RFC 8736

PIM Message Type Space Extension and Reserved Bits, February 2020

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RFC 6166
Obsoleted by:
RFC 9436
RFC 3973, RFC 5015, RFC 5059, RFC 6754, RFC 7761, RFC 8364
S. Venaas
A. Retana
pim (rtg)

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The PIM version 2 messages share a common message header format. The common header definition contains eight reserved bits. This document specifies how these bits may be used by individual message types and creates a registry containing the per-message-type usage. This document also extends the PIM type space by defining three new message types. For each of the new types, four of the previously reserved bits are used to form an extended type range.

This document updates RFCs 7761 and 3973 by defining the use of the currently Reserved field in the PIM common header. This document further updates RFCs 7761 and 3973, along with RFCs 5015, 5059, 6754, and 8364, by specifying the use of the currently reserved bits for each PIM message.

This document obsoletes RFC 6166.

For the definition of Status, see RFC 2026.

For the definition of Stream, see RFC 8729.

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