange Mechanism for IS-ISD. McPherson, N. ShenOctober 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2763, Updated by RFC 6232Proposed Standard
RFC 5302ASCII, PDFDomain-Wide Prefix Distribution with Two-Level IS-IST. Li, H. Smit, T. PrzygiendaOctober 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2966, Updates RFC 1195Proposed Standard
RFC 5303ASCII, PDFThree-Way Handshake for IS-IS Point-to-Point AdjacenciesD. Katz, R. Saluja, D. Eastlake 3rdOctober 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3373Proposed Standard
RFC 5304ASCII, PDFIS-IS Cryptographic AuthenticationT. Li, R. AtkinsonOctober 2008Obsoletes RFC 3567, Updates RFC 1195, Updated by RFC 6233, RFC 6232Proposed Standard
RFC 5305ASCII, PDFIS-IS Extensions for Traffic EngineeringT. Li, H. SmitOctober 2008Obsoletes RFC 3784, Updated by RFC 5307Proposed Standard
RFC 5306ASCII, PDFRestart Signaling for IS-ISM. Shand, L. GinsbergOctober 2008Obsoletes RFC 3847Proposed Standard
RFC 5307ASCII, PDFIS-IS Extensions in Support of Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)K. Kompella, Ed., Y. Rekhter, Ed.October 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4205, Updates RFC 5305, Updated by RFC 6001, RFC 6002, RFC 7074Proposed Standard
RFC 5308ASCII, PDFRouting IPv6 with IS-ISC. HoppsOctober 2008Updated by RFC 7775Proposed Standard
RFC 5310ASCII, PDFIS-IS Generic Cryptographic AuthenticationM. Bhatia, V. Manral, T. Li, R. Atkinson, R. White, M. FantoFebruary 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 6233, RFC 6232Proposed Standard
RFC 5311ASCII, PDFSimplified Extension of Link State PDU (LSP) Space for IS-ISD. McPherson, Ed., L. Ginsberg, S. Previdi, M. ShandFebruary 2009Obsoletes RFC 3786Proposed Standard
RFC 5316ASCII, PDFISIS Extensions in Support of Inter-Autonomous System (AS) MPLS and GMPLS Traffic EngineeringM. Chen, R. Zhang, X. DuanDecember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5323ASCII, PDFWeb Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) SEARCHJ. Reschke, Ed., S. Reddy, J. Davis, A. BabichNovember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5324ASCII, PDFMIB for Fibre-Channel Security Protocols (FC-SP)C. DeSanti, F. Maino, K. McCloghrieSeptember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5329ASCII, PDFTraffic Engineering Extensions to OSPF Version 3K. Ishiguro, V. Manral, A. Davey, A. Lindem, Ed.September 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5330ASCII, PDFA Link-Type sub-TLV to Convey the Number of Traffic Engineering Label Switched Paths Signalled with Zero Reserved Bandwidth across a LinkJP. Vasseur, Ed., M. Meyer, K. Kumaki, A. BondaOctober 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5331ASCII, PDFMPLS Upstream Label Assignment and Context-Specific Label SpaceR. Aggarwal, Y. Rekhter, E. RosenAugust 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 7274Proposed Standard
RFC 5332ASCII, PDFMPLS Multicast EncapsulationsT. Eckert, E. Rosen, Ed., R. Aggarwal, Y. RekhterAugust 2008Updates RFC 3032, RFC 4023Proposed Standard
RFC 5333ASCII, PDFIANA Registration of Enumservices for Internet CalendaringR. Mahy, B. HoeneisenOctober 2009Updated by RFC 6118Proposed Standard
RFC 5334ASCII, PDFOgg Media TypesI. Goncalves, S. Pfeiffer, C. MontgomerySeptember 2008Obsoletes RFC 3534, Updated by RFC 7845Proposed Standard
RFC 5340ASCII, PDFOSPF for IPv6R. Coltun, D. Ferguson, J. Moy, A. LindemJuly 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2740, Updated by RFC 6845, RFC 6860, RFC 7503, RFC 8362Proposed Standard
RFC 5341ASCII, PDFThe Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) tel Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Parameter RegistryC. Jennings, V. GurbaniSeptember 2008Updates RFC 3966Proposed Standard
RFC 5348ASCII, PDFTCP Friendly Rate Control (TFRC): Protocol SpecificationS. Floyd, M. Handley, J. Padhye, J. WidmerSeptember 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3448, Updates RFC 4342Proposed Standard
RFC 5350ASCII, PDFIANA Considerations for the IPv4 and IPv6 Router Alert OptionsJ. Manner, A. McDonaldSeptember 2008Updates RFC 2113, RFC 3175Proposed Standard
RFC 5357ASCII, PDFA Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP)K. Hedayat, R. Krzanowski, A. Morton, K. Yum, J. BabiarzOctober 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 5618, RFC 5938, RFC 6038, RFC 7717, RFC 7750, RFC 8545Proposed Standard
RFC 5360ASCII, PDFA Framework for Consent-Based Communications in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. Rosenberg, G. Camarillo, Ed., D. WillisOctober 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 8217Proposed Standard
RFC 5361ASCII, PDFA Document Format for Requesting ConsentG. CamarilloOctober 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5362ASCII, PDFThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Pending Additions Event PackageG. CamarilloOctober 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5363ASCII, PDFFramework and Security Considerations for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) URI-List ServicesG. Camarillo, A.B. RoachOctober 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5364ASCII, PDFExtensible Markup Language (XML) Format Extension for Representing Copy Control Attributes in Resource ListsM. Garcia-Martin, G. CamarilloOctober 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5365ASCII, PDFMultiple-Recipient MESSAGE Requests in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)M. Garcia-Martin, G. CamarilloOctober 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5366ASCII, PDFConference Establishment Using Request-Contained Lists in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)G. Camarillo, A. JohnstonOctober 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5367ASCII, PDFSubscriptions to Request-Contained Resource Lists in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)G. Camarillo, A.B. Roach, O. LevinOctober 2008Updates RFC 3265Proposed Standard
RFC 5368ASCII, PDFReferring to Multiple Resources in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)G. Camarillo, A. Niemi, M. Isomaki, M. Garcia-Martin, H. KhartabilOctober 2008Updated by RFC 8262Proposed Standard
RFC 5370ASCII, PDFThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Conference Bridge Transcoding ModelG. CamarilloOctober 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5371ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for JPEG 2000 Video StreamsS. Futemma, E. Itakura, A. LeungOctober 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5372ASCII, PDFPayload Format for JPEG 2000 Video: Extensions for Scalability and Main Header RecoveryA. Leung, S. Futemma, E. ItakuraOctober 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5373ASCII, PDFRequesting Answering Modes for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)D. Willis, Ed., A. AllenNovember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5374ASCII, PDFMulticast Extensions to the Security Architecture for the Internet ProtocolB. Weis, G. Gross, D. IgnjaticNovember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5380ASCII, PDFHierarchical Mobile IPv6 (HMIPv6) Mobility ManagementH. Soliman, C. Castelluccia, K. ElMalki, L. BellierOctober 2008Obsoletes RFC 4140Proposed Standard
