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RFC 8541ASCII, PDFImpact of Shortest Path First (SPF) Trigger and Delay Strategies on IGP Micro-loopsS. Litkowski, B. Decraene, M. HornefferMarch 2019    Informational
RFC 8540ASCII, PDFStream Control Transmission Protocol: Errata and Issues in RFC 4960R. Stewart, M. Tuexen, M. ProshinFebruary 2019    Informational
RFC 8522ASCII, PDFLooking Glass Command SetM. StubbigFebruary 2019    Informational
RFC 8517ASCII, PDFAn Inventory of Transport-Centric Functions Provided by Middleboxes: An Operator PerspectiveD. Dolson, Ed., J. Snellman, M. Boucadair, Ed., C. JacquenetFebruary 2019    Informational
RFC 8515ASCII, PDFURN Namespace for ETSI DocumentsM. Jethanandani, M.A. Reina OrtegaFebruary 2019    Informational
RFC 8501ASCII, PDFReverse DNS in IPv6 for Internet Service ProvidersL. HowardNovember 2018    Informational
RFC 8498ASCII, PDFA P-Served-User Header Field Parameter for an Originating Call Diversion (CDIV) Session Case in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)M. MohaliFebruary 2019Updates RFC 5502Informational
RFC 8496ASCII, PDFP-Charge-Info: A Private Header Field (P-Header) Extension to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)D. York, T. AsverenOctober 2018    Informational
RFC 8494ASCII, PDFMulticast Email (MULE) over Allied Communications Publication (ACP) 142D. Wilson, A. Melnikov, Ed.November 2018    Informational
RFC 8493ASCII, PDFThe BagIt File Packaging Format (V1.0)J. Kunze, J. Littman, E. Madden, J. Scancella, C. AdamsOctober 2018ErrataInformational
RFC 8492ASCII, PDFSecure Password Ciphersuites for Transport Layer Security (TLS)D. Harkins, Ed.February 2019    Informational
RFC 8488ASCII, PDFRIPE NCC's Implementation of Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Certificate Tree ValidationO. Muravskiy, T. BruijnzeelsDecember 2018    Informational
RFC 8483ASCII, PDFYeti DNS TestbedL. Song, Ed., D. Liu, P. Vixie, A. Kato, S. KerrOctober 2018    Informational
RFC 8479ASCII, PDFStoring Validation Parameters in PKCS#8N. MavrogiannopoulosSeptember 2018    Informational
RFC 8478ASCII, PDFZstandard Compression and the application/zstd Media TypeY. Collet, M. Kucherawy, Ed.October 2018    Informational
RFC 8477ASCII, PDFReport from the Internet of Things (IoT) Semantic Interoperability (IOTSI) Workshop 2016J. Jimenez, H. Tschofenig, D. ThalerOctober 2018    Informational
RFC 8475ASCII, PDFUsing Conditional Router Advertisements for Enterprise MultihomingJ. Linkova, M. StucchiOctober 2018    Informational
RFC 8468ASCII, PDFIPv4, IPv6, and IPv4-IPv6 Coexistence: Updates for the IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) FrameworkA. Morton, J. Fabini, N. Elkins, M. Ackermann, V. HegdeNovember 2018Updates RFC 2330Informational
RFC 8465ASCII, PDFUsing the Mobile Equipment Identity (MEID) URN as an Instance IDR. Atarius, Ed.September 2018    Informational
RFC 8464ASCII, PDFA URN Namespace for Device Identity and Mobile Equipment Identity (MEID)R. AtariusSeptember 2018    Informational
RFC 8462ASCII, PDFReport from the IAB Workshop on Managing Radio Networks in an Encrypted World (MaRNEW)N. Rooney, S. Dawkins, Ed.October 2018    Informational
RFC 8458ASCII, PDFUsing National Bibliography Numbers as Uniform Resource NamesJ. HakalaOctober 2018Obsoletes RFC 3188Informational
RFC 8456ASCII, PDFBenchmarking Methodology for Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Controller PerformanceV. Bhuvaneswaran, A. Basil, M. Tassinari, V. Manral, S. BanksOctober 2018    Informational
RFC 8455ASCII, PDFTerminology for Benchmarking Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Controller PerformanceV. Bhuvaneswaran, A. Basil, M. Tassinari, V. Manral, S. BanksOctober 2018    Informational
RFC 8454ASCII, PDFInformation Model for Abstraction and Control of TE Networks (ACTN)Y. Lee, S. Belotti, D. Dhody, D. Ceccarelli, B. YoonSeptember 2018    Informational
RFC 8453ASCII, PDFFramework for Abstraction and Control of TE Networks (ACTN)D. Ceccarelli, Ed., Y. Lee, Ed.August 2018    Informational
RFC 8451ASCII, PDFConsiderations for Selecting RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Extended Report (XR) Metrics for the WebRTC Statistics APIV. Singh, R. Huang, R. Even, D. Romascanu, L. DengSeptember 2018    Informational
RFC 8448ASCII, PDFExample Handshake Traces for TLS 1.3M. ThomsonJanuary 2019ErrataInformational
RFC 8439ASCII, PDFChaCha20 and Poly1305 for IETF ProtocolsY. Nir, A. LangleyJune 2018Errata, Obsoletes RFC 7539Informational
RFC 8433ASCII, PDFA Simpler Method for Resolving Alert-Info URNsD. WorleyAugust 2018    Informational
RFC 8432ASCII, PDFA Framework for Management and Control of Microwave and Millimeter Wave Interface ParametersJ. Ahlberg, Ed., M. Ye, Ed., X. Li, LM. Contreras, CJ. BernardosOctober 2018    Informational
RFC 8430ASCII, PDFRIB Information ModelN. Bahadur, Ed., S. Kini, Ed., J. MedvedSeptember 2018    Informational
RFC 8427ASCII, PDFRepresenting DNS Messages in JSONP. HoffmanJuly 2018ErrataInformational
RFC 8426ASCII, PDFRecommendations for RSVP-TE and Segment Routing (SR) Label Switched Path (LSP) CoexistenceH. Sitaraman, Ed., V. Beeram, I. Minei, S. SivabalanJuly 2018    Informational
RFC 8423ASCII, PDFReclassification of Suite B Documents to Historic StatusR. Housley, L. ZieglarJuly 2018    Informational
RFC 8413ASCII, PDFFramework for Scheduled Use of ResourcesY. Zhuang, Q. Wu, H. Chen, A. FarrelJuly 2018    Informational
RFC 8411ASCII, PDFIANA Registration for the Cryptographic Algorithm Object Identifier RangeJ. Schaad, R. AndrewsAugust 2018    Informational
RFC 8409ASCII, PDFThe Entity Category Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Attribute TypesI. Young, Ed., L. Johansson, S. CantorAugust 2018    Informational
RFC 8406ASCII, PDFTaxonomy of Coding Techniques for Efficient Network CommunicationsB. Adamson, C. Adjih, J. Bilbao, V. Firoiu, F. Fitzek, S. Ghanem, E. Lochin, A. Masucci, M-J. Montpetit, M. Pedersen, G. Peralta, V. Roca, Ed., P. Saxena, S. SivakumarJune 2018    Informational
RFC 8404ASCII, PDFEffects of Pervasive Encryption on OperatorsK. Moriarty, Ed., A. Morton, Ed.July 2018    Informational
RFC 8403ASCII, PDFA Scalable and Topology-Aware MPLS Data-Plane Monitoring SystemR. Geib, Ed., C. Filsfils, C. Pignataro, Ed., N. KumarJuly 2018    Informational
RFC 8396ASCII, PDFManaging, Ordering, Distributing, Exposing, and Registering Telephone Numbers (MODERN): Problem Statement, Use Cases, and FrameworkJ. Peterson, T. McGarryJuly 2018    Informational
RFC 8394ASCII, PDFSplit Network Virtualization Edge (Split-NVE) Control-Plane RequirementsY. Li, D. Eastlake 3rd, L. Kreeger, T. Narten, D. BlackMay 2018    Informational
RFC 8391ASCII, PDFXMSS: eXtended Merkle Signature SchemeA. Huelsing, D. Butin, S. Gazdag, J. Rijneveld, A. MohaisenMay 2018ErrataInformational
RFC 8388ASCII, PDFUsage and Applicability of BGP MPLS-Based Ethernet VPNJ. Rabadan, Ed., S. Palislamovic, W. Henderickx, A. Sajassi, J. UttaroMay 2018    Informational
RFC 8387ASCII, PDFPractical Considerations and Implementation Experiences in Securing Smart Object NetworksM. Sethi, J. Arkko, A. Keranen, H. BackMay 2018    Informational
RFC 8386ASCII, PDFPrivacy Considerations for Protocols Relying on IP Broadcast or MulticastR. Winter, M. Faath, F. WeisshaarMay 2018    Informational
RFC 8385ASCII, PDFTransparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) Transparent Transport over MPLSM. Umair, S. Kingston Smiler, D. Eastlake 3rd, L. YongJune 2018    Informational
RFC 8376ASCII, PDFLow-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) OverviewS. Farrell, Ed.May 2018    Informational
RFC 8374ASCII, PDFBGPsec Design Choices and Summary of Supporting DiscussionsK. Sriram, Ed.April 2018    Informational
RFC 8372ASCII, PDFMPLS Flow Identification ConsiderationsS. Bryant, C. Pignataro, M. Chen, Z. Li, G. MirskyMay 2018    Informational
RFC 8369ASCII, PDFInternationalizing IPv6 Using 128-Bit UnicodeH. Kaplan1 April 2018ErrataInformational
RFC 8368ASCII, PDFUsing an Autonomic Control Plane for Stable Connectivity of Network Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM)T. Eckert, Ed., M. BehringerMay 2018    Informational
RFC 8367ASCII, PDFWrongful Termination of Internet Protocol (IP) PacketsT. Mizrahi, J. Yallouz1 April 2018    Informational
RFC 8358ASCII, PDFUpdate to Digital Signatures on Internet-Draft DocumentsR. HousleyMarch 2018Errata, Updates RFC 5485Informational
RFC 8355ASCII, PDFResiliency Use Cases in Source Packet Routing in Networking (SPRING) NetworksC. Filsfils, Ed., S. Previdi, Ed., B. Decraene, R. ShakirMarch 2018ErrataInformational
RFC 8354ASCII, PDFUse Cases for IPv6 Source Packet Routing in Networking (SPRING)J. Brzozowski, J. Leddy, C. Filsfils, R. Maglione, Ed., M. TownsleyMarch 2018    Informational
RFC 8352ASCII, PDFEnergy-Efficient Features of Internet of Things ProtocolsC. Gomez, M. Kovatsch, H. Tian, Z. Cao, Ed.April 2018    Informational
RFC 8351ASCII, PDFThe PKCS #8 EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo Media TypeS. LeonardJune 2018    Informational
RFC 8329ASCII, PDFFramework for Interface to Network Security FunctionsD. Lopez, E. Lopez, L. Dunbar, J. Strassner, R. KumarFebruary 2018    Informational
RFC 8328ASCII, PDFPolicy-Based Management Framework for the Simplified Use of Policy Abstractions (SUPA)W. Liu, C. Xie, J. Strassner, G. Karagiannis, M. Klyus, J. Bi, Y. Cheng, D. ZhangMarch 2018    Informational
RFC 8324ASCII, PDFDNS Privacy, Authorization, Special Uses, Encoding, Characters, Matching, and Root Structure: Time for Another Look?J. KlensinFebruary 2018ErrataInformational
RFC 8316ASCII, PDFAutonomic Networking Use Case for Distributed Detection of Service Level Agreement (SLA) ViolationsJ. Nobre, L. Granville, A. Clemm, A. Gonzalez PrietoFebruary 2018    Informational
RFC 8312ASCII, PDFCUBIC for Fast Long-Distance NetworksI. Rhee, L. Xu, S. Ha, A. Zimmermann, L. Eggert, R. ScheffeneggerFebruary 2018    Informational
RFC 8309ASCII, PDFService Models ExplainedQ. Wu, W. Liu, A. FarrelJanuary 2018    Informational
RFC 8304ASCII, PDFTransport Features of the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Lightweight UDP (UDP-Lite)G. Fairhurst, T. JonesFebruary 2018    Informational
RFC 8303ASCII, PDFOn the Usage of Transport Features Provided by IETF Transport ProtocolsM. Welzl, M. Tuexen, N. KhademiFebruary 2018    Informational
RFC 8293ASCII, PDFA Framework for Multicast in Network Virtualization over Layer 3A. Ghanwani, L. Dunbar, M. McBride, V. Bannai, R. KrishnanJanuary 2018    Informational
RFC 8284ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Schema for Supporting the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) in White PagesS. KilleNovember 2017    Informational
RFC 8283ASCII, PDFAn Architecture for Use of PCE and the PCE Communication Protocol (PCEP) in a Network with Central ControlA. Farrel, Ed., Q. Zhao, Ed., Z. Li, C. ZhouDecember 2017    Informational
RFC 8280ASCII, PDFResearch into Human Rights Protocol ConsiderationsN. ten Oever, C. CathOctober 2017ErrataInformational
RFC 8274ASCII, PDFIncident Object Description Exchange Format Usage GuidanceP. Kampanakis, M. SuzukiNovember 2017    Informational
RFC 8273ASCII, PDFUnique IPv6 Prefix per HostJ. Brzozowski, G. Van de VeldeDecember 2017    Informational
RFC 8272ASCII, PDFTinyIPFIX for Smart Meters in Constrained NetworksC. Schmitt, B. Stiller, B. TrammellNovember 2017    Informational
RFC 8269ASCII, PDFThe ARIA Algorithm and Its Use with the Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)W. Kim, J. Lee, J. Park, D. Kwon, D. KimOctober 2017    Informational
RFC 8257ASCII, PDFData Center TCP (DCTCP): TCP Congestion Control for Data CentersS. Bensley, D. Thaler, P. Balasubramanian, L. Eggert, G. JuddOctober 2017    Informational
RFC 8256ASCII, PDFRequirements for Hitless MPLS Path Segment MonitoringA. D'Alessandro, L. Andersson, S. Ueno, K. Arai, Y. KoikeOctober 2017    Informational
RFC 8248ASCII, PDFSecurity Automation and Continuous Monitoring (SACM) RequirementsN. Cam-Winget, L. LorenzinSeptember 2017    Informational
RFC 8244ASCII, PDFSpecial-Use Domain Names Problem StatementT. Lemon, R. Droms, W. KumariOctober 2017    Informational
RFC 8243ASCII, PDFAlternatives for Multilevel Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)R. Perlman, D. Eastlake 3rd, M. Zhang, A. Ghanwani, H. ZhaiSeptember 2017    Informational
RFC 8242ASCII, PDFInterface to the Routing System (I2RS) Ephemeral State RequirementsJ. Haas, S. HaresSeptember 2017    Informational
RFC 8241ASCII, PDFInterface to the Routing System (I2RS) Security-Related RequirementsS. Hares, D. Migault, J. HalpernSeptember 2017    Informational
RFC 8240ASCII, PDFReport from the Internet of Things Software Update (IoTSU) Workshop 2016H. Tschofenig, S. FarrellSeptember 2017    Informational
RFC 8239ASCII, PDFData Center Benchmarking MethodologyL. Avramov, J. RappAugust 2017ErrataInformational
RFC 8238ASCII, PDFData Center Benchmarking TerminologyL. Avramov, J. RappAugust 2017    Informational
RFC 8236ASCII, PDFJ-PAKE: Password-Authenticated Key Exchange by JugglingF. Hao, Ed.September 2017    Informational
RFC 8235ASCII, PDFSchnorr Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge ProofF. Hao, Ed.September 2017    Informational
RFC 8228ASCII, PDFGuidance on Designing Label Generation Rulesets (LGRs) Supporting Variant LabelsA. FreytagAugust 2017ErrataInformational
RFC 8222ASCII, PDFSelecting Labels for Use with Conventional DNS and Other Resolution Systems in DNS-Based Service DiscoveryA. SullivanSeptember 2017    Informational
RFC 8220ASCII, PDFProtocol Independent Multicast (PIM) over Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)O. Dornon, J. Kotalwar, V. Hemige, R. Qiu, Z. ZhangSeptember 2017    Informational
RFC 8219ASCII, PDFBenchmarking Methodology for IPv6 Transition TechnologiesM. Georgescu, L. Pislaru, G. LencseAugust 2017    Informational
RFC 8216ASCII, PDFHTTP Live StreamingR. Pantos, Ed., W. MayAugust 2017ErrataInformational
RFC 8211ASCII, PDFAdverse Actions by a Certification Authority (CA) or Repository Manager in the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)S. Kent, D. MaSeptember 2017    Informational
RFC 8204ASCII, PDFBenchmarking Virtual Switches in the Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV)M. Tahhan, B. O'Mahony, A. MortonSeptember 2017    Informational
RFC 8199ASCII, PDFYANG Module ClassificationD. Bogdanovic, B. Claise, C. MobergJuly 2017    Informational
RFC 8195ASCII, PDFUse of BGP Large CommunitiesJ. Snijders, J. Heasley, M. SchmidtJune 2017    Informational
RFC 8192ASCII, PDFInterface to Network Security Functions (I2NSF): Problem Statement and Use CasesS. Hares, D. Lopez, M. Zarny, C. Jacquenet, R. Kumar, J. JeongJuly 2017    Informational
RFC 8184ASCII, PDFDual-Homing Protection for MPLS and the MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) PseudowiresW. Cheng, L. Wang, H. Li, S. Davari, J. DongJune 2017    Informational
RFC 8172ASCII, PDFConsiderations for Benchmarking Virtual Network Functions and Their InfrastructureA. MortonJuly 2017    Informational
RFC 8170ASCII, PDFPlanning for Protocol Adoption and Subsequent TransitionsD. Thaler, Ed.May 2017    Informational
RFC 8165ASCII, PDFDesign Considerations for Metadata InsertionT. HardieMay 2017    Informational
RFC 8161ASCII, PDFBenchmarking the Neighbor Discovery ProtocolW. Cerveny, R. Bonica, R. ThomasMay 2017    Informational
RFC 8157ASCII, PDFHuawei's GRE Tunnel Bonding ProtocolN. Leymann, C. Heidemann, M. Zhang, B. Sarikaya, M. CullenMay 2017    Informational
RFC 8153ASCII, PDFDigital Preservation Considerations for the RFC SeriesH. FlanaganApril 2017    Informational
RFC 8151ASCII, PDFUse Cases for Data Center Network Virtualization Overlay NetworksL. Yong, L. Dunbar, M. Toy, A. Isaac, V. ManralMay 2017    Informational
RFC 8146ASCII, PDFAdding Support for Salted Password Databases to EAP-pwdD. HarkinsApril 2017Errata, Updates RFC 5931Informational
RFC 8140ASCII, PDFThe Arte of ASCII: Or, An True and Accurate Representation of an Menagerie of Thynges Fabulous and Wonderful in Ye Forme of CharacterA. Farrel1 April 2017ErrataInformational
RFC 8137ASCII, PDFIEEE 802.15.4 Information Element for the IETFT. Kivinen, P. KinneyMay 2017    Informational
RFC 8136ASCII, PDFAdditional Transition Functionality for IPv6B. Carpenter, R. Hinden1 April 2017    Informational
RFC 8134ASCII, PDFManagement Incident Lightweight Exchange (MILE) Implementation ReportC. Inacio, D. MiyamotoMay 2017    Informational
RFC 8133ASCII, PDFThe Security Evaluated Standardized Password-Authenticated Key Exchange (SESPAKE) ProtocolS. Smyshlyaev. Ed., E. Alekseev, I. Oshkin, V. PopovMarch 2017    Informational
RFC 8131ASCII, PDFRSVP-TE Signaling Procedure for End-to-End GMPLS Restoration and Resource SharingX. Zhang, H. Zheng, Ed., R. Gandhi, Ed., Z. Ali, P. BrzozowskiMarch 2017    Informational
RFC 8128ASCII, PDFIETF Appointment Procedures for the ICANN Root Zone Evolution Review CommitteeC. MorganMarch 2017    Informational
RFC 8125ASCII, PDFRequirements for Password-Authenticated Key Agreement (PAKE) SchemesJ. SchmidtApril 2017    Informational
RFC 8123ASCII, PDFRequirements for Marking SIP Messages to be LoggedP. Dawes, C. ArunachalamMarch 2017    Informational
RFC 8119ASCII, PDFSIP "cause" URI Parameter for Service Number TranslationM. Mohali, M. BarnesMarch 2017Updates RFC 4458Informational
RFC 8118ASCII, PDFThe application/pdf Media TypeM. Hardy, L. Masinter, D. Markovic, D. Johnson, M. BaileyMarch 2017Obsoletes RFC 3778Informational
RFC 8117ASCII, PDFCurrent Hostname Practice Considered HarmfulC. Huitema, D. Thaler, R. WinterMarch 2017    Informational
RFC 8116ASCII, PDFSecurity Threats to the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol Version 2 (OLSRv2)T. Clausen, U. Herberg, J. YiMay 2017    Informational
RFC 8112ASCII, PDFLocator/ID Separation Protocol Delegated Database Tree (LISP-DDT) Referral Internet Groper (RIG)D. Farinacci, A. Jain, I. Kouvelas, D. LewisMay 2017    Informational
RFC 8110ASCII, PDFOpportunistic Wireless EncryptionD. Harkins, Ed., W. Kumari, Ed.March 2017ErrataInformational
RFC 8107ASCII, PDFAdvertising Digital Identifier (Ad-ID) URN Namespace DefinitionJ. WoldMarch 2017    Informational
RFC 8101ASCII, PDFIANA Registration of New Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Resource-Priority Namespace for Mission Critical Push To Talk ServiceC. Holmberg, J. AxellMarch 2017    Informational
RFC 8100ASCII, PDFDiffserv-Interconnection Classes and PracticeR. Geib, Ed., D. BlackMarch 2017    Informational
RFC 8096ASCII, PDFThe IPv6-Specific MIB Modules Are ObsoleteB. FennerApril 2017Obsoletes RFC 2452, RFC 2454, RFC 2465, RFC 2466Informational
RFC 8095ASCII, PDFServices Provided by IETF Transport Protocols and Congestion Control MechanismsG. Fairhurst, Ed., B. Trammell, Ed., M. Kuehlewind, Ed.March 2017ErrataInformational
RFC 8091ASCII, PDFA Media Type Structured Syntax Suffix for JSON Text SequencesE. WildeFebruary 2017    Informational
RFC 8090ASCII, PDFAppointment Procedures for the IETF Representatives to the Community Coordination Group (CCG)R. HousleyFebruary 2017    Informational
RFC 8088ASCII, PDFHow to Write an RTP Payload FormatM. WesterlundMay 2017Updates RFC 2736Informational
RFC 8087ASCII, PDFThe Benefits of Using Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN)G. Fairhurst, M. WelzlMarch 2017    Informational
RFC 8073ASCII, PDFCoordinating Attack Response at Internet Scale (CARIS) Workshop ReportK. Moriarty, M. FordMarch 2017    Informational
RFC 8069ASCII, PDFURN Namespace for IEEEA. ThomasFebruary 2017    Informational
RFC 8068ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) Recording Call FlowsR. Ravindranath, P. Ravindran, P. KyzivatFebruary 2017    Informational
RFC 8065ASCII, PDFPrivacy Considerations for IPv6 Adaptation-Layer MechanismsD. ThalerFebruary 2017    Informational
RFC 8057ASCII, PDFUniform Resource Name (URN) Namespaces for Broadband ForumB. Stark, D. Sinicrope, W. LuptonJanuary 2017    Informational
RFC 8051ASCII, PDFApplicability of a Stateful Path Computation Element (PCE)X. Zhang, Ed., I. Minei, Ed.January 2017    Informational
RFC 8043ASCII, PDFSource-Address-Dependent Routing and Source Address Selection for IPv6 Hosts: Overview of the Problem SpaceB. Sarikaya, M. BoucadairJanuary 2017    Informational
RFC 8041ASCII, PDFUse Cases and Operational Experience with Multipath TCPO. Bonaventure, C. Paasch, G. DetalJanuary 2017    Informational
RFC 8034ASCII, PDFActive Queue Management (AQM) Based on Proportional Integral Controller Enhanced PIE) for Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS) Cable ModemsG. White, R. PanFebruary 2017    Informational
RFC 8032ASCII, PDFEdwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA)S. Josefsson, I. LiusvaaraJanuary 2017ErrataInformational
RFC 8023ASCII, PDFReport from the Workshop and Prize on Root Causes and Mitigation of Name CollisionsM. Thomas, A. Mankin, L. ZhangNovember 2016    Informational
RFC 8021ASCII, PDFGeneration of IPv6 Atomic Fragments Considered HarmfulF. Gont, W. Liu, T. AndersonJanuary 2017    Informational
RFC 8018ASCII, PDFPKCS #5: Password-Based Cryptography Specification Version 2.1K. Moriarty, Ed., B. Kaliski, A. RuschJanuary 2017Obsoletes RFC 2898Informational
RFC 8017ASCII, PDFPKCS #1: RSA Cryptography Specifications Version 2.2K. Moriarty, Ed., B. Kaliski, J. Jonsson, A. RuschNovember 2016Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3447Informational
RFC 8014ASCII, PDFAn Architecture for Data-Center Network Virtualization over Layer 3 (NVO3)D. Black, J. Hudson, L. Kreeger, M. Lasserre, T. NartenDecember 2016    Informational
RFC 8009ASCII, PDFAES Encryption with HMAC-SHA2 for Kerberos 5M. Jenkins, M. Peck, K. BurginOctober 2016    Informational
RFC 7999ASCII, PDFBLACKHOLE CommunityT. King, C. Dietzel, J. Snijders, G. Doering, G. HankinsOctober 2016    Informational
RFC 7998ASCII, PDF"xml2rfc" Version 3 Preparation Tool DescriptionP. Hoffman, J. HildebrandDecember 2016    Informational
RFC 7997ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesThe Use of Non-ASCII Characters in RFCsH. Flanagan, Ed.December 2016Updates RFC 7322Informational
RFC 7996ASCII, PDFSVG Drawings for RFCs: SVG 1.2 RFCN. BrownleeDecember 2016    Informational
RFC 7995ASCII, PDFPDF Format for RFCsT. Hansen, Ed., L. Masinter, M. HardyDecember 2016    Informational
RFC 7994ASCII, PDFRequirements for Plain-Text RFCsH. FlanaganDecember 2016    Informational
RFC 7993ASCII, PDFCascading Style Sheets (CSS) Requirements for RFCsH. FlanaganDecember 2016    Informational
RFC 7992ASCII, PDFHTML Format for RFCsJ. Hildebrand, Ed., P. HoffmanDecember 2016    Informational
RFC 7991ASCII, PDFThe "xml2rfc" Version 3 VocabularyP. HoffmanDecember 2016Errata, Obsoletes RFC 7749Informational
RFC 7990ASCII, PDFRFC Format FrameworkH. FlanaganDecember 2016    Informational
RFC 7985ASCII, PDFSecurity Threats to Simplified Multicast Forwarding (SMF)J. Yi, T. Clausen, U. HerbergNovember 2016Updates RFC 7186Informational
RFC 7980ASCII, PDFA Framework for Defining Network ComplexityM. Behringer, A. Retana, R. White, G. HustonOctober 2016    Informational
RFC 7979ASCII, PDFResponse to the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) Request for Proposals on the IANA Protocol Parameters RegistriesE. Lear, Ed., R. Housley, Ed.August 2016    Informational
RFC 7976ASCII, PDFUpdates to Private Header (P-Header) Extension Usage in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Requests and ResponsesC. Holmberg, N. Biondic, G. SalgueiroSeptember 2016Errata, Updates RFC 7315Informational
RFC 7973ASCII, PDFAssignment of an Ethertype for IPv6 with Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Network (LoWPAN) EncapsulationR. Droms, P. DuffyNovember 2016    Informational
RFC 7972ASCII, PDFEntertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) URN Namespace DefinitionP. LemieuxSeptember 2016Obsoletes RFC 7302Informational
RFC 7971ASCII, PDFApplication-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) Deployment ConsiderationsM. Stiemerling, S. Kiesel, M. Scharf, H. Seidel, S. PrevidiOctober 2016    Informational
RFC 7969ASCII, PDFCustomizing DHCP Configuration on the Basis of Network TopologyT. Lemon, T. MrugalskiOctober 2016    Informational
RFC 7967ASCII, PDFConstrained Application Protocol (CoAP) Option for No Server ResponseA. Bhattacharyya, S. Bandyopadhyay, A. Pal, T. BoseAugust 2016    Informational
RFC 7966ASCII, PDFSecurity at the Attribute-Value Pair (AVP) Level for Non-neighboring Diameter Nodes: Scenarios and RequirementsH. Tschofenig, J. Korhonen, Ed., G. Zorn, K. PillaySeptember 2016    Informational
RFC 7963ASCII, PDFRSVP-TE Extension for Additional Signal Types in G.709 Optical Transport Networks (OTNs)Z. Ali, A. Bonfanti, M. Hartley, F. ZhangAugust 2016    Informational
RFC 7962ASCII, PDFAlternative Network Deployments: Taxonomy, Characterization, Technologies, and ArchitecturesJ. Saldana, Ed., A. Arcia-Moret, B. Braem, E. Pietrosemoli, A. Sathiaseelan, M. ZennaroAugust 2016    Informational
RFC 7960ASCII, PDFInteroperability Issues between Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) and Indirect Email FlowsF. Martin, Ed., E. Lear, Ed., T. Draegen. Ed., E. Zwicky, Ed., K. Andersen, Ed.September 2016    Informational
RFC 7958ASCII, PDFDNSSEC Trust Anchor Publication for the Root ZoneJ. Abley, J. Schlyter, G. Bailey, P. HoffmanAugust 2016    Informational
RFC 7955ASCII, PDFManagement Guidelines for the Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) Endpoint Identifier (EID) BlockL. Iannone, R. Jorgensen, D. Conrad, G. HustonSeptember 2016    Informational
RFC 7948ASCII, PDFInternet Exchange BGP Route Server OperationsN. Hilliard, E. Jasinska, R. Raszuk, N. BakkerSeptember 2016ErrataInformational
RFC 7945ASCII, PDFInformation-Centric Networking: Evaluation and Security ConsiderationsK. Pentikousis, Ed., B. Ohlman, E. Davies, S. Spirou, G. BoggiaSeptember 2016    Informational
RFC 7943ASCII, PDFA Method for Generating Semantically Opaque Interface Identifiers (IIDs) with the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6)F. Gont, W. LiuSeptember 2016    Informational
RFC 7938ASCII, PDFUse of BGP for Routing in Large-Scale Data CentersP. Lapukhov, A. Premji, J. Mitchell, Ed.August 2016ErrataInformational
RFC 7933ASCII, PDFAdaptive Video Streaming over Information-Centric Networking (ICN)C. Westphal, Ed., S. Lederer, D. Posch, C. Timmerer, A. Azgin, W. Liu, C. Mueller, A. Detti, D. Corujo, J. Wang, M. Montpetit, N. MurrayAugust 2016    Informational
RFC 7932ASCII, PDFBrotli Compressed Data FormatJ. Alakuijala, Z. SzabadkaJuly 2016    Informational
RFC 7928ASCII, PDFCharacterization Guidelines for Active Queue Management (AQM)N. Kuhn, Ed., P. Natarajan, Ed., N. Khademi, Ed., D. RosJuly 2016    Informational
RFC 7927ASCII, PDFInformation-Centric Networking (ICN) Research ChallengesD. Kutscher, Ed., S. Eum, K. Pentikousis, I. Psaras, D. Corujo, D. Saucez, T. Schmidt, M. WaehlischJuly 2016    Informational
RFC 7923ASCII, PDFRequirements for Subscription to YANG DatastoresE. Voit, A. Clemm, A. Gonzalez PrietoJune 2016    Informational
RFC 7922ASCII, PDFInterface to the Routing System (I2RS) Traceability: Framework and Information ModelJ. Clarke, G. Salgueiro, C. PignataroJune 2016    Informational
RFC 7921ASCII, PDFAn Architecture for the Interface to the Routing SystemA. Atlas, J. Halpern, S. Hares, D. Ward, T. NadeauJune 2016    Informational
RFC 7920ASCII, PDFProblem Statement for the Interface to the Routing SystemA. Atlas, Ed., T. Nadeau, Ed., D. WardJune 2016    Informational
RFC 7918ASCII, PDFTransport Layer Security (TLS) False StartA. Langley, N. Modadugu, B. MoellerAugust 2016    Informational
RFC 7914ASCII, PDFThe scrypt Password-Based Key Derivation FunctionC. Percival, S. JosefssonAugust 2016    Informational
RFC 7913ASCII, PDFP-Access-Network-Info ABNF UpdateC. HolmbergJune 2016Updates RFC 7315Informational
RFC 7912ASCII, PDFMessage Authorizing Email Header Field and Its Use for the Draft and Release ProcedureA. MelnikovJune 2016    Informational
RFC 7910ASCII, PDFInteroperability between the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol and PIMW. ZhouJune 2016    Informational
RFC 7908ASCII, PDFProblem Definition and Classification of BGP Route LeaksK. Sriram, D. Montgomery, D. McPherson, E. Osterweil, B. DicksonJune 2016    Informational
RFC 7906ASCII, PDFNSA's Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) Key Management AttributesP. Timmel, R. Housley, S. TurnerJune 2016    Informational
RFC 7903ASCII, PDFWindows Image Media TypesS. LeonardSeptember 2016    Informational
RFC 7893ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesPseudowire Congestion ConsiderationsY(J) Stein, D. Black, B. BriscoeJune 2016    Informational
RFC 7890ASCII, PDFConcepts and Terminology for Peer-to-Peer SIP (P2PSIP)D. Bryan, P. Matthews, E. Shim, D. Willis, S. DawkinsJune 2016    Informational
RFC 7882ASCII, PDFSeamless Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (S-BFD) Use CasesS. Aldrin, C. Pignataro, G. Mirsky, N. KumarJuly 2016    Informational
RFC 7875ASCII, PDFAdditional WebRTC Audio Codecs for InteroperabilityS. Proust, Ed.May 2016    Informational
RFC 7872ASCII, PDFObservations on the Dropping of Packets with IPv6 Extension Headers in the Real WorldF. Gont, J. Linkova, T. Chown, W. LiuJune 2016ErrataInformational
RFC 7871ASCII, PDFClient Subnet in DNS QueriesC. Contavalli, W. van der Gaast, D. Lawrence, W. KumariMay 2016ErrataInformational
RFC 7869ASCII, PDFThe "vnc" URI SchemeD. Warden, I. IordanovMay 2016    Informational
RFC 7868ASCII, PDFCisco's Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)D. Savage, J. Ng, S. Moore, D. Slice, P. Paluch, R. WhiteMay 2016ErrataInformational
RFC 7855ASCII, PDFSource Packet Routing in Networking (SPRING) Problem Statement and RequirementsS. Previdi, Ed., C. Filsfils, Ed., B. Decraene, S. Litkowski, M. Horneffer, R. ShakirMay 2016ErrataInformational
RFC 7853ASCII, PDFA URN Namespace for GlobusS. Martin, S. Tuecke, B. McCollam, M. LidmanMay 2016    Informational
RFC 7849ASCII, PDFAn IPv6 Profile for 3GPP Mobile DevicesD. Binet, M. Boucadair, A. Vizdal, G. Chen, N. Heatley, R. Chandler, D. Michaud, D. Lopez, W. HaeffnerMay 2016ErrataInformational
RFC 7847ASCII, PDFLogical-Interface Support for IP Hosts with Multi-Access SupportT. Melia, Ed., S. Gundavelli, Ed.May 2016    Informational
RFC 7842ASCII, PDFRequirements for Improvements to the IETF Email List Archiving, Web-Based Browsing, and Search ToolR. SparksApril 2016    Informational
RFC 7841ASCII, PDFRFC Streams, Headers, and BoilerplatesJ. Halpern, Ed., L. Daigle, Ed., O. Kolkman, Ed.May 2016Errata, Obsoletes RFC 5741Informational
RFC 7836ASCII, PDFGuidelines on the Cryptographic Algorithms to Accompany the Usage of Standards GOST R 34.10-2012 and GOST R 34.11-2012S. Smyshlyaev, Ed., E. Alekseev, I. Oshkin, V. Popov, S. Leontiev, V. Podobaev, D. BelyavskyMarch 2016    Informational
RFC 7835ASCII, PDFLocator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) Threat AnalysisD. Saucez, L. Iannone, O. BonaventureApril 2016    Informational
RFC 7834ASCII, PDFLocator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) ImpactD. Saucez, L. Iannone, A. Cabellos, F. CorasApril 2016    Informational
