RFC 8690

Clarification of Segment ID Sub-TLV Length for RFC 8287, December 2019

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RFC 8287
N. Nainar
C. Pignataro
F. Iqbal
A. Vainshtein
mpls (rtg)

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RFC 8287 defines the extensions to perform LSP Ping and Traceroute for Segment Routing IGP-Prefix and IGP-Adjacency Segment Identifiers (SIDs) with the MPLS data plane. RFC 8287 proposes three Target Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC) Stack sub-TLVs. While RFC 8287 defines the format and procedure to handle those sub-TLVs, it does not sufficiently clarify how the length of the Segment ID sub-TLVs should be computed to be included in the Length field of the sub-TLVs. This ambiguity has resulted in interoperability issues.

This document updates RFC 8287 by clarifying the length of each of the Segment ID sub-TLVs defined in RFC 8287.

For the definition of Status, see RFC 2026.

For the definition of Stream, see RFC 8729.

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