RFC 5384ASCII, PDFThe Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) Join Attribute FormatA. Boers, I. Wijnands, E. RosenNovember 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 7887Proposed Standard
RFC 5386ASCII, PDFBetter-Than-Nothing Security: An Unauthenticated Mode of IPsecN. Williams, M. RichardsonNovember 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5388ASCII, PDFInformation Model and XML Data Model for Traceroute MeasurementsS. Niccolini, S. Tartarelli, J. Quittek, T. Dietz, M. SwanyDecember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5389ASCII, PDFSession Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN)J. Rosenberg, R. Mahy, P. Matthews, D. WingOctober 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3489, Updated by RFC 7350, RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 5391ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for ITU-T Recommendation G.711.1A. SollaudNovember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5392ASCII, PDFOSPF Extensions in Support of Inter-Autonomous System (AS) MPLS and GMPLS Traffic EngineeringM. Chen, R. Zhang, X. DuanJanuary 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5393ASCII, PDFAddressing an Amplification Vulnerability in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Forking ProxiesR. Sparks, Ed., S. Lawrence, A. Hawrylyshen, B. CampenDecember 2008Updates RFC 3261Proposed Standard
RFC 5396ASCII, PDFTextual Representation of Autonomous System (AS) NumbersG. Huston, G. MichaelsonDecember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5397ASCII, PDFWebDAV Current Principal ExtensionW. Sanchez, C. DabooDecember 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5401ASCII, PDFMulticast Negative-Acknowledgment (NACK) Building BlocksB. Adamson, C. Bormann, M. Handley, J. MackerNovember 2008Obsoletes RFC 3941Proposed Standard
RFC 5403ASCII, PDFRPCSEC_GSS Version 2M. EislerFebruary 2009Updates RFC 2203, Updated by RFC 7861Proposed Standard
RFC 5404ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for G.719M. Westerlund, I. JohanssonJanuary 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5415ASCII, PDFControl And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) Protocol SpecificationP. Calhoun, Ed., M. Montemurro, Ed., D. Stanley, Ed.March 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 5414, Updated by RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 5416ASCII, PDFControl and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) Protocol Binding for IEEE 802.11P. Calhoun, Ed., M. Montemurro, Ed., D. Stanley, Ed.March 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5417ASCII, PDFControl And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) Access Controller DHCP OptionP. CalhounMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5420ASCII, PDFEncoding of Attributes for MPLS LSP Establishment Using Resource Reservation Protocol Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE)A. Farrel, Ed., D. Papadimitriou, JP. Vasseur, A. AyyangarpsFebruary 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4420, Updates RFC 3209, RFC 3473, Updated by RFC 6510Proposed Standard
RFC 5423ASCII, PDFInternet Message Store EventsR. Gellens, C. NewmanMarch 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5424ASCII, PDFThe Syslog ProtocolR. GerhardsMarch 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3164Proposed Standard
RFC 5425ASCII, PDFTransport Layer Security (TLS) Transport Mapping for SyslogF. Miao, Ed., Y. Ma, Ed., J. Salowey, Ed.March 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5426ASCII, PDFTransmission of Syslog Messages over UDPA. OkmianskiMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5427ASCII, PDFTextual Conventions for Syslog ManagementG. KeeniMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5428ASCII, PDFManagement Event Management Information Base (MIB) for PacketCable- and IPCablecom-Compliant DevicesS. Channabasappa, W. De Ketelaere, E. NechamkinApril 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5429ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Reject and Extended Reject ExtensionsA. Stone, Ed.March 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3028, Updates RFC 5228Proposed Standard
RFC 5432ASCII, PDFQuality of Service (QoS) Mechanism Selection in the Session Description Protocol (SDP)J. Polk, S. Dhesikan, G. CamarilloMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5433ASCII, PDFExtensible Authentication Protocol - Generalized Pre-Shared Key (EAP-GPSK) MethodT. Clancy, H. TschofenigFebruary 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5435ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Extension for NotificationsA. Melnikov, Ed., B. Leiba, Ed., W. Segmuller, T. MartinJanuary 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5436ASCII, PDFSieve Notification Mechanism: mailtoB. Leiba, M. HaardtJanuary 2009Updates RFC 3834Proposed Standard
RFC 5437ASCII, PDFSieve Notification Mechanism: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)P. Saint-Andre, A. MelnikovJanuary 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5438ASCII, PDFInstant Message Disposition Notification (IMDN)E. Burger, H. KhartabilFebruary 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5440ASCII, PDFPath Computation Element (PCE) Communication Protocol (PCEP)JP. Vasseur, Ed., JL. Le Roux, Ed.March 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 7896, RFC 8253, RFC 8356Proposed Standard
RFC 5441ASCII, PDFA Backward-Recursive PCE-Based Computation (BRPC) Procedure to Compute Shortest Constrained Inter-Domain Traffic Engineering Label Switched PathsJP. Vasseur, Ed., R. Zhang, N. Bitar, JL. Le RouxApril 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5444ASCII, PDFGeneralized Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) Packet/Message FormatT. Clausen, C. Dearlove, J. Dean, C. AdjihFebruary 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 7631, RFC 8245Proposed Standard
RFC 5445ASCII, PDFBasic Forward Error Correction (FEC) SchemesM. WatsonMarch 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3452, RFC 3695Proposed Standard
RFC 5447ASCII, PDFDiameter Mobile IPv6: Support for Network Access Server to Diameter Server InteractionJ. Korhonen, Ed., J. Bournelle, H. Tschofenig, C. Perkins, K. ChowdhuryFebruary 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5450ASCII, PDFTransmission Time Offsets in RTP StreamsD. Singer, H. DesineniMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5452ASCII, PDFMeasures for Making DNS More Resilient against Forged AnswersA. Hubert, R. van MookJanuary 2009Updates RFC 2181Proposed Standard
RFC 5453ASCII, PDFReserved IPv6 Interface IdentifiersS. KrishnanFebruary 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5454ASCII, PDFDual-Stack Mobile IPv4G. Tsirtsis, V. Park, H. SolimanMarch 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5455ASCII, PDFDiffserv-Aware Class-Type Object for the Path Computation Element Communication ProtocolS. Sivabalan, Ed., J. Parker, S. Boutros, K. KumakiMarch 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5459ASCII, PDFG.729.1 RTP Payload Format Update: Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) SupportA. SollaudJanuary 2009Updates RFC 4749Proposed Standard