RFC 7832ASCII, PDFApplication Bridging for Federated Access Beyond Web (ABFAB) Use CasesR. Smith, Ed.May 2016    Informational
RFC 7831ASCII, PDFApplication Bridging for Federated Access Beyond Web (ABFAB) ArchitectureJ. Howlett, S. Hartman, H. Tschofenig, J. SchaadMay 2016    Informational
RFC 7827ASCII, PDFThe Role of the IRTF ChairL. EggertMarch 2016    Informational
RFC 7824ASCII, PDFPrivacy Considerations for DHCPv6S. Krishnan, T. Mrugalski, S. JiangMay 2016    Informational
RFC 7823ASCII, PDFPerformance-Based Path Selection for Explicitly Routed Label Switched Paths (LSPs) Using TE Metric ExtensionsA. Atlas, J. Drake, S. Giacalone, S. PrevidiMay 2016    Informational
RFC 7819ASCII, PDFPrivacy Considerations for DHCPS. Jiang, S. Krishnan, T. MrugalskiApril 2016    Informational
RFC 7818ASCII, PDFURN Namespace for MEF DocumentsM. JethanandaniMarch 2016    Informational
RFC 7815ASCII, PDFMinimal Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEv2) Initiator ImplementationT. KivinenMarch 2016    Informational
RFC 7814ASCII, PDFVirtual Subnet: A BGP/MPLS IP VPN-Based Subnet Extension SolutionX. Xu, C. Jacquenet, R. Raszuk, T. Boyes, B. FeeMarch 2016    Informational
RFC 7806ASCII, PDFOn Queuing, Marking, and DroppingF. Baker, R. PanApril 2016    Informational
RFC 7805ASCII, PDFMoving Outdated TCP Extensions and TCP-Related Documents to Historic or Informational StatusA. Zimmermann, W. Eddy, L. EggertApril 2016Obsoletes RFC 675, RFC 721, RFC 761, RFC 813, RFC 816, RFC 879, RFC 896, RFC 1078, RFC 6013, Updates RFC 7414Informational
RFC 7801ASCII, PDFGOST R 34.12-2015: Block Cipher "Kuznyechik"V. Dolmatov, Ed.March 2016ErrataInformational
RFC 7799ASCII, PDFActive and Passive Metrics and Methods (with Hybrid Types In-Between)A. MortonMay 2016    Informational
RFC 7790ASCII, PDFMapping Characters for Classes of the Preparation, Enforcement, and Comparison of Internationalized Strings (PRECIS)Y. Yoneya, T. NemotoFebruary 2016    Informational
RFC 7789ASCII, PDFImpact of BGP Filtering on Inter-Domain Routing PoliciesC. Cardona, P. Francois, P. LucenteApril 2016    Informational
RFC 7785ASCII, PDFRecommendations for Prefix Binding in the Context of Softwire Dual-Stack LiteS. Vinapamula, M. BoucadairFebruary 2016    Informational
RFC 7778ASCII, PDFMobile Communication Congestion Exposure ScenarioD. Kutscher, F. Mir, R. Winter, S. Krishnan, Y. Zhang, CJ. BernardosMarch 2016    Informational
RFC 7768ASCII, PDFPort Management to Reduce Logging in Large-Scale NATsT. Tsou, W. Li, T. Taylor, J. HuangJanuary 2016    Informational
RFC 7767ASCII, PDFApplication-Initiated Check-Pointing via the Port Control Protocol (PCP)S. Vinapamula, S. Sivakumar, M. Boucadair, T. ReddyFebruary 2016    Informational
RFC 7764ASCII, PDFGuidance on Markdown: Design Philosophies, Stability Strategies, and Select RegistrationsS. LeonardMarch 2016    Informational
RFC 7763ASCII, PDFThe text/markdown Media TypeS. LeonardMarch 2016    Informational
RFC 7762ASCII, PDFInitial Assignment for the Content Security Policy Directives RegistryM. WestJanuary 2016    Informational
RFC 7760ASCII, PDFStatement of Work for Extensions to the IETF Datatracker for Author StatisticsR. HousleyJanuary 2016    Informational
RFC 7756ASCII, PDFStateless IP/ICMP Translation for IPv6 Internet Data Center Environments (SIIT-DC): Dual Translation ModeT. Anderson, S. SteffannFebruary 2016    Informational
RFC 7755ASCII, PDFSIIT-DC: Stateless IP/ICMP Translation for IPv6 Data Center EnvironmentsT. AndersonFebruary 2016    Informational
RFC 7754ASCII, PDFTechnical Considerations for Internet Service Blocking and FilteringR. Barnes, A. Cooper, O. Kolkman, D. Thaler, E. NordmarkMarch 2016    Informational
RFC 7749ASCII, PDFThe "xml2rfc" Version 2 VocabularyJ. ReschkeFebruary 2016Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2629, Obsoleted by RFC 7991Informational
RFC 7748ASCII, PDFElliptic Curves for SecurityA. Langley, M. Hamburg, S. TurnerJanuary 2016ErrataInformational
RFC 7747ASCII, PDFBasic BGP Convergence Benchmarking Methodology for Data-Plane ConvergenceR. Papneja, B. Parise, S. Hares, D. Lee, I. VarlashkinApril 2016    Informational
RFC 7745ASCII, PDFXML Schemas for Reverse DNS ManagementT. MandersonJanuary 2016    Informational
RFC 7744ASCII, PDFUse Cases for Authentication and Authorization in Constrained EnvironmentsL. Seitz, Ed., S. Gerdes, Ed., G. Selander, M. Mani, S. KumarJanuary 2016    Informational
RFC 7739ASCII, PDFSecurity Implications of Predictable Fragment Identification ValuesF. GontFebruary 2016    Informational
RFC 7738ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS)M. Blanchet, A. Schiltknecht, P. ShamesJanuary 2016    Informational
RFC 7736ASCII, PDFContent Delivery Network Interconnection (CDNI) Media Type RegistrationK. MaDecember 2015    Informational
RFC 7735ASCII, PDFTracking Reviews of DocumentsR. Sparks, T. KivinenJanuary 2016    Informational
RFC 7732ASCII, PDFForwarder Policy for Multicast with Admin-Local Scope in the Multicast Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (MPL)P. van der Stok, R. CragieFebruary 2016    Informational
RFC 7721ASCII, PDFSecurity and Privacy Considerations for IPv6 Address Generation MechanismsA. Cooper, F. Gont, D. ThalerMarch 2016    Informational
RFC 7719ASCII, PDFDNS TerminologyP. Hoffman, A. Sullivan, K. FujiwaraDecember 2015Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 8499Informational
RFC 7713ASCII, PDFCongestion Exposure (ConEx) Concepts, Abstract Mechanism, and RequirementsM. Mathis, B. BriscoeDecember 2015    Informational
RFC 7709ASCII, PDFRequirements for Very Fast Setup of GMPLS Label Switched Paths (LSPs)A. Malis, Ed., B. Wilson, G. Clapp, V. ShuklaNovember 2015    Informational
RFC 7707ASCII, PDFNetwork Reconnaissance in IPv6 NetworksF. Gont, T. ChownMarch 2016Errata, Obsoletes RFC 5157Informational
RFC 7706ASCII, PDFDecreasing Access Time to Root Servers by Running One on LoopbackW. Kumari, P. HoffmanNovember 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7704ASCII, PDFAn IETF with Much Diversity and Professional ConductD. Crocker, N. ClarkNovember 2015    Informational
RFC 7703ASCII, PDFExperience with Testing of Mapping of Address and Port Using Translation (MAP-T)E. Cordeiro, R. Carnier, A. MoreirasNovember 2015    Informational
RFC 7698ASCII, PDFFramework and Requirements for GMPLS-Based Control of Flexi-Grid Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) NetworksO. Gonzalez de Dios, Ed., R. Casellas, Ed., F. Zhang, X. Fu, D. Ceccarelli, I. HussainNovember 2015    Informational
RFC 7693ASCII, PDFThe BLAKE2 Cryptographic Hash and Message Authentication Code (MAC)M-J. Saarinen, Ed., J-P. AumassonNovember 2015    Informational
RFC 7690ASCII, PDFClose Encounters of the ICMP Type 2 Kind (Near Misses with ICMPv6 Packet Too Big (PTB))M. Byerly, M. Hite, J. JaeggliJanuary 2016    Informational
RFC 7687ASCII, PDFReport from the Strengthening the Internet (STRINT) WorkshopS. Farrell, R. Wenning, B. Bos, M. Blanchet, H. TschofenigDecember 2015    Informational
RFC 7682ASCII, PDFConsiderations for Internet Routing Registries (IRRs) and Routing Policy ConfigurationD. McPherson, S. Amante, E. Osterweil, L. Blunk, D. MitchellDecember 2015    Informational
RFC 7681ASCII, PDFEmail Exchange of Secondary School TranscriptsJ. DavinOctober 2015    Informational
RFC 7669ASCII, PDFAssigning Digital Object Identifiers to RFCsJ. LevineOctober 2015    Informational
RFC 7667ASCII, PDFRTP TopologiesM. Westerlund, S. WengerNovember 2015Obsoletes RFC 5117Informational
RFC 7665ASCII, PDFService Function Chaining (SFC) ArchitectureJ. Halpern, Ed., C. Pignataro, Ed.October 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7664ASCII, PDFDragonfly Key ExchangeD. Harkins, Ed.November 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7663ASCII, PDFReport from the IAB Workshop on Stack Evolution in a Middlebox Internet (SEMI)B. Trammell, Ed., M. Kuehlewind, Ed.October 2015    Informational
RFC 7657ASCII, PDFDifferentiated Services (Diffserv) and Real-Time CommunicationD. Black, Ed., P. JonesNovember 2015    Informational
RFC 7656ASCII, PDFA Taxonomy of Semantics and Mechanisms for Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) SourcesJ. Lennox, K. Gross, S. Nandakumar, G. Salgueiro, B. Burman, Ed.November 2015    Informational
RFC 7654ASCII, PDFBenchmarking Methodology for In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU)S. Banks, F. Calabria, G. Czirjak, R. MachatOctober 2015    Informational
RFC 7651ASCII, PDF3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) Option for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2)A. Dodd-Noble, S. Gundavelli, J. Korhonen, F. Baboescu, B. WeisSeptember 2015    Informational
RFC 7649ASCII, PDFThe Jabber Scribe Role at IETF MeetingsP. Saint-Andre, D. YorkSeptember 2015    Informational
RFC 7646ASCII, PDFDefinition and Use of DNSSEC Negative Trust AnchorsP. Ebersman, W. Kumari, C. Griffiths, J. Livingood, R. WeberSeptember 2015    Informational
RFC 7645ASCII, PDFThe Keying and Authentication for Routing Protocol (KARP) IS-IS Security AnalysisU. Chunduri, A. Tian, W. LuSeptember 2015    Informational
RFC 7642ASCII, PDFSystem for Cross-domain Identity Management: Definitions, Overview, Concepts, and RequirementsK. LI, Ed., P. Hunt, B. Khasnabish, A. Nadalin, Z. ZeltsanSeptember 2015    Informational
RFC 7640ASCII, PDFTraffic Management BenchmarkingB. Constantine, R. KrishnanSeptember 2015    Informational
RFC 7637ASCII, PDFNVGRE: Network Virtualization Using Generic Routing EncapsulationP. Garg, Ed., Y. Wang, Ed.September 2015    Informational
RFC 7632ASCII, PDFEndpoint Security Posture Assessment: Enterprise Use CasesD. Waltermire, D. HarringtonSeptember 2015    Informational
RFC 7626ASCII, PDFDNS Privacy ConsiderationsS. BortzmeyerAugust 2015    Informational
RFC 7625ASCII, PDFArchitecture of an IP/MPLS Network with Hardened PipesJ. T. Hao, P. Maheshwari, R. Huang, L. Andersson, M. ChenAugust 2015    Informational
RFC 7624ASCII, PDFConfidentiality in the Face of Pervasive Surveillance: A Threat Model and Problem StatementR. Barnes, B. Schneier, C. Jennings, T. Hardie, B. Trammell, C. Huitema, D. BorkmannAugust 2015    Informational
RFC 7620ASCII, PDFScenarios with Host Identification ComplicationsM. Boucadair, Ed., B. Chatras, T. Reddy, B. Williams, B. SarikayaAugust 2015    Informational
RFC 7612ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Schema for Printer ServicesP. Fleming, I. McDonaldJune 2015Obsoletes RFC 3712Informational
RFC 7609ASCII, PDFIBM's Shared Memory Communications over RDMA (SMC-R) ProtocolM. Fox, C. Kassimis, J. StevensAugust 2015    Informational
RFC 7604ASCII, PDFComparison of Different NAT Traversal Techniques for Media Controlled by the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)M. Westerlund, T. ZengSeptember 2015    Informational
RFC 7594ASCII, PDFA Framework for Large-Scale Measurement of Broadband Performance (LMAP)P. Eardley, A. Morton, M. Bagnulo, T. Burbridge, P. Aitken, A. AkhterSeptember 2015    Informational
RFC 7593ASCII, PDFThe eduroam Architecture for Network RoamingK. Wierenga, S. Winter, T. WolniewiczSeptember 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7588ASCII, PDFA Widely Deployed Solution to the Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) Fragmentation ProblemR. Bonica, C. Pignataro, J. TouchJuly 2015    Informational
RFC 7583ASCII, PDFDNSSEC Key Rollover Timing ConsiderationsS. Morris, J. Ihren, J. Dickinson, W. MekkingOctober 2015    Informational
RFC 7576ASCII, PDFGeneral Gap Analysis for Autonomic NetworkingS. Jiang, B. Carpenter, M. BehringerJune 2015    Informational
RFC 7575ASCII, PDFAutonomic Networking: Definitions and Design GoalsM. Behringer, M. Pritikin, S. Bjarnason, A. Clemm, B. Carpenter, S. Jiang, L. CiavagliaJune 2015    Informational
RFC 7562ASCII, PDFTransport Layer Security (TLS) Authorization Using Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) CertificatesD. ThakoreJuly 2015    Informational
RFC 7561ASCII, PDFMapping Quality of Service (QoS) Procedures of Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) and WLANJ. Kaippallimalil, R. Pazhyannur, P. YeganiJune 2015    Informational
RFC 7560ASCII, PDFProblem Statement and Requirements for Increased Accuracy in Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) FeedbackM. Kuehlewind, Ed., R. Scheffenegger, B. BriscoeAugust 2015    Informational
RFC 7558ASCII, PDFRequirements for Scalable DNS-Based Service Discovery (DNS-SD) / Multicast DNS (mDNS) ExtensionsK. Lynn, S. Cheshire, M. Blanchet, D. MigaultJuly 2015    Informational
RFC 7556ASCII, PDFMultiple Provisioning Domain ArchitectureD. Anipko, Ed.June 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7554ASCII, PDFUsing IEEE 802.15.4e Time-Slotted Channel Hopping (TSCH) in the Internet of Things (IoT): Problem StatementT. Watteyne, Ed., M. Palattella, L. GriecoMay 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7553ASCII, PDFThe Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) DNS Resource RecordP. Faltstrom, O. KolkmanJune 2015    Informational
RFC 7548ASCII, PDFManagement of Networks with Constrained Devices: Use CasesM. Ersue, Ed., D. Romascanu, J. Schoenwaelder, A. SehgalMay 2015    Informational
RFC 7547ASCII, PDFManagement of Networks with Constrained Devices: Problem Statement and RequirementsM. Ersue, Ed., D. Romascanu, J. Schoenwaelder, U. HerbergMay 2015    Informational
RFC 7546ASCII, PDFStructure of the Generic Security Service (GSS) Negotiation LoopB. KadukMay 2015    Informational
RFC 7544ASCII, PDFMapping and Interworking of Diversion Information between Diversion and History-Info Header Fields in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)M. MohaliAugust 2015Errata, Obsoletes RFC 6044Informational
RFC 7539ASCII, PDFChaCha20 and Poly1305 for IETF ProtocolsY. Nir, A. LangleyMay 2015Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 8439Informational
RFC 7536ASCII, PDFLarge-Scale Broadband Measurement Use CasesM. Linsner, P. Eardley, T. Burbridge, F. SorensenMay 2015    Informational
RFC 7535ASCII, PDFAS112 Redirection Using DNAMEJ. Abley, B. Dickson, W. Kumari, G. MichaelsonMay 2015    Informational
RFC 7534ASCII, PDFAS112 Nameserver OperationsJ. Abley, W. SotomayorMay 2015Obsoletes RFC 6304Informational
RFC 7528ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) AssociationP. Higgs, J. PiesingApril 2015    Informational
RFC 7520ASCII, PDFExamples of Protecting Content Using JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE)M. MillerMay 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7511ASCII, PDFScenic Routing for IPv6M. Wilhelm1 April 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7502ASCII, PDFMethodology for Benchmarking Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Devices: Basic Session Setup and RegistrationC. Davids, V. Gurbani, S. PoretskyApril 2015    Informational
RFC 7501ASCII, PDFTerminology for Benchmarking Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Devices: Basic Session Setup and RegistrationC. Davids, V. Gurbani, S. PoretskyApril 2015    Informational
RFC 7500ASCII, PDFPrinciples for Operation of Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) RegistriesR. Housley, Ed., O. Kolkman, Ed.April 2015    Informational
RFC 7498ASCII, PDFProblem Statement for Service Function ChainingP. Quinn, Ed., T. Nadeau, Ed.April 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7497ASCII, PDFRate Measurement Test Protocol Problem Statement and RequirementsA. MortonApril 2015    Informational
RFC 7492ASCII, PDFAnalysis of Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) Security According to the Keying and Authentication for Routing Protocols (KARP) Design GuidelinesM. Bhatia, D. Zhang, M. JethanandaniMarch 2015    Informational
RFC 7491ASCII, PDFA PCE-Based Architecture for Application-Based Network OperationsD. King, A. FarrelMarch 2015    Informational
RFC 7489ASCII, PDFDomain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC)M. Kucherawy, Ed., E. Zwicky, Ed.March 2015Errata, Updated by RFC 8553Informational
RFC 7485ASCII, PDFInventory and Analysis of WHOIS Registration ObjectsL. Zhou, N. Kong, S. Shen, S. Sheng, A. ServinMarch 2015    Informational
RFC 7479ASCII, PDFUsing Ed25519 in SSHFP Resource RecordsS. MoonesamyMarch 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7478ASCII, PDFWeb Real-Time Communication Use Cases and RequirementsC. Holmberg, S. Hakansson, G. ErikssonMarch 2015    Informational
RFC 7476ASCII, PDFInformation-Centric Networking: Baseline ScenariosK. Pentikousis, Ed., B. Ohlman, D. Corujo, G. Boggia, G. Tyson, E. Davies, A. Molinaro, S. EumMarch 2015    Informational
RFC 7467ASCII, PDFURN Namespace for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)A. MurdockApril 2015    Informational
RFC 7458ASCII, PDFExtensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Attributes for Wi-Fi Integration with the Evolved Packet CoreR. Valmikam, R. KoodliFebruary 2015    Informational
RFC 7457ASCII, PDFSummarizing Known Attacks on Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Datagram TLS (DTLS)Y. Sheffer, R. Holz, P. Saint-AndreFebruary 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7452ASCII, PDFArchitectural Considerations in Smart Object NetworkingH. Tschofenig, J. Arkko, D. Thaler, D. McPhersonMarch 2015    Informational
RFC 7451ASCII, PDFExtension Registry for the Extensible Provisioning ProtocolS. HollenbeckFebruary 2015    Informational
RFC 7449ASCII, PDFPath Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) Requirements for Wavelength Switched Optical Network (WSON) Routing and Wavelength AssignmentY. Lee, Ed., G. Bernstein, Ed., J. Martensson, T. Takeda, T. Tsuritani, O. Gonzalez de DiosFebruary 2015    Informational
RFC 7448ASCII, PDFMIB Transfer from the IETF to the IEEE 802.3 WGT. Taylor, Ed., D. RomascanuFebruary 2015    Informational
RFC 7446ASCII, PDFRouting and Wavelength Assignment Information Model for Wavelength Switched Optical NetworksY. Lee, Ed., G. Bernstein, Ed., D. Li, W. ImajukuFebruary 2015    Informational
RFC 7445ASCII, PDFAnalysis of Failure Cases in IPv6 Roaming ScenariosG. Chen, H. Deng, D. Michaud, J. Korhonen, M. BoucadairMarch 2015    Informational
RFC 7444ASCII, PDFSecurity Labels in Internet EmailK. Zeilenga, A. MelnikovFebruary 2015    Informational
RFC 7443ASCII, PDFApplication-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) Labels for Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) UsagesP. Patil, T. Reddy, G. Salgueiro, M. Petit-HugueninJanuary 2015    Informational
RFC 7439ASCII, PDFGap Analysis for Operating IPv6-Only MPLS NetworksW. George, Ed., C. Pignataro, Ed.January 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7435ASCII, PDFOpportunistic Security: Some Protection Most of the TimeV. DukhovniDecember 2014    Informational
RFC 7431ASCII, PDFMulticast-Only Fast RerouteA. Karan, C. Filsfils, IJ. Wijnands, Ed., B. DecraeneAugust 2015    Informational
RFC 7430ASCII, PDFAnalysis of Residual Threats and Possible Fixes for Multipath TCP (MPTCP)M. Bagnulo, C. Paasch, F. Gont, O. Bonaventure, C. RaiciuJuly 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7429ASCII, PDFDistributed Mobility Management: Current Practices and Gap AnalysisD. Liu, Ed., JC. Zuniga, Ed., P. Seite, H. Chan, CJ. BernardosJanuary 2015    Informational
RFC 7426ASCII, PDFSoftware-Defined Networking (SDN): Layers and Architecture TerminologyE. Haleplidis, Ed., K. Pentikousis, Ed., S. Denazis, J. Hadi Salim, D. Meyer, O. KoufopavlouJanuary 2015ErrataInformational
RFC 7425ASCII, PDFAdobe's RTMFP Profile for Flash CommunicationM. ThornburghDecember 2014    Informational
RFC 7424ASCII, PDFMechanisms for Optimizing Link Aggregation Group (LAG) and Equal-Cost Multipath (ECMP) Component Link Utilization in NetworksR. Krishnan, L. Yong, A. Ghanwani, N. So, B. KhasnabishJanuary 2015    Informational
RFC 7422ASCII, PDFDeterministic Address Mapping to Reduce Logging in Carrier-Grade NAT DeploymentsC. Donley, C. Grundemann, V. Sarawat, K. Sundaresan, O. VautrinDecember 2014ErrataInformational
RFC 7421ASCII, PDFAnalysis of the 64-bit Boundary in IPv6 AddressingB. Carpenter, Ed., T. Chown, F. Gont, S. Jiang, A. Petrescu, A. YourtchenkoJanuary 2015    Informational
RFC 7419ASCII, PDFCommon Interval Support in Bidirectional Forwarding DetectionN. Akiya, M. Binderberger, G. MirskyDecember 2014Updates RFC 5880Informational
RFC 7418ASCII, PDFAn IRTF Primer for IETF ParticipantsS. Dawkins, Ed.December 2014    Informational
RFC 7416ASCII, PDFA Security Threat Analysis for the Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPLs)T. Tsao, R. Alexander, M. Dohler, V. Daza, A. Lozano, M. Richardson, Ed.January 2015    Informational
RFC 7414ASCII, PDFA Roadmap for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Specification DocumentsM. Duke, R. Braden, W. Eddy, E. Blanton, A. ZimmermannFebruary 2015Obsoletes RFC 4614, Updated by RFC 7805Informational
RFC 7412ASCII, PDFRequirements for MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Shared Mesh ProtectionY. Weingarten, S. Aldrin, P. Pan, J. Ryoo, G. MirskyDecember 2014    Informational
RFC 7406ASCII, PDFExtensions to the Emergency Services Architecture for Dealing With Unauthenticated and Unauthorized DevicesH. Schulzrinne, S. McCann, G. Bajko, H. Tschofenig, D. KroeselbergDecember 2014    Informational
RFC 7404ASCII, PDFUsing Only Link-Local Addressing inside an IPv6 NetworkM. Behringer, E. VynckeNovember 2014ErrataInformational
RFC 7399ASCII, PDFUnanswered Questions in the Path Computation Element ArchitectureA. Farrel, D. KingOctober 2014    Informational
RFC 7398ASCII, PDFA Reference Path and Measurement Points for Large-Scale Measurement of Broadband PerformanceM. Bagnulo, T. Burbridge, S. Crawford, P. Eardley, A. MortonFebruary 2015    Informational
RFC 7397ASCII, PDFReport from the Smart Object Security WorkshopJ. Gilger, H. TschofenigDecember 2014    Informational
RFC 7393ASCII, PDFUsing the Port Control Protocol (PCP) to Update Dynamic DNSX. Deng, M. Boucadair, Q. Zhao, J. Huang, C. ZhouNovember 2014    Informational
RFC 7387ASCII, PDFA Framework for Ethernet Tree (E-Tree) Service over a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) NetworkR. Key, Ed., L. Yong, Ed., S. Delord, F. Jounay, L. JinOctober 2014    Informational
RFC 7384ASCII, PDFSecurity Requirements of Time Protocols in Packet Switched NetworksT. MizrahiOctober 2014    Informational
RFC 7381ASCII, PDFEnterprise IPv6 Deployment GuidelinesK. Chittimaneni, T. Chown, L. Howard, V. Kuarsingh, Y. Pouffary, E. VynckeOctober 2014    Informational
RFC 7379ASCII, PDFProblem Statement and Goals for Active-Active Connection at the Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) EdgeY. Li, W. Hao, R. Perlman, J. Hudson, H. ZhaiOctober 2014    Informational
RFC 7378ASCII, PDFTrustworthy LocationH. Tschofenig, H. Schulzrinne, B. Aboba, Ed.December 2014    Informational
RFC 7376ASCII, PDFProblems with Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN) Long-Term Authentication for Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN)T. Reddy, R. Ravindranath, M. Perumal, A. YeginSeptember 2014    Informational
RFC 7375ASCII, PDFSecure Telephone Identity Threat ModelJ. PetersonOctober 2014    Informational
RFC 7368ASCII, PDFIPv6 Home Networking Architecture PrinciplesT. Chown, Ed., J. Arkko, A. Brandt, O. Troan, J. WeilOctober 2014    Informational
RFC 7365ASCII, PDFFramework for Data Center (DC) Network VirtualizationM. Lasserre, F. Balus, T. Morin, N. Bitar, Y. RekhterOctober 2014    Informational
RFC 7364ASCII, PDFProblem Statement: Overlays for Network VirtualizationT. Narten, Ed., E. Gray, Ed., D. Black, L. Fang, L. Kreeger, M. NapieralaOctober 2014    Informational
RFC 7362ASCII, PDFLatching: Hosted NAT Traversal (HNT) for Media in Real-Time CommunicationE. Ivov, H. Kaplan, D. WingSeptember 2014    Informational
RFC 7359ASCII, PDFLayer 3 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Tunnel Traffic Leakages in Dual-Stack Hosts/NetworksF. GontAugust 2014    Informational
RFC 7355ASCII, PDFIndicating WebSocket Protocol as a Transport in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Common Log Format (CLF)G. Salgueiro, V. Pascual, A. Roman, S. GarciaSeptember 2014Updates RFC 6873Informational
RFC 7354ASCII, PDFUpdate to the Registrant Information for the Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB) Uniform Resource Name (URN) NamespaceA. Adolf, P. SiebertSeptember 2014Updates RFC 5328Informational
RFC 7353ASCII, PDFSecurity Requirements for BGP Path ValidationS. Bellovin, R. Bush, D. WardAugust 2014    Informational
RFC 7351ASCII, PDFA Media Type for XML Patch OperationsE. WildeAugust 2014    Informational
RFC 7348ASCII, PDFVirtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN): A Framework for Overlaying Virtualized Layer 2 Networks over Layer 3 NetworksM. Mahalingam, D. Dutt, K. Duda, P. Agarwal, L. Kreeger, T. Sridhar, M. Bursell, C. WrightAugust 2014ErrataInformational
RFC 7347ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesPre-standard Linear Protection Switching in MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP)H. van Helvoort, Ed., J. Ryoo, Ed., H. Zhang, F. Huang, H. Li, A. D'AlessandroSeptember 2014    Informational
RFC 7342ASCII, PDFPractices for Scaling ARP and Neighbor Discovery (ND) in Large Data CentersL. Dunbar, W. Kumari, I. GashinskyAugust 2014    Informational
RFC 7340ASCII, PDFSecure Telephone Identity Problem Statement and RequirementsJ. Peterson, H. Schulzrinne, H. TschofenigSeptember 2014    Informational
RFC 7338ASCII, PDFRequirements and Framework for Point-to-Multipoint Pseudowires over MPLS Packet Switched NetworksF. Jounay, Ed., Y. Kamite, Ed., G. Heron, M. BocciSeptember 2014    Informational
RFC 7337ASCII, PDFContent Distribution Network Interconnection (CDNI) RequirementsK. Leung, Ed., Y. Lee, Ed.August 2014    Informational
RFC 7336ASCII, PDFFramework for Content Distribution Network Interconnection (CDNI)L. Peterson, B. Davie, R. van Brandenburg, Ed.August 2014Obsoletes RFC 3466Informational
RFC 7333ASCII, PDFRequirements for Distributed Mobility ManagementH. Chan, Ed., D. Liu, P. Seite, H. Yokota, J. KorhonenAugust 2014    Informational
RFC 7329ASCII, PDFA Session Identifier for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)H. KaplanAugust 2014Obsoleted by RFC 7989Informational
RFC 7328ASCII, PDFWriting I-Ds and RFCs Using Pandoc and a Bit of XMLR. GiebenAugust 2014    Informational
RFC 7326ASCII, PDFEnergy Management FrameworkJ. Parello, B. Claise, B. Schoening, J. QuittekSeptember 2014    Informational
RFC 7325ASCII, PDFMPLS Forwarding Compliance and Performance RequirementsC. Villamizar, Ed., K. Kompella, S. Amante, A. Malis, C. PignataroAugust 2014    Informational
RFC 7322ASCII, PDFRFC Style GuideH. Flanagan, S. GinozaSeptember 2014Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2223, Updated by RFC 7997Informational
RFC 7316ASCII, PDFThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) P-Private-Network-Indication Private Header (P-Header)J. van Elburg, K. Drage, M. Ohsugi, S. Schubert, K. AraiJuly 2014    Informational
RFC 7315ASCII, PDFPrivate Header (P-Header) Extensions to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for the 3GPPR. Jesske, K. Drage, C. HolmbergJuly 2014Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3455, Updated by RFC 7913, RFC 7976Informational
RFC 7312ASCII, PDFAdvanced Stream and Sampling Framework for IP Performance Metrics (IPPM)J. Fabini, A. MortonAugust 2014Updates RFC 2330Informational
RFC 7305ASCII, PDFReport from the IAB Workshop on Internet Technology Adoption and Transition (ITAT)E. Lear, Ed.July 2014ErrataInformational
RFC 7304ASCII, PDFA Method for Mitigating Namespace CollisionsW. KumariJuly 2014    Informational
RFC 7302ASCII, PDFEntertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) URN Namespace DefinitionP. LemieuxJuly 2014Obsoleted by RFC 7972Informational
RFC 7299ASCII, PDFObject Identifier Registry for the PKIX Working GroupR. HousleyJuly 2014    Informational
RFC 7297ASCII, PDFIP Connectivity Provisioning Profile (CPP)M. Boucadair, C. Jacquenet, N. WangJuly 2014    Informational
RFC 7295ASCII, PDFReport from the IAB/IRTF Workshop on Congestion Control for Interactive Real-Time CommunicationH. Tschofenig, L. Eggert, Z. SarkerJuly 2014    Informational
RFC 7292ASCII, PDFPKCS #12: Personal Information Exchange Syntax v1.1K. Moriarty, Ed., M. Nystrom, S. Parkinson, A. Rusch, M. ScottJuly 2014ErrataInformational
RFC 7290ASCII, PDFTest Plan and Results for Advancing RFC 2680 on the Standards TrackL. Ciavattone, R. Geib, A. Morton, M. WieserJuly 2014    Informational
RFC 7289ASCII, PDFCarrier-Grade NAT (CGN) Deployment with BGP/MPLS IP VPNsV. Kuarsingh, Ed., J. CianfaraniJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7288ASCII, PDFReflections on Host FirewallsD. ThalerJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7284ASCII, PDFThe Profile URI RegistryM. LanthalerJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7282ASCII, PDFOn Consensus and Humming in the IETFP. ResnickJune 2014ErrataInformational
RFC 7281ASCII, PDFAuthentication-Results Registration for S/MIME Signature VerificationA. MelnikovJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7278ASCII, PDFExtending an IPv6 /64 Prefix from a Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Mobile Interface to a LAN LinkC. Byrne, D. Drown, A. VizdalJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7276ASCII, PDFAn Overview of Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) ToolsT. Mizrahi, N. Sprecher, E. Bellagamba, Y. WeingartenJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7270ASCII, PDFCisco-Specific Information Elements Reused in IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX)A. Yourtchenko, P. Aitken, B. ClaiseJune 2014ErrataInformational
RFC 7269ASCII, PDFNAT64 Deployment Options and ExperienceG. Chen, Z. Cao, C. Xie, D. BinetJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7262ASCII, PDFRequirements for Telepresence MultistreamsA. Romanow, S. Botzko, M. BarnesJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7259ASCII, PDFThe Jabber-ID Header FieldP. Saint-AndreMay 2014    Informational
RFC 7255ASCII, PDFUsing the International Mobile station Equipment Identity (IMEI) Uniform Resource Name (URN) as an Instance IDA. Allen, Ed.May 2014    Informational
RFC 7254ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name Namespace for the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) and the International Mobile station Equipment Identity (IMEI)M. Montemurro, Ed., A. Allen, D. McDonald, P. GosdenMay 2014ErrataInformational
RFC 7253ASCII, PDFThe OCB Authenticated-Encryption AlgorithmT. Krovetz, P. RogawayMay 2014    Informational
RFC 7251ASCII, PDFAES-CCM Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Cipher Suites for TLSD. McGrew, D. Bailey, M. Campagna, R. DugalJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7249ASCII, PDFInternet Numbers RegistriesR. HousleyMay 2014    Informational
RFC 7245ASCII, PDFAn Architecture for Media Recording Using the Session Initiation ProtocolA. Hutton, Ed., L. Portman, Ed., R. Jain, K. RehorMay 2014    Informational
RFC 7241ASCII, PDFThe IEEE 802/IETF RelationshipS. Dawkins, P. Thaler, D. Romascanu, B. Aboba, Ed.July 2014Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4441Informational
