RFC 8948

Structured Local Address Plan (SLAP) Quadrant Selection Option for DHCPv6, December 2020

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CJ. Bernardos
A. Mourad
dhc (int)

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The IEEE originally structured the 48-bit Media Access Control (MAC) address space in such a way that half of it was reserved for local use. In 2017, the IEEE published a new standard (IEEE Std 802c) with a new optional Structured Local Address Plan (SLAP). It specifies different assignment approaches in four specified regions of the local MAC address space.

The IEEE is developing protocols to assign addresses (IEEE P802.1CQ). There is also work in the IETF on specifying a new mechanism that extends DHCPv6 operation to handle the local MAC address assignments.

This document proposes extensions to DHCPv6 protocols to enable a DHCPv6 client or a DHCPv6 relay to indicate a preferred SLAP quadrant to the server so that the server may allocate MAC addresses in the quadrant requested by the relay or client. A new DHCPv6 option (QUAD) is defined for this purpose.

For the definition of Status, see RFC 2026.

For the definition of Stream, see RFC 8729.

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