RFC 5460ASCII, PDFDHCPv6 Bulk LeasequeryM. StappFebruary 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 7653Proposed Standard
RFC 5462ASCII, PDFMultiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Label Stack Entry: "EXP" Field Renamed to "Traffic Class" FieldL. Andersson, R. AsatiFebruary 2009Errata, Updates RFC 3032, RFC 3270, RFC 3272, RFC 3443, RFC 3469, RFC 3564, RFC 3985, RFC 4182, RFC 4364, RFC 4379, RFC 4448, RFC 4761, RFC 5129Proposed Standard
RFC 5463ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Ihave ExtensionN. FreedMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5464ASCII, PDFThe IMAP METADATA ExtensionC. DabooFebruary 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5465ASCII, PDFThe IMAP NOTIFY ExtensionA. Gulbrandsen, C. King, A. MelnikovFebruary 2009Errata, Updates RFC 5267Proposed Standard
RFC 5466ASCII, PDFIMAP4 Extension for Named Searches (Filters)A. Melnikov, C. KingFebruary 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5475ASCII, PDFSampling and Filtering Techniques for IP Packet SelectionT. Zseby, M. Molina, N. Duffield, S. Niccolini, F. RaspallMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5476ASCII, PDFPacket Sampling (PSAMP) Protocol SpecificationsB. Claise, Ed., A. Johnson, J. QuittekMarch 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5477ASCII, PDFInformation Model for Packet Sampling ExportsT. Dietz, B. Claise, P. Aitken, F. Dressler, G. CarleMarch 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5478ASCII, PDFIANA Registration of New Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Resource-Priority NamespacesJ. PolkMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5480ASCII, PDFElliptic Curve Cryptography Subject Public Key InformationS. Turner, D. Brown, K. Yiu, R. Housley, T. PolkMarch 2009Errata, Updates RFC 3279Proposed Standard
RFC 5482ASCII, PDFTCP User Timeout OptionL. Eggert, F. GontMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5484ASCII, PDFAssociating Time-Codes with RTP StreamsD. SingerMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5487ASCII, PDFPre-Shared Key Cipher Suites for TLS with SHA-256/384 and AES Galois Counter ModeM. BadraMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5488ASCII, PDFNetwork Mobility (NEMO) Management Information BaseS. Gundavelli, G. Keeni, K. Koide, K. NagamiApril 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5490ASCII, PDFThe Sieve Mail-Filtering Language -- Extensions for Checking Mailbox Status and Accessing Mailbox MetadataA. MelnikovMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5491ASCII, PDFGEOPRIV Presence Information Data Format Location Object (PIDF-LO) Usage Clarification, Considerations, and RecommendationsJ. Winterbottom, M. Thomson, H. TschofenigMarch 2009Errata, Updates RFC 4119, Updated by RFC 7459Proposed Standard
RFC 5494ASCII, PDFIANA Allocation Guidelines for the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)J. Arkko, C. PignataroApril 2009Updates RFC 826, RFC 951, RFC 1044, RFC 1329, RFC 2131, RFC 2132, RFC 2176, RFC 2225, RFC 2834, RFC 2835, RFC 3315, RFC 4338, RFC 4361, RFC 4701Proposed Standard
RFC 5496ASCII, PDFThe Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) Vector TLVIJ. Wijnands, A. Boers, E. RosenMarch 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5497ASCII, PDFRepresenting Multi-Value Time in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs)T. Clausen, C. DearloveMarch 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5498ASCII, PDFIANA Allocations for Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) ProtocolsI. ChakeresMarch 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5506ASCII, PDFSupport for Reduced-Size Real-Time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP): Opportunities and ConsequencesI. Johansson, M. WesterlundApril 2009Errata, Updates RFC 3550, RFC 3711, RFC 4585Proposed Standard
RFC 5509ASCII, PDFInternet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Registration of Instant Messaging and Presence DNS SRV RRs for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)S. LoretoApril 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5510ASCII, PDFReed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (FEC) SchemesJ. Lacan, V. Roca, J. Peltotalo, S. PeltotaloApril 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5511ASCII, PDFRouting Backus-Naur Form (RBNF): A Syntax Used to Form Encoding Rules in Various Routing Protocol SpecificationsA. FarrelApril 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5512ASCII, PDFThe BGP Encapsulation Subsequent Address Family Identifier (SAFI) and the BGP Tunnel Encapsulation AttributeP. Mohapatra, E. RosenApril 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5518ASCII, PDFVouch By ReferenceP. Hoffman, J. Levine, A. HathcockApril 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 5519ASCII, PDFMulticast Group Membership Discovery MIBJ. Chesterfield, B. Haberman, Ed.April 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2933, RFC 3019Proposed Standard
RFC 5520ASCII, PDFPreserving Topology Confidentiality in Inter-Domain Path Computation Using a Path-Key-Based MechanismR. Bradford, Ed., JP. Vasseur, A. FarrelApril 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5521ASCII, PDFExtensions to the Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) for Route ExclusionsE. Oki, T. Takeda, A. FarrelApril 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5524ASCII, PDFExtended URLFETCH for Binary and Converted PartsD. CridlandMay 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5529ASCII, PDFModes of Operation for Camellia for Use with IPsecA. Kato, M. Kanda, S. KannoApril 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5530ASCII, PDFIMAP Response CodesA. GulbrandsenMay 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5533ASCII, PDFShim6: Level 3 Multihoming Shim Protocol for IPv6E. Nordmark, M. BagnuloJune 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5534ASCII, PDFFailure Detection and Locator Pair Exploration Protocol for IPv6 MultihomingJ. Arkko, I. van BeijnumJune 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5535ASCII, PDFHash-Based Addresses (HBA)M. BagnuloJune 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5536ASCII, PDFNetnews Article FormatK. Murchison, Ed., C. Lindsey, D. KohnNovember 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1036, RFC 1849Proposed Standard
RFC 5537ASCII, PDFNetnews Architecture and ProtocolsR. Allbery, Ed., C. LindseyNovember 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1036, RFC 1849, Updated by RFC 8315Proposed Standard