RFC 7237ASCII, PDFInitial Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Method RegistrationsJ. ReschkeJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7236ASCII, PDFInitial Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Authentication Scheme RegistrationsJ. ReschkeJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7229ASCII, PDFObject Identifiers for Test Certificate PoliciesR. HousleyMay 2014    Informational
RFC 7228ASCII, PDFTerminology for Constrained-Node NetworksC. Bormann, M. Ersue, A. KeranenMay 2014    Informational
RFC 7226ASCII, PDFRequirements for Advanced Multipath in MPLS NetworksC. Villamizar, Ed., D. McDysan, Ed., S. Ning, A. Malis, L. YongMay 2014    Informational
RFC 7221ASCII, PDFHandling of Internet-Drafts by IETF Working GroupsA. Farrel, D. Crocker, Ed.April 2014    Informational
RFC 7211ASCII, PDFOperations Model for Router KeyingS. Hartman, D. ZhangJune 2014    Informational
RFC 7209ASCII, PDFRequirements for Ethernet VPN (EVPN)A. Sajassi, R. Aggarwal, J. Uttaro, N. Bitar, W. Henderickx, A. IsaacMay 2014    Informational
RFC 7207ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for Eurosystem MessagingM. Ortseifen, G. DickfeldApril 2014    Informational
RFC 7206ASCII, PDFRequirements for an End-to-End Session Identification in IP-Based Multimedia Communication NetworksP. Jones, G. Salgueiro, J. Polk, L. Liess, H. KaplanMay 2014    Informational
RFC 7205ASCII, PDFUse Cases for Telepresence MultistreamsA. Romanow, S. Botzko, M. Duckworth, R. Even, Ed.April 2014    Informational
RFC 7204ASCII, PDFRequirements for Labeled NFST. HaynesApril 2014    Informational
RFC 7202ASCII, PDFSecuring the RTP Framework: Why RTP Does Not Mandate a Single Media Security SolutionC. Perkins, M. WesterlundApril 2014    Informational
RFC 7201ASCII, PDFOptions for Securing RTP SessionsM. Westerlund, C. PerkinsApril 2014    Informational
RFC 7194ASCII, PDFDefault Port for Internet Relay Chat (IRC) via TLS/SSLR. HartmannAugust 2014Updates RFC 1459Informational
RFC 7193ASCII, PDFThe application/cms Media TypeS. Turner, R. Housley, J. SchaadApril 2014ErrataInformational
RFC 7190ASCII, PDFUse of Multipath with MPLS and MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP)C. VillamizarMarch 2014    Informational
RFC 7186ASCII, PDFSecurity Threats for the Neighborhood Discovery Protocol (NHDP)J. Yi, U. Herberg, T. ClausenApril 2014Errata, Updated by RFC 7985Informational
RFC 7185ASCII, PDFLink Metrics for the Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) Routing Protocol OLSRv2 - RationaleC. Dearlove, T. Clausen, P. JacquetApril 2014    Informational
RFC 7174ASCII, PDFTransparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) FrameworkS. Salam, T. Senevirathne, S. Aldrin, D. Eastlake 3rdMay 2014    Informational
RFC 7169ASCII, PDFThe NSA (No Secrecy Afforded) Certificate ExtensionS. Turner1 April 2014    Informational
RFC 7168ASCII, PDFThe Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol for Tea Efflux Appliances (HTCPCP-TEA)I. Nazar1 April 2014Updates RFC 2324Informational
RFC 7167ASCII, PDFA Framework for Point-to-Multipoint MPLS in Transport NetworksD. Frost, S. Bryant, M. Bocci, L. BergerApril 2014    Informational
RFC 7165ASCII, PDFUse Cases and Requirements for JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE)R. BarnesApril 2014    Informational
RFC 7157ASCII, PDFIPv6 Multihoming without Network Address TranslationO. Troan, Ed., D. Miles, S. Matsushima, T. Okimoto, D. WingMarch 2014    Informational
RFC 7152ASCII, PDFRequirements for Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Ethernet-Tree (E-Tree) Support in Layer 2 Virtual Private Network (L2VPN)R. Key, Ed., S. DeLord, F. Jounay, L. Huang, Z. Liu, M. PaulMarch 2014    Informational
RFC 7149ASCII, PDFSoftware-Defined Networking: A Perspective from within a Service Provider EnvironmentM. Boucadair, C. JacquenetMarch 2014    Informational
RFC 7142ASCII, PDFReclassification of RFC 1142 to HistoricM. Shand, L. GinsbergFebruary 2014Obsoletes RFC 1142Informational
RFC 7135ASCII, PDFRegistering a SIP Resource Priority Header Field Namespace for Local Emergency CommunicationsJ. PolkMay 2014    Informational
RFC 7132ASCII, PDFThreat Model for BGP Path SecurityS. Kent, A. ChiFebruary 2014ErrataInformational
RFC 7131ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) History-Info Header Call Flow ExamplesM. Barnes, F. Audet, S. Schubert, H. van Elburg, C. HolmbergMarch 2014    Informational
RFC 7129ASCII, PDFAuthenticated Denial of Existence in the DNSR. Gieben, W. MekkingFebruary 2014    Informational
RFC 7128ASCII, PDFResource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Router Implementation ReportR. Bush, R. Austein, K. Patel, H. Gredler, M. WaehlischFebruary 2014    Informational
RFC 7125ASCII, PDFRevision of the tcpControlBits IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Information ElementB. Trammell, P. AitkenFebruary 2014    Informational
RFC 7123ASCII, PDFSecurity Implications of IPv6 on IPv4 NetworksF. Gont, W. LiuFebruary 2014    Informational
RFC 7116ASCII, PDFLicklider Transmission Protocol (LTP), Compressed Bundle Header Encoding (CBHE), and Bundle Protocol IANA RegistriesK. Scott, M. BlanchetFebruary 2014    Informational
RFC 7113ASCII, PDFImplementation Advice for IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard (RA-Guard)F. GontFebruary 2014Updates RFC 6105Informational
RFC 7111ASCII, PDFURI Fragment Identifiers for the text/csv Media TypeM. Hausenblas, E. Wilde, J. TennisonJanuary 2014Errata, Updates RFC 4180Informational
RFC 7108ASCII, PDFA Summary of Various Mechanisms Deployed at L-Root for the Identification of Anycast NodesJ. Abley, T. MandersonJanuary 2014ErrataInformational
RFC 7107ASCII, PDFObject Identifier Registry for the S/MIME Mail Security Working GroupR. HousleyJanuary 2014    Informational
RFC 7106ASCII, PDFA Group Text Chat Purpose for Conference and Service URIs in the SIP Event Package for Conference StateE. IvovJanuary 2014    Informational
RFC 7103ASCII, PDFAdvice for Safe Handling of Malformed MessagesM. Kucherawy, G. Shapiro, N. FreedJanuary 2014    Informational
RFC 7102ASCII, PDFTerms Used in Routing for Low-Power and Lossy NetworksJP. VasseurJanuary 2014    Informational
RFC 7101ASCII, PDFList of Internet Official Protocol Standards: Replaced by a Web PageS. GinozaDecember 2013    Informational
RFC 7098ASCII, PDFUsing the IPv6 Flow Label for Load Balancing in Server FarmsB. Carpenter, S. Jiang, W. TarreauJanuary 2014    Informational
RFC 7096ASCII, PDFEvaluation of Existing GMPLS Encoding against G.709v3 Optical Transport Networks (OTNs)S. Belotti, Ed., P. Grandi, D. Ceccarelli, Ed., D. Caviglia, F. Zhang, D. LiJanuary 2014    Informational
RFC 7094ASCII, PDFArchitectural Considerations of IP AnycastD. McPherson, D. Oran, D. Thaler, E. OsterweilJanuary 2014    Informational
RFC 7093ASCII, PDFAdditional Methods for Generating Key Identifiers ValuesS. Turner, S. Kent, J. MangerDecember 2013    Informational
RFC 7092ASCII, PDFA Taxonomy of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Back-to-Back User AgentsH. Kaplan, V. PascualDecember 2013    Informational
RFC 7091ASCII, PDFGOST R 34.10-2012: Digital Signature AlgorithmV. Dolmatov, Ed., A. DegtyarevDecember 2013Updates RFC 5832Informational
RFC 7089ASCII, PDFHTTP Framework for Time-Based Access to Resource States -- MementoH. Van de Sompel, M. Nelson, R. SandersonDecember 2013    Informational
RFC 7088ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol Service Example -- Music on HoldD. WorleyFebruary 2014    Informational
RFC 7087ASCII, PDFA Thesaurus for the Interpretation of Terminology Used in MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Internet-Drafts and RFCs in the Context of the ITU-T's Transport Network RecommendationsH. van Helvoort, Ed., L. Andersson, Ed., N. Sprecher, Ed.December 2013    Informational
RFC 7085ASCII, PDFTop-Level Domains That Are Already DotlessJ. Levine, P. HoffmanDecember 2013    Informational
RFC 7084ASCII, PDFBasic Requirements for IPv6 Customer Edge RoutersH. Singh, W. Beebee, C. Donley, B. StarkNovember 2013Obsoletes RFC 6204Informational
RFC 7082ASCII, PDFIndication of Conference Focus Support for the Centralized Conferencing Manipulation Protocol (CCMP)R. Shekh-Yusef, M. BarnesDecember 2013    Informational
RFC 7081ASCII, PDFCUSAX: Combined Use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)E. Ivov, P. Saint-Andre, E. MaroccoNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7080ASCII, PDFVirtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) Interoperability with Provider Backbone BridgesA. Sajassi, S. Salam, N. Bitar, F. BalusDecember 2013    Informational
RFC 7079ASCII, PDFThe Pseudowire (PW) and Virtual Circuit Connectivity Verification (VCCV) Implementation Survey ResultsN. Del Regno, Ed., A. Malis, Ed.November 2013    Informational
RFC 7076ASCII, PDFP6R's Secure Shell Public Key SubsystemM. Joseph, J. SusoyNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7069ASCII, PDFDECoupled Application Data Enroute (DECADE)R. Alimi, A. Rahman, D. Kutscher, Y. Yang, H. Song, K. PentikousisNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7068ASCII, PDFDiameter Overload Control RequirementsE. McMurry, B. CampbellNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7067ASCII, PDFDirectory Assistance Problem and High-Level Design ProposalL. Dunbar, D. Eastlake 3rd, R. Perlman, I. GashinskyNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7066ASCII, PDFIPv6 for Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Cellular HostsJ. Korhonen, Ed., J. Arkko, Ed., T. Savolainen, S. KrishnanNovember 2013Obsoletes RFC 3316Informational
RFC 7063ASCII, PDFSurvey Report on Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) Implementations and DeploymentsL. Zheng, J. Zhang, R. ParekhDecember 2013    Informational
RFC 7062ASCII, PDFFramework for GMPLS and PCE Control of G.709 Optical Transport NetworksF. Zhang, Ed., D. Li, H. Li, S. Belotti, D. CeccarelliNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7061ASCII, PDFeXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) XML Media TypeR. Sinnema, E. WildeNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7059ASCII, PDFA Comparison of IPv6-over-IPv4 Tunnel MechanismsS. Steffann, I. van Beijnum, R. van ReinNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7058ASCII, PDFMedia Control Channel Framework (CFW) Call Flow ExamplesA. Amirante, T. Castaldi, L. Miniero, S P. RomanoNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7054ASCII, PDFAddressing Requirements and Design Considerations for Per-Interface Maintenance Entity Group Intermediate Points (MIPs)A. Farrel, H. Endo, R. Winter, Y. Koike, M. PaulNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7051ASCII, PDFAnalysis of Solution Proposals for Hosts to Learn NAT64 PrefixJ. Korhonen, Ed., T. Savolainen, Ed.November 2013    Informational
RFC 7047ASCII, PDFThe Open vSwitch Database Management ProtocolB. Pfaff, B. Davie, Ed.December 2013    Informational
RFC 7043ASCII, PDFResource Records for EUI-48 and EUI-64 Addresses in the DNSJ. AbleyOctober 2013    Informational
RFC 7041ASCII, PDFExtensions to the Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) Provider Edge (PE) Model for Provider Backbone BridgingF. Balus, Ed., A. Sajassi, Ed., N. Bitar, Ed.November 2013    Informational
RFC 7040ASCII, PDFPublic IPv4-over-IPv6 Access NetworkY. Cui, J. Wu, P. Wu, O. Vautrin, Y. LeeNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7039ASCII, PDFSource Address Validation Improvement (SAVI) FrameworkJ. Wu, J. Bi, M. Bagnulo, F. Baker, C. Vogt, Ed.October 2013    Informational
RFC 7036ASCII, PDFObject Identifier Registry for the Long-Term Archive and Notary Services (LTANS) Working GroupR. HousleyOctober 2013    Informational
RFC 7034ASCII, PDFHTTP Header Field X-Frame-OptionsD. Ross, T. GondromOctober 2013    Informational
RFC 7031ASCII, PDFDHCPv6 Failover RequirementsT. Mrugalski, K. KinnearSeptember 2013    Informational
RFC 7029ASCII, PDFExtensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Mutual Cryptographic BindingS. Hartman, M. Wasserman, D. ZhangOctober 2013    Informational
RFC 7027ASCII, PDFElliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Brainpool Curves for Transport Layer Security (TLS)J. Merkle, M. LochterOctober 2013Errata, Updates RFC 4492Informational
RFC 7025ASCII, PDFRequirements for GMPLS Applications of PCET. Otani, K. Ogaki, D. Caviglia, F. Zhang, C. MargariaSeptember 2013    Informational
RFC 7021ASCII, PDFAssessing the Impact of Carrier-Grade NAT on Network ApplicationsC. Donley, Ed., L. Howard, V. Kuarsingh, J. Berg, J. DoshiSeptember 2013    Informational
RFC 7020ASCII, PDFThe Internet Numbers Registry SystemR. Housley, J. Curran, G. Huston, D. ConradAugust 2013Obsoletes RFC 2050Informational
RFC 7018ASCII, PDFAuto-Discovery VPN Problem Statement and RequirementsV. Manral, S. HannaSeptember 2013    Informational
RFC 7017ASCII, PDFIMAP Access to IETF Email List ArchivesR. SparksAugust 2013    Informational
RFC 7016ASCII, PDFAdobe's Secure Real-Time Media Flow ProtocolM. ThornburghNovember 2013    Informational
RFC 7010ASCII, PDFIPv6 Site Renumbering Gap AnalysisB. Liu, S. Jiang, B. Carpenter, S. Venaas, W. GeorgeSeptember 2013    Informational
RFC 7008ASCII, PDFA Description of the KCipher-2 Encryption AlgorithmS. Kiyomoto, W. ShinAugust 2013    Informational
RFC 6993ASCII, PDFInstant Messaging and Presence Purpose for the Call-Info Header Field in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)P. Saint-AndreJuly 2013    Informational
RFC 6992ASCII, PDFRouting for IPv4-Embedded IPv6 PacketsD. Cheng, M. Boucadair, A. RetanaJuly 2013    Informational
RFC 6988ASCII, PDFRequirements for Energy ManagementJ. Quittek, Ed., M. Chandramouli, R. Winter, T. Dietz, B. ClaiseSeptember 2013    Informational
RFC 6987ASCII, PDFOSPF Stub Router AdvertisementA. Retana, L. Nguyen, A. Zinin, R. White, D. McPhersonSeptember 2013Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3137Informational
RFC 6986ASCII, PDFGOST R 34.11-2012: Hash FunctionV. Dolmatov, Ed., A. DegtyarevAugust 2013Updates RFC 5831Informational
RFC 6985ASCII, PDFIMIX Genome: Specification of Variable Packet Sizes for Additional TestingA. MortonJuly 2013    Informational
RFC 6984ASCII, PDFInteroperability Report for Forwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES)W. Wang, K. Ogawa, E. Haleplidis, M. Gao, J. Hadi SalimAugust 2013Updates RFC 6053Informational
RFC 6983ASCII, PDFModels for HTTP-Adaptive-Streaming-Aware Content Distribution Network Interconnection (CDNI)R. van Brandenburg, O. van Deventer, F. Le Faucheur, K. LeungJuly 2013    Informational
RFC 6981ASCII, PDFA Framework for IP and MPLS Fast Reroute Using Not-Via AddressesS. Bryant, S. Previdi, M. ShandAugust 2013    Informational
RFC 6979ASCII, PDFDeterministic Usage of the Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)T. PorninAugust 2013ErrataInformational
RFC 6976ASCII, PDFFramework for Loop-Free Convergence Using the Ordered Forwarding Information Base (oFIB) ApproachM. Shand, S. Bryant, S. Previdi, C. Filsfils, P. Francois, O. BonaventureJuly 2013    Informational
RFC 6974ASCII, PDFApplicability of MPLS Transport Profile for Ring TopologiesY. Weingarten, S. Bryant, D. Ceccarelli, D. Caviglia, F. Fondelli, M. Corsi, B. Wu, X. DaiJuly 2013    Informational
RFC 6973ASCII, PDFPrivacy Considerations for Internet ProtocolsA. Cooper, H. Tschofenig, B. Aboba, J. Peterson, J. Morris, M. Hansen, R. SmithJuly 2013    Informational
RFC 6972ASCII, PDFProblem Statement and Requirements of the Peer-to-Peer Streaming Protocol (PPSP)Y. Zhang, N. ZongJuly 2013    Informational
RFC 6967ASCII, PDFAnalysis of Potential Solutions for Revealing a Host Identifier (HOST_ID) in Shared Address DeploymentsM. Boucadair, J. Touch, P. Levis, R. PennoJune 2013    Informational
RFC 6965ASCII, PDFMPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Applicability: Use Cases and DesignL. Fang, Ed., N. Bitar, R. Zhang, M. Daikoku, P. PanAugust 2013    Informational
RFC 6964ASCII, PDFOperational Guidance for IPv6 Deployment in IPv4 Sites Using the Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP)F. TemplinMay 2013    Informational
RFC 6959ASCII, PDFSource Address Validation Improvement (SAVI) Threat ScopeD. McPherson, F. Baker, J. HalpernMay 2013    Informational
RFC 6954ASCII, PDFUsing the Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Brainpool Curves for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2)J. Merkle, M. LochterJuly 2013    Informational
RFC 6953ASCII, PDFProtocol to Access White-Space (PAWS) Databases: Use Cases and RequirementsA. Mancuso, Ed., S. Probasco, B. PatilMay 2013    Informational
RFC 6952ASCII, PDFAnalysis of BGP, LDP, PCEP, and MSDP Issues According to the Keying and Authentication for Routing Protocols (KARP) Design GuideM. Jethanandani, K. Patel, L. ZhengMay 2013    Informational
RFC 6950ASCII, PDFArchitectural Considerations on Application Features in the DNSJ. Peterson, O. Kolkman, H. Tschofenig, B. AbobaOctober 2013    Informational
RFC 6949ASCII, PDFRFC Series Format Requirements and Future DevelopmentH. Flanagan, N. BrownleeMay 2013Updates RFC 2223Informational
RFC 6948ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesSome Measurements on World IPv6 Day from an End-User PerspectiveA. Keranen, J. ArkkoJuly 2013    Informational
RFC 6947ASCII, PDFThe Session Description Protocol (SDP) Alternate Connectivity (ALTC) AttributeM. Boucadair, H. Kaplan, R. Gilman, S. VeikkolainenMay 2013    Informational
RFC 6943ASCII, PDFIssues in Identifier Comparison for Security PurposesD. Thaler, Ed.May 2013    Informational
RFC 6941ASCII, PDFMPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Security FrameworkL. Fang, Ed., B. Niven-Jenkins, Ed., S. Mansfield, Ed., R. Graveman, Ed.April 2013    Informational
RFC 6934ASCII, PDFApplicability of the Access Node Control Mechanism to Broadband Networks Based on Passive Optical Networks (PONs)N. Bitar, Ed., S. Wadhwa, Ed., T. Haag, H. LiJune 2013    Informational
RFC 6932ASCII, PDFBrainpool Elliptic Curves for the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Group Description RegistryD. Harkins, Ed.May 2013    Informational
RFC 6927ASCII, PDFVariants in Second-Level Names Registered in Top-Level DomainsJ. Levine, P. HoffmanMay 2013    Informational
RFC 6924ASCII, PDFRegistration of Second-Level URN Namespaces under "ietf"B. LeibaApril 2013Updates RFC 2648Informational
RFC 6922ASCII, PDFThe application/sql Media TypeY. ShafranovichApril 2013    Informational
RFC 6921ASCII, PDFDesign Considerations for Faster-Than-Light (FTL) CommunicationR. Hinden1 April 2013    Informational
RFC 6914ASCII, PDFSIMPLE Made Simple: An Overview of the IETF Specifications for Instant Messaging and Presence Using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. RosenbergApril 2013    Informational
RFC 6912ASCII, PDFPrinciples for Unicode Code Point Inclusion in Labels in the DNSA. Sullivan, D. Thaler, J. Klensin, O. KolkmanApril 2013    Informational
RFC 6908ASCII, PDFDeployment Considerations for Dual-Stack LiteY. Lee, R. Maglione, C. Williams, C. Jacquenet, M. BoucadairMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6907ASCII, PDFUse Cases and Interpretations of Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Objects for Issuers and Relying PartiesT. Manderson, K. Sriram, R. WhiteMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6906ASCII, PDFThe 'profile' Link Relation TypeE. WildeMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6905ASCII, PDFRequirements for Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) in Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)T. Senevirathne, D. Bond, S. Aldrin, Y. Li, R. WatveMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6903ASCII, PDFAdditional Link Relation TypesJ. SnellMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6897ASCII, PDFMultipath TCP (MPTCP) Application Interface ConsiderationsM. Scharf, A. FordMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6896ASCII, PDFSCS: KoanLogic's Secure Cookie Sessions for HTTPS. Barbato, S. Dorigotti, T. Fossati, Ed.March 2013ErrataInformational
RFC 6894ASCII, PDFMethodology for Benchmarking MPLS Traffic Engineered (MPLS-TE) Fast Reroute ProtectionR. Papneja, S. Vapiwala, J. Karthik, S. Poretsky, S. Rao, JL. Le RouxMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6893ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF)P. Higgs, P. SzucsMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6892ASCII, PDFThe 'describes' Link Relation TypeE. WildeMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6889ASCII, PDFAnalysis of Stateful 64 TranslationR. Penno, T. Saxena, M. Boucadair, S. SivakumarApril 2013    Informational
RFC 6886ASCII, PDFNAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP)S. Cheshire, M. KrochmalApril 2013ErrataInformational
RFC 6885ASCII, PDFStringprep Revision and Problem Statement for the Preparation and Comparison of Internationalized Strings (PRECIS)M. Blanchet, A. SullivanMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6883ASCII, PDFIPv6 Guidance for Internet Content Providers and Application Service ProvidersB. Carpenter, S. JiangMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6879ASCII, PDFIPv6 Enterprise Network Renumbering Scenarios, Considerations, and MethodsS. Jiang, B. Liu, B. CarpenterFebruary 2013    Informational
RFC 6877ASCII, PDF464XLAT: Combination of Stateful and Stateless TranslationM. Mawatari, M. Kawashima, C. ByrneApril 2013    Informational
RFC 6875ASCII, PDFThe P2P Network Experiment Council's Activities and Experiments with Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) in JapanS. Kamei, T. Momose, T. Inoue, T. NishitaniFebruary 2013    Informational
RFC 6866ASCII, PDFProblem Statement for Renumbering IPv6 Hosts with Static Addresses in Enterprise NetworksB. Carpenter, S. JiangFebruary 2013    Informational
RFC 6863ASCII, PDFAnalysis of OSPF Security According to the Keying and Authentication for Routing Protocols (KARP) Design GuideS. Hartman, D. ZhangMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6862ASCII, PDFKeying and Authentication for Routing Protocols (KARP) Overview, Threats, and RequirementsG. Lebovitz, M. Bhatia, B. WeisMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6861ASCII, PDFThe "create-form" and "edit-form" Link RelationsI. DzmanashviliJanuary 2013    Informational
RFC 6852ASCII, PDFAffirmation of the Modern Paradigm for StandardsR. Housley, S. Mills, J. Jaffe, B. Aboba, L. St.AmourJanuary 2013    Informational
RFC 6847ASCII, PDFFibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) over Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)D. Melman, T. Mizrahi, D. Eastlake 3rdJanuary 2013    Informational
RFC 6841ASCII, PDFA Framework for DNSSEC Policies and DNSSEC Practice StatementsF. Ljunggren, AM. Eklund Lowinder, T. OkuboJanuary 2013    Informational
RFC 6839ASCII, PDFAdditional Media Type Structured Syntax SuffixesT. Hansen, A. MelnikovJanuary 2013Errata, Updates RFC 3023, Updated by RFC 7303Informational
RFC 6835ASCII, PDFThe Locator/ID Separation Protocol Internet Groper (LIG)D. Farinacci, D. MeyerJanuary 2013    Informational
RFC 6828ASCII, PDFContent Splicing for RTP SessionsJ. XiaJanuary 2013    Informational
RFC 6821ASCII, PDFImproving Peer Selection in Peer-to-peer Applications: Myths vs. RealityE. Marocco, A. Fusco, I. Rimac, V. GurbaniDecember 2012    Informational
RFC 6820ASCII, PDFAddress Resolution Problems in Large Data Center NetworksT. Narten, M. Karir, I. FooJanuary 2013    Informational
RFC 6819ASCII, PDFOAuth 2.0 Threat Model and Security ConsiderationsT. Lodderstedt, Ed., M. McGloin, P. HuntJanuary 2013ErrataInformational
RFC 6815ASCII, PDFApplicability Statement for RFC 2544: Use on Production Networks Considered HarmfulS. Bradner, K. Dubray, J. McQuaid, A. MortonNovember 2012Updates RFC 2544Informational
RFC 6813ASCII, PDFThe Network Endpoint Assessment (NEA) Asokan Attack AnalysisJ. Salowey, S. HannaDecember 2012    Informational
RFC 6812ASCII, PDFCisco Service-Level Assurance ProtocolM. Chiba, A. Clemm, S. Medley, J. Salowey, S. Thombare, E. YedavalliJanuary 2013    Informational
RFC 6808ASCII, PDFTest Plan and Results Supporting Advancement of RFC 2679 on the Standards TrackL. Ciavattone, R. Geib, A. Morton, M. WieserDecember 2012    Informational
RFC 6805ASCII, PDFThe Application of the Path Computation Element Architecture to the Determination of a Sequence of Domains in MPLS and GMPLSD. King, Ed., A. Farrel, Ed.November 2012    Informational
RFC 6803ASCII, PDFCamellia Encryption for Kerberos 5G. HudsonNovember 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6802ASCII, PDFEricsson Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) Value-Added OctetsS. Baillargeon, C. Flinta, A. JohnssonNovember 2012    Informational
RFC 6801ASCII, PDFPseudo Content Delivery Protocol (CDP) for Protecting Multiple Source Flows in the Forward Error Correction (FEC) FrameworkU. Kozat, A. BegenNovember 2012    Informational
RFC 6792ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Use of the RTP Monitoring FrameworkQ. Wu, Ed., G. Hunt, P. ArdenNovember 2012    Informational
RFC 6789ASCII, PDFCongestion Exposure (ConEx) Concepts and Use CasesB. Briscoe, Ed., R. Woundy, Ed., A. Cooper, Ed.December 2012    Informational
RFC 6783ASCII, PDFMailing Lists and Non-ASCII AddressesJ. Levine, R. GellensNovember 2012Obsoletes RFC 5983Informational
RFC 6782ASCII, PDFWireline Incremental IPv6V. Kuarsingh, Ed., L. HowardNovember 2012    Informational
RFC 6781ASCII, PDFDNSSEC Operational Practices, Version 2O. Kolkman, W. Mekking, R. GiebenDecember 2012Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4641Informational
RFC 6778ASCII, PDFRequirements for Archiving IETF Email Lists and for Providing Web-Based Browsing and SearchingR. SparksOctober 2012    Informational
RFC 6774ASCII, PDFDistribution of Diverse BGP PathsR. Raszuk, Ed., R. Fernando, K. Patel, D. McPherson, K. KumakiNovember 2012    Informational
RFC 6771ASCII, PDFConsiderations for Having a Successful "Bar BOF" Side MeetingL. Eggert, G. CamarilloOctober 2012    Informational
RFC 6770ASCII, PDFUse Cases for Content Delivery Network InterconnectionG. Bertrand, Ed., E. Stephan, T. Burbridge, P. Eardley, K. Ma, G. WatsonNovember 2012Obsoletes RFC 3570Informational
RFC 6769ASCII, PDFSimple Virtual Aggregation (S-VA)R. Raszuk, J. Heitz, A. Lo, L. Zhang, X. XuOctober 2012    Informational
RFC 6760ASCII, PDFRequirements for a Protocol to Replace the AppleTalk Name Binding Protocol (NBP)S. Cheshire, M. KrochmalFebruary 2013    Informational
RFC 6759ASCII, PDFCisco Systems Export of Application Information in IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX)B. Claise, P. Aitken, N. Ben-DvoraNovember 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6758ASCII, PDFTunneling of SMTP Message Transfer PrioritiesA. Melnikov, K. CarlbergOctober 2012    Informational
RFC 6756ASCII, PDFInternet Engineering Task Force and International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector Collaboration GuidelinesS. Trowbridge, Ed., E. Lear, Ed., G. Fishman, Ed., S. Bradner, Ed.September 2012Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3356Informational
RFC 6755ASCII, PDFAn IETF URN Sub-Namespace for OAuthB. Campbell, H. TschofenigOctober 2012    Informational
RFC 6752ASCII, PDFIssues with Private IP Addressing in the InternetA. KirkhamSeptember 2012    Informational
RFC 6730ASCII, PDFRequirements for IETF Nominations Committee ToolsS. Krishnan, J. HalpernSeptember 2012    Informational
RFC 6722ASCII, PDFPublishing the "Tao of the IETF" as a Web PageP. Hoffman, Ed.August 2012Obsoletes RFC 4677Informational
RFC 6718ASCII, PDFPseudowire RedundancyP. Muley, M. Aissaoui, M. BocciAugust 2012    Informational
RFC 6717ASCII, PDFkx509 Kerberized Certificate Issuance Protocol in Use in 2012H. Hotz, R. AllberyAugust 2012    Informational
RFC 6713ASCII, PDFThe 'application/zlib' and 'application/gzip' Media TypesJ. LevineAugust 2012    Informational
RFC 6711ASCII, PDFAn IANA Registry for Level of Assurance (LoA) ProfilesL. JohanssonAugust 2012    Informational
RFC 6709ASCII, PDFDesign Considerations for Protocol ExtensionsB. Carpenter, B. Aboba, Ed., S. CheshireSeptember 2012    Informational
RFC 6708ASCII, PDFApplication-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) RequirementsS. Kiesel, Ed., S. Previdi, M. Stiemerling, R. Woundy, Y. YangSeptember 2012    Informational
RFC 6707ASCII, PDFContent Distribution Network Interconnection (CDNI) Problem StatementB. Niven-Jenkins, F. Le Faucheur, N. BitarSeptember 2012    Informational
RFC 6703ASCII, PDFReporting IP Network Performance Metrics: Different Points of ViewA. Morton, G. Ramachandran, G. MaguluriAugust 2012    Informational
RFC 6702ASCII, PDFPromoting Compliance with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Disclosure RulesT. Polk, P. Saint-AndreAugust 2012    Informational
RFC 6701ASCII, PDFSanctions Available for Application to Violators of IETF IPR PolicyA. Farrel, P. ResnickAugust 2012    Informational
RFC 6697ASCII, PDFHandover Keying (HOKEY) Architecture DesignG. Zorn, Ed., Q. Wu, T. Taylor, Y. Nir, K. Hoeper, S. DecugisJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6695ASCII, PDFMethods to Convey Forward Error Correction (FEC) Framework Configuration InformationR. AsatiAugust 2012    Informational
RFC 6694ASCII, PDFThe "about" URI SchemeS. Moonesamy, Ed.August 2012    Informational
RFC 6691ASCII, PDFTCP Options and Maximum Segment Size (MSS)D. BormanJuly 2012Updates RFC 879, RFC 2385Informational
RFC 6689ASCII, PDFUsage of the RSVP ASSOCIATION ObjectL. BergerJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6687ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesPerformance Evaluation of the Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPL)J. Tripathi, Ed., J. de Oliveira, Ed., JP. Vasseur, Ed.October 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6686ASCII, PDFResolution of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Sender ID ExperimentsM. KucherawyJuly 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6684ASCII, PDFGuidelines and Template for Defining Extensions to the Incident Object Description Exchange Format (IODEF)B. TrammellJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6683ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Implementing Digital Video Broadcasting - IPTV (DVB-IPTV) Application-Layer Hybrid Forward Error Correction (FEC) ProtectionA. Begen, T. StockhammerAugust 2012    Informational
RFC 6678ASCII, PDFRequirements for a Tunnel-Based Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) MethodK. Hoeper, S. Hanna, H. Zhou, J. Salowey, Ed.July 2012    Informational
RFC 6676ASCII, PDFMulticast Addresses for DocumentationS. Venaas, R. Parekh, G. Van de Velde, T. Chown, M. EubanksAugust 2012    Informational
RFC 6671ASCII, PDFAllocation of a Generic Associated Channel Type for ITU-T MPLS Transport Profile Operation, Maintenance, and Administration (MPLS-TP OAM)M. BettsNovember 2012    Informational
