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RFC 7239, "Forwarded HTTP Extension", June 2014

Source of RFC: appsawg (app)

Errata ID: 5067
Status: Reported
Type: Technical

Reported By: Vasiliy Faronov
Date Reported: 2017-07-12

Throughout the document, when it says:


It should say:

message-forwarding agent


According to RFC 7230 Section 2.3, an HTTP "proxy" is a message-forwarding agent that is selected by the client. But this specification (as is clear from Section 1) uses the word "proxy" to refer also to message-forwarding agents that are *not* selected by the client.

Errata ID: 5275
Status: Reported
Type: Technical

Reported By: W. Trevor King
Date Reported: 2018-03-06

Section 4 says:

Forwarded   = 1#forwarded-element

It should say:

Forwarded   = forwarded-element *(OWS "," OWS forwarded-element)
OWS = <Defined in [RFC7230], Section 3.2.3>


Currently the only mention of commas in the RFC is in the text:

> A proxy server that wants to add a new "Forwarded" header field value can either append it to the last existing "Forwarded" header field after a comma separator or add a new field at the end of the header block.

This should be reflected in the ABNF. The original ABNF suggests you just smash the forwarded-elements together with no delimiters.

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