RFC 5538ASCII, PDFThe 'news' and 'nntp' URI SchemesF. EllermannApril 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5541ASCII, PDFEncoding of Objective Functions in the Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP)JL. Le Roux, JP. Vasseur, Y. LeeJune 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5542ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Textual Conventions for Pseudowire (PW) ManagementT. Nadeau, Ed., D. Zelig, Ed., O. Nicklass, Ed.May 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5543ASCII, PDFBGP Traffic Engineering AttributeH. Ould-Brahim, D. Fedyk, Y. RekhterMay 2009Updated by RFC 7606Proposed Standard
RFC 5545ASCII, PDFInternet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar)B. Desruisseaux, Ed.September 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2445, Updated by RFC 5546, RFC 6868, RFC 7529, RFC 7953, RFC 7986Proposed Standard
RFC 5546ASCII, PDFiCalendar Transport-Independent Interoperability Protocol (iTIP)C. Daboo, Ed.December 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2446, Updates RFC 5545, Updated by RFC 6638Proposed Standard
RFC 5547ASCII, PDFA Session Description Protocol (SDP) Offer/Answer Mechanism to Enable File TransferM. Garcia-Martin, M. Isomaki, G. Camarillo, S. Loreto, P. KyzivatMay 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5549ASCII, PDFAdvertising IPv4 Network Layer Reachability Information with an IPv6 Next HopF. Le Faucheur, E. RosenMay 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5550ASCII, PDFThe Internet Email to Support Diverse Service Environments (Lemonade) ProfileD. Cridland, Ed., A. Melnikov, Ed., S. Maes, Ed.August 2009Obsoletes RFC 4550, Updates RFC 4469, RFC 4467Proposed Standard
RFC 5552ASCII, PDFSIP Interface to VoiceXML Media ServicesD. Burke, M. ScottMay 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5553ASCII, PDFResource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) Extensions for Path Key SupportA. Farrel, Ed., R. Bradford, JP. VasseurMay 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5554ASCII, PDFClarifications and Extensions to the Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) for the Use of Channel BindingsN. WilliamsMay 2009Updates RFC 2743Proposed Standard
RFC 5555ASCII, PDFMobile IPv6 Support for Dual Stack Hosts and RoutersH. Soliman, Ed.June 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 5557ASCII, PDFPath Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) Requirements and Protocol Extensions in Support of Global Concurrent OptimizationY. Lee, JL. Le Roux, D. King, E. OkiJuly 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5560ASCII, PDFA One-Way Packet Duplication MetricH. UijterwaalMay 2009Updated by RFC 6248Proposed Standard
RFC 5561ASCII, PDFLDP CapabilitiesB. Thomas, K. Raza, S. Aggarwal, R. Aggarwal, JL. Le RouxJuly 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5565ASCII, PDFSoftwire Mesh FrameworkJ. Wu, Y. Cui, C. Metz, E. RosenJune 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5566ASCII, PDFBGP IPsec Tunnel Encapsulation AttributeL. Berger, R. White, E. RosenJune 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5568ASCII, PDFMobile IPv6 Fast HandoversR. Koodli, Ed.July 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 5268, Updated by RFC 7411Proposed Standard
RFC 5571ASCII, PDFSoftwire Hub and Spoke Deployment Framework with Layer Two Tunneling Protocol Version 2 (L2TPv2)B. Storer, C. Pignataro, Ed., M. Dos Santos, B. Stevant, Ed., L. Toutain, J. TremblayJune 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5574ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for the Speex CodecG. Herlein, J. Valin, A. Heggestad, A. MoizardJune 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5575ASCII, PDFDissemination of Flow Specification RulesP. Marques, N. Sheth, R. Raszuk, B. Greene, J. Mauch, D. McPhersonAugust 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 7674Proposed Standard
RFC 5576ASCII, PDFSource-Specific Media Attributes in the Session Description Protocol (SDP)J. Lennox, J. Ott, T. SchierlJune 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5577ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for ITU-T Recommendation G.722.1P. Luthi, R. EvenJuly 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3047Proposed Standard
RFC 5580ASCII, PDFCarrying Location Objects in RADIUS and DiameterH. Tschofenig, Ed., F. Adrangi, M. Jones, A. Lior, B. AbobaAugust 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 8559Proposed Standard
RFC 5583ASCII, PDFSignaling Media Decoding Dependency in the Session Description Protocol (SDP)T. Schierl, S. WengerJuly 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5584ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for the Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding (ATRAC) FamilyM. Hatanaka, J. MatsumotoJuly 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5586ASCII, PDFMPLS Generic Associated ChannelM. Bocci, Ed., M. Vigoureux, Ed., S. Bryant, Ed.June 2009Errata, Updates RFC 3032, RFC 4385, RFC 5085, Updated by RFC 6423, RFC 7026, RFC 7214, RFC 7274Proposed Standard
RFC 5587ASCII, PDFExtended Generic Security Service Mechanism Inquiry APIsN. WilliamsJuly 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5588ASCII, PDFGeneric Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Extension for Storing Delegated CredentialsN. WilliamsJuly 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5592ASCII, PDFSecure Shell Transport Model for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)D. Harrington, J. Salowey, W. HardakerJune 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5593ASCII, PDFInternet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) - URL Access Identifier ExtensionN. CookJune 2009Updates RFC 5092Proposed Standard
RFC 5595ASCII, PDFThe Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) Service CodesG. FairhurstSeptember 2009Errata, Updates RFC 4340, Updated by RFC 6335Proposed Standard
RFC 5596ASCII, PDFDatagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) Simultaneous-Open Technique to Facilitate NAT/Middlebox TraversalG. FairhurstSeptember 2009Updates RFC 4340Proposed Standard
RFC 5601ASCII, PDFPseudowire (PW) Management Information Base (MIB)T. Nadeau, Ed., D. Zelig, Ed.July 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5602ASCII, PDFPseudowire (PW) over MPLS PSN Management Information Base (MIB)D. Zelig, Ed., T. Nadeau, Ed.July 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5603ASCII, PDFEthernet Pseudowire (PW) Management Information Base (MIB)D. Zelig, Ed., T. Nadeau, Ed.July 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5604ASCII, PDFManaged Objects for Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) over Packet Switched Networks (PSNs)O. NicklassJuly 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5605ASCII, PDFManaged Objects for ATM over Packet Switched Networks (PSNs)O. Nicklass, T. NadeauJuly 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5607ASCII, PDFRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) Authorization for Network Access Server (NAS) ManagementD. Nelson, G. WeberJuly 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5608ASCII, PDFRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) Usage for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Transport ModelsK. Narayan, D. NelsonAugust 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5610ASCII, PDFExporting Type Information for IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Information ElementsE. Boschi, B. Trammell, L. Mark, T. ZsebyJuly 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5611ASCII, PDFLayer Two Tunneling Protocol version 3 - Setup of Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) PseudowiresA. Vainshtein, S. GaltzurAugust 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5613ASCII, PDFOSPF Link-Local SignalingA. Zinin, A. Roy, L. Nguyen, B. Friedman, D. YeungAugust 2009Obsoletes RFC 4813Proposed Standard