RFC 6670ASCII, PDFThe Reasons for Selecting a Single Solution for MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM)N. Sprecher, KY. HongJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6669ASCII, PDFAn Overview of the Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Toolset for MPLS-Based Transport NetworksN. Sprecher, L. FangJuly 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6666ASCII, PDFA Discard Prefix for IPv6N. Hilliard, D. FreedmanAugust 2012    Informational
RFC 6664ASCII, PDFS/MIME Capabilities for Public Key DefinitionsJ. SchaadJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6663ASCII, PDFRequirements for Signaling of Pre-Congestion Information in a Diffserv DomainG. Karagiannis, T. Taylor, K. Chan, M. Menth, P. EardleyJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6659ASCII, PDFConsiderations for Deploying the Rapid Acquisition of Multicast RTP Sessions (RAMS) MethodA. BegenJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6656ASCII, PDFDescription of Cisco Systems' Subnet Allocation Option for DHCPv4R. Johnson, K. Kinnear, M. StappJuly 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6654ASCII, PDFGateway-Initiated IPv6 Rapid Deployment on IPv4 Infrastructures (GI 6rd)T. Tsou, C. Zhou, T. Taylor, Q. ChenJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6653ASCII, PDFDHCPv6 Prefix Delegation in Long-Term Evolution (LTE) NetworksB. Sarikaya, F. Xia, T. LemonJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6646ASCII, PDFDECoupled Application Data Enroute (DECADE) Problem StatementH. Song, N. Zong, Y. Yang, R. AlimiJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6645ASCII, PDFIP Flow Information Accounting and Export Benchmarking MethodologyJ. NovakJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6640ASCII, PDFIETF Meeting Attendees' Frequently Asked (Travel) QuestionsW. GeorgeJune 2012    Informational
RFC 6639ASCII, PDFMultiprotocol Label Switching Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) MIB-Based Management OverviewD. King, Ed., M. Venkatesan, Ed.June 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6636ASCII, PDFTuning the Behavior of the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) for Routers in Mobile and Wireless NetworksH. Asaeda, H. Liu, Q. WuMay 2012    Informational
RFC 6635ASCII, PDFRFC Editor Model (Version 2)O. Kolkman, Ed., J. Halpern, Ed., IABJune 2012Obsoletes RFC 5620Informational
RFC 6632ASCII, PDFAn Overview of the IETF Network Management StandardsM. Ersue, Ed., B. ClaiseJune 2012    Informational
RFC 6629ASCII, PDFConsiderations on the Application of the Level 3 Multihoming Shim Protocol for IPv6 (Shim6)J. Abley, M. Bagnulo, A. Garcia-MartinezJune 2012    Informational
RFC 6627ASCII, PDFOverview of Pre-Congestion Notification EncodingG. Karagiannis, K. Chan, T. Moncaster, M. Menth, P. Eardley, B. BriscoeJuly 2012    Informational
RFC 6624ASCII, PDFLayer 2 Virtual Private Networks Using BGP for Auto-Discovery and SignalingK. Kompella, B. Kothari, R. CherukuriMay 2012    Informational
RFC 6612ASCII, PDFInteractions between Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) and Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6): Scenarios and Related IssuesG. Giaretta, Ed.May 2012    Informational
RFC 6606ASCII, PDFProblem Statement and Requirements for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Network (6LoWPAN) RoutingE. Kim, D. Kaspar, C. Gomez, C. BormannMay 2012    Informational
RFC 6596ASCII, PDFThe Canonical Link RelationM. Ohye, J. KupkeApril 2012    Informational
RFC 6592ASCII, PDFThe Null PacketC. Pignataro1 April 2012    Informational
RFC 6589ASCII, PDFConsiderations for Transitioning Content to IPv6J. LivingoodApril 2012    Informational
RFC 6588ASCII, PDFA URN Namespace for ucodeC. IshikawaApril 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6586ASCII, PDFExperiences from an IPv6-Only NetworkJ. Arkko, A. KeranenApril 2012    Informational
RFC 6583ASCII, PDFOperational Neighbor Discovery ProblemsI. Gashinsky, J. Jaeggli, W. KumariMarch 2012    Informational
RFC 6579ASCII, PDFThe 'disclosure' Link Relation TypeM. YevstifeyevMarch 2012    Informational
RFC 6574ASCII, PDFReport from the Smart Object WorkshopH. Tschofenig, J. ArkkoApril 2012    Informational
RFC 6573ASCII, PDFThe Item and Collection Link RelationsM. AmundsenApril 2012    Informational
RFC 6571ASCII, PDFLoop-Free Alternate (LFA) Applicability in Service Provider (SP) NetworksC. Filsfils, Ed., P. Francois, Ed., M. Shand, B. Decraene, J. Uttaro, N. Leymann, M. HornefferJune 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6569ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Development of an Audio Codec within the IETFJM. Valin, S. Borilin, K. Vos, C. Montgomery, R. ChenMarch 2012    Informational
RFC 6568ASCII, PDFDesign and Application Spaces for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs)E. Kim, D. Kaspar, JP. VasseurApril 2012    Informational
RFC 6567ASCII, PDFProblem Statement and Requirements for Transporting User-to-User Call Control Information in SIPA. Johnston, L. LiessApril 2012    Informational
RFC 6566ASCII, PDFA Framework for the Control of Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (WSONs) with ImpairmentsY. Lee, Ed., G. Bernstein, Ed., D. Li, G. MartinelliMarch 2012    Informational
RFC 6563ASCII, PDFMoving A6 to Historic StatusS. Jiang, D. Conrad, B. CarpenterMarch 2012    Informational
RFC 6561ASCII, PDFRecommendations for the Remediation of Bots in ISP NetworksJ. Livingood, N. Mody, M. O'ReirdanMarch 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6556ASCII, PDFTesting Eyeball HappinessF. BakerApril 2012    Informational
RFC 6548ASCII, PDFIndependent Submission Editor ModelN. Brownlee, Ed., IABJune 2012Obsoletes RFC 5620Informational
RFC 6547ASCII, PDFRFC 3627 to Historic StatusW. GeorgeFebruary 2012Obsoletes RFC 3627, Updates RFC 6164Informational
RFC 6539ASCII, PDFIBAKE: Identity-Based Authenticated Key ExchangeV. Cakulev, G. Sundaram, I. BroustisMarch 2012    Informational
RFC 6538ASCII, PDFThe Host Identity Protocol (HIP) Experiment ReportT. Henderson, A. GurtovMarch 2012    Informational
RFC 6518ASCII, PDFKeying and Authentication for Routing Protocols (KARP) Design GuidelinesG. Lebovitz, M. BhatiaFebruary 2012    Informational
RFC 6517ASCII, PDFMandatory Features in a Layer 3 Multicast BGP/MPLS VPN SolutionT. Morin, Ed., B. Niven-Jenkins, Ed., Y. Kamite, R. Zhang, N. Leymann, N. BitarFebruary 2012    Informational
RFC 6509ASCII, PDFMIKEY-SAKKE: Sakai-Kasahara Key Encryption in Multimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY)M. GrovesFebruary 2012    Informational
RFC 6508ASCII, PDFSakai-Kasahara Key Encryption (SAKKE)M. GrovesFebruary 2012    Informational
RFC 6507ASCII, PDFElliptic Curve-Based Certificateless Signatures for Identity-Based Encryption (ECCSI)M. GrovesFebruary 2012    Informational
RFC 6504ASCII, PDFCentralized Conferencing Manipulation Protocol (CCMP) Call Flow ExamplesM. Barnes, L. Miniero, R. Presta, S P. RomanoMarch 2012    Informational
RFC 6498ASCII, PDFMedia Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Voiceband Data (VBD) Package and General-Purpose Media Descriptor Parameter PackageJ. Stone, R. Kumar, F. AndreasenFebruary 2012    Informational
RFC 6497ASCII, PDFBCP 47 Extension T - Transformed ContentM. Davis, A. Phillips, Y. Umaoka, C. FalkFebruary 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6483ASCII, PDFValidation of Route Origination Using the Resource Certificate Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs)G. Huston, G. MichaelsonFebruary 2012    Informational
RFC 6480ASCII, PDFAn Infrastructure to Support Secure Internet RoutingM. Lepinski, S. KentFebruary 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6479ASCII, PDFIPsec Anti-Replay Algorithm without Bit ShiftingX. Zhang, T. TsouJanuary 2012    Informational
RFC 6477ASCII, PDFRegistration of Military Message Handling System (MMHS) Header Fields for Use in Internet MailA. Melnikov, G. LuntJanuary 2012    Informational
RFC 6471ASCII, PDFOverview of Best Email DNS-Based List (DNSBL) Operational PracticesC. Lewis, M. SergeantJanuary 2012    Informational
RFC 6467ASCII, PDFSecure Password Framework for Internet Key Exchange Version 2 (IKEv2)T. KivinenDecember 2011    Informational
RFC 6462ASCII, PDFReport from the Internet Privacy WorkshopA. CooperJanuary 2012    Informational
RFC 6461ASCII, PDFData for Reachability of Inter-/Intra-NetworK SIP (DRINKS) Use Cases and Protocol RequirementsS. Channabasappa, Ed.January 2012    Informational
RFC 6459ASCII, PDFIPv6 in 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Evolved Packet System (EPS)J. Korhonen, Ed., J. Soininen, B. Patil, T. Savolainen, G. Bajko, K. IisakkilaJanuary 2012    Informational
RFC 6458ASCII, PDFSockets API Extensions for the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)R. Stewart, M. Tuexen, K. Poon, P. Lei, V. YasevichDecember 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6457ASCII, PDFPCC-PCE Communication and PCE Discovery Requirements for Inter-Layer Traffic EngineeringT. Takeda, Ed., A. FarrelDecember 2011    Informational
RFC 6456ASCII, PDFMulti-Segment Pseudowires in Passive Optical NetworksH. Li, R. Zheng, A. FarrelNovember 2011    Informational
RFC 6453ASCII, PDFA URN Namespace for the Open Grid Forum (OGF)F. Dijkstra, R. Hughes-JonesDecember 2011    Informational
RFC 6449ASCII, PDFComplaint Feedback Loop Operational RecommendationsJ. Falk, Ed.November 2011    Informational
RFC 6444ASCII, PDFLocation Hiding: Problem Statement and RequirementsH. Schulzrinne, L. Liess, H. Tschofenig, B. Stark, A. KuettJanuary 2012    Informational
RFC 6443ASCII, PDFFramework for Emergency Calling Using Internet MultimediaB. Rosen, H. Schulzrinne, J. Polk, A. NewtonDecember 2011Updated by RFC 7852Informational
RFC 6436ASCII, PDFRationale for Update to the IPv6 Flow Label SpecificationS. Amante, B. Carpenter, S. JiangNovember 2011    Informational
RFC 6434ASCII, PDFIPv6 Node RequirementsE. Jankiewicz, J. Loughney, T. NartenDecember 2011Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4294, Obsoleted by RFC 8504Informational
RFC 6433ASCII, PDFRequirements for a Working Group Milestones ToolP. HoffmanNovember 2011Updates RFC 6292Informational
RFC 6431ASCII, PDFHuawei Port Range Configuration Options for PPP IP Control Protocol (IPCP)M. Boucadair, P. Levis, G. Bajko, T. Savolainen, T. TsouNovember 2011    Informational
RFC 6429ASCII, PDFTCP Sender Clarification for Persist ConditionM. Bashyam, M. Jethanandani, A. RamaiahDecember 2011    Informational
RFC 6421ASCII, PDFCrypto-Agility Requirements for Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS)D. Nelson, Ed.November 2011    Informational
RFC 6419ASCII, PDFCurrent Practices for Multiple-Interface HostsM. Wasserman, P. SeiteNovember 2011    Informational
RFC 6418ASCII, PDFMultiple Interfaces and Provisioning Domains Problem StatementM. Blanchet, P. SeiteNovember 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6417ASCII, PDFHow to Contribute Research Results to Internet StandardizationP. Eardley, L. Eggert, M. Bagnulo, R. WinterNovember 2011    Informational
RFC 6414ASCII, PDFBenchmarking Terminology for Protection PerformanceS. Poretsky, R. Papneja, J. Karthik, S. VapiwalaNovember 2011    Informational
RFC 6413ASCII, PDFBenchmarking Methodology for Link-State IGP Data-Plane Route ConvergenceS. Poretsky, B. Imhoff, K. MichielsenNovember 2011    Informational
RFC 6412ASCII, PDFTerminology for Benchmarking Link-State IGP Data-Plane Route ConvergenceS. Poretsky, B. Imhoff, K. MichielsenNovember 2011    Informational
RFC 6411ASCII, PDFApplicability of Keying Methods for RSVP SecurityM. Behringer, F. Le Faucheur, B. WeisOctober 2011    Informational
RFC 6406ASCII, PDFSession PEERing for Multimedia INTerconnect (SPEERMINT) ArchitectureD. Malas, Ed., J. Livingood, Ed.November 2011    Informational
RFC 6405ASCII, PDFVoice over IP (VoIP) SIP Peering Use CasesA. Uzelac, Ed., Y. Lee, Ed.November 2011    Informational
RFC 6404ASCII, PDFSession PEERing for Multimedia INTerconnect (SPEERMINT) Security Threats and Suggested CountermeasuresJ. Seedorf, S. Niccolini, E. Chen, H. ScholzNovember 2011    Informational
RFC 6394ASCII, PDFUse Cases and Requirements for DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE)R. BarnesOctober 2011    Informational
RFC 6393ASCII, PDFMoving RFC 4693 to HistoricM. YevstifeyevSeptember 2011Obsoletes RFC 4693Informational
RFC 6392ASCII, PDFA Survey of In-Network Storage SystemsR. Alimi, Ed., A. Rahman, Ed., Y. Yang, Ed.October 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6386ASCII, PDFVP8 Data Format and Decoding GuideJ. Bankoski, J. Koleszar, L. Quillio, J. Salonen, P. Wilkins, Y. XuNovember 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6385ASCII, PDFGeneral Area Review Team (Gen-ART) ExperiencesM. Barnes, A. Doria, H. Alvestrand, B. CarpenterOctober 2011    Informational
RFC 6383ASCII, PDFAdvice on When It Is Safe to Start Sending Data on Label Switched Paths Established Using RSVP-TEK. Shiomoto, A. FarrelSeptember 2011    Informational
RFC 6375ASCII, PDFA Packet Loss and Delay Measurement Profile for MPLS-Based Transport NetworksD. Frost, Ed., S. Bryant, Ed.September 2011    Informational
RFC 6373ASCII, PDFMPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Control Plane FrameworkL. Andersson, Ed., L. Berger, Ed., L. Fang, Ed., N. Bitar, Ed., E. Gray, Ed.September 2011    Informational
RFC 6372ASCII, PDFMPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Survivability FrameworkN. Sprecher, Ed., A. Farrel, Ed.September 2011    Informational
RFC 6371ASCII, PDFOperations, Administration, and Maintenance Framework for MPLS-Based Transport NetworksI. Busi, Ed., D. Allan, Ed.September 2011Errata, Updated by RFC 6435Informational
RFC 6369ASCII, PDFForwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) Implementation ExperienceE. Haleplidis, O. Koufopavlou, S. DenazisSeptember 2011    Informational
RFC 6367ASCII, PDFAddition of the Camellia Cipher Suites to Transport Layer Security (TLS)S. Kanno, M. KandaSeptember 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6366ASCII, PDFRequirements for an Internet Audio CodecJ. Valin, K. VosAugust 2011    Informational
RFC 6362ASCII, PDFMultiple Attachments for Electronic Data Interchange - Internet Integration (EDIINT)K. Meadors, Ed.August 2011    Informational
RFC 6360ASCII, PDFConclusion of FYI RFC Sub-SeriesR. HousleyAugust 2011Obsoletes RFC 1150Informational
RFC 6359ASCII, PDFDatatracker Extensions to Include IANA and RFC Editor Processing InformationS. Ginoza, M. Cotton, A. MorrisSeptember 2011    Informational
RFC 6357ASCII, PDFDesign Considerations for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Overload ControlV. Hilt, E. Noel, C. Shen, A. AbdelalAugust 2011    Informational
RFC 6349ASCII, PDFFramework for TCP Throughput TestingB. Constantine, G. Forget, R. Geib, R. SchrageAugust 2011    Informational
RFC 6343ASCII, PDFAdvisory Guidelines for 6to4 DeploymentB. CarpenterAugust 2011    Informational
RFC 6342ASCII, PDFMobile Networks Considerations for IPv6 DeploymentR. KoodliAugust 2011Obsoletes RFC 6312Informational
RFC 6341ASCII, PDFUse Cases and Requirements for SIP-Based Media Recording (SIPREC)K. Rehor, Ed., L. Portman, Ed., A. Hutton, R. JainAugust 2011    Informational
RFC 6338ASCII, PDFDefinition of a Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Schema for Academia (SCHAC)V. Giralt, R. McDuffAugust 2011    Informational
RFC 6337ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) Usage of the Offer/Answer ModelS. Okumura, T. Sawada, P. KyzivatAugust 2011    Informational
RFC 6331ASCII, PDFMoving DIGEST-MD5 to HistoricA. MelnikovJuly 2011Obsoletes RFC 2831Informational
RFC 6324ASCII, PDFRouting Loop Attack Using IPv6 Automatic Tunnels: Problem Statement and Proposed MitigationsG. Nakibly, F. TemplinAugust 2011    Informational
RFC 6322ASCII, PDFDatatracker States and Annotations for the IAB, IRTF, and Independent Submission StreamsP. HoffmanJuly 2011    Informational
RFC 6319ASCII, PDFIssues Associated with Designating Additional Private IPv4 Address SpaceM. Azinger, L. VegodaJuly 2011    Informational
RFC 6316ASCII, PDFSockets Application Program Interface (API) for Multihoming ShimM. Komu, M. Bagnulo, K. Slavov, S. Sugimoto, Ed.July 2011    Informational
RFC 6315ASCII, PDFIANA Registration for Enumservice 'iax'E. Guy, K. DarilionJuly 2011    Informational
RFC 6314ASCII, PDFNAT Traversal Practices for Client-Server SIPC. Boulton, J. Rosenberg, G. Camarillo, F. AudetJuly 2011    Informational
RFC 6312ASCII, PDFMobile Networks Considerations for IPv6 DeploymentR. KoodliJuly 2011Obsoleted by RFC 6342Informational
RFC 6308ASCII, PDFOverview of the Internet Multicast Addressing ArchitectureP. SavolaJune 2011Obsoletes RFC 2908Informational
RFC 6305ASCII, PDFI'm Being Attacked by PRISONER.IANA.ORG!J. Abley, W. MatonJuly 2011    Informational
RFC 6304ASCII, PDFAS112 Nameserver OperationsJ. Abley, W. MatonJuly 2011Obsoleted by RFC 7534Informational
RFC 6301ASCII, PDFA Survey of Mobility Support in the InternetZ. Zhu, R. Wakikawa, L. ZhangJuly 2011    Informational
RFC 6297ASCII, PDFA Survey of Lower-than-Best-Effort Transport ProtocolsM. Welzl, D. RosJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6294ASCII, PDFSurvey of Proposed Use Cases for the IPv6 Flow LabelQ. Hu, B. CarpenterJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6293ASCII, PDFRequirements for Internet-Draft Tracking by the IETF Community in the DatatrackerP. HoffmanJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6292ASCII, PDFRequirements for a Working Group Charter ToolP. HoffmanJune 2011Errata, Updated by RFC 6433Informational
RFC 6289ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for CableLabsE. Cardona, S. Channabasappa, J-F. MuleJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6288ASCII, PDFURN Namespace for the Defence Geospatial Information Working Group (DGIWG)C. ReedAugust 2011    Informational
RFC 6287ASCII, PDFOCRA: OATH Challenge-Response AlgorithmD. M'Raihi, J. Rydell, S. Bajaj, S. Machani, D. NaccacheJune 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6281ASCII, PDFUnderstanding Apple's Back to My Mac (BTMM) ServiceS. Cheshire, Z. Zhu, R. Wakikawa, L. ZhangJune 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6279ASCII, PDFProxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Localized Routing Problem StatementM. Liebsch, Ed., S. Jeong, Q. WuJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6278ASCII, PDFUse of Static-Static Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement in Cryptographic Message SyntaxJ. Herzog, R. KhazanJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6274ASCII, PDFSecurity Assessment of the Internet Protocol Version 4F. GontJuly 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6273ASCII, PDFThe Secure Neighbor Discovery (SEND) Hash Threat AnalysisA. Kukec, S. Krishnan, S. JiangJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6272ASCII, PDFInternet Protocols for the Smart GridF. Baker, D. MeyerJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6271ASCII, PDFRequirements for SIP-Based Session PeeringJ-F. MuleJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6269ASCII, PDFIssues with IP Address SharingM. Ford, Ed., M. Boucadair, A. Durand, P. Levis, P. RobertsJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6268ASCII, PDFAdditional New ASN.1 Modules for the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) and the Public Key Infrastructure Using X.509 (PKIX)J. Schaad, S. TurnerJuly 2011Updates RFC 5911Informational
RFC 6267ASCII, PDFMIKEY-IBAKE: Identity-Based Authenticated Key Exchange (IBAKE) Mode of Key Distribution in Multimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY)V. Cakulev, G. SundaramJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6264ASCII, PDFAn Incremental Carrier-Grade NAT (CGN) for IPv6 TransitionS. Jiang, D. Guo, B. CarpenterJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6256ASCII, PDFUsing Self-Delimiting Numeric Values in ProtocolsW. Eddy, E. DaviesMay 2011    Informational
RFC 6255ASCII, PDFDelay-Tolerant Networking Bundle Protocol IANA RegistriesM. BlanchetMay 2011    Informational
RFC 6254ASCII, PDFRequest to Move RFC 2754 to Historic StatusM. McFaddenMay 2011Obsoletes RFC 2754Informational
RFC 6252ASCII, PDFA Framework of Media-Independent Pre-Authentication (MPA) for Inter-Domain Handover OptimizationA. Dutta, Ed., V. Fajardo, Y. Ohba, K. Taniuchi, H. SchulzrinneJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6251ASCII, PDFUsing Kerberos Version 5 over the Transport Layer Security (TLS) ProtocolS. JosefssonMay 2011    Informational
RFC 6250ASCII, PDFEvolution of the IP ModelD. ThalerMay 2011    Informational
RFC 6248ASCII, PDFRFC 4148 and the IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) Registry of Metrics Are ObsoleteA. MortonApril 2011Obsoletes RFC 4148, Updates RFC 4737, RFC 5560, RFC 5644, RFC 6049Informational
RFC 6247ASCII, PDFMoving the Undeployed TCP Extensions RFC 1072, RFC 1106, RFC 1110, RFC 1145, RFC 1146, RFC 1379, RFC 1644, and RFC 1693 to Historic StatusL. EggertMay 2011Obsoletes RFC 1072, RFC 1106, RFC 1110, RFC 1145, RFC 1146, RFC 1379, RFC 1644, RFC 1693, Updates RFC 4614Informational
RFC 6246ASCII, PDFVirtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) Interoperability with Customer Edge (CE) BridgesA. Sajassi, Ed., F. Brockners, D. Mohan, Ed., Y. SerbestJune 2011    Informational
RFC 6244ASCII, PDFAn Architecture for Network Management Using NETCONF and YANGP. ShaferJune 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6238ASCII, PDFTOTP: Time-Based One-Time Password AlgorithmD. M'Raihi, S. Machani, M. Pei, J. RydellMay 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6234ASCII, PDFUS Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA and SHA-based HMAC and HKDF)D. Eastlake 3rd, T. HansenMay 2011Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4634, Updates RFC 3174Informational
RFC 6229ASCII, PDFTest Vectors for the Stream Cipher RC4J. Strombergson, S. JosefssonMay 2011    Informational
RFC 6227ASCII, PDFDesign Goals for Scalable Internet RoutingT. Li, Ed.May 2011    Informational
RFC 6224ASCII, PDFBase Deployment for Multicast Listener Support in Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) DomainsT. Schmidt, M. Waehlisch, S. KrishnanApril 2011    Informational
RFC 6220ASCII, PDFDefining the Role and Function of IETF Protocol Parameter Registry OperatorsD. McPherson, Ed., O. Kolkman, Ed., J. Klensin, Ed., G. Huston, Ed., Internet Architecture BoardApril 2011    Informational
RFC 6219ASCII, PDFThe China Education and Research Network (CERNET) IVI Translation Design and Deployment for the IPv4/IPv6 Coexistence and TransitionX. Li, C. Bao, M. Chen, H. Zhang, J. WuMay 2011    Informational
RFC 6218ASCII, PDFCisco Vendor-Specific RADIUS Attributes for the Delivery of Keying MaterialG. Zorn, T. Zhang, J. Walker, J. SaloweyApril 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6216ASCII, PDFExample Call Flows Using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Security MechanismsC. Jennings, K. Ono, R. Sparks, B. Hibbard, Ed.April 2011    Informational
RFC 6215ASCII, PDFMPLS Transport Profile User-to-Network and Network-to-Network InterfacesM. Bocci, L. Levrau, D. FrostApril 2011Updates RFC 5921Informational
RFC 6214ASCII, PDFAdaptation of RFC 1149 for IPv6B. Carpenter, R. Hinden1 April 2011Errata, Updates RFC 1149Informational
RFC 6209ASCII, PDFAddition of the ARIA Cipher Suites to Transport Layer Security (TLS)W. Kim, J. Lee, J. Park, D. KwonApril 2011    Informational
RFC 6208ASCII, PDFCloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) Media TypesK. Sankar, Ed., A. JonesApril 2011    Informational
RFC 6207ASCII, PDFThe Media Types application/mods+xml, application/mads+xml, application/mets+xml, application/marcxml+xml, and application/sru+xmlR. Denenberg, Ed.April 2011    Informational
RFC 6204ASCII, PDFBasic Requirements for IPv6 Customer Edge RoutersH. Singh, W. Beebee, C. Donley, B. Stark, O. Troan, Ed.April 2011Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7084Informational
RFC 6202ASCII, PDFKnown Issues and Best Practices for the Use of Long Polling and Streaming in Bidirectional HTTPS. Loreto, P. Saint-Andre, S. Salsano, G. WilkinsApril 2011    Informational
RFC 6201ASCII, PDFDevice Reset CharacterizationR. Asati, C. Pignataro, F. Calabria, C. OlveraMarch 2011Updates RFC 1242, RFC 2544Informational
RFC 6198ASCII, PDFRequirements for the Graceful Shutdown of BGP SessionsB. Decraene, P. Francois, C. Pelsser, Z. Ahmad, A.J. Elizondo Armengol, T. TakedaApril 2011    Informational
RFC 6194ASCII, PDFSecurity Considerations for the SHA-0 and SHA-1 Message-Digest AlgorithmsT. Polk, L. Chen, S. Turner, P. HoffmanMarch 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6193ASCII, PDFMedia Description for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE) in the Session Description Protocol (SDP)M. Saito, D. Wing, M. ToyamaApril 2011    Informational
RFC 6192ASCII, PDFProtecting the Router Control PlaneD. Dugal, C. Pignataro, R. DunnMarch 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6189ASCII, PDFZRTP: Media Path Key Agreement for Unicast Secure RTPP. Zimmermann, A. Johnston, Ed., J. CallasApril 2011    Informational
RFC 6183ASCII, PDFIP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Mediation: FrameworkA. Kobayashi, B. Claise, G. Muenz, K. IshibashiApril 2011Errata, Updates RFC 5470Informational
RFC 6182ASCII, PDFArchitectural Guidelines for Multipath TCP DevelopmentA. Ford, C. Raiciu, M. Handley, S. Barre, J. IyengarMarch 2011    Informational
RFC 6181ASCII, PDFThreat Analysis for TCP Extensions for Multipath Operation with Multiple AddressesM. BagnuloMarch 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6180ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Using IPv6 Transition Mechanisms during IPv6 DeploymentJ. Arkko, F. BakerMay 2011    Informational
RFC 6175ASCII, PDFRequirements to Extend the Datatracker for IETF Working Group Chairs and AuthorsE. JuskeviciusMarch 2011    Informational
RFC 6174ASCII, PDFDefinition of IETF Working Group Document StatesE. JuskeviciusMarch 2011    Informational
RFC 6169ASCII, PDFSecurity Concerns with IP TunnelingS. Krishnan, D. Thaler, J. HoaglandApril 2011    Informational
RFC 6168ASCII, PDFRequirements for Management of Name Servers for the DNSW. HardakerMay 2011    Informational
RFC 6167ASCII, PDFURI Scheme for Java(tm) Message Service 1.0M. Phillips, P. Adams, D. Rokicki, E. JohnsonApril 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6163ASCII, PDFFramework for GMPLS and Path Computation Element (PCE) Control of Wavelength Switched Optical Networks (WSONs)Y. Lee, Ed., G. Bernstein, Ed., W. ImajukuApril 2011    Informational
RFC 6159ASCII, PDFSession-Specific Explicit Diameter Request RoutingT. Tsou, G. Zorn, T. Taylor, Ed.April 2011    Informational
RFC 6151ASCII, PDFUpdated Security Considerations for the MD5 Message-Digest and the HMAC-MD5 AlgorithmsS. Turner, L. ChenMarch 2011Updates RFC 1321, RFC 2104Informational
RFC 6150ASCII, PDFMD4 to Historic StatusS. Turner, L. ChenMarch 2011Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1320Informational
RFC 6149ASCII, PDFMD2 to Historic StatusS. Turner, L. ChenMarch 2011Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1319Informational
RFC 6144ASCII, PDFFramework for IPv4/IPv6 TranslationF. Baker, X. Li, C. Bao, K. YinApril 2011    Informational
RFC 6143ASCII, PDFThe Remote Framebuffer ProtocolT. Richardson, J. LevineMarch 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6142ASCII, PDFANSI C12.22, IEEE 1703, and MC12.22 Transport Over IPA. Moise, J. BrodkinMarch 2011    Informational
RFC 6139ASCII, PDFRouting and Addressing in Networks with Global Enterprise Recursion (RANGER) ScenariosS. Russert, Ed., E. Fleischman, Ed., F. Templin, Ed.February 2011    Informational
RFC 6138ASCII, PDFLDP IGP Synchronization for Broadcast NetworksS. Kini, Ed., W. Lu, Ed.February 2011Updates RFC 5443Informational
RFC 6136ASCII, PDFLayer 2 Virtual Private Network (L2VPN) Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Requirements and FrameworkA. Sajassi, Ed., D. Mohan, Ed.March 2011    Informational
RFC 6133ASCII, PDFSieve Email Filtering: Use of Presence Information with Auto-Responder FunctionalityR. George, B. Leiba, A. MelnikovJuly 2011    Informational
RFC 6129ASCII, PDFThe 'application/tei+xml' Media TypeL. Romary, S. LundbergFebruary 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6127ASCII, PDFIPv4 Run-Out and IPv4-IPv6 Co-Existence ScenariosJ. Arkko, M. TownsleyMay 2011    Informational
RFC 6124ASCII, PDFAn EAP Authentication Method Based on the Encrypted Key Exchange (EKE) ProtocolY. Sheffer, G. Zorn, H. Tschofenig, S. FluhrerFebruary 2011    Informational
RFC 6115ASCII, PDFRecommendation for a Routing ArchitectureT. Li, Ed.February 2011    Informational
RFC 6114ASCII, PDFThe 128-Bit Blockcipher CLEFIAM. Katagi, S. MoriaiMarch 2011    Informational
RFC 6109ASCII, PDFLa Posta Elettronica Certificata - Italian Certified Electronic MailC. Petrucci, F. Gennai, A. Shahin, A. VinciarelliApril 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6108ASCII, PDFComcast's Web Notification System DesignC. Chung, A. Kasyanov, J. Livingood, N. Mody, B. Van LieuFebruary 2011    Informational
RFC 6105ASCII, PDFIPv6 Router Advertisement GuardE. Levy-Abegnoli, G. Van de Velde, C. Popoviciu, J. MohacsiFebruary 2011Updated by RFC 7113Informational
RFC 6104ASCII, PDFRogue IPv6 Router Advertisement Problem StatementT. Chown, S. VenaasFebruary 2011    Informational
RFC 6097ASCII, PDFLocal Mobility Anchor (LMA) Discovery for Proxy Mobile IPv6J. Korhonen, V. DevarapalliFebruary 2011    Informational
RFC 6094ASCII, PDFSummary of Cryptographic Authentication Algorithm Implementation Requirements for Routing ProtocolsM. Bhatia, V. ManralFebruary 2011    Informational
RFC 6092ASCII, PDFRecommended Simple Security Capabilities in Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for Providing Residential IPv6 Internet ServiceJ. Woodyatt, Ed.January 2011    Informational
RFC 6091ASCII, PDFUsing OpenPGP Keys for Transport Layer Security (TLS) AuthenticationN. Mavrogiannopoulos, D. GillmorFebruary 2011Obsoletes RFC 5081Informational
RFC 6090ASCII, PDFFundamental Elliptic Curve Cryptography AlgorithmsD. McGrew, K. Igoe, M. SalterFebruary 2011ErrataInformational
RFC 6087ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Authors and Reviewers of YANG Data Model DocumentsA. BiermanJanuary 2011Obsoleted by RFC 8407Informational
RFC 6082ASCII, PDFDeprecating Unicode Language Tag Characters: RFC 2482 is HistoricK. Whistler, G. Adams, M. Duerst, R. Presuhn, Ed., J. KlensinNovember 2010Obsoletes RFC 2482Informational
RFC 6077ASCII, PDFOpen Research Issues in Internet Congestion ControlD. Papadimitriou, Ed., M. Welzl, M. Scharf, B. BriscoeFebruary 2011    Informational
RFC 6071ASCII, PDFIP Security (IPsec) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Document RoadmapS. Frankel, S. KrishnanFebruary 2011Obsoletes RFC 2411Informational
RFC 6070ASCII, PDFPKCS #5: Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2) Test VectorsS. JosefssonJanuary 2011    Informational
RFC 6067ASCII, PDFBCP 47 Extension UM. Davis, A. Phillips, Y. UmaokaDecember 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 6064ASCII, PDFSDP and RTSP Extensions Defined for 3GPP Packet-Switched Streaming Service and Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast ServiceM. Westerlund, P. FrojdhJanuary 2011    Informational
RFC 6061ASCII, PDFUniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the National Emergency Number Association (NENA)B. RosenJanuary 2011    Informational
RFC 6057ASCII, PDFComcast's Protocol-Agnostic Congestion Management SystemC. Bastian, T. Klieber, J. Livingood, J. Mills, R. WoundyDecember 2010    Informational
RFC 6055ASCII, PDFIAB Thoughts on Encodings for Internationalized Domain NamesD. Thaler, J. Klensin, S. CheshireFebruary 2011Errata, Updates RFC 2130Informational
RFC 6053ASCII, PDFImplementation Report for Forwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES)E. Haleplidis, K. Ogawa, W. Wang, J. Hadi SalimNovember 2010Updated by RFC 6984Informational
RFC 6050ASCII, PDFA Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension for the Identification of ServicesK. DrageNovember 2010    Informational
RFC 6046ASCII, PDFTransport of Real-time Inter-network Defense (RID) MessagesK. Moriarty, B. TrammellNovember 2010Obsoleted by RFC 6546Informational
RFC 6045ASCII, PDFReal-time Inter-network Defense (RID)K. MoriartyNovember 2010Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6545Informational
RFC 6044ASCII, PDFMapping and Interworking of Diversion Information between Diversion and History-Info Headers in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)M. MohaliOctober 2010Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7544Informational
RFC 6043ASCII, PDFMIKEY-TICKET: Ticket-Based Modes of Key Distribution in Multimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY)J. Mattsson, T. TianMarch 2011Updated by RFC 6309Informational
RFC 6042ASCII, PDFTransport Layer Security (TLS) Authorization Using KeyNoteA. KeromytisOctober 2010    Informational
RFC 6041ASCII, PDFForwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) Applicability StatementA. Crouch, H. Khosravi, A. Doria, Ed., X. Wang, K. OgawaOctober 2010    Informational
RFC 6039ASCII, PDFIssues with Existing Cryptographic Protection Methods for Routing ProtocolsV. Manral, M. Bhatia, J. Jaeggli, R. WhiteOctober 2010    Informational
RFC 6036ASCII, PDFEmerging Service Provider Scenarios for IPv6 DeploymentB. Carpenter, S. JiangOctober 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 6029ASCII, PDFA Survey on Research on the Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) ProblemI. Rimac, V. Hilt, M. Tomsu, V. Gurbani, E. MaroccoOctober 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 6027ASCII, PDFIPsec Cluster Problem StatementY. NirOctober 2010    Informational
RFC 6025ASCII, PDFASN.1 TranslationC. Wallace, C. GardinerOctober 2010    Informational
RFC 6024ASCII, PDFTrust Anchor Management RequirementsR. Reddy, C. WallaceOctober 2010    Informational
RFC 6018ASCII, PDFIPv4 and IPv6 GreynetsF. Baker, W. Harrop, G. ArmitageSeptember 2010    Informational
RFC 6017ASCII, PDFElectronic Data Interchange - Internet Integration (EDIINT) Features Header FieldK. Meadors, Ed.September 2010    Informational
RFC 6011ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) User Agent ConfigurationS. Lawrence, Ed., J. ElwellOctober 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 6007ASCII, PDFUse of the Synchronization VECtor (SVEC) List for Synchronized Dependent Path ComputationsI. Nishioka, D. KingSeptember 2010    Informational
RFC 5997ASCII, PDFUse of Status-Server Packets in the Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) ProtocolA. DeKokAugust 2010Errata, Updates RFC 2866Informational
RFC 5994ASCII, PDFApplication of Ethernet Pseudowires to MPLS Transport NetworksS. Bryant, Ed., M. Morrow, G. Swallow, R. Cherukuri, T. Nadeau, N. Harrison, B. Niven-JenkinsOctober 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5992ASCII, PDFInternationalized Domain Names Registration and Administration Guidelines for European Languages Using CyrillicS. Sharikov, D. Miloshevic, J. KlensinOctober 2010    Informational
RFC 5982ASCII, PDFIP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Mediation: Problem StatementA. Kobayashi, Ed., B. Claise, Ed.August 2010    Informational
RFC 5980ASCII, PDFNSIS Protocol Operation in Mobile EnvironmentsT. Sanda, Ed., X. Fu, S. Jeong, J. Manner, H. TschofenigMarch 2011    Informational
RFC 5978ASCII, PDFUsing and Extending the NSIS Protocol FamilyJ. Manner, R. Bless, J. Loughney, E. Davies, Ed.October 2010    Informational
RFC 5972ASCII, PDFGeneral Internet Signaling Transport (GIST) State MachineT. Tsenov, H. Tschofenig, X. Fu, Ed., C. Aoun, E. DaviesOctober 2010    Informational
RFC 5968ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Extending the RTP Control Protocol (RTCP)J. Ott, C. PerkinsSeptember 2010    Informational
RFC 5967ASCII, PDFThe application/pkcs10 Media TypeS. TurnerAugust 2010Updates RFC 2986Informational
RFC 5963ASCII, PDFIPv6 Deployment in Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)R. GaglianoAugust 2010    Informational
RFC 5955ASCII, PDFThe application/timestamped-data Media TypeA. SantoniAugust 2010Updates RFC 5544Informational
RFC 5950ASCII, PDFNetwork Management Framework for MPLS-based Transport NetworksS. Mansfield, Ed., E. Gray, Ed., K. Lam, Ed.September 2010    Informational
RFC 5947ASCII, PDFRequirements for Multiple Address of Record (AOR) Reachability Information in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. Elwell, H. KaplanSeptember 2010    Informational
RFC 5945ASCII, PDFResource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) Proxy ApproachesF. Le Faucheur, J. Manner, D. Wing, A. GuillouOctober 2010    Informational
RFC 5941ASCII, PDFSharing Transaction Fraud DataD. M'Raihi, S. Boeyen, M. Grandcolas, S. BajajAugust 2010    Informational
RFC 5937ASCII, PDFUsing Trust Anchor Constraints during Certification Path ProcessingS. Ashmore, C. WallaceAugust 2010    Informational
RFC 5931ASCII, PDFExtensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Authentication Using Only a PasswordD. Harkins, G. ZornAugust 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 8146Informational
RFC 5930ASCII, PDFUsing Advanced Encryption Standard Counter Mode (AES-CTR) with the Internet Key Exchange version 02 (IKEv2) ProtocolS. Shen, Y. Mao, NSS. MurthyJuly 2010    Informational
RFC 5927ASCII, PDFICMP Attacks against TCPF. GontJuly 2010    Informational
RFC 5921ASCII, PDFA Framework for MPLS in Transport NetworksM. Bocci, Ed., S. Bryant, Ed., D. Frost, Ed., L. Levrau, L. BergerJuly 2010Updated by RFC 6215, RFC 7274Informational
RFC 5920ASCII, PDFSecurity Framework for MPLS and GMPLS NetworksL. Fang, Ed.July 2010    Informational
RFC 5917ASCII, PDFClearance Sponsor AttributeS. TurnerJune 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5916ASCII, PDFDevice Owner AttributeS. TurnerJune 2010    Informational
RFC 5915ASCII, PDFElliptic Curve Private Key StructureS. Turner, D. BrownJune 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5912ASCII, PDFNew ASN.1 Modules for the Public Key Infrastructure Using X.509 (PKIX)P. Hoffman, J. SchaadJune 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 6960Informational
RFC 5911ASCII, PDFNew ASN.1 Modules for Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) and S/MIMEP. Hoffman, J. SchaadJune 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 6268Informational
RFC 5909ASCII, PDFSecuring Neighbor Discovery Proxy: Problem StatementJ-M. Combes, S. Krishnan, G. DaleyJuly 2010    Informational
RFC 5906ASCII, PDFNetwork Time Protocol Version 4: Autokey SpecificationB. Haberman, Ed., D. MillsJune 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5904ASCII, PDFRADIUS Attributes for IEEE 802.16 Privacy Key Management Version 1 (PKMv1) Protocol SupportG. ZornJune 2010    Informational
RFC 5903ASCII, PDFElliptic Curve Groups modulo a Prime (ECP Groups) for IKE and IKEv2D. Fu, J. SolinasJune 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4753Informational
RFC 5902ASCII, PDFIAB Thoughts on IPv6 Network Address TranslationD. Thaler, L. Zhang, G. LebovitzJuly 2010    Informational
RFC 5897ASCII, PDFIdentification of Communications Services in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. RosenbergJune 2010    Informational
RFC 5895ASCII, PDFMapping Characters for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) 2008P. Resnick, P. HoffmanSeptember 2010    Informational
RFC 5894ASCII, PDFInternationalized Domain Names for Applications (IDNA): Background, Explanation, and RationaleJ. KlensinAugust 2010    Informational
RFC 5889ASCII, PDFIP Addressing Model in Ad Hoc NetworksE. Baccelli, Ed., M. Townsley, Ed.September 2010    Informational
RFC 5887ASCII, PDFRenumbering Still Needs WorkB. Carpenter, R. Atkinson, H. FlinckMay 2010    Informational
RFC 5879ASCII, PDFHeuristics for Detecting ESP-NULL PacketsT. Kivinen, D. McDonaldMay 2010    Informational
RFC 5877ASCII, PDFThe application/pkix-attr-cert Media Type for Attribute CertificatesR. HousleyMay 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5876ASCII, PDFUpdates to Asserted Identity in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. ElwellApril 2010Updates RFC 3325Informational
RFC 5869ASCII, PDFHMAC-based Extract-and-Expand Key Derivation Function (HKDF)H. Krawczyk, P. EronenMay 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5868ASCII, PDFProblem Statement on the Cross-Realm Operation of KerberosS. Sakane, K. Kamada, S. Zrelli, M. IshiyamaMay 2010    Informational
RFC 5867ASCII, PDFBuilding Automation Routing Requirements in Low-Power and Lossy NetworksJ. Martocci, Ed., P. De Mil, N. Riou, W. VermeylenJune 2010    Informational
RFC 5863ASCII, PDFDomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Development, Deployment, and OperationsT. Hansen, E. Siegel, P. Hallam-Baker, D. CrockerMay 2010    Informational
RFC 5862ASCII, PDFPath Computation Clients (PCC) - Path Computation Element (PCE) Requirements for Point-to-Multipoint MPLS-TES. Yasukawa, A. FarrelJune 2010    Informational
RFC 5861ASCII, PDFHTTP Cache-Control Extensions for Stale ContentM. NottinghamMay 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5859ASCII, PDFTFTP Server Address Option for DHCPv4R. JohnsonJune 2010    Informational
RFC 5856ASCII, PDFIntegration of Robust Header Compression over IPsec Security AssociationsE. Ertekin, R. Jasani, C. Christou, C. BormannMay 2010    Informational
RFC 5853ASCII, PDFRequirements from Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Session Border Control (SBC) DeploymentsJ. Hautakorpi, Ed., G. Camarillo, R. Penfield, A. Hawrylyshen, M. BhatiaApril 2010    Informational
RFC 5851ASCII, PDFFramework and Requirements for an Access Node Control Mechanism in Broadband Multi-Service NetworksS. Ooghe, N. Voigt, M. Platnic, T. Haag, S. WadhwaMay 2010    Informational
RFC 5850ASCII, PDFA Call Control and Multi-Party Usage Framework for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)R. Mahy, R. Sparks, J. Rosenberg, D. Petrie, A. Johnston, Ed.May 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5849ASCII, PDFThe OAuth 1.0 ProtocolE. Hammer-Lahav, Ed.April 2010Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6749Informational
RFC 5843ASCII, PDFAdditional Hash Algorithms for HTTP Instance DigestsA. BryanApril 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5841ASCII, PDFTCP Option to Denote Packet MoodR. Hay, W. Turkal1 April 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5836ASCII, PDFExtensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Early Authentication Problem StatementY. Ohba, Ed., Q. Wu, Ed., G. Zorn, Ed.April 2010    Informational
RFC 5835ASCII, PDFFramework for Metric CompositionA. Morton, Ed., S. Van den Berghe, Ed.April 2010    Informational
RFC 5834ASCII, PDFControl and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) Protocol Binding MIB for IEEE 802.11Y. Shi, Ed., D. Perkins, Ed., C. Elliott, Ed., Y. Zhang, Ed.May 2010    Informational
RFC 5833ASCII, PDFControl and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) Protocol Base MIBY. Shi, Ed., D. Perkins, Ed., C. Elliott, Ed., Y. Zhang, Ed.May 2010    Informational
RFC 5832ASCII, PDFGOST R 34.10-2001: Digital Signature AlgorithmV. Dolmatov, Ed.March 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 7091Informational
RFC 5831ASCII, PDFGOST R 34.11-94: Hash Function AlgorithmV. Dolmatov, Ed.March 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 6986Informational
RFC 5830ASCII, PDFGOST 28147-89: Encryption, Decryption, and Message Authentication Code (MAC) AlgorithmsV. Dolmatov, Ed.March 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5829ASCII, PDFLink Relation Types for Simple Version Navigation between Web ResourcesA. Brown, G. Clemm, J. Reschke, Ed.April 2010    Informational
RFC 5828ASCII, PDFGeneralized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Ethernet Label Switching Architecture and FrameworkD. Fedyk, L. Berger, L. AnderssonMarch 2010    Informational
RFC 5826ASCII, PDFHome Automation Routing Requirements in Low-Power and Lossy NetworksA. Brandt, J. Buron, G. PorcuApril 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5824ASCII, PDFRequirements for Supporting Customer Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) and RSVP Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) over a BGP/MPLS IP-VPNK. Kumaki, Ed., R. Zhang, Y. KamiteApril 2010    Informational
RFC 5817ASCII, PDFGraceful Shutdown in MPLS and Generalized MPLS Traffic Engineering NetworksZ. Ali, JP. Vasseur, A. Zamfir, J. NewtonApril 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5808ASCII, PDFRequirements for a Location-by-Reference MechanismR. Marshall, Ed.May 2010    Informational
RFC 5803ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Schema for Storing Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (SCRAM) SecretsA. MelnikovJuly 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5794ASCII, PDFA Description of the ARIA Encryption AlgorithmJ. Lee, J. Lee, J. Kim, D. Kwon, C. KimMarch 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5791ASCII, PDFRFC 2731 ("Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML") Is ObsoleteJ. Reschke, J. KunzeFebruary 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2731Informational
RFC 5783ASCII, PDFCongestion Control in the RFC SeriesM. Welzl, W. EddyFebruary 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5782ASCII, PDFDNS Blacklists and WhitelistsJ. LevineFebruary 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5781ASCII, PDFThe rsync URI SchemeS. Weiler, D. Ward, R. HousleyFebruary 2010    Informational
RFC 5769ASCII, PDFTest Vectors for Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN)R. Denis-CourmontApril 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5767ASCII, PDFUser-Agent-Driven Privacy Mechanism for SIPM. Munakata, S. Schubert, T. OhbaApril 2010    Informational
RFC 5765ASCII, PDFSecurity Issues and Solutions in Peer-to-Peer Systems for Realtime CommunicationsH. Schulzrinne, E. Marocco, E. IvovFebruary 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5757ASCII, PDFMulticast Mobility in Mobile IP Version 6 (MIPv6): Problem Statement and Brief SurveyT. Schmidt, M. Waehlisch, G. FairhurstFebruary 2010    Informational
RFC 5753ASCII, PDFUse of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Algorithms in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)S. Turner, D. BrownJanuary 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3278Informational
RFC 5748ASCII, PDFIANA Registry Update for Support of the SEED Cipher Algorithm in Multimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY)S. Yoon, J. Jeong, H. Kim, H. Jeong, Y. WonAugust 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5745ASCII, PDFProcedures for Rights Handling in the RFC IAB StreamA. Malis, Ed., IABDecember 2009    Informational
RFC 5744ASCII, PDFProcedures for Rights Handling in the RFC Independent Submission StreamR. Braden, J. HalpernDecember 2009Updates RFC 4846Informational
RFC 5743ASCII, PDFDefinition of an Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) Document StreamA. FalkDecember 2009    Informational
RFC 5741ASCII, PDFRFC Streams, Headers, and BoilerplatesL. Daigle, Ed., O. Kolkman, Ed., IABDecember 2009Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7841, Updates RFC 2223, RFC 4844Informational
RFC 5737ASCII, PDFIPv4 Address Blocks Reserved for DocumentationJ. Arkko, M. Cotton, L. VegodaJanuary 2010Updates RFC 1166Informational
RFC 5736ASCII, PDFIANA IPv4 Special Purpose Address RegistryG. Huston, M. Cotton, L. VegodaJanuary 2010Obsoleted by RFC 6890Informational
RFC 5728ASCII, PDFThe SatLabs Group DVB-RCS MIBS. Combes, P. Amundsen, M. Lambert, H-P. LexowMarch 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5720ASCII, PDFRouting and Addressing in Networks with Global Enterprise Recursion (RANGER)F. TemplinFebruary 2010    Informational
RFC 5716ASCII, PDFRequirements for Federated File SystemsJ. Lentini, C. Everhart, D. Ellard, R. Tewari, M. NaikJanuary 2010    Informational
RFC 5715ASCII, PDFA Framework for Loop-Free ConvergenceM. Shand, S. BryantJanuary 2010    Informational
RFC 5714ASCII, PDFIP Fast Reroute FrameworkM. Shand, S. BryantJanuary 2010    Informational
RFC 5713ASCII, PDFSecurity Threats and Security Requirements for the Access Node Control Protocol (ANCP)H. Moustafa, H. Tschofenig, S. De CnodderJanuary 2010    Informational
RFC 5708ASCII, PDFX.509 Key and Signature Encoding for the KeyNote Trust Management SystemA. KeromytisJanuary 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5707ASCII, PDFMedia Server Markup Language (MSML)A. Saleem, Y. Xin, G. SharrattFebruary 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5706ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Considering Operations and Management of New Protocols and Protocol ExtensionsD. HarringtonNovember 2009    Informational
RFC 5704ASCII, PDFUncoordinated Protocol Development Considered HarmfulS. Bryant, Ed., M. Morrow, Ed., IABNovember 2009    Informational
RFC 5695ASCII, PDFMPLS Forwarding Benchmarking Methodology for IP FlowsA. Akhter, R. Asati, C. PignataroNovember 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5694ASCII, PDFPeer-to-Peer (P2P) Architecture: Definition, Taxonomies, Examples, and ApplicabilityG. Camarillo, Ed., IABNovember 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5693ASCII, PDFApplication-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) Problem StatementJ. Seedorf, E. BurgerOctober 2009    Informational
RFC 5690ASCII, PDFAdding Acknowledgement Congestion Control to TCPS. Floyd, A. Arcia, D. Ros, J. IyengarFebruary 2010    Informational
RFC 5687ASCII, PDFGEOPRIV Layer 7 Location Configuration Protocol: Problem Statement and RequirementsH. Tschofenig, H. SchulzrinneMarch 2010    Informational
RFC 5684ASCII, PDFUnintended Consequences of NAT Deployments with Overlapping Address SpaceP. Srisuresh, B. FordFebruary 2010    Informational
RFC 5683ASCII, PDFPassword-Authenticated Key (PAK) Diffie-Hellman ExchangeA. Brusilovsky, I. Faynberg, Z. Zeltsan, S. PatelFebruary 2010    Informational
RFC 5673ASCII, PDFIndustrial Routing Requirements in Low-Power and Lossy NetworksK. Pister, Ed., P. Thubert, Ed., S. Dwars, T. PhinneyOctober 2009    Informational
RFC 5671ASCII, PDFApplicability of the Path Computation Element (PCE) to Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) MPLS and GMPLS Traffic Engineering (TE)S. Yasukawa, A. Farrel, Ed.October 2009    Informational
RFC 5659ASCII, PDFAn Architecture for Multi-Segment Pseudowire Emulation Edge-to-EdgeM. Bocci, S. BryantOctober 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5649ASCII, PDFAdvanced Encryption Standard (AES) Key Wrap with Padding AlgorithmR. Housley, M. DworkinSeptember 2009    Informational
RFC 5647ASCII, PDFAES Galois Counter Mode for the Secure Shell Transport Layer ProtocolK. Igoe, J. SolinasAugust 2009    Informational
RFC 5645ASCII, PDFUpdate to the Language Subtag RegistryD. Ewell, Ed.September 2009    Informational
RFC 5639ASCII, PDFElliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Brainpool Standard Curves and Curve GenerationM. Lochter, J. MerkleMarch 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5638ASCII, PDFSimple SIP Usage Scenario for Applications in the EndpointsH. Sinnreich, Ed., A. Johnston, E. Shim, K. SinghSeptember 2009    Informational
RFC 5637ASCII, PDFAuthentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) Goals for Mobile IPv6G. Giaretta, I. Guardini, E. Demaria, J. Bournelle, R. LopezSeptember 2009    Informational
RFC 5635ASCII, PDFRemote Triggered Black Hole Filtering with Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF)W. Kumari, D. McPhersonAugust 2009    Informational
RFC 5632ASCII, PDFComcast's ISP Experiences in a Proactive Network Provider Participation for P2P (P4P) Technical TrialC. Griffiths, J. Livingood, L. Popkin, R. Woundy, Y. YangSeptember 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5631ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) Session MobilityR. Shacham, H. Schulzrinne, S. Thakolsri, W. KellererOctober 2009    Informational
RFC 5623ASCII, PDFFramework for PCE-Based Inter-Layer MPLS and GMPLS Traffic EngineeringE. Oki, T. Takeda, JL. Le Roux, A. FarrelSeptember 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5620ASCII, PDFRFC Editor Model (Version 1)O. Kolkman, Ed., IABAugust 2009Obsoleted by RFC 6548, RFC 6635Informational
RFC 5616ASCII, PDFStreaming Internet Messaging AttachmentsN. CookAugust 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5612ASCII, PDFEnterprise Number for Documentation UseP. Eronen, D. HarringtonAugust 2009    Informational
RFC 5609ASCII, PDFState Machines for the Protocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access (PANA)V. Fajardo, Ed., Y. Ohba, R. Marin-LopezAugust 2009    Informational
RFC 5606ASCII, PDFImplications of 'retransmission-allowed' for SIP Location ConveyanceJ. Peterson, T. Hardie, J. MorrisAugust 2009    Informational
RFC 5598ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesInternet Mail ArchitectureD. CrockerJuly 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5594ASCII, PDFReport from the IETF Workshop on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Infrastructure, May 28, 2008J. Peterson, A. CooperJuly 2009    Informational
RFC 5585ASCII, PDFDomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Service OverviewT. Hansen, D. Crocker, P. Hallam-BakerJuly 2009    Informational
RFC 5582ASCII, PDFLocation-to-URL Mapping Architecture and FrameworkH. SchulzrinneSeptember 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5581ASCII, PDFThe Camellia Cipher in OpenPGPD. ShawJune 2009Updates RFC 4880Informational
RFC 5579ASCII, PDFTransmission of IPv4 Packets over Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP) InterfacesF. Templin, Ed.February 2010    Informational
RFC 5578ASCII, PDFPPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) Extensions for Credit Flow and Link MetricsB. Berry, Ed., S. Ratliff, E. Paradise, T. Kaiser, M. AdamsFebruary 2010Obsoletes RFC 4938Informational
RFC 5570ASCII, PDFCommon Architecture Label IPv6 Security Option (CALIPSO)M. StJohns, R. Atkinson, G. ThomasJuly 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5569ASCII, PDFIPv6 Rapid Deployment on IPv4 Infrastructures (6rd)R. DespresJanuary 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5567ASCII, PDFAn Architectural Framework for Media Server ControlT. Melanchuk, Ed.June 2009    Informational
RFC 5564ASCII, PDFLinguistic Guidelines for the Use of the Arabic Language in Internet DomainsA. El-Sherbiny, M. Farah, I. Oueichek, A. Al-ZomanFebruary 2010    Informational
RFC 5563ASCII, PDFWiMAX Forum / 3GPP2 Proxy Mobile IPv4K. Leung, G. Dommety, P. Yegani, K. ChowdhuryFebruary 2010    Informational
RFC 5559ASCII, PDFPre-Congestion Notification (PCN) ArchitectureP. Eardley, Ed.June 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5558ASCII, PDFVirtual Enterprise Traversal (VET)F. Templin, Ed.February 2010    Informational
RFC 5556ASCII, PDFTransparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL): Problem and Applicability StatementJ. Touch, R. PerlmanMay 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5551ASCII, PDFLemonade Notifications ArchitectureR. Gellens, Ed.August 2009    Informational
RFC 5548ASCII, PDFRouting Requirements for Urban Low-Power and Lossy NetworksM. Dohler, Ed., T. Watteyne, Ed., T. Winter, Ed., D. Barthel, Ed.May 2009    Informational
RFC 5544ASCII, PDFSyntax for Binding Documents with Time-StampsA. SantoniFebruary 2010Updated by RFC 5955Informational
RFC 5540ASCII, PDF40 Years of RFCsRFC EditorApril 2009    Informational
RFC 5532ASCII, PDFNetwork File System (NFS) Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) Problem StatementT. Talpey, C. JuszczakMay 2009    Informational
RFC 5528ASCII, PDFCamellia Counter Mode and Camellia Counter with CBC-MAC Mode AlgorithmsA. Kato, M. Kanda, S. KannoApril 2009    Informational
RFC 5527ASCII, PDFCombined User and Infrastructure ENUM in the e164.arpa TreeM. Haberler, O. Lendl, R. StastnyMay 2009    Informational
RFC 5526ASCII, PDFThe E.164 to Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Application for Infrastructure ENUMJ. Livingood, P. Pfautz, R. StastnyApril 2009    Informational
RFC 5522ASCII, PDFNetwork Mobility Route Optimization Requirements for Operational Use in Aeronautics and Space Exploration Mobile NetworksW. Eddy, W. Ivancic, T. DavisOctober 2009    Informational
RFC 5517ASCII, PDFCisco Systems' Private VLANs: Scalable Security in a Multi-Client EnvironmentS. HomChaudhuri, M. FoschianoFebruary 2010    Informational
RFC 5516ASCII, PDFDiameter Command Code Registration for the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Evolved Packet System (EPS)M. Jones, L. MorandApril 2009    Informational
RFC 5515ASCII, PDFLayer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) Access Line Information Attribute Value Pair (AVP) ExtensionsV. Mammoliti, C. Pignataro, P. Arberg, J. Gibbons, P. HowardMay 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5513ASCII, PDFIANA Considerations for Three Letter AcronymsA. Farrel1 April 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5507ASCII, PDFDesign Choices When Expanding the DNSIAB, P. Faltstrom, Ed., R. Austein, Ed., P. Koch, Ed.April 2009    Informational
RFC 5505ASCII, PDFPrinciples of Internet Host ConfigurationB. Aboba, D. Thaler, L. Andersson, S. CheshireMay 2009    Informational
RFC 5503ASCII, PDFPrivate Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Proxy-to-Proxy Extensions for Supporting the PacketCable Distributed Call Signaling ArchitectureF. Andreasen, B. McKibben, B. MarshallMarch 2009Obsoletes RFC 3603Informational
RFC 5502ASCII, PDFThe SIP P-Served-User Private-Header (P-Header) for the 3GPP IP Multimedia (IM) Core Network (CN) SubsystemJ. van ElburgApril 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 8217, RFC 8498Informational
RFC 5501ASCII, PDFRequirements for Multicast Support in Virtual Private LAN ServicesY. Kamite, Ed., Y. Wada, Y. Serbest, T. Morin, L. FangMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5495ASCII, PDFDescription of the Resource Reservation Protocol - Traffic-Engineered (RSVP-TE) Graceful Restart ProceduresD. Li, J. Gao, A. Satyanarayana, S. BardalaiMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5493ASCII, PDFRequirements for the Conversion between Permanent Connections and Switched Connections in a Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) NetworkD. Caviglia, D. Bramanti, D. Li, D. McDysanApril 2009    Informational
RFC 5489ASCII, PDFECDHE_PSK Cipher Suites for Transport Layer Security (TLS)M. Badra, I. HajjehMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5486ASCII, PDFSession Peering for Multimedia Interconnect (SPEERMINT) TerminologyD. Malas, Ed., D. Meyer, Ed.March 2009    Informational
RFC 5485ASCII, PDFDigital Signatures on Internet-Draft DocumentsR. HousleyMarch 2009Updated by RFC 8358Informational
RFC 5483ASCII, PDFENUM Implementation Issues and ExperiencesL. Conroy, K. FujiwaraMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5481ASCII, PDFPacket Delay Variation Applicability StatementA. Morton, B. ClaiseMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5479ASCII, PDFRequirements and Analysis of Media Security Management ProtocolsD. Wing, Ed., S. Fries, H. Tschofenig, F. AudetApril 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5474ASCII, PDFA Framework for Packet Selection and ReportingN. Duffield, Ed., D. Chiou, B. Claise, A. Greenberg, M. Grossglauser, J. RexfordMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5473ASCII, PDFReducing Redundancy in IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) and Packet Sampling (PSAMP) ReportsE. Boschi, L. Mark, B. ClaiseMarch 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5472ASCII, PDFIP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) ApplicabilityT. Zseby, E. Boschi, N. Brownlee, B. ClaiseMarch 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5471ASCII, PDFGuidelines for IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) TestingC. Schmoll, P. Aitken, B. ClaiseMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5470ASCII, PDFArchitecture for IP Flow Information ExportG. Sadasivan, N. Brownlee, B. Claise, J. QuittekMarch 2009Updated by RFC 6183Informational
RFC 5469ASCII, PDFDES and IDEA Cipher Suites for Transport Layer Security (TLS)P. Eronen, Ed.February 2009    Informational
RFC 5468ASCII, PDFPerformance Analysis of Inter-Domain Path Computation MethodologiesS. Dasgupta, J. de Oliveira, JP. VasseurApril 2009    Informational
RFC 5461ASCII, PDFTCP's Reaction to Soft ErrorsF. GontFebruary 2009    Informational
RFC 5458ASCII, PDFSecurity Requirements for the Unidirectional Lightweight Encapsulation (ULE) ProtocolH. Cruickshank, P. Pillai, M. Noisternig, S. IyengarMarch 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5457ASCII, PDFIANA Considerations for IAX: Inter-Asterisk eXchange Version 2E. Guy, Ed.February 2010ErrataInformational
RFC 5456ASCII, PDFIAX: Inter-Asterisk eXchange Version 2M. Spencer, B. Capouch, E. Guy, Ed., F. Miller, K. ShumardFebruary 2010    Informational
RFC 5448ASCII, PDFImproved Extensible Authentication Protocol Method for 3rd Generation Authentication and Key Agreement (EAP-AKA')J. Arkko, V. Lehtovirta, P. EronenMay 2009Updates RFC 4187Informational
RFC 5446ASCII, PDFService Selection for Mobile IPv4J. Korhonen, U. NilssonFebruary 2009    Informational
RFC 5443ASCII, PDFLDP IGP SynchronizationM. Jork, A. Atlas, L. FangMarch 2009Errata, Updated by RFC 6138Informational
RFC 5442ASCII, PDFLEMONADE Architecture - Supporting Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Mobile Email (MEM) Using Internet MailE. Burger, G. ParsonsMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5439ASCII, PDFAn Analysis of Scaling Issues in MPLS-TE Core NetworksS. Yasukawa, A. Farrel, O. KomolafeFebruary 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5434ASCII, PDFConsiderations for Having a Successful Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) SessionT. NartenFebruary 2009    Informational