RFC 5618ASCII, PDFMixed Security Mode for the Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP)A. Morton, K. HedayatAugust 2009Updates RFC 5357Proposed Standard
RFC 5619ASCII, PDFSoftwire Security Analysis and RequirementsS. Yamamoto, C. Williams, H. Yokota, F. ParentAugust 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5621ASCII, PDFMessage Body Handling in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)G. CamarilloSeptember 2009Updates RFC 3204, RFC 3261, RFC 3459, Updated by RFC 8262Proposed Standard
RFC 5624ASCII, PDFQuality of Service Parameters for Usage with DiameterJ. Korhonen, Ed., H. Tschofenig, E. DaviesAugust 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5626ASCII, PDFManaging Client-Initiated Connections in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)C. Jennings, Ed., R. Mahy, Ed., F. Audet, Ed.October 2009Updates RFC 3261, RFC 3327Proposed Standard
RFC 5627ASCII, PDFObtaining and Using Globally Routable User Agent URIs (GRUUs) in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. RosenbergOctober 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5628ASCII, PDFRegistration Event Package Extension for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Globally Routable User Agent URIs (GRUUs)P. KyzivatOctober 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5629ASCII, PDFA Framework for Application Interaction in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. RosenbergOctober 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5630ASCII, PDFThe Use of the SIPS URI Scheme in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)F. AudetOctober 2009Updates RFC 3261, RFC 3608Proposed Standard
RFC 5640ASCII, PDFLoad-Balancing for Mesh SoftwiresC. Filsfils, P. Mohapatra, C. PignataroAugust 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5641ASCII, PDFLayer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3 (L2TPv3) Extended Circuit Status ValuesN. McGill, C. PignataroAugust 2009Updates RFC 3931, RFC 4349, RFC 4454, RFC 4591, RFC 4719Proposed Standard
RFC 5642ASCII, PDFDynamic Hostname Exchange Mechanism for OSPFS. Venkata, S. Harwani, C. Pignataro, D. McPhersonAugust 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5643ASCII, PDFManagement Information Base for OSPFv3D. Joyal, Ed., V. Manral, Ed.August 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5644ASCII, PDFIP Performance Metrics (IPPM): Spatial and MulticastE. Stephan, L. Liang, A. MortonOctober 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 6248Proposed Standard
RFC 5648ASCII, PDFMultiple Care-of Addresses RegistrationR. Wakikawa, Ed., V. Devarapalli, G. Tsirtsis, T. Ernst, K. NagamiOctober 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 6089Proposed Standard
RFC 5650ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line 2 (VDSL2)M. Morgenstern, S. Baillie, U. BonolloSeptember 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5651ASCII, PDFLayered Coding Transport (LCT) Building BlockM. Luby, M. Watson, L. VicisanoOctober 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3451Proposed Standard
RFC 5654ASCII, PDFRequirements of an MPLS Transport ProfileB. Niven-Jenkins, Ed., D. Brungard, Ed., M. Betts, Ed., N. Sprecher, S. UenoSeptember 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5655ASCII, PDFSpecification of the IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) File FormatB. Trammell, E. Boschi, L. Mark, T. Zseby, A. WagnerOctober 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5656ASCII, PDFElliptic Curve Algorithm Integration in the Secure Shell Transport LayerD. Stebila, J. GreenDecember 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5658ASCII, PDFAddressing Record-Route Issues in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)T. Froment, C. Lebel, B. BonnaerensOctober 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5660ASCII, PDFIPsec Channels: Connection LatchingN. WilliamsOctober 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5661ASCII, PDFNetwork File System (NFS) Version 4 Minor Version 1 ProtocolS. Shepler, Ed., M. Eisler, Ed., D. Noveck, Ed.January 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 8178, RFC 8434Proposed Standard
RFC 5662ASCII, PDFNetwork File System (NFS) Version 4 Minor Version 1 External Data Representation Standard (XDR) DescriptionS. Shepler, Ed., M. Eisler, Ed., D. Noveck, Ed.January 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5663ASCII, PDFParallel NFS (pNFS) Block/Volume LayoutD. Black, S. Fridella, J. GlasgowJanuary 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 6688Proposed Standard
RFC 5664ASCII, PDFObject-Based Parallel NFS (pNFS) OperationsB. Halevy, B. Welch, J. ZelenkaJanuary 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5665ASCII, PDFIANA Considerations for Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Network Identifiers and Universal Address FormatsM. EislerJanuary 2010Errata, Updates RFC 1833Proposed Standard
RFC 5668ASCII, PDF4-Octet AS Specific BGP Extended CommunityY. Rekhter, S. Sangli, D. TappanOctober 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5669ASCII, PDFThe SEED Cipher Algorithm and Its Use with the Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)S. Yoon, J. Kim, H. Park, H. Jeong, Y. WonAugust 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5670ASCII, PDFMetering and Marking Behaviour of PCN-NodesP. Eardley, Ed.November 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5674ASCII, PDFAlarms in SyslogS. Chisholm, R. GerhardsOctober 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5675ASCII, PDFMapping Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Notifications to SYSLOG MessagesV. Marinov, J. SchoenwaelderOctober 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5676ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for Mapping SYSLOG Messages to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) NotificationsJ. Schoenwaelder, A. Clemm, A. KarmakarOctober 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5677ASCII, PDFIEEE 802.21 Mobility Services Framework Design (MSFD)T. Melia, Ed., G. Bajko, S. Das, N. Golmie, JC. ZunigaDecember 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5678ASCII, PDFDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv4 and DHCPv6) Options for IEEE 802.21 Mobility Services (MoS) DiscoveryG. Bajko, S. DasDecember 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5679ASCII, PDFLocating IEEE 802.21 Mobility Services Using DNSG. BajkoDecember 2009Updated by RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 5682ASCII, PDFForward RTO-Recovery (F-RTO): An Algorithm for Detecting Spurious Retransmission Timeouts with TCPP. Sarolahti, M. Kojo, K. Yamamoto, M. HataSeptember 2009Updates RFC 4138Proposed Standard