RFC 5431ASCII, PDFDiameter ITU-T Rw Policy Enforcement Interface ApplicationD. SunMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5422ASCII, PDFDynamic Provisioning Using Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP-FAST)N. Cam-Winget, D. McGrew, J. Salowey, H. ZhouMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5421ASCII, PDFBasic Password Exchange within the Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP-FAST)N. Cam-Winget, H. ZhouMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5419ASCII, PDFWhy the Authentication Data Suboption is Needed for Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6)B. Patil, G. DommetyJanuary 2009    Informational
RFC 5418ASCII, PDFControl And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) Threat Analysis for IEEE 802.11 DeploymentsS. Kelly, T. ClancyMarch 2009    Informational
RFC 5411ASCII, PDFA Hitchhiker's Guide to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. RosenbergFebruary 2009    Informational
RFC 5410ASCII, PDFMultimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY) General Extension Payload for Open Mobile Alliance BCAST 1.0A. Jerichow, Ed., L. PironJanuary 2009Obsoletes RFC 4909, Updated by RFC 6309Informational
RFC 5409ASCII, PDFUsing the Boneh-Franklin and Boneh-Boyen Identity-Based Encryption Algorithms with the Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS)L. Martin, M. SchertlerJanuary 2009    Informational
RFC 5408ASCII, PDFIdentity-Based Encryption Architecture and Supporting Data StructuresG. Appenzeller, L. Martin, M. SchertlerJanuary 2009    Informational
RFC 5402ASCII, PDFCompressed Data within an Internet Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) MessageT. Harding, Ed.February 2010    Informational
RFC 5398ASCII, PDFAutonomous System (AS) Number Reservation for Documentation UseG. HustonDecember 2008    Informational
RFC 5394ASCII, PDFPolicy-Enabled Path Computation FrameworkI. Bryskin, D. Papadimitriou, L. Berger, J. AshDecember 2008    Informational
RFC 5390ASCII, PDFRequirements for Management of Overload in the Session Initiation ProtocolJ. RosenbergDecember 2008    Informational
RFC 5387ASCII, PDFProblem and Applicability Statement for Better-Than-Nothing Security (BTNS)J. Touch, D. Black, Y. WangNovember 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5385ASCII, PDFVersion 2.0 Microsoft Word Template for Creating Internet Drafts and RFCsJ. TouchFebruary 2010Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3285Informational
RFC 5381ASCII, PDFExperience of Implementing NETCONF over SOAPT. Iijima, Y. Atarashi, H. Kimura, M. Kitani, H. OkitaOctober 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5379ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Using the Privacy Mechanism for SIPM. Munakata, S. Schubert, T. OhbaFebruary 2010    Informational
RFC 5377ASCII, PDFAdvice to the Trustees of the IETF Trust on Rights to Be Granted in IETF DocumentsJ. Halpern, Ed.November 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5376ASCII, PDFInter-AS Requirements for the Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCECP)N. Bitar, R. Zhang, K. KumakiNovember 2008    Informational
RFC 5375ASCII, PDFIPv6 Unicast Address Assignment ConsiderationsG. Van de Velde, C. Popoviciu, T. Chown, O. Bonness, C. HahnDecember 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5369ASCII, PDFFramework for Transcoding with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)G. CamarilloOctober 2008    Informational
RFC 5355ASCII, PDFThreats Introduced by Reliable Server Pooling (RSerPool) and Requirements for Security in Response to ThreatsM. Stillman, Ed., R. Gopal, E. Guttman, S. Sengodan, M. HoldregeSeptember 2008    Informational
RFC 5351ASCII, PDFAn Overview of Reliable Server Pooling ProtocolsP. Lei, L. Ong, M. Tuexen, T. DreibholzSeptember 2008    Informational
RFC 5349ASCII, PDFElliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Support for Public Key Cryptography for Initial Authentication in Kerberos (PKINIT)L. Zhu, K. Jaganathan, K. LauterSeptember 2008    Informational
RFC 5347ASCII, PDFMedia Gateway Control Protocol Fax PackageF. Andreasen, D. HancockOctober 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5346ASCII, PDFOperational Requirements for ENUM-Based Softswitch UseJ. Lim, W. Kim, C. Park, L. ConroyOctober 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5345ASCII, PDFSimple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Traffic Measurements and Trace Exchange FormatsJ. SchoenwaelderOctober 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5344ASCII, PDFPresence and Instant Messaging Peering Use CasesA. Houri, E. Aoki, S. ParameswarOctober 2008    Informational
RFC 5339ASCII, PDFEvaluation of Existing GMPLS Protocols against Multi-Layer and Multi-Region Networks (MLN/MRN)JL. Le Roux, Ed., D. Papadimitriou, Ed.September 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5328ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB)A. Adolf, P. MacAvockSeptember 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 7354, RFC 8553Informational
RFC 5325ASCII, PDFLicklider Transmission Protocol - MotivationS. Burleigh, M. Ramadas, S. FarrellSeptember 2008    Informational
RFC 5318ASCII, PDFThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) P-Refused-URI-List Private-Header (P-Header)J. Hautakorpi, G. CamarilloDecember 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 8217Informational
RFC 5317ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesJoint Working Team (JWT) Report on MPLS Architectural Considerations for a Transport ProfileS. Bryant, Ed., L. Andersson, Ed.February 2009ErrataInformational
RFC 5309ASCII, PDFPoint-to-Point Operation over LAN in Link State Routing ProtocolsN. Shen, Ed., A. Zinin, Ed.October 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5298ASCII, PDFAnalysis of Inter-Domain Label Switched Path (LSP) RecoveryT. Takeda, Ed., A. Farrel, Ed., Y. Ikejiri, JP. VasseurAugust 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5297ASCII, PDFSynthetic Initialization Vector (SIV) Authenticated Encryption Using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)D. HarkinsOctober 2008    Informational
RFC 5294ASCII, PDFHost Threats to Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)P. Savola, J. LingardAugust 2008    Informational
RFC 5290ASCII, PDFComments on the Usefulness of Simple Best-Effort TrafficS. Floyd, M. AllmanJuly 2008    Informational
RFC 5281ASCII, PDFExtensible Authentication Protocol Tunneled Transport Layer Security Authenticated Protocol Version 0 (EAP-TTLSv0)P. Funk, S. Blake-WilsonAugust 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5279ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)A. Monrad, S. LoretoJuly 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5271ASCII, PDFMobile IPv6 Fast Handovers for 3G CDMA NetworksH. Yokota, G. DommetyJune 2008    Informational
RFC 5270ASCII, PDFMobile IPv6 Fast Handovers over IEEE 802.16e NetworksH. Jang, J. Jee, Y. Han, S. Park, J. ChaJune 2008    Informational
RFC 5254ASCII, PDFRequirements for Multi-Segment Pseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3)N. Bitar, Ed., M. Bocci, Ed., L. Martini, Ed.October 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5253ASCII, PDFApplicability Statement for Layer 1 Virtual Private Network (L1VPN) Basic ModeT. Takeda, Ed.July 2008    Informational
RFC 5243ASCII, PDFOSPF Database Exchange Summary List OptimizationR. OgierMay 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5242ASCII, PDFA Generalized Unified Character Code: Western European and CJK SectionsJ. Klensin, H. Alvestrand1 April 2008    Informational
RFC 5241ASCII, PDFNaming Rights in IETF ProtocolsA. Falk, S. Bradner1 April 2008    Informational
RFC 5236ASCII, PDFImproved Packet Reordering MetricsA. Jayasumana, N. Piratla, T. Banka, A. Bare, R. WhitnerJune 2008    Informational
RFC 5224ASCII, PDFDiameter Policy Processing ApplicationM. BrennerMarch 2008    Informational
RFC 5221ASCII, PDFRequirements for Address Selection MechanismsA. Matsumoto, T. Fujisaki, R. Hiromi, K. KanayamaJuly 2008    Informational
RFC 5220ASCII, PDFProblem Statement for Default Address Selection in Multi-Prefix Environments: Operational Issues of RFC 3484 Default RulesA. Matsumoto, T. Fujisaki, R. Hiromi, K. KanayamaJuly 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5218ASCII, PDFWhat Makes for a Successful Protocol?D. Thaler, B. AbobaJuly 2008    Informational
RFC 5217ASCII, PDFMemorandum for Multi-Domain Public Key Infrastructure InteroperabilityM. Shimaoka, Ed., N. Hastings, R. NielsenJuly 2008    Informational
RFC 5214ASCII, PDFIntra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP)F. Templin, T. Gleeson, D. ThalerMarch 2008Obsoletes RFC 4214Informational
RFC 5212ASCII, PDFRequirements for GMPLS-Based Multi-Region and Multi-Layer Networks (MRN/MLN)K. Shiomoto, D. Papadimitriou, JL. Le Roux, M. Vigoureux, D. BrungardJuly 2008    Informational
RFC 5211ASCII, PDFAn Internet Transition PlanJ. CurranJuly 2008    Informational
RFC 5209ASCII, PDFNetwork Endpoint Assessment (NEA): Overview and RequirementsP. Sangster, H. Khosravi, M. Mani, K. Narayan, J. TardoJune 2008    Informational
RFC 5208ASCII, PDFPublic-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) #8: Private-Key Information Syntax Specification Version 1.2B. KaliskiMay 2008Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5958Informational
RFC 5207ASCII, PDFNAT and Firewall Traversal Issues of Host Identity Protocol (HIP) CommunicationM. Stiemerling, J. Quittek, L. EggertApril 2008    Informational
RFC 5197ASCII, PDFOn the Applicability of Various Multimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY) Modes and ExtensionsS. Fries, D. IgnjaticJune 2008    Informational
RFC 5194ASCII, PDFFramework for Real-Time Text over IP Using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)A. van Wijk, Ed., G. Gybels, Ed.June 2008    Informational
RFC 5193ASCII, PDFProtocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access (PANA) FrameworkP. Jayaraman, R. Lopez, Y. Ohba, Ed., M. Parthasarathy, A. YeginMay 2008    Informational
RFC 5186ASCII, PDFInternet Group Management Protocol Version 3 (IGMPv3) / Multicast Listener Discovery Version 2 (MLDv2) and Multicast Routing Protocol InteractionB. Haberman, J. MartinMay 2008    Informational
RFC 5181ASCII, PDFIPv6 Deployment Scenarios in 802.16 NetworksM-K. Shin, Ed., Y-H. Han, S-E. Kim, D. PremecMay 2008    Informational
RFC 5180ASCII, PDFIPv6 Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect DevicesC. Popoviciu, A. Hamza, G. Van de Velde, D. DugatkinMay 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5176ASCII, PDFDynamic Authorization Extensions to Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS)M. Chiba, G. Dommety, M. Eklund, D. Mitton, B. AbobaJanuary 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3576Informational
RFC 5174ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)J-P. EvainMay 2008    Informational
RFC 5171ASCII, PDFCisco Systems UniDirectional Link Detection (UDLD) ProtocolM. FoschianoApril 2008    Informational
RFC 5169ASCII, PDFHandover Key Management and Re-Authentication Problem StatementT. Clancy, M. Nakhjiri, V. Narayanan, L. DondetiMarch 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5168ASCII, PDFXML Schema for Media ControlO. Levin, R. Even, P. HagendorfMarch 2008    Informational
RFC 5167ASCII, PDFMedia Server Control Protocol RequirementsM. Dolly, R. EvenMarch 2008    Informational
RFC 5166ASCII, PDFMetrics for the Evaluation of Congestion Control MechanismsS. Floyd, Ed.March 2008    Informational
RFC 5165ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)C. ReedApril 2008    Informational
RFC 5164ASCII, PDFMobility Services Transport: Problem StatementT. Melia, Ed.March 2008    Informational
RFC 5160ASCII, PDFConsiderations of Provider-to-Provider Agreements for Internet-Scale Quality of Service (QoS)P. Levis, M. BoucadairMarch 2008    Informational
RFC 5159ASCII, PDFSession Description Protocol (SDP) Attributes for Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Broadcast (BCAST) Service and Content ProtectionL. Dondeti, Ed., A. JerichowMarch 2008    Informational
RFC 5158ASCII, PDF6to4 Reverse DNS Delegation SpecificationG. HustonMarch 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5157ASCII, PDFIPv6 Implications for Network ScanningT. ChownMarch 2008Obsoleted by RFC 7707Informational
RFC 5156ASCII, PDFSpecial-Use IPv6 AddressesM. BlanchetApril 2008Obsoleted by RFC 6890Informational
RFC 5154ASCII, PDFIP over IEEE 802.16 Problem Statement and GoalsJ. Jee, Ed., S. Madanapalli, J. MandinApril 2008    Informational
RFC 5153ASCII, PDFIP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) Implementation GuidelinesE. Boschi, L. Mark, J. Quittek, M. Stiemerling, P. AitkenApril 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5149ASCII, PDFService Selection for Mobile IPv6J. Korhonen, U. Nilsson, V. DevarapalliFebruary 2008    Informational
RFC 5148ASCII, PDFJitter Considerations in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs)T. Clausen, C. Dearlove, B. AdamsonFebruary 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5146ASCII, PDFInterworking Requirements to Support Operation of MPLS-TE over GMPLS NetworksK. Kumaki, Ed.March 2008    Informational
RFC 5145ASCII, PDFFramework for MPLS-TE to GMPLS MigrationK. Shiomoto, Ed.March 2008    Informational
RFC 5141ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)J. Goodwin, H. ApelMarch 2008    Informational
RFC 5138ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information (CGI)S. CoxFebruary 2008    Informational
RFC 5136ASCII, PDFDefining Network CapacityP. Chimento, J. IshacFebruary 2008    Informational
RFC 5134ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name Namespace for the EPCglobal Electronic Product Code (EPC) and Related StandardsM. MeallingJanuary 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5128ASCII, PDFState of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Communication across Network Address Translators (NATs)P. Srisuresh, B. Ford, D. KegelMarch 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5127ASCII, PDFAggregation of Diffserv Service ClassesK. Chan, J. Babiarz, F. BakerFebruary 2008    Informational
RFC 5126ASCII, PDFCMS Advanced Electronic Signatures (CAdES)D. Pinkas, N. Pope, J. RossMarch 2008Obsoletes RFC 3126Informational
RFC 5125ASCII, PDFReclassification of RFC 3525 to HistoricT. TaylorFebruary 2008Obsoletes RFC 3525Informational
RFC 5123ASCII, PDFConsiderations in Validating the Path in BGPR. White, B. AkyolFebruary 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5119ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)T. EdwardsFebruary 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5118ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) Torture Test Messages for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)V. Gurbani, C. Boulton, R. SparksFebruary 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5117ASCII, PDFRTP TopologiesM. Westerlund, S. WengerJanuary 2008Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7667Informational
RFC 5114ASCII, PDFAdditional Diffie-Hellman Groups for Use with IETF StandardsM. Lepinski, S. KentJanuary 2008    Informational
RFC 5113ASCII, PDFNetwork Discovery and Selection ProblemJ. Arkko, B. Aboba, J. Korhonen, Ed., F. BariJanuary 2008    Informational
RFC 5110ASCII, PDFOverview of the Internet Multicast Routing ArchitectureP. SavolaJanuary 2008    Informational
RFC 5093ASCII, PDFBT's eXtended Network Quality RTP Control Protocol Extended Reports (RTCP XR XNQ)G. HuntDecember 2007    Informational
RFC 5091ASCII, PDFIdentity-Based Cryptography Standard (IBCS) #1: Supersingular Curve Implementations of the BF and BB1 CryptosystemsX. Boyen, L. MartinDecember 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 5087ASCII, PDFTime Division Multiplexing over IP (TDMoIP)Y(J). Stein, R. Shashoua, R. Insler, M. AnaviDecember 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 5086ASCII, PDFStructure-Aware Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) Circuit Emulation Service over Packet Switched Network (CESoPSN)A. Vainshtein, Ed., I. Sasson, E. Metz, T. Frost, P. PateDecember 2007    Informational
RFC 5078ASCII, PDFIAB and IESG Selection, Confirmation, and Recall Process: Revision of the Nominating and Recall Committees TimelineS. DawkinsOctober 2007Obsoleted by RFC 7437, Updates RFC 3777Informational
RFC 5074ASCII, PDFDNSSEC Lookaside Validation (DLV)S. WeilerNovember 2007    Informational
RFC 5071ASCII, PDFDynamic Host Configuration Protocol Options Used by PXELINUXD. HankinsDecember 2007    Informational
RFC 5069ASCII, PDFSecurity Threats and Requirements for Emergency Call Marking and MappingT. Taylor, Ed., H. Tschofenig, H. Schulzrinne, M. ShanmugamJanuary 2008    Informational
RFC 5067ASCII, PDFInfrastructure ENUM RequirementsS. Lind, P. PfautzNovember 2007    Informational
RFC 5062ASCII, PDFSecurity Attacks Found Against the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and Current CountermeasuresR. Stewart, M. Tuexen, G. CamarilloSeptember 2007    Informational
RFC 5057ASCII, PDFMultiple Dialog Usages in the Session Initiation ProtocolR. SparksNovember 2007    Informational
RFC 5054ASCII, PDFUsing the Secure Remote Password (SRP) Protocol for TLS AuthenticationD. Taylor, T. Wu, N. Mavrogiannopoulos, T. PerrinNovember 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 5047ASCII, PDFDA: Datamover Architecture for the Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI)M. Chadalapaka, J. Hufferd, J. Satran, H. ShahOctober 2007Updated by RFC 7146Informational
RFC 5045ASCII, PDFApplicability of Remote Direct Memory Access Protocol (RDMA) and Direct Data Placement (DDP)C. Bestler, Ed., L. CoeneOctober 2007Updated by RFC 7146Informational
RFC 5039ASCII, PDFThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and SpamJ. Rosenberg, C. JenningsJanuary 2008    Informational
RFC 5038ASCII, PDFThe Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) Implementation Survey ResultsB. Thomas, L. AnderssonOctober 2007    Informational
RFC 5037ASCII, PDFExperience with the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)L. Andersson, Ed., I. Minei, Ed., B. Thomas, Ed.October 2007    Informational
RFC 5030ASCII, PDFMobile IPv4 RADIUS RequirementsM. Nakhjiri, Ed., K. Chowdhury, A. Lior, K. LeungOctober 2007    Informational
RFC 5024ASCII, PDFODETTE File Transfer Protocol 2.0I. FriendNovember 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2204Informational
RFC 5022ASCII, PDFMedia Server Control Markup Language (MSCML) and ProtocolJ. Van Dyke, E. Burger, Ed., A. SpitzerSeptember 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4722Informational
RFC 5016ASCII, PDFRequirements for a DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Signing Practices ProtocolM. ThomasOctober 2007    Informational
RFC 5014ASCII, PDFIPv6 Socket API for Source Address SelectionE. Nordmark, S. Chakrabarti, J. LaganierSeptember 2007    Informational
RFC 5013ASCII, PDFThe Dublin Core Metadata Element SetJ. Kunze, T. BakerAugust 2007Obsoletes RFC 2413Informational
RFC 5012ASCII, PDFRequirements for Emergency Context Resolution with Internet TechnologiesH. Schulzrinne, R. Marshall, Ed.January 2008ErrataInformational
RFC 5009ASCII, PDFPrivate Header (P-Header) Extension to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for Authorization of Early MediaR. EjzaSeptember 2007    Informational
RFC 5002ASCII, PDFThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) P-Profile-Key Private Header (P-Header)G. Camarillo, G. BlancoAugust 2007Errata, Updated by RFC 8217Informational
RFC 4990ASCII, PDFUse of Addresses in Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) NetworksK. Shiomoto, R. Papneja, R. RabbatSeptember 2007    Informational
RFC 4987ASCII, PDFTCP SYN Flooding Attacks and Common MitigationsW. EddyAugust 2007    Informational
RFC 4986ASCII, PDFRequirements Related to DNS Security (DNSSEC) Trust Anchor RolloverH. Eland, R. Mundy, S. Crocker, S. KrishnaswamyAugust 2007    Informational
RFC 4984ASCII, PDFReport from the IAB Workshop on Routing and AddressingD. Meyer, Ed., L. Zhang, Ed., K. Fall, Ed.September 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4981ASCII, PDFSurvey of Research towards Robust Peer-to-Peer Networks: Search MethodsJ. Risson, T. MoorsSeptember 2007    Informational
RFC 4980ASCII, PDFAnalysis of Multihoming in Network Mobility SupportC. Ng, T. Ernst, E. Paik, M. BagnuloOctober 2007    Informational
RFC 4977ASCII, PDFProblem Statement: Dual Stack MobilityG. Tsirtsis, H. SolimanAugust 2007    Informational
RFC 4968ASCII, PDFAnalysis of IPv6 Link Models for 802.16 Based NetworksS. Madanapalli, Ed.August 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4966ASCII, PDFReasons to Move the Network Address Translator - Protocol Translator (NAT-PT) to Historic StatusC. Aoun, E. DaviesJuly 2007Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2766Informational
RFC 4965ASCII, PDFCableLabs - IETF Standardization CollaborationJ-F. Mule, W. TownsleySeptember 2007    Informational
RFC 4964ASCII, PDFThe P-Answer-State Header Extension to the Session Initiation Protocol for the Open Mobile Alliance Push to Talk over CellularA. Allen, Ed., J. Holm, T. HallinSeptember 2007    Informational
RFC 4963ASCII, PDFIPv4 Reassembly Errors at High Data RatesJ. Heffner, M. Mathis, B. ChandlerJuly 2007    Informational
RFC 4958ASCII, PDFA Framework for Supporting Emergency Telecommunications Services (ETS) within a Single Administrative DomainK. CarlbergJuly 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4957ASCII, PDFLink-Layer Event Notifications for Detecting Network AttachmentsS. Krishnan, Ed., N. Montavont, E. Njedjou, S. Veerepalli, A. Yegin, Ed.August 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4953ASCII, PDFDefending TCP Against Spoofing AttacksJ. TouchJuly 2007    Informational
RFC 4952ASCII, PDFOverview and Framework for Internationalized EmailJ. Klensin, Y. KoJuly 2007Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6530, Updated by RFC 5336Informational
RFC 4949 a.k.a. FYI 36

ASCII, PDFInternet Security Glossary, Version 2R. ShireyAugust 2007Obsoletes RFC 2828Informational
RFC 4948ASCII, PDFReport from the IAB workshop on Unwanted Traffic March 9-10, 2006L. Andersson, E. Davies, L. ZhangAugust 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4947ASCII, PDFAddress Resolution Mechanisms for IP Datagrams over MPEG-2 NetworksG. Fairhurst, M. MontpetitJuly 2007    Informational
RFC 4943ASCII, PDFIPv6 Neighbor Discovery On-Link Assumption Considered HarmfulS. Roy, A. Durand, J. PaughSeptember 2007    Informational
RFC 4942ASCII, PDFIPv6 Transition/Co-existence Security ConsiderationsE. Davies, S. Krishnan, P. SavolaSeptember 2007    Informational
RFC 4938ASCII, PDFPPP Over Ethernet (PPPoE) Extensions for Credit Flow and Link MetricsB. Berry, H. HolgateJune 2007Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5578Informational
RFC 4937ASCII, PDFIANA Considerations for PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)P. Arberg, V. MammolitiJune 2007    Informational
RFC 4927ASCII, PDFPath Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCECP) Specific Requirements for Inter-Area MPLS and GMPLS Traffic EngineeringJ.-L. Le Roux, Ed.June 2007    Informational
RFC 4926ASCII, PDFA URN Namespace for GEANTT.Kalin, M.MolinaJuly 2007    Informational
RFC 4925ASCII, PDFSoftwire Problem StatementX. Li, Ed., S. Dawkins, Ed., D. Ward, Ed., A. Durand, Ed.July 2007    Informational
RFC 4924ASCII, PDFReflections on Internet TransparencyB. Aboba, Ed., E. DaviesJuly 2007    Informational
RFC 4923ASCII, PDFQuality of Service (QoS) Signaling in a Nested Virtual Private NetworkF. Baker, P. BoseAugust 2007    Informational
RFC 4919ASCII, PDFIPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs): Overview, Assumptions, Problem Statement, and GoalsN. Kushalnagar, G. Montenegro, C. SchumacherAugust 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4909ASCII, PDFMultimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY) General Extension Payload for Open Mobile Alliance BCAST LTKM/STKM TransportL. Dondeti, Ed., D. Castleford, F. HartungJune 2007Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5410, RFC 6309Informational
RFC 4907ASCII, PDFArchitectural Implications of Link IndicationsB. Aboba, Ed.June 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4903ASCII, PDFMulti-Link Subnet IssuesD. ThalerJune 2007    Informational
RFC 4902ASCII, PDFIntegrity, Privacy, and Security in Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) for SMTPM. StecherMay 2007    Informational
RFC 4894ASCII, PDFUse of Hash Algorithms in Internet Key Exchange (IKE) and IPsecP. HoffmanMay 2007    Informational
RFC 4892ASCII, PDFRequirements for a Mechanism Identifying a Name Server InstanceS. Woolf, D. ConradJune 2007    Informational
RFC 4891ASCII, PDFUsing IPsec to Secure IPv6-in-IPv4 TunnelsR. Graveman, M. Parthasarathy, P. Savola, H. TschofenigMay 2007    Informational
RFC 4890ASCII, PDFRecommendations for Filtering ICMPv6 Messages in FirewallsE. Davies, J. MohacsiMay 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4889ASCII, PDFNetwork Mobility Route Optimization Solution Space AnalysisC. Ng, F. Zhao, M. Watari, P. ThubertJuly 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4888ASCII, PDFNetwork Mobility Route Optimization Problem StatementC. Ng, P. Thubert, M. Watari, F. ZhaoJuly 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4887ASCII, PDFNetwork Mobility Home Network ModelsP. Thubert, R. Wakikawa, V. DevarapalliJuly 2007    Informational
RFC 4886ASCII, PDFNetwork Mobility Support Goals and RequirementsT. ErnstJuly 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4885ASCII, PDFNetwork Mobility Support TerminologyT. Ernst, H-Y. LachJuly 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4883ASCII, PDFBenchmarking Terminology for Resource Reservation Capable RoutersG. Feher, K. Nemeth, A. Korn, I. CselenyiJuly 2007    Informational
RFC 4882ASCII, PDFIP Address Location Privacy and Mobile IPv6: Problem StatementR. KoodliMay 2007    Informational
RFC 4876ASCII, PDFA Configuration Profile Schema for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-Based AgentsB. Neal-Joslin, Ed., L. Howard, M. AnsariMay 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4864ASCII, PDFLocal Network Protection for IPv6G. Van de Velde, T. Hain, R. Droms, B. Carpenter, E. KleinMay 2007    Informational
RFC 4859ASCII, PDFCodepoint Registry for the Flags Field in the Resource Reservation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) Session Attribute ObjectA. FarrelApril 2007    Informational
RFC 4858ASCII, PDFDocument Shepherding from Working Group Last Call to PublicationH. Levkowetz, D. Meyer, L. Eggert, A. MankinMay 2007    Informational
RFC 4854ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for Extensions to the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)P. Saint-AndreApril 2007    Informational
RFC 4852ASCII, PDFIPv6 Enterprise Network Analysis - IP Layer 3 FocusJ. Bound, Y. Pouffary, S. Klynsma, T. Chown, D. GreenApril 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4851ASCII, PDFThe Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling Extensible Authentication Protocol Method (EAP-FAST)N. Cam-Winget, D. McGrew, J. Salowey, H. ZhouMay 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4847ASCII, PDFFramework and Requirements for Layer 1 Virtual Private NetworksT. Takeda, Ed.April 2007    Informational
RFC 4846ASCII, PDFIndependent Submissions to the RFC EditorJ. Klensin, Ed., D. Thaler, Ed.July 2007Updated by RFC 5744Informational
RFC 4845ASCII, PDFProcess for Publication of IAB RFCsL. Daigle, Ed., Internet Architecture BoardJuly 2007    Informational
RFC 4844ASCII, PDFThe RFC Series and RFC EditorL. Daigle, Ed., Internet Architecture BoardJuly 2007Updated by RFC 5741Informational
RFC 4840ASCII, PDFMultiple Encapsulation Methods Considered HarmfulB. Aboba, Ed., E. Davies, D. ThalerApril 2007    Informational
RFC 4839ASCII, PDFMedia Type Registrations for the Open eBook Publication Structure (OEBPS) Package File (OPF)G. Conboy, J. Rivlin, J. FerraioloApril 2007    Informational
RFC 4838ASCII, PDFDelay-Tolerant Networking ArchitectureV. Cerf, S. Burleigh, A. Hooke, L. Torgerson, R. Durst, K. Scott, K. Fall, H. WeissApril 2007    Informational
RFC 4834ASCII, PDFRequirements for Multicast in Layer 3 Provider-Provisioned Virtual Private Networks (PPVPNs)T. Morin, Ed.April 2007    Informational
RFC 4832ASCII, PDFSecurity Threats to Network-Based Localized Mobility Management (NETLMM)C. Vogt, J. KempfApril 2007    Informational
RFC 4831ASCII, PDFGoals for Network-Based Localized Mobility Management (NETLMM)J. Kempf, Ed.April 2007    Informational
RFC 4830ASCII, PDFProblem Statement for Network-Based Localized Mobility Management (NETLMM)J. Kempf, Ed.April 2007    Informational
RFC 4829ASCII, PDFLabel Switched Path (LSP) Preemption Policies for MPLS Traffic EngineeringJ. de Oliveira, Ed., JP. Vasseur, Ed., L. Chen, C. ScoglioApril 2007    Informational
RFC 4824ASCII, PDFThe Transmission of IP Datagrams over the Semaphore Flag Signaling System (SFSS)J. Hofmueller, Ed., A. Bachmann, Ed., IO. zmoelnig, Ed.1 April 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4823ASCII, PDFFTP Transport for Secure Peer-to-Peer Business Data Interchange over the InternetT. Harding, R. ScottApril 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4814ASCII, PDFHash and Stuffing: Overlooked Factors in Network Device BenchmarkingD. Newman, T. PlayerMarch 2007    Informational
RFC 4812ASCII, PDFOSPF Restart SignalingL. Nguyen, A. Roy, A. ZininMarch 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4811ASCII, PDFOSPF Out-of-Band Link State Database (LSDB) ResynchronizationL. Nguyen, A. Roy, A. ZininMarch 2007    Informational
RFC 4810ASCII, PDFLong-Term Archive Service RequirementsC. Wallace, U. Pordesch, R. BrandnerMarch 2007    Informational
RFC 4809ASCII, PDFRequirements for an IPsec Certificate Management ProfileC. Bonatti, Ed., S. Turner, Ed., G. Lebovitz, Ed.February 2007    Informational
RFC 4808ASCII, PDFKey Change Strategies for TCP-MD5S. BellovinMarch 2007    Informational
RFC 4797ASCII, PDFUse of Provider Edge to Provider Edge (PE-PE) Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) or IP in BGP/MPLS IP Virtual Private NetworksY. Rekhter, R. Bonica, E. RosenJanuary 2007    Informational
RFC 4795ASCII, PDFLink-local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR)B. Aboba, D. Thaler, L. EsibovJanuary 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4794ASCII, PDFRFC 1264 Is ObsoleteB. FennerDecember 2006Obsoletes RFC 1264Informational
RFC 4793ASCII, PDFThe EAP Protected One-Time Password Protocol (EAP-POTP)M. NystroemFebruary 2007    Informational
RFC 4784ASCII, PDFVerizon Wireless Dynamic Mobile IP Key Update for cdma2000(R) NetworksC. Carroll, F. QuickJune 2007    Informational
RFC 4779ASCII, PDFISP IPv6 Deployment Scenarios in Broadband Access NetworksS. Asadullah, A. Ahmed, C. Popoviciu, P. Savola, J. PaletJanuary 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4778ASCII, PDFOperational Security Current Practices in Internet Service Provider EnvironmentsM. KaeoJanuary 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4777ASCII, PDFIBM's iSeries Telnet EnhancementsT. Murphy Jr., P. Rieth, J. StevensNovember 2006Obsoletes RFC 2877Informational
RFC 4773ASCII, PDFAdministration of the IANA Special Purpose IPv6 Address BlockG. HustonDecember 2006Obsoleted by RFC 6890Informational
RFC 4772ASCII, PDFSecurity Implications of Using the Data Encryption Standard (DES)S. KellyDecember 2006    Informational
RFC 4768ASCII, PDFDesired Enhancements to Generic Security Services Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Version 3 NamingS. HartmanDecember 2006    Informational
RFC 4766ASCII, PDFIntrusion Detection Message Exchange RequirementsM. Wood, M. ErlingerMarch 2007    Informational
RFC 4763ASCII, PDFExtensible Authentication Protocol Method for Shared-secret Authentication and Key Establishment (EAP-SAKE)M. Vanderveen, H. SolimanNovember 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4758ASCII, PDFCryptographic Token Key Initialization Protocol (CT-KIP) Version 1.0 Revision 1M. NystroemNovember 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4753ASCII, PDFECP Groups For IKE and IKEv2D. Fu, J. SolinasJanuary 2007Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5903Informational
RFC 4746ASCII, PDF Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Password Authenticated ExchangeT. Clancy, W. ArbaughNovember 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4736ASCII, PDFReoptimization of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Traffic Engineering (TE) Loosely Routed Label Switched Path (LSP)JP. Vasseur, Ed., Y. Ikejiri, R. ZhangNovember 2006    Informational
RFC 4732ASCII, PDFInternet Denial-of-Service ConsiderationsM. Handley, Ed., E. Rescorla, Ed., IABDecember 2006    Informational
RFC 4729ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Near Field Communication (NFC) ForumM. AbelNovember 2006    Informational
RFC 4726ASCII, PDFA Framework for Inter-Domain Multiprotocol Label Switching Traffic EngineeringA. Farrel, J.-P. Vasseur, A. AyyangarNovember 2006    Informational
RFC 4725ASCII, PDFENUM Validation ArchitectureA. Mayrhofer, B. HoeneisenNovember 2006    Informational
RFC 4723ASCII, PDFRegistration of Media Type audio/mobile-xmfT. Kosonen, T. WhiteDecember 2006    Informational
RFC 4722ASCII, PDFMedia Server Control Markup Language (MSCML) and ProtocolJ. Van Dyke, E. Burger, Ed., A. SpitzerNovember 2006Obsoleted by RFC 5022Informational
RFC 4718ASCII, PDFIKEv2 Clarifications and Implementation GuidelinesP. Eronen, P. HoffmanOctober 2006Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5996Informational
RFC 4716ASCII, PDFThe Secure Shell (SSH) Public Key File FormatJ. Galbraith, R. ThayerNovember 2006    Informational
RFC 4715ASCII, PDFThe Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Subaddress Encoding Type for tel URIM. Munakata, S. Schubert, T. OhbaNovember 2006    Informational
RFC 4714ASCII, PDFRequirements for IETF Technical Publication ServiceA. Mankin, S. HayesOctober 2006    Informational
RFC 4713ASCII, PDFRegistration and Administration Recommendations for Chinese Domain NamesX. Lee, W. Mao, E. Chen, N. Hsu, J. KlensinOctober 2006    Informational
RFC 4709ASCII, PDFMounting Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) ServersJ. ReschkeOctober 2006    Informational
RFC 4708ASCII, PDFCellML Media TypeA. MillerOctober 2006    Informational
RFC 4705ASCII, PDFGigaBeam High-Speed Radio Link EncryptionR. Housley, A. CorryOctober 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4696ASCII, PDFAn Implementation Guide for RTP MIDIJ. Lazzaro, J. WawrzynekNovember 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4692ASCII, PDFConsiderations on the IPv6 Host Density MetricG. HustonOctober 2006    Informational
RFC 4691ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Acting as an IETF Liaison to Another OrganizationL. Andersson, Ed.October 2006    Informational
RFC 4690ASCII, PDFReview and Recommendations for Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)J. Klensin, P. Faltstrom, C. Karp, IABSeptember 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4689ASCII, PDFTerminology for Benchmarking Network-layer Traffic Control MechanismsS. Poretsky, J. Perser, S. Erramilli, S. KhuranaOctober 2006    Informational
RFC 4688ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) Specification 1000DS. RushingOctober 2006    Informational
RFC 4687ASCII, PDFOperations and Management (OAM) Requirements for Point-to-Multipoint MPLS NetworksS. Yasukawa, A. Farrel, D. King, T. NadeauSeptember 2006    Informational
RFC 4686ASCII, PDFAnalysis of Threats Motivating DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)J. FentonSeptember 2006    Informational
RFC 4679ASCII, PDFDSL Forum Vendor-Specific RADIUS AttributesV. Mammoliti, G. Zorn, P. Arberg, R. RennisonSeptember 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4678ASCII, PDFServer/Application State Protocol v1A. BivensSeptember 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4677ASCII, PDFThe Tao of IETF - A Novice's Guide to the Internet Engineering Task ForceP. Hoffman, S. HarrisSeptember 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3160, Obsoleted by RFC 6722Informational
RFC 4674ASCII, PDFRequirements for Path Computation Element (PCE) DiscoveryJ.L. Le Roux, Ed.October 2006    Informational
RFC 4673ASCII, PDFRADIUS Dynamic Authorization Server MIBS. De Cnodder, N. Jonnala, M. ChibaSeptember 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4672ASCII, PDFRADIUS Dynamic Authorization Client MIBS. De Cnodder, N. Jonnala, M. ChibaSeptember 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4671ASCII, PDFRADIUS Accounting Server MIB for IPv6D. NelsonAugust 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2621Informational
RFC 4670ASCII, PDFRADIUS Accounting Client MIB for IPv6D. NelsonAugust 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2620Informational
RFC 4665ASCII, PDFService Requirements for Layer 2 Provider-Provisioned Virtual Private NetworksW. Augustyn, Ed., Y. Serbest, Ed.September 2006    Informational
RFC 4664ASCII, PDFFramework for Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks (L2VPNs)L. Andersson, Ed., E. Rosen, Ed.September 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4663ASCII, PDFTransferring MIB Work from IETF Bridge MIB WG to IEEE 802.1 WGD. HarringtonSeptember 2006    Informational
RFC 4657ASCII, PDFPath Computation Element (PCE) Communication Protocol Generic RequirementsJ. Ash, Ed., J.L. Le Roux, Ed.September 2006    Informational
RFC 4655ASCII, PDFA Path Computation Element (PCE)-Based ArchitectureA. Farrel, J.-P. Vasseur, J. AshAugust 2006    Informational
RFC 4652ASCII, PDFEvaluation of Existing Routing Protocols against Automatic Switched Optical Network (ASON) Routing RequirementsD. Papadimitriou, Ed., L.Ong, J. Sadler, S. Shew, D. WardOctober 2006    Informational
RFC 4651ASCII, PDFA Taxonomy and Analysis of Enhancements to Mobile IPv6 Route OptimizationC. Vogt, J. ArkkoFebruary 2007    Informational
RFC 4645ASCII, PDFInitial Language Subtag RegistryD. EwellSeptember 2006    Informational
RFC 4641ASCII, PDFDNSSEC Operational PracticesO. Kolkman, R. GiebenSeptember 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2541, Obsoleted by RFC 6781Informational
RFC 4640ASCII, PDFProblem Statement for bootstrapping Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6)A. Patel, Ed., G. Giaretta, Ed.September 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4638ASCII, PDFAccommodating a Maximum Transit Unit/Maximum Receive Unit (MTU/MRU) Greater Than 1492 in the Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE)P. Arberg, D. Kourkouzelis, M. Duckett, T. Anschutz, J. MoisandSeptember 2006    Informational
RFC 4634ASCII, PDFUS Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA and HMAC-SHA)D. Eastlake 3rd, T. HansenJuly 2006Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6234, Updates RFC 3174Informational
RFC 4628ASCII, PDFRTP Payload Format for H.263 Moving RFC 2190 to Historic StatusR. EvenJanuary 2007    Informational
RFC 4627ASCII, PDFThe application/json Media Type for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)D. CrockfordJuly 2006Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7159Informational
RFC 4621ASCII, PDFDesign of the IKEv2 Mobility and Multihoming (MOBIKE) ProtocolT. Kivinen, H. TschofenigAugust 2006    Informational
RFC 4617ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Formal Namespace for the Latvian National Government Integration ProjectJ. KornijenkoAugust 2006    Informational
RFC 4614ASCII, PDFA Roadmap for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Specification DocumentsM. Duke, R. Braden, W. Eddy, E. BlantonSeptember 2006Obsoleted by RFC 7414, Updated by RFC 6247Informational
RFC 4613ASCII, PDFMedia Type Registrations for Downloadable Sounds for Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)P. Frojdh, U. Lindgren, M. WesterlundSeptember 2006    Informational
RFC 4609ASCII, PDFProtocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) Multicast Routing Security Issues and EnhancementsP. Savola, R. Lehtonen, D. MeyerOctober 2006    Informational
RFC 4603ASCII, PDFAdditional Values for the NAS-Port-Type AttributeG. Zorn, G. Weber, R. FoltakJuly 2006    Informational
RFC 4602ASCII, PDFProtocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) IETF Proposed Standard Requirements AnalysisT. PusateriAugust 2006    Informational
RFC 4597ASCII, PDFConferencing ScenariosR. Even, N. IsmailAugust 2006    Informational
RFC 4596ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Usage of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Caller Preferences ExtensionJ. Rosenberg, P. KyzivatJuly 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4595ASCII, PDFUse of IKEv2 in the Fibre Channel Security Association Management ProtocolF. Maino, D. BlackJuly 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4594ASCII, PDFConfiguration Guidelines for DiffServ Service ClassesJ. Babiarz, K. Chan, F. BakerAugust 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5865Informational
RFC 4593ASCII, PDFGeneric Threats to Routing ProtocolsA. Barbir, S. Murphy, Y. YangOctober 2006    Informational
RFC 4586ASCII, PDFExtended RTP Profile for Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP)-Based Feedback: Results of the Timing Rule SimulationsC. Burmeister, R. Hakenberg, A. Miyazaki, J. Ott, N. Sato, S. FukunagaJuly 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4584ASCII, PDFExtension to Sockets API for Mobile IPv6S. Chakrabarti, E. NordmarkJuly 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4578ASCII, PDFDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Options for the Intel Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE)M. Johnston, S. Venaas, Ed.November 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4569ASCII, PDFInternet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) Registration of the Message Media Feature TagG. CamarilloJuly 2006    Informational
RFC 4565ASCII, PDFEvaluation of Candidate Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) ProtocolsD. Loher, D. Nelson, O. Volinsky, B. SarikayaJuly 2006    Informational
RFC 4564ASCII, PDFObjectives for Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP)S. Govindan, Ed., H. Cheng, ZH. Yao, WH. Zhou, L. YangJuly 2006    Informational
RFC 4562ASCII, PDFMAC-Forced Forwarding: A Method for Subscriber Separation on an Ethernet Access NetworkT. Melsen, S. BlakeJune 2006    Informational
RFC 4559ASCII, PDFSPNEGO-based Kerberos and NTLM HTTP Authentication in Microsoft WindowsK. Jaganathan, L. Zhu, J. BrezakJune 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4554ASCII, PDFUse of VLANs for IPv4-IPv6 Coexistence in Enterprise NetworksT. ChownJune 2006    Informational
RFC 4549ASCII, PDFSynchronization Operations for Disconnected IMAP4 ClientsA. Melnikov, Ed.June 2006    Informational
RFC 4542ASCII, PDFImplementing an Emergency Telecommunications Service (ETS) for Real-Time Services in the Internet Protocol SuiteF. Baker, J. PolkMay 2006Updated by RFC 5865Informational
RFC 4541ASCII, PDFConsiderations for Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) Snooping SwitchesM. Christensen, K. Kimball, F. SolenskyMay 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4539ASCII, PDFMedia Type Registration for the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Material Exchange Format (MXF)T. EdwardsMay 2006    Informational
RFC 4536ASCII, PDFThe application/smil and application/smil+xml Media TypesP. HoschkaJuly 2006    Informational
RFC 4529ASCII, PDFRequesting Attributes by Object Class in the Lightweight Directory Access ProtocolK. ZeilengaJune 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4525ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Modify-Increment ExtensionK. ZeilengaJune 2006    Informational
RFC 4504ASCII, PDFSIP Telephony Device Requirements and ConfigurationH. Sinnreich, Ed., S. Lass, C. StredickeMay 2006    Informational
RFC 4503ASCII, PDFA Description of the Rabbit Stream Cipher AlgorithmM. Boesgaard, M. Vesterager, E. ZennerMay 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4496ASCII, PDFOpen Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) SMTP Use CasesM. Stecher, A. BarbirMay 2006    Informational
RFC 4493ASCII, PDFThe AES-CMAC AlgorithmJH. Song, R. Poovendran, J. Lee, T. IwataJune 2006    Informational
RFC 4492ASCII, PDFElliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Cipher Suites for Transport Layer Security (TLS)S. Blake-Wilson, N. Bolyard, V. Gupta, C. Hawk, B. MoellerMay 2006Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 8422, Updated by RFC 5246, RFC 7027, RFC 7919Informational
RFC 4487ASCII, PDFMobile IPv6 and Firewalls: Problem StatementF. Le, S. Faccin, B. Patil, H. TschofenigMay 2006    Informational
RFC 4485ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Authors of Extensions to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. Rosenberg, H. SchulzrinneMay 2006    Informational
RFC 4484ASCII, PDFTrait-Based Authorization Requirements for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. Peterson, J. Polk, D. Sicker, H. TschofenigAugust 2006    Informational
RFC 4477ASCII, PDFDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP): IPv4 and IPv6 Dual-Stack IssuesT. Chown, S. Venaas, C. StraufMay 2006    Informational
RFC 4475ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) Torture Test MessagesR. Sparks, Ed., A. Hawrylyshen, A. Johnston, J. Rosenberg, H. SchulzrinneMay 2006    Informational
RFC 4473ASCII, PDFRequirements for Internet Media Guides (IMGs)Y. Nomura, R. Walsh, J-P. Luoma, J. Ott, H. SchulzrinneMay 2006    Informational
RFC 4472ASCII, PDFOperational Considerations and Issues with IPv6 DNSA. Durand, J. Ihren, P. SavolaApril 2006    Informational
RFC 4465ASCII, PDFSignaling Compression (SigComp) Torture TestsA. Surtees, M. WestJune 2006    Informational
RFC 4464ASCII, PDFSignaling Compression (SigComp) Users' GuideA. Surtees, M. WestMay 2006    Informational
RFC 4463ASCII, PDFA Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) Developed by Cisco, Nuance, and SpeechworksS. Shanmugham, P. Monaco, B. EbermanApril 2006    Informational
RFC 4461ASCII, PDFSignaling Requirements for Point-to-Multipoint Traffic-Engineered MPLS Label Switched Paths (LSPs)S. Yasukawa, Ed.April 2006    Informational
RFC 4460ASCII, PDFStream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Specification Errata and IssuesR. Stewart, I. Arias-Rodriguez, K. Poon, A. Caro, M. TuexenApril 2006    Informational
RFC 4459ASCII, PDFMTU and Fragmentation Issues with In-the-Network TunnelingP. SavolaApril 2006    Informational
RFC 4458ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) URIs for Applications such as Voicemail and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)C. Jennings, F. Audet, J. ElwellApril 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 8119Informational
RFC 4457ASCII, PDFThe Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) P-User-Database Private-Header (P-Header)G. Camarillo, G. BlancoApril 2006    Informational
RFC 4453ASCII, PDFRequirements for Consent-Based Communications in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. Rosenberg, G. Camarillo, Ed., D. WillisApril 2006    Informational
RFC 4452ASCII, PDFThe "info" URI Scheme for Information Assets with Identifiers in Public NamespacesH. Van de Sompel, T. Hammond, E. Neylon, S. WeibelApril 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4451ASCII, PDFBGP MULTI_EXIT_DISC (MED) ConsiderationsD. McPherson, V. GillMarch 2006    Informational
RFC 4450ASCII, PDFGetting Rid of the Cruft: Report from an Experiment in Identifying and Reclassifying Obsolete Standards DocumentsE. Lear, H. AlvestrandMarch 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4445ASCII, PDFA Proposed Media Delivery Index (MDI)J. Welch, J. ClarkApril 2006    Informational
RFC 4441ASCII, PDFThe IEEE 802/IETF RelationshipB. Aboba, Ed.March 2006Obsoleted by RFC 7241Informational
RFC 4440ASCII, PDFIAB Thoughts on the Role of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF)S. Floyd, Ed., V. Paxson, Ed., A. Falk, Ed., IABMarch 2006    Informational
RFC 4435ASCII, PDFA Framework for the Usage of Internet Media Guides (IMGs)Y. Nomura, R. Walsh, J-P. Luoma, H. Asaeda, H. SchulzrinneApril 2006    Informational
RFC 4431ASCII, PDFThe DNSSEC Lookaside Validation (DLV) DNS Resource RecordM. Andrews, S. WeilerFebruary 2006    Informational
RFC 4428ASCII, PDFAnalysis of Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)-based Recovery Mechanisms (including Protection and Restoration)D. Papadimitriou, Ed., E. Mannie, Ed.March 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4427ASCII, PDFRecovery (Protection and Restoration) Terminology for Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)E. Mannie, Ed., D. Papadimitriou, Ed.March 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4423ASCII, PDFHost Identity Protocol (HIP) ArchitectureR. Moskowitz, P. NikanderMay 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4418ASCII, PDFUMAC: Message Authentication Code using Universal HashingT. Krovetz, Ed.March 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4417ASCII, PDFReport of the 2004 IAB Messaging WorkshopP. Resnick, Ed., P. Saint-Andre, Ed.February 2006    Informational
RFC 4416ASCII, PDFGoals for Internet Messaging to Support Diverse Service EnvironmentsJ. Wong, Ed.February 2006    Informational
RFC 4413ASCII, PDFTCP/IP Field BehaviorM. West, S. McCannMarch 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4403ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Schema for Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration version 3 (UDDIv3)B. Bergeson, K. Boogert, V. NanjundaswamyFebruary 2006    Informational
RFC 4397ASCII, PDFA Lexicography for the Interpretation of Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Terminology within the Context of the ITU-T's Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) ArchitectureI. Bryskin, A. FarrelFebruary 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4394ASCII, PDFA Transport Network View of the Link Management Protocol (LMP)D. Fedyk, O. Aboul-Magd, D. Brungard, J. Lang, D. PapadimitriouFebruary 2006    Informational
RFC 4392ASCII, PDFIP over InfiniBand (IPoIB) ArchitectureV. KashyapApril 2006    Informational
RFC 4381ASCII, PDFAnalysis of the Security of BGP/MPLS IP Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)M. BehringerFebruary 2006    Informational
RFC 4378ASCII, PDFA Framework for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Operations and Management (OAM)D. Allan, Ed., T. Nadeau, Ed.February 2006    Informational
RFC 4377ASCII, PDFOperations and Management (OAM) Requirements for Multi-Protocol Label Switched (MPLS) NetworksT. Nadeau, M. Morrow, G. Swallow, D. Allan, S. MatsushimaFebruary 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4376ASCII, PDFRequirements for Floor Control ProtocolsP. Koskelainen, J. Ott, H. Schulzrinne, X. WuFebruary 2006    Informational
RFC 4375ASCII, PDFEmergency Telecommunications Services (ETS) Requirements for a Single Administrative DomainK. CarlbergJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4374ASCII, PDFThe application/xv+xml Media TypeG. McCobbJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4373ASCII, PDFLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Bulk Update/Replication Protocol (LBURP)R. Harrison, J. Sermersheim, Y. DongJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4367ASCII, PDFWhat's in a Name: False Assumptions about DNS NamesJ. Rosenberg, Ed., IABFebruary 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4365ASCII, PDFApplicability Statement for BGP/MPLS IP Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)E. RosenFebruary 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4358ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)D. SmithJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4357ASCII, PDFAdditional Cryptographic Algorithms for Use with GOST 28147-89, GOST R 34.10-94, GOST R 34.10-2001, and GOST R 34.11-94 AlgorithmsV. Popov, I. Kurepkin, S. LeontievJanuary 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4354ASCII, PDFA Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Package and Data Format for Various Settings in Support for the Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) ServiceM. Garcia-MartinJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4353ASCII, PDFA Framework for Conferencing with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)J. RosenbergFebruary 2006    Informational
RFC 4350ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Formal Namespace for the New Zealand GovernmentF. Hendrikx, C. WallisFebruary 2006    Informational
RFC 4339ASCII, PDFIPv6 Host Configuration of DNS Server Information ApproachesJ. Jeong, Ed.February 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4336ASCII, PDFProblem Statement for the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP)S. Floyd, M. Handley, E. KohlerMarch 2006    Informational
RFC 4332ASCII, PDFCisco's Mobile IPv4 Host Configuration ExtensionsK. Leung, A. Patel, G. Tsirtsis, E. KlovningDecember 2005    Informational
RFC 4330ASCII, PDFSimple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Version 4 for IPv4, IPv6 and OSID. MillsJanuary 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2030, RFC 1769, Obsoleted by RFC 5905Informational
RFC 4329ASCII, PDFScripting Media TypesB. HoehrmannApril 2006    Informational
RFC 4322ASCII, PDFOpportunistic Encryption using the Internet Key Exchange (IKE)M. Richardson, D.H. RedelmeierDecember 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4321ASCII, PDFProblems Identified Associated with the Session Initiation Protocol's (SIP) Non-INVITE TransactionR. SparksJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4317ASCII, PDFSession Description Protocol (SDP) Offer/Answer ExamplesA. Johnston, R. SparksDecember 2005    Informational
RFC 4313ASCII, PDFRequirements for Distributed Control of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Speaker Identification/Speaker Verification (SI/SV), and Text-to-Speech (TTS) ResourcesD. OranDecember 2005    Informational
RFC 4297ASCII, PDFRemote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over IP Problem StatementA. Romanow, J. Mogul, T. Talpey, S. BaileyDecember 2005    Informational
RFC 4296ASCII, PDFThe Architecture of Direct Data Placement (DDP) and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) on Internet ProtocolsS. Bailey, T. TalpeyDecember 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4294ASCII, PDFIPv6 Node RequirementsJ. Loughney, Ed.April 2006Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6434, Updated by RFC 5095Informational
RFC 4290ASCII, PDFSuggested Practices for Registration of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN)J. KlensinDecember 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4285ASCII, PDFAuthentication Protocol for Mobile IPv6A. Patel, K. Leung, M. Khalil, H. Akhtar, K. ChowdhuryJanuary 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4284ASCII, PDFIdentity Selection Hints for the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)F. Adrangi, V. Lortz, F. Bari, P. EronenJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4278ASCII, PDFStandards Maturity Variance Regarding the TCP MD5 Signature Option (RFC 2385) and the BGP-4 SpecificationS. Bellovin, A. ZininJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4277ASCII, PDFExperience with the BGP-4 ProtocolD. McPherson, K. PatelJanuary 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4276ASCII, PDFBGP-4 Implementation ReportS. Hares, A. RetanaJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4275ASCII, PDFBGP-4 MIB Implementation SurveyS. Hares, D. HaresJanuary 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4274ASCII, PDFBGP-4 Protocol AnalysisD. Meyer, K. PatelJanuary 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4272ASCII, PDFBGP Security Vulnerabilities AnalysisS. MurphyJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4270ASCII, PDFAttacks on Cryptographic Hashes in Internet ProtocolsP. Hoffman, B. SchneierNovember 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4269ASCII, PDFThe SEED Encryption AlgorithmH.J. Lee, S.J. Lee, J.H. Yoon, D.H. Cheon, J.I. LeeDecember 2005Obsoletes RFC 4009Informational
RFC 4267ASCII, PDFThe W3C Speech Interface Framework Media Types: application/voicexml+xml, application/ssml+xml, application/srgs, application/srgs+xml, application/ccxml+xml, and application/pls+xmlM. FroumentinNovember 2005    Informational
RFC 4264ASCII, PDFBGP WedgiesT. Griffin, G. HustonNovember 2005    Informational
RFC 4263ASCII, PDFMedia Subtype Registration for Media Type text/troffB. LillyJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4260ASCII, PDFMobile IPv6 Fast Handovers for 802.11 NetworksP. McCannNovember 2005    Informational
RFC 4259ASCII, PDFA Framework for Transmission of IP Datagrams over MPEG-2 NetworksM.-J. Montpetit, G. Fairhurst, H. Clausen, B. Collini-Nocker, H. LinderNovember 2005    Informational
RFC 4258ASCII, PDFRequirements for Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Routing for the Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON)D. Brungard, Ed.November 2005    Informational
RFC 4257ASCII, PDFFramework for Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)-based Control of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy/Synchronous Optical Networking (SDH/SONET) NetworksG. Bernstein, E. Mannie, V. Sharma, E. GrayDecember 2005    Informational
RFC 4249ASCII, PDFImplementer-Friendly Specification of Message and MIME-Part Header Fields and Field ComponentsB. LillyJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4247ASCII, PDFRequirements for Header Compression over MPLSJ. Ash, B. Goode, J. Hand, R. ZhangNovember 2005    Informational
RFC 4246ASCII, PDFInternational Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN) URN DefinitionM. DolanFebruary 2006    Informational
RFC 4245ASCII, PDFHigh-Level Requirements for Tightly Coupled SIP ConferencingO. Levin, R. EvenNovember 2005    Informational
RFC 4241ASCII, PDFA Model of IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack Internet Access ServiceY. Shirasaki, S. Miyakawa, T. Yamasaki, A. TakenouchiDecember 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4240ASCII, PDFBasic Network Media Services with SIPE. Burger, Ed., J. Van Dyke, A. SpitzerDecember 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4230ASCII, PDFRSVP Security PropertiesH. Tschofenig, R. GravemanDecember 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4229ASCII, PDFHTTP Header Field RegistrationsM. Nottingham, J. MogulDecember 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4228ASCII, PDFRequirements for an IETF Draft Submission ToolsetA. RousskovDecember 2005    Informational
RFC 4226ASCII, PDFHOTP: An HMAC-Based One-Time Password AlgorithmD. M'Raihi, M. Bellare, F. Hoornaert, D. Naccache, O. RanenDecember 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4225ASCII, PDFMobile IP Version 6 Route Optimization Security Design BackgroundP. Nikander, J. Arkko, T. Aura, G. Montenegro, E. NordmarkDecember 2005    Informational
RFC 4224ASCII, PDFRObust Header Compression (ROHC): ROHC over Channels That Can Reorder PacketsG. Pelletier, L-E. Jonsson, K. SandlundJanuary 2006    Informational
RFC 4223ASCII, PDFReclassification of RFC 1863 to HistoricP. SavolaOctober 2005Obsoletes RFC 1863Informational
RFC 4221ASCII, PDFMultiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Management OverviewT. Nadeau, C. Srinivasan, A. FarrelNovember 2005    Informational
RFC 4219ASCII, PDFThings Multihoming in IPv6 (MULTI6) Developers Should Think AboutE. LearOctober 2005    Informational
RFC 4218ASCII, PDFThreats Relating to IPv6 Multihoming SolutionsE. Nordmark, T. LiOctober 2005    Informational
RFC 4216ASCII, PDFMPLS Inter-Autonomous System (AS) Traffic Engineering (TE) RequirementsR. Zhang, Ed., J.-P. Vasseur, Ed.November 2005    Informational
RFC 4215ASCII, PDFAnalysis on IPv6 Transition in Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) NetworksJ. Wiljakka, Ed.October 2005    Informational
RFC 4212ASCII, PDFAlternative Certificate Formats for the Public-Key Infrastructure Using X.509 (PKIX) Certificate Management ProtocolsM. Blinov, C. AdamsOctober 2005    Informational
RFC 4205ASCII, PDFIntermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Extensions in Support of Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)K. Kompella, Ed., Y. Rekhter, Ed.October 2005Obsoleted by RFC 5307, Updates RFC 3784Informational
RFC 4198ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for Federated ContentD. TessmanNovember 2005    Informational
RFC 4197ASCII, PDFRequirements for Edge-to-Edge Emulation of Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) Circuits over Packet Switching NetworksM. Riegel, Ed.October 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4195ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the TV-Anytime ForumW. KameyamaOctober 2005    Informational
RFC 4192ASCII, PDFProcedures for Renumbering an IPv6 Network without a Flag DayF. Baker, E. Lear, R. DromsSeptember 2005Updates RFC 2072Informational
RFC 4190ASCII, PDFFramework for Supporting Emergency Telecommunications Service (ETS) in IP TelephonyK. Carlberg, I. Brown, C. BeardNovember 2005    Informational
RFC 4189ASCII, PDFRequirements for End-to-Middle Security for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)K. Ono, S. TachimotoOctober 2005    Informational
RFC 4187ASCII, PDFExtensible Authentication Protocol Method for 3rd Generation Authentication and Key Agreement (EAP-AKA)J. Arkko, H. HaverinenJanuary 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 5448Informational
RFC 4186ASCII, PDFExtensible Authentication Protocol Method for Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Subscriber Identity Modules (EAP-SIM)H. Haverinen, Ed., J. Salowey, Ed.January 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4185ASCII, PDFNational and Local Characters for DNS Top Level Domain (TLD) NamesJ. KlensinOctober 2005    Informational
RFC 4183ASCII, PDFA Suggested Scheme for DNS Resolution of Networks and GatewaysE. WarnickeSeptember 2005    Informational