RFC 5685ASCII, PDFRedirect Mechanism for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2)V. Devarapalli, K. WenigerNovember 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5686ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for mU-law EMbedded Codec for Low-delay IP Communication (UEMCLIP) Speech CodecY. Hiwasaki, H. OhmuroOctober 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5688ASCII, PDFA Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Media Feature Tag for MIME Application SubtypesJ. RosenbergJanuary 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5689ASCII, PDFExtended MKCOL for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV)C. DabooSeptember 2009Updates RFC 4791, RFC 4918Proposed Standard
RFC 5691ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for Elementary Streams with MPEG Surround Multi-Channel AudioF. de Bont, S. Doehla, M. Schmidt, R. SperschneiderOctober 2009Updates RFC 3640Proposed Standard
RFC 5692ASCII, PDFTransmission of IP over Ethernet over IEEE 802.16 NetworksH. Jeon, S. Jeong, M. RiegelOctober 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5698ASCII, PDFData Structure for the Security Suitability of Cryptographic Algorithms (DSSC)T. Kunz, S. Okunick, U. PordeschNovember 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5701ASCII, PDFIPv6 Address Specific BGP Extended Community AttributeY. RekhterNovember 2009Updated by RFC 7153, RFC 7606Proposed Standard
RFC 5702ASCII, PDFUse of SHA-2 Algorithms with RSA in DNSKEY and RRSIG Resource Records for DNSSECJ. JansenOctober 2009Updated by RFC 6944Proposed Standard
RFC 5703ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: MIME Part Tests, Iteration, Extraction, Replacement, and EnclosureT. Hansen, C. DabooOctober 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5705ASCII, PDFKeying Material Exporters for Transport Layer Security (TLS)E. RescorlaMarch 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 8446, RFC 8447Proposed Standard
RFC 5709ASCII, PDFOSPFv2 HMAC-SHA Cryptographic AuthenticationM. Bhatia, V. Manral, M. Fanto, R. White, M. Barnes, T. Li, R. AtkinsonOctober 2009Errata, Updates RFC 2328, Updated by RFC 7474Proposed Standard
RFC 5710ASCII, PDFPathErr Message Triggered MPLS and GMPLS LSP ReroutesL. Berger, D. Papadimitriou, JP. VasseurJanuary 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5711ASCII, PDFNode Behavior upon Originating and Receiving Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) Path Error MessagesJP. Vasseur, Ed., G. Swallow, I. MineiJanuary 2010Updates RFC 3209Proposed Standard
RFC 5712ASCII, PDFMPLS Traffic Engineering Soft PreemptionM. Meyer, Ed., JP. Vasseur, Ed.January 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5717ASCII, PDFPartial Lock Remote Procedure Call (RPC) for NETCONFB. Lengyel, M. BjorklundDecember 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5718ASCII, PDFAn In-Band Data Communication Network For the MPLS Transport ProfileD. Beller, A. FarrelJanuary 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5722ASCII, PDFHandling of Overlapping IPv6 FragmentsS. KrishnanDecember 2009Errata, Updates RFC 2460, Updated by RFC 6946Proposed Standard
RFC 5723ASCII, PDFInternet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2) Session ResumptionY. Sheffer, H. TschofenigJanuary 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5724ASCII, PDFURI Scheme for Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Short Message Service (SMS)E. Wilde, A. Vaha-SipilaJanuary 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5725ASCII, PDFPost-Repair Loss RLE Report Block Type for RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Extended Reports (XRs)A. Begen, D. Hsu, M. LagueFebruary 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5729ASCII, PDFClarifications on the Routing of Diameter Requests Based on the Username and the RealmJ. Korhonen, Ed., M. Jones, L. Morand, T. TsouDecember 2009Updates RFC 3588Proposed Standard
RFC 5740ASCII, PDFNACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) Transport ProtocolB. Adamson, C. Bormann, M. Handley, J. MackerNovember 2009Obsoletes RFC 3940Proposed Standard
RFC 5746ASCII, PDFTransport Layer Security (TLS) Renegotiation Indication ExtensionE. Rescorla, M. Ray, S. Dispensa, N. OskovFebruary 2010Updates RFC 5246, RFC 4366, RFC 4347, RFC 4346, RFC 2246Proposed Standard
RFC 5749ASCII, PDFDistribution of EAP-Based Keys for Handover and Re-AuthenticationK. Hoeper, Ed., M. Nakhjiri, Y. Ohba, Ed.March 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5750ASCII, PDFSecure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) Version 3.2 Certificate HandlingB. Ramsdell, S. TurnerJanuary 2010Obsoletes RFC 3850Proposed Standard
RFC 5751ASCII, PDFSecure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) Version 3.2 Message SpecificationB. Ramsdell, S. TurnerJanuary 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3851Proposed Standard
RFC 5752ASCII, PDFMultiple Signatures in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)S. Turner, J. SchaadJanuary 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5754ASCII, PDFUsing SHA2 Algorithms with Cryptographic Message SyntaxS. TurnerJanuary 2010Errata, Updates RFC 3370Proposed Standard
RFC 5755ASCII, PDFAn Internet Attribute Certificate Profile for AuthorizationS. Farrell, R. Housley, S. TurnerJanuary 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3281Proposed Standard
RFC 5756ASCII, PDFUpdates for RSAES-OAEP and RSASSA-PSS Algorithm ParametersS. Turner, D. Brown, K. Yiu, R. Housley, T. PolkJanuary 2010Errata, Updates RFC 4055Proposed Standard
RFC 5758ASCII, PDFInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure: Additional Algorithms and Identifiers for DSA and ECDSAQ. Dang, S. Santesson, K. Moriarty, D. Brown, T. PolkJanuary 2010Errata, Updates RFC 3279Proposed Standard
RFC 5760ASCII, PDFRTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Extensions for Single-Source Multicast Sessions with Unicast FeedbackJ. Ott, J. Chesterfield, E. SchoolerFebruary 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 6128Proposed Standard
RFC 5761ASCII, PDFMultiplexing RTP Data and Control Packets on a Single PortC. Perkins, M. WesterlundApril 2010Errata, Updates RFC 3550, RFC 3551, Updated by RFC 8035Proposed Standard
RFC 5762ASCII, PDFRTP and the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP)C. PerkinsApril 2010Updated by RFC 6773Proposed Standard
RFC 5763ASCII, PDFFramework for Establishing a Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) Security Context Using Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS)J. Fischl, H. Tschofenig, E. RescorlaMay 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5764ASCII, PDFDatagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) Extension to Establish Keys for the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)D. McGrew, E. RescorlaMay 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 7983Proposed Standard
RFC 5766ASCII, PDFTraversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN): Relay Extensions to Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN)R. Mahy, P. Matthews, J. RosenbergApril 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 8155, RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 5768ASCII, PDFIndicating Support for Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. RosenbergApril 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5775ASCII, PDFAsynchronous Layered Coding (ALC) Protocol InstantiationM. Luby, M. Watson, L. VicisanoApril 2010Obsoletes RFC 3450Proposed Standard
RFC 5777ASCII, PDFTraffic Classification and Quality of Service (QoS) Attributes for DiameterJ. Korhonen, H. Tschofenig, M. Arumaithurai, M. Jones, Ed., A. LiorFebruary 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5778ASCII, PDFDiameter Mobile IPv6: Support for Home Agent to Diameter Server InteractionJ. Korhonen, Ed., H. Tschofenig, J. Bournelle, G. Giaretta, M. NakhjiriFebruary 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5779ASCII, PDFDiameter Proxy Mobile IPv6: Mobile Access Gateway and Local Mobility Anchor Interaction with Diameter ServerJ. Korhonen, Ed., J. Bournelle, K. Chowdhury, A. Muhanna, U. MeyerFebruary 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5784ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Sieves and Display Directives in XMLN. Freed, S. VedamMarch 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5785ASCII, PDFDefining Well-Known Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)M. Nottingham, E. Hammer-LahavApril 2010Errata, Updates RFC 2616, RFC 2818Proposed Standard
RFC 5786ASCII, PDFAdvertising a Router's Local Addresses in OSPF Traffic Engineering (TE) ExtensionsR. Aggarwal, K. KompellaMarch 2010Errata, Updates RFC 3630, Updated by RFC 6827Proposed Standard
RFC 5788ASCII, PDFIMAP4 Keyword RegistryA. Melnikov, D. CridlandMarch 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5789ASCII, PDFPATCH Method for HTTPL. Dusseault, J. SnellMarch 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5790ASCII, PDFLightweight Internet Group Management Protocol Version 3 (IGMPv3) and Multicast Listener Discovery Version 2 (MLDv2) ProtocolsH. Liu, W. Cao, H. AsaedaFebruary 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5792ASCII, PDFPA-TNC: A Posture Attribute (PA) Protocol Compatible with Trusted Network Connect (TNC)P. Sangster, K. NarayanMarch 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5793ASCII, PDFPB-TNC: A Posture Broker (PB) Protocol Compatible with Trusted Network Connect (TNC)R. Sahita, S. Hanna, R. Hurst, K. NarayanMarch 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5795ASCII, PDFThe RObust Header Compression (ROHC) FrameworkK. Sandlund, G. Pelletier, L-E. JonssonMarch 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4995Proposed Standard
RFC 5796ASCII, PDFAuthentication and Confidentiality in Protocol Independent Multicast Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) Link-Local MessagesW. Atwood, S. Islam, M. SiamiMarch 2010Updates RFC 4601Proposed Standard
RFC 5797ASCII, PDFFTP Command and Extension RegistryJ. Klensin, A. HoenesMarch 2010Errata, Updates RFC 959Proposed Standard
RFC 5798ASCII, PDFVirtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) Version 3 for IPv4 and IPv6S. Nadas, Ed.March 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3768Proposed Standard
RFC 5801ASCII, PDFUsing Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Mechanisms in Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL): The GS2 Mechanism FamilyS. Josefsson, N. WilliamsJuly 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5802ASCII, PDFSalted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (SCRAM) SASL and GSS-API MechanismsC. Newman, A. Menon-Sen, A. Melnikov, N. WilliamsJuly 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 7677Proposed Standard
RFC 5804ASCII, PDFA Protocol for Remotely Managing Sieve ScriptsA. Melnikov, Ed., T. MartinJuly 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 7817, RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 5807ASCII, PDFDefinition of Master Key between PANA Client and Enforcement PointY. Ohba, A. YeginMarch 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5810ASCII, PDFForwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) Protocol SpecificationA. Doria, Ed., J. Hadi Salim, Ed., R. Haas, Ed., H. Khosravi, Ed., W. Wang, Ed., L. Dong, R. Gopal, J. HalpernMarch 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 7121, RFC 7391Proposed Standard
RFC 5811ASCII, PDFSCTP-Based Transport Mapping Layer (TML) for the Forwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) ProtocolJ. Hadi Salim, K. OgawaMarch 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5812ASCII, PDFForwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) Forwarding Element ModelJ. Halpern, J. Hadi SalimMarch 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 7408Proposed Standard
RFC 5813ASCII, PDFForwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) MIBR. HaasMarch 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5814ASCII, PDFLabel Switched Path (LSP) Dynamic Provisioning Performance Metrics in Generalized MPLS NetworksW. Sun, Ed., G. Zhang, Ed.March 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5816ASCII, PDFESSCertIDv2 Update for RFC 3161S. Santesson, N. PopeApril 2010Updates RFC 3161Proposed Standard
RFC 5818ASCII, PDFData Channel Status Confirmation Extensions for the Link Management ProtocolD. Li, H. Xu, S. Bardalai, J. Meuric, D. CavigliaApril 2010Updated by RFC 6898Proposed Standard
RFC 5819ASCII, PDFIMAP4 Extension for Returning STATUS Information in Extended LISTA. Melnikov, T. SirainenMarch 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5837ASCII, PDFExtending ICMP for Interface and Next-Hop IdentificationA. Atlas, Ed., R. Bonica, Ed., C. Pignataro, Ed., N. Shen, JR. RiversApril 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5838ASCII, PDFSupport of Address Families in OSPFv3A. Lindem, Ed., S. Mirtorabi, A. Roy, M. Barnes, R. AggarwalApril 2010Updated by RFC 6969, RFC 7949, RFC 8362Proposed Standard
RFC 5839ASCII, PDFAn Extension to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Events for Conditional Event NotificationA. Niemi, D. Willis, Ed.May 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5840ASCII, PDFWrapped Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) for Traffic VisibilityK. Grewal, G. Montenegro, M. BhatiaApril 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5844ASCII, PDFIPv4 Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6R. Wakikawa, S. GundavelliMay 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5845ASCII, PDFGeneric Routing Encapsulation (GRE) Key Option for Proxy Mobile IPv6A. Muhanna, M. Khalil, S. Gundavelli, K. LeungJune 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5846ASCII, PDFBinding Revocation for IPv6 MobilityA. Muhanna, M. Khalil, S. Gundavelli, K. Chowdhury, P. YeganiJune 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5847ASCII, PDFHeartbeat Mechanism for Proxy Mobile IPv6V. Devarapalli, Ed., R. Koodli, Ed., H. Lim, N. Kant, S. Krishnan, J. LaganierJune 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5848ASCII, PDFSigned Syslog MessagesJ. Kelsey, J. Callas, A. ClemmMay 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5852ASCII, PDFRSVP-TE Signaling Extension for LSP Handover from the Management Plane to the Control Plane in a GMPLS-Enabled Transport NetworkD. Caviglia, D. Ceccarelli, D. Bramanti, D. Li, S. BardalaiApril 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5854ASCII, PDFThe Metalink Download Description FormatA. Bryan, T. Tsujikawa, N. McNab, P. PoemlJune 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5857ASCII, PDFIKEv2 Extensions to Support Robust Header Compression over IPsecE. Ertekin, C. Christou, R. Jasani, T. Kivinen, C. BormannMay 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5858ASCII, PDFIPsec Extensions to Support Robust Header Compression over IPsecE. Ertekin, C. Christou, C. BormannMay 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5860ASCII, PDFRequirements for Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) in MPLS Transport NetworksM. Vigoureux, Ed., D. Ward, Ed., M. Betts, Ed.May 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5864ASCII, PDFDNS SRV Resource Records for AFSR. AllberyApril 2010Errata, Updates RFC 1183, Updated by RFC 8553Proposed Standard
RFC 5865ASCII, PDFA Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) for Capacity-Admitted TrafficF. Baker, J. Polk, M. DollyMay 2010Errata, Updates RFC 4542, RFC 4594Proposed Standard
RFC 5866ASCII, PDFDiameter Quality-of-Service ApplicationD. Sun, Ed., P. McCann, H. Tschofenig, T. Tsou, A. Doria, G. Zorn, Ed.May 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5870ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Identifier for Geographic Locations ('geo' URI)A. Mayrhofer, C. SpanringJune 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5871ASCII, PDFIANA Allocation Guidelines for the IPv6 Routing HeaderJ. Arkko, S. BradnerMay 2010Updates RFC 2460Proposed Standard
RFC 5872ASCII, PDFIANA Rules for the Protocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access (PANA)J. Arkko, A. YeginMay 2010Updates RFC 5191Proposed Standard
RFC 5874ASCII, PDFAn Extensible Markup Language (XML) Document Format for Indicating a Change in XML Configuration Access Protocol (XCAP) ResourcesJ. Rosenberg, J. UrpalainenMay 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5875ASCII, PDFAn Extensible Markup Language (XML) Configuration Access Protocol (XCAP) Diff Event PackageJ. Urpalainen, D. Willis, Ed.May 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5880ASCII, PDFBidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)D. Katz, D. WardJune 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 7419, RFC 7880, RFC 8562Proposed Standard
RFC 5881ASCII, PDFBidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for IPv4 and IPv6 (Single Hop)D. Katz, D. WardJune 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5882ASCII, PDFGeneric Application of Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)D. Katz, D. WardJune 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5883ASCII, PDFBidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for Multihop PathsD. Katz, D. WardJune 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5884ASCII, PDFBidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for MPLS Label Switched Paths (LSPs)R. Aggarwal, K. Kompella, T. Nadeau, G. SwallowJune 2010Errata, Updates RFC 1122, Updated by RFC 7726Proposed Standard
RFC 5885ASCII, PDFBidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for the Pseudowire Virtual Circuit Connectivity Verification (VCCV)T. Nadeau, Ed., C. Pignataro, Ed.June 2010Updated by RFC 6478, RFC 7885Proposed Standard
RFC 5886ASCII, PDFA Set of Monitoring Tools for Path Computation Element (PCE)-Based ArchitectureJP. Vasseur, Ed., JL. Le Roux, Y. IkejiriJune 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5888ASCII, PDFThe Session Description Protocol (SDP) Grouping FrameworkG. Camarillo, H. SchulzrinneJune 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3388Proposed Standard
RFC 5890ASCII, PDFInternationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA): Definitions and Document FrameworkJ. KlensinAugust 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3490Proposed Standard
RFC 5891ASCII, PDFInternationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA): ProtocolJ. KlensinAugust 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3490, RFC 3491, Updates RFC 3492Proposed Standard
RFC 5892ASCII, PDFThe Unicode Code Points and Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA)P. Faltstrom, Ed.August 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5893ASCII, PDFRight-to-Left Scripts for Internationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA)H. Alvestrand, Ed., C. KarpAugust 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5896ASCII, PDFGeneric Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API): Delegate if Approved by PolicyL. Hornquist Astrand, S. HartmanJune 2010Updates RFC 4120Proposed Standard
RFC 5898ASCII, PDFConnectivity Preconditions for Session Description Protocol (SDP) Media StreamsF. Andreasen, G. Camarillo, D. Oran, D. WingJuly 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5901ASCII, PDFExtensions to the IODEF-Document Class for Reporting PhishingP. Cain, D. JevansJuly 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5905ASCII, PDFNetwork Time Protocol Version 4: Protocol and Algorithms SpecificationD. Mills, J. Martin, Ed., J. Burbank, W. KaschJune 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1305, RFC 4330, Updated by RFC 7822Proposed Standard
RFC 5907ASCII, PDFDefinitions of Managed Objects for Network Time Protocol Version 4 (NTPv4)H. Gerstung, C. Elliott, B. Haberman, Ed.June 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5908ASCII, PDFNetwork Time Protocol (NTP) Server Option for DHCPv6R. Gayraud, B. LourdeletJune 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5910ASCII, PDFDomain Name System (DNS) Security Extensions Mapping for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)J. Gould, S. HollenbeckMay 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4310Proposed Standard
RFC 5913ASCII, PDFClearance Attribute and Authority Clearance Constraints Certificate ExtensionS. Turner, S. ChokhaniJune 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 5914ASCII, PDFTrust Anchor FormatR. Housley, S. Ashmore, C. WallaceJune 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5918ASCII, PDFLabel Distribution Protocol (LDP) 'Typed Wildcard' Forward Equivalence Class (FEC)R. Asati, I. Minei, B. ThomasAugust 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 7358Proposed Standard
RFC 5919ASCII, PDFSignaling LDP Label Advertisement CompletionR. Asati, P. Mohapatra, E. Chen, B. ThomasAugust 2010ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5922ASCII, PDFDomain Certificates in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)V. Gurbani, S. Lawrence, A. JeffreyJune 2010Updates RFC 3261Proposed Standard