RFC 4180ASCII, PDFCommon Format and MIME Type for Comma-Separated Values (CSV) FilesY. ShafranovichOctober 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 7111Informational
RFC 4179ASCII, PDFUsing Universal Content Identifier (UCI) as Uniform Resource Names (URN)S. KangOctober 2005    Informational
RFC 4177ASCII, PDFArchitectural Approaches to Multi-homing for IPv6G. HustonSeptember 2005    Informational
RFC 4176ASCII, PDFFramework for Layer 3 Virtual Private Networks (L3VPN) Operations and ManagementY. El Mghazli, Ed., T. Nadeau, M. Boucadair, K. Chan, A. GonguetOctober 2005    Informational
RFC 4169ASCII, PDFHypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Digest Authentication Using Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) Version-2V. Torvinen, J. Arkko, M. NaslundNovember 2005    Informational
RFC 4167ASCII, PDFGraceful OSPF Restart Implementation ReportA. LindemOctober 2005    Informational
RFC 4166ASCII, PDFTelephony Signalling Transport over Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Applicability StatementL. Coene, J. Pastor-BalbasFebruary 2006    Informational
RFC 4163ASCII, PDFRObust Header Compression (ROHC): Requirements on TCP/IP Header CompressionL-E. JonssonAugust 2005    Informational
RFC 4161ASCII, PDFGuidelines for Optional Services for Internet Fax GatewaysK. Mimura, K. Yokoyama, T. Satoh, K. Watanabe, C. KanaideAugust 2005    Informational
RFC 4160ASCII, PDFInternet Fax Gateway RequirementsK. Mimura, K. Yokoyama, T. Satoh, C. Kanaide, C. AllocchioAugust 2005    Informational
RFC 4158ASCII, PDFInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure: Certification Path BuildingM. Cooper, Y. Dzambasow, P. Hesse, S. Joseph, R. NicholasSeptember 2005    Informational
RFC 4155ASCII, PDFThe application/mbox Media TypeE. HallSeptember 2005    Informational
RFC 4154ASCII, PDFVoucher Trading System Application Programming Interface (VTS-API)M. Terada, K. FujimuraSeptember 2005    Informational
RFC 4153ASCII, PDFXML Voucher: Generic Voucher LanguageK. Fujimura, M. Terada, D. Eastlake 3rdSeptember 2005    Informational
RFC 4152ASCII, PDFA Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Common Language Equipment Identifier (CLEI) CodeK. Tesink, R. FoxAugust 2005    Informational
RFC 4151ASCII, PDFThe 'tag' URI SchemeT. Kindberg, S. HawkeOctober 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4147ASCII, PDFProposed Changes to the Format of the IANA IPv6 RegistryG. HustonAugust 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4146ASCII, PDFSimple New Mail NotificationR. GellensAugust 2005    Informational
RFC 4144ASCII, PDFHow to Gain Prominence and Influence in Standards OrganizationsD. Eastlake 3rdSeptember 2005    Informational
RFC 4139ASCII, PDFRequirements for Generalized MPLS (GMPLS) Signaling Usage and Extensions for Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON)D. Papadimitriou, J. Drake, J. Ash, A. Farrel, L. OngJuly 2005    Informational
RFC 4137ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesState Machines for Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Peer and AuthenticatorJ. Vollbrecht, P. Eronen, N. Petroni, Y. OhbaAugust 2005    Informational
RFC 4136ASCII, PDFOSPF Refresh and Flooding Reduction in Stable TopologiesP. Pillay-EsnaultJuly 2005    Informational
RFC 4135ASCII, PDFGoals of Detecting Network Attachment in IPv6JH. Choi, G. DaleyAugust 2005    Informational
RFC 4134ASCII, PDFExamples of S/MIME MessagesP. Hoffman, Ed.July 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4128ASCII, PDF, PDF with ImagesBandwidth Constraints Models for Differentiated Services (Diffserv)-aware MPLS Traffic Engineering: Performance EvaluationW. LaiJune 2005    Informational
RFC 4123ASCII, PDFSession Initiation Protocol (SIP)-H.323 Interworking RequirementsH. Schulzrinne, C. AgbohJuly 2005    Informational
RFC 4118ASCII, PDFArchitecture Taxonomy for Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP)L. Yang, P. Zerfos, E. SadotJune 2005    Informational
RFC 4117ASCII, PDFTranscoding Services Invocation in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Using Third Party Call Control (3pcc)G. Camarillo, E. Burger, H. Schulzrinne, A. van WijkJune 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4116ASCII, PDFIPv4 Multihoming Practices and LimitationsJ. Abley, K. Lindqvist, E. Davies, B. Black, V. GillJuly 2005    Informational
RFC 4115ASCII, PDFA Differentiated Service Two-Rate, Three-Color Marker with Efficient Handling of in-Profile TrafficO. Aboul-Magd, S. RabieJuly 2005    Informational
RFC 4111ASCII, PDFSecurity Framework for Provider-Provisioned Virtual Private Networks (PPVPNs)L. Fang, Ed.July 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4110ASCII, PDFA Framework for Layer 3 Provider-Provisioned Virtual Private Networks (PPVPNs)R. Callon, M. SuzukiJuly 2005    Informational
RFC 4105ASCII, PDFRequirements for Inter-Area MPLS Traffic EngineeringJ.-L. Le Roux, Ed., J.-P. Vasseur, Ed., J. Boyle, Ed.June 2005    Informational
RFC 4101ASCII, PDFWriting Protocol ModelsE. Rescorla, IABJune 2005    Informational
RFC 4098ASCII, PDFTerminology for Benchmarking BGP Device Convergence in the Control PlaneH. Berkowitz, E. Davies, Ed., S. Hares, P. Krishnaswamy, M. LeppJune 2005    Informational
RFC 4097ASCII, PDFMiddlebox Communications (MIDCOM) Protocol EvaluationM. Barnes, Ed.June 2005    Informational
RFC 4096ASCII, PDFPolicy-Mandated Labels Such as "Adv:" in Email Subject Headers Considered Ineffective At BestC. MalamudMay 2005    Informational
RFC 4094ASCII, PDFAnalysis of Existing Quality-of-Service Signaling ProtocolsJ. Manner, X. FuMay 2005    Informational
RFC 4093ASCII, PDFProblem Statement: Mobile IPv4 Traversal of Virtual Private Network (VPN) GatewaysF. Adrangi, Ed., H. Levkowetz, Ed.August 2005    Informational
RFC 4089ASCII, PDFIAB and IESG Recommendation for IETF Administrative RestructuringS. Hollenbeck, Ed., IAB and IESGMay 2005    Informational
RFC 4083ASCII, PDFInput 3rd-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 5 Requirements on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)M. Garcia-MartinMay 2005    Informational
RFC 4082ASCII, PDFTimed Efficient Stream Loss-Tolerant Authentication (TESLA): Multicast Source Authentication Transform IntroductionA. Perrig, D. Song, R. Canetti, J. D. Tygar, B. BriscoeJune 2005    Informational
RFC 4081ASCII, PDFSecurity Threats for Next Steps in Signaling (NSIS)H. Tschofenig, D. KroeselbergJune 2005    Informational
RFC 4080ASCII, PDFNext Steps in Signaling (NSIS): FrameworkR. Hancock, G. Karagiannis, J. Loughney, S. Van den BoschJune 2005    Informational
RFC 4079ASCII, PDFA Presence Architecture for the Distribution of GEOPRIV Location ObjectsJ. PetersonJuly 2005    Informational
RFC 4078ASCII, PDFThe TV-Anytime Content Reference Identifier (CRID)N. Earnshaw, S. Aoki, A. Ashley, W. KameyamaMay 2005    Informational
RFC 4076ASCII, PDFRenumbering Requirements for Stateless Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6)T. Chown, S. Venaas, A. VijayabhaskarMay 2005    Informational
RFC 4074ASCII, PDFCommon Misbehavior Against DNS Queries for IPv6 AddressesY. Morishita, T. JinmeiMay 2005    Informational
RFC 4063ASCII, PDFConsiderations When Using Basic OSPF Convergence BenchmarksV. Manral, R. White, A. ShaikhApril 2005    Informational
RFC 4062ASCII, PDFOSPF Benchmarking Terminology and ConceptsV. Manral, R. White, A. ShaikhApril 2005    Informational
RFC 4061ASCII, PDFBenchmarking Basic OSPF Single Router Control Plane ConvergenceV. Manral, R. White, A. ShaikhApril 2005    Informational
RFC 4059ASCII, PDFInternet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Warranty Certificate ExtensionD. Linsenbardt, S. Pontius, A. SturgeonMay 2005    Informational
RFC 4058ASCII, PDFProtocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access (PANA) RequirementsA. Yegin, Ed., Y. Ohba, R. Penno, G. Tsirtsis, C. WangMay 2005    Informational
RFC 4057ASCII, PDFIPv6 Enterprise Network ScenariosJ. Bound, Ed.June 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4054ASCII, PDFImpairments and Other Constraints on Optical Layer RoutingJ. Strand, Ed., A. Chiu, Ed.May 2005    Informational
RFC 4050ASCII, PDFUsing the Elliptic Curve Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) for XML Digital SignaturesS. Blake-Wilson, G. Karlinger, T. Kobayashi, Y. WangApril 2005    Informational
RFC 4048ASCII, PDFRFC 1888 Is ObsoleteB. CarpenterApril 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1888, Updated by RFC 4548Informational
RFC 4047ASCII, PDFMIME Sub-type Registrations for Flexible Image Transport System (FITS)S. Allen, D. WellsApril 2005    Informational
RFC 4046ASCII, PDFMulticast Security (MSEC) Group Key Management ArchitectureM. Baugher, R. Canetti, L. Dondeti, F. LindholmApril 2005    Informational
RFC 4042ASCII, PDFUTF-9 and UTF-18 Efficient Transformation Formats of UnicodeM. Crispin1 April 2005    Informational
RFC 4041ASCII, PDFRequirements for Morality Sections in Routing Area DraftsA. Farrel1 April 2005    Informational
RFC 4038ASCII, PDF Application Aspects of IPv6 Transition M-K. Shin, Ed., Y-G. Hong, J. Hagino, P. Savola, E. M. CastroMarch 2005    Informational
RFC 4031ASCII, PDFService Requirements for Layer 3 Provider Provisioned Virtual Private Networks (PPVPNs)M. Carugi, Ed., D. McDysan, Ed.April 2005    Informational
RFC 4029ASCII, PDF Scenarios and Analysis for Introducing IPv6 into ISP Networks M. Lind, V. Ksinant, S. Park, A. Baudot, P. SavolaMarch 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4027ASCII, PDFDomain Name System Media TypesS. JosefssonApril 2005    Informational
RFC 4026ASCII, PDF Provider Provisioned Virtual Private Network (VPN) Terminology L. Andersson, T. MadsenMarch 2005ErrataInformational
RFC 4024ASCII, PDFVoice Messaging Client BehaviourG. Parsons, J. MaruszakJuly 2005    Informational
RFC 4017ASCII, PDF Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Method Requirements for Wireless LANs D. Stanley, J. Walker, B. AbobaMarch 2005    Informational
RFC 4016ASCII, PDF Protocol for Carrying Authentication and Network Access (PANA) Threat Analysis and Security Requirements M. ParthasarathyMarch 2005    Informational
RFC 4009ASCII, PDF The SEED Encryption Algorithm J. Park, S. Lee, J. Kim, J. LeeFebruary 2005Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 4269Informational
RFC 3997ASCII, PDF Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): Requirements for IPP Notifications T. Hastings, Ed., R. K. deBry, H. LewisMarch 2005    Informational
RFC 3992ASCII, PDF Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Lockstep State Reporting Mechanism B. Foster, F. AndreasenFebruary 2005    Informational
RFC 3991ASCII, PDF Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Redirect and Reset Package B. Foster, F. AndreasenFebruary 2005    Informational
RFC 3990ASCII, PDF Configuration and Provisioning for Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) Problem Statement B. O'Hara, P. Calhoun, J. KempfFebruary 2005    Informational
RFC 3989ASCII, PDFMiddlebox Communications (MIDCOM) Protocol Semantics M. Stiemerling, J. Quittek, T. TaylorFebruary 2005Obsoleted by RFC 5189Informational
RFC 3985ASCII, PDFPseudo Wire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3) Architecture S. Bryant, Ed., P. Pate, Ed.March 2005Updated by RFC 5462Informational
RFC 3976ASCII, PDF Interworking SIP and Intelligent Network (IN) Applications V. K. Gurbani, F. Haerens, V. RastogiJanuary 2005    Informational
RFC 3975ASCII, PDF OMA-IETF Standardization Collaboration G. Huston, Ed., I. Leuca, Ed.January 2005    Informational
RFC 3974ASCII, PDFSMTP Operational Experience in Mixed IPv4/v6 Environments M. Nakamura, J. HaginoJanuary 2005    Informational
RFC 3964ASCII, PDF Security Considerations for 6to4 P. Savola, C. PatelDecember 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3960ASCII, PDF Early Media and Ringing Tone Generation in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) G. Camarillo, H. SchulzrinneDecember 2004    Informational
RFC 3955ASCII, PDF Evaluation of Candidate Protocols for IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) S. LeinenOctober 2004    Informational
RFC 3954ASCII, PDFCisco Systems NetFlow Services Export Version 9 B. Claise, Ed.October 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3944ASCII, PDF H.350 Directory Services T. Johnson, S. Okubo, S. CamposDecember 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3943ASCII, PDF Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Compression Using Lempel-Ziv-Stac (LZS) R. FriendNovember 2004    Informational
RFC 3937ASCII, PDF A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) M. SteidlOctober 2004    Informational
RFC 3930ASCII, PDF The Protocol versus Document Points of View in Computer Protocols D. Eastlake 3rdOctober 2004    Informational
RFC 3924ASCII, PDF Cisco Architecture for Lawful Intercept in IP Networks F. Baker, B. Foster, C. SharpOctober 2004    Informational
RFC 3919ASCII, PDF Remote Network Monitoring (RMON) Protocol Identifiers for IPv6 and Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) E. Stephan, J. PaletOctober 2004    Informational
RFC 3918ASCII, PDF Methodology for IP Multicast Benchmarking D. Stopp, B. HickmanOctober 2004    Informational
RFC 3917ASCII, PDF Requirements for IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) J. Quittek, T. Zseby, B. Claise, S. ZanderOctober 2004    Informational
RFC 3916ASCII, PDF Requirements for Pseudo-Wire Emulation Edge-to-Edge (PWE3) X. Xiao, Ed., D. McPherson, Ed., P. Pate, Ed.September 2004    Informational
RFC 3914ASCII, PDF Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) Treatment of IAB Considerations A. Barbir, A. RousskovOctober 2004    Informational
RFC 3906ASCII, PDF Calculating Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) Routes Over Traffic Engineering Tunnels N. Shen, H. SmitOctober 2004    Informational
RFC 3905ASCII, PDF A Template for IETF Patent Disclosures and Licensing Declarations V. See, Ed.September 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3904ASCII, PDF Evaluation of IPv6 Transition Mechanisms for Unmanaged Networks C. Huitema, R. Austein, S. Satapati, R. van der PolSeptember 2004    Informational
RFC 3902ASCII, PDF The "application/soap+xml" media type M. Baker, M. NottinghamSeptember 2004    Informational
RFC 3897ASCII, PDF Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) Entities and End Points Communication A. BarbirSeptember 2004    Informational
RFC 3888ASCII, PDF Message Tracking Model and Requirements T. HansenSeptember 2004    Informational
RFC 3884ASCII, PDF Use of IPsec Transport Mode for Dynamic Routing J. Touch, L. Eggert, Y. WangSeptember 2004    Informational
RFC 3882ASCII, PDF Configuring BGP to Block Denial-of-Service Attacks D. TurkSeptember 2004    Informational
RFC 3881ASCII, PDF Security Audit and Access Accountability Message XML Data Definitions for Healthcare Applications G. MarshallSeptember 2004    Informational
RFC 3875ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Version 1.1 D. Robinson, K. CoarOctober 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3874ASCII, PDF A 224-bit One-way Hash Function: SHA-224 R. HousleySeptember 2004    Informational
RFC 3871ASCII, PDF Operational Security Requirements for Large Internet Service Provider (ISP) IP Network Infrastructure G. Jones, Ed.September 2004    Informational
RFC 3870ASCII, PDF application/rdf+xml Media Type Registration A. SwartzSeptember 2004    Informational
RFC 3869ASCII, PDF IAB Concerns and Recommendations Regarding Internet Research and Evolution R. Atkinson, Ed., S. Floyd, Ed., Internet Architecture BoardAugust 2004    Informational
RFC 3867ASCII, PDF Payment Application Programmers Interface (API) for v1.0 Internet Open Trading Protocol (IOTP) Y. Kawatsura, M. Hiroya, H. BeykirchNovember 2004    Informational
RFC 3849ASCII, PDF IPv6 Address Prefix Reserved for Documentation G. Huston, A. Lord, P. SmithJuly 2004    Informational
RFC 3847ASCII, PDF Restart Signaling for Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) M. Shand, L. GinsbergJuly 2004Obsoleted by RFC 5306Informational
RFC 3844ASCII, PDF IETF Problem Resolution Process E. Davies, Ed., J. Hofmann, Ed.August 2004    Informational
RFC 3838ASCII, PDF Policy, Authorization, and Enforcement Requirements of the Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) A. Barbir, O. Batuner, A. Beck, T. Chan, H. OrmanAugust 2004    Informational
RFC 3837ASCII, PDF Security Threats and Risks for Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) A. Barbir, O. Batuner, B. Srinivas, M. Hofmann, H. OrmanAugust 2004    Informational
RFC 3836ASCII, PDF Requirements for Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) Callout Protocols A. Beck, M. Hofmann, H. Orman, R. Penno, A. TerzisAugust 2004    Informational
RFC 3835ASCII, PDF An Architecture for Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) A. Barbir, R. Penno, R. Chen, M. Hofmann, H. OrmanAugust 2004    Informational
RFC 3833ASCII, PDF Threat Analysis of the Domain Name System (DNS) D. Atkins, R. AusteinAugust 2004    Informational
RFC 3829ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Authorization Identity Request and Response Controls R. Weltman, M. Smith, M. WahlJuly 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3827ASCII, PDF Additional Snoop Datalink Types K. SarcarJune 2004    Informational
RFC 3824ASCII, PDF Using E.164 numbers with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. Peterson, H. Liu, J. Yu, B. CampbellJune 2004    Informational
RFC 3823ASCII, PDF MIME Media Type for the Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) B. KovitzJune 2004    Informational
RFC 3817ASCII, PDF Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) Active Discovery Relay for PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) W. Townsley, R. da SilvaJune 2004    Informational
RFC 3809ASCII, PDF Generic Requirements for Provider Provisioned Virtual Private Networks (PPVPN) A. Nagarajan, Ed.June 2004    Informational
RFC 3808ASCII, PDF IANA Charset MIB I. McDonaldJune 2004    Informational
RFC 3806ASCII, PDF Printer Finishing MIB R. Bergman, H. Lewis, I. McDonaldJune 2004    Informational
RFC 3797ASCII, PDF Publicly Verifiable Nominations Committee (NomCom) Random Selection D. Eastlake 3rdJune 2004Obsoletes RFC 2777Informational
RFC 3796ASCII, PDF Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Operations & Management Area Standards Track and Experimental Documents P. Nesser, II, A. Bergstrom, Ed.June 2004    Informational
RFC 3795ASCII, PDF Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Application Area Standards Track and Experimental Documents R. Sofia, P. Nesser, IIJune 2004    Informational
RFC 3794ASCII, PDF Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Transport Area Standards Track and Experimental Documents P. Nesser, II, A. Bergstrom, Ed.June 2004    Informational
RFC 3793ASCII, PDF Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Sub-IP Area Standards Track and Experimental Documents P. Nesser, II, A. Bergstrom, Ed.June 2004    Informational
RFC 3792ASCII, PDF Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Security Area Standards Track and Experimental Documents P. Nesser, II, A. Bergstrom, Ed.June 2004    Informational
RFC 3791ASCII, PDF Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Routing Area Standards Track and Experimental Documents C. Olvera, P. Nesser, IIJune 2004    Informational
RFC 3790ASCII, PDF Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Internet Area Standards Track and Experimental Documents C. Mickles, Ed., P. Nesser, IIJune 2004    Informational
RFC 3789ASCII, PDF Introduction to the Survey of IPv4 Addresses in Currently Deployed IETF Standards Track and Experimental Documents P. Nesser, II, A. Bergstrom, Ed.June 2004    Informational
RFC 3787ASCII, PDF Recommendations for Interoperable IP Networks using Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) J. Parker, Ed.May 2004    Informational
RFC 3786ASCII, PDF Extending the Number of Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Link State PDU (LSP) Fragments Beyond the 256 Limit A. Hermelin, S. Previdi, M. ShandMay 2004Obsoleted by RFC 5311Informational
RFC 3784ASCII, PDF Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Extensions for Traffic Engineering (TE) H. Smit, T. LiJune 2004Obsoleted by RFC 5305, Updated by RFC 4205Informational
RFC 3783ASCII, PDF Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) Command Ordering Considerations with iSCSI M. Chadalapaka, R. ElliottMay 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3778ASCII, PDF The application/pdf Media Type E. Taft, J. Pravetz, S. Zilles, L. MasinterMay 2004Obsoleted by RFC 8118Informational
RFC 3774ASCII, PDF IETF Problem Statement E. Davies, Ed.May 2004    Informational
RFC 3773ASCII, PDF High-Level Requirements for Internet Voice Mail E. CandellJune 2004    Informational
RFC 3769ASCII, PDF Requirements for IPv6 Prefix Delegation S. Miyakawa, R. DromsJune 2004    Informational
RFC 3765ASCII, PDF NOPEER Community for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Route Scope Control G. HustonApril 2004    Informational
RFC 3763ASCII, PDF One-way Active Measurement Protocol (OWAMP) Requirements S. Shalunov, B. TeitelbaumApril 2004    Informational
RFC 3760ASCII, PDFSecurely Available Credentials (SACRED) - Credential Server Framework D. Gustafson, M. Just, M. NystromApril 2004    Informational
RFC 3759ASCII, PDF RObust Header Compression (ROHC): Terminology and Channel Mapping Examples L-E. JonssonApril 2004Updates RFC 3095Informational
RFC 3756ASCII, PDF IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (ND) Trust Models and Threats P. Nikander, Ed., J. Kempf, E. NordmarkMay 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3754ASCII, PDFIP Multicast in Differentiated Services (DS) Networks R. Bless, K. WehrleApril 2004    Informational
RFC 3753ASCII, PDF Mobility Related Terminology J. Manner, Ed., M. Kojo, Ed.June 2004    Informational
RFC 3752ASCII, PDF Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) Use Cases and Deployment Scenarios A. Barbir, E. Burger, R. Chen, S. McHenry, H. Orman, R. PennoApril 2004    Informational
RFC 3751ASCII, PDFOmniscience Protocol Requirements S. Bradner1 April 2004    Informational
RFC 3750ASCII, PDF Unmanaged Networks IPv6 Transition Scenarios C. Huitema, R. Austein, S. Satapati, R. van der PolApril 2004    Informational
RFC 3746ASCII, PDF Forwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) Framework L. Yang, R. Dantu, T. Anderson, R. GopalApril 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3743ASCII, PDF Joint Engineering Team (JET) Guidelines for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Registration and Administration for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean K. Konishi, K. Huang, H. Qian, Y. KoApril 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3741ASCII, PDF Exclusive XML Canonicalization, Version 1.0 J. Boyer, D. Eastlake 3rd, J. ReagleMarch 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3740ASCII, PDF The Multicast Group Security Architecture T. Hardjono, B. WeisMarch 2004    Informational
RFC 3735ASCII, PDF Guidelines for Extending the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) S. HollenbeckMarch 2004    Informational
RFC 3726ASCII, PDF Requirements for Signaling Protocols M. Brunner, Ed.April 2004    Informational
RFC 3724ASCII, PDF The Rise of the Middle and the Future of End-to-End: Reflections on the Evolution of the Internet Architecture J. Kempf, Ed., R. Austein, Ed., IABMarch 2004    Informational
RFC 3721ASCII, PDF Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) Naming and Discovery M. Bakke, J. Hafner, J. Hufferd, K. Voruganti, M. KruegerApril 2004Updated by RFC 7143Informational
RFC 3719ASCII, PDF Recommendations for Interoperable Networks using Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) J. Parker, Ed.February 2004    Informational
RFC 3718ASCII, PDF A Summary of Unicode Consortium Procedures, Policies, Stability, and Public Access R. McGowanFebruary 2004    Informational
RFC 3717ASCII, PDF IP over Optical Networks: A Framework B. Rajagopalan, J. Luciani, D. AwducheMarch 2004    Informational
RFC 3716ASCII, PDF The IETF in the Large: Administration and Execution IAB Advisory CommitteeMarch 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3715ASCII, PDF IPsec-Network Address Translation (NAT) Compatibility Requirements B. Aboba, W. DixonMarch 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3714ASCII, PDF IAB Concerns Regarding Congestion Control for Voice Traffic in the Internet S. Floyd, Ed., J. Kempf, Ed.March 2004    Informational
RFC 3713ASCII, PDF A Description of the Camellia Encryption Algorithm M. Matsui, J. Nakajima, S. MoriaiApril 2004    Informational
RFC 3712ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Schema for Printer Services P. Fleming, I. McDonaldFebruary 2004Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7612Informational
RFC 3710ASCII, PDFAn IESG charter H. AlvestrandFebruary 2004Updated by RFC 3932, RFC 5742Informational
RFC 3707ASCII, PDF Cross Registry Internet Service Protocol (CRISP) Requirements A. NewtonFebruary 2004    Informational
RFC 3706ASCII, PDF A Traffic-Based Method of Detecting Dead Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Peers G. Huang, S. Beaulieu, D. RochefortFebruary 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3702ASCII, PDF Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Requirements for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. Loughney, G. CamarilloFebruary 2004    Informational
RFC 3701ASCII, PDF 6bone (IPv6 Testing Address Allocation) Phaseout R. Fink, R. HindenMarch 2004Obsoletes RFC 2471Informational
RFC 3696ASCII, PDF Application Techniques for Checking and Transformation of Names J. KlensinFebruary 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3694ASCII, PDFThreat Analysis of the Geopriv Protocol M. Danley, D. Mulligan, J. Morris, J. PetersonFebruary 2004Updated by RFC 6280Informational
RFC 3693ASCII, PDF Geopriv Requirements J. Cuellar, J. Morris, D. Mulligan, J. Peterson, J. PolkFebruary 2004Errata, Updated by RFC 6280, RFC 7459Informational
RFC 3690ASCII, PDF IP Telephony Requirements for Emergency Telecommunication Service (ETS) K. Carlberg, R. AtkinsonFebruary 2004    Informational
RFC 3689ASCII, PDF General Requirements for Emergency Telecommunication Service (ETS) K. Carlberg, R. AtkinsonFebruary 2004    Informational
RFC 3679ASCII, PDF Unused Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Option Codes R. DromsJanuary 2004    Informational
RFC 3678ASCII, PDF Socket Interface Extensions for Multicast Source Filters D. Thaler, B. Fenner, B. QuinnJanuary 2004ErrataInformational
RFC 3675ASCII, PDF .sex Considered Dangerous D. Eastlake 3rdFebruary 2004    Informational
RFC 3669ASCII, PDF Guidelines for Working Groups on Intellectual Property Issues S. BrimFebruary 2004    Informational
RFC 3662ASCII, PDF A Lower Effort Per-Domain Behavior (PDB) for Differentiated Services R. Bless, K. Nichols, K. WehrleDecember 2003    Informational
RFC 3661ASCII, PDF Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Return Code Usage B. Foster, C. SivachelvanDecember 2003Updates RFC 3435Informational
RFC 3660ASCII, PDF Basic Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Packages B. Foster, F. AndreasenDecember 2003Updates RFC 2705Informational
RFC 3654ASCII, PDF Requirements for Separation of IP Control and Forwarding H. Khosravi, Ed., T. Anderson, Ed.November 2003    Informational
RFC 3653ASCII, PDF XML-Signature XPath Filter 2.0 J. Boyer, M. Hughes, J. ReagleDecember 2003    Informational
RFC 3652ASCII, PDF Handle System Protocol (ver 2.1) Specification S. Sun, S. Reilly, L. Lannom, J. PetroneNovember 2003    Informational
RFC 3651ASCII, PDF Handle System Namespace and Service Definition S. Sun, S. Reilly, L. LannomNovember 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3650ASCII, PDF Handle System Overview S. Sun, L. Lannom, B. BoeschNovember 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3647ASCII, PDF Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Policy and Certification Practices Framework S. Chokhani, W. Ford, R. Sabett, C. Merrill, S. WuNovember 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2527Informational
RFC 3642ASCII, PDF Common Elements of Generic String Encoding Rules (GSER) Encodings S. LeggOctober 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3639ASCII, PDF Considerations on the use of a Service Identifier in Packet Headers M. St. Johns, Ed., G. Huston, Ed., IABOctober 2003    Informational
RFC 3638ASCII, PDF Applicability Statement for Reclassification of RFC 1643 to Historic Status J. Flick, C. M. HeardSeptember 2003Obsoletes RFC 1643Informational
RFC 3632ASCII, PDF VeriSign Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) Version 2.0.0 S. Hollenbeck, S. Veeramachaneni, S. YalamanchilliNovember 2003Updates RFC 2832Informational
RFC 3631ASCII, PDF Security Mechanisms for the Internet S. Bellovin, Ed., J. Schiller, Ed., C. Kaufman, Ed.December 2003    Informational
RFC 3628ASCII, PDF Policy Requirements for Time-Stamping Authorities (TSAs) D. Pinkas, N. Pope, J. RossNovember 2003    Informational
RFC 3625ASCII, PDF The QCP File Format and Media Types for Speech Data R. Gellens, H. GarudadriSeptember 2003Errata, Updates RFC 3555Informational
RFC 3624ASCII, PDF The Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Bulk Audit Package B. Foster, D. Auerbach, F. AndreasenNovember 2003    Informational
RFC 3622ASCII, PDF A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Liberty Alliance Project M. MeallingFebruary 2004    Informational
RFC 3619ASCII, PDF Extreme Networks' Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS) Version 1 S. Shah, M. YipOctober 2003    Informational
RFC 3617ASCII, PDF Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Scheme and Applicability Statement for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) E. LearOctober 2003    Informational
RFC 3616ASCII, PDF A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA) F. Bellifemine, I. Constantinescu, S. WillmottSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3615ASCII, PDF A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for SWIFT Financial Messaging J. Gustin, A. GoyensSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3614ASCII, PDF A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) J. SmithSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3613ASCII, PDF Definition of a Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Middleware Architecture Committee for Education (MACE) R. Morgan, K. HazeltonOctober 2003    Informational
RFC 3612ASCII, PDF Applicability Statement for Restart Mechanisms for the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) A. FarrelSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3610ASCII, PDF Counter with CBC-MAC (CCM) D. Whiting, R. Housley, N. FergusonSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3609ASCII, PDF Tracing Requirements for Generic Tunnels R. Bonica, K. Kompella, D. MeyerSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3607ASCII, PDF Chinese Lottery Cryptanalysis Revisited: The Internet as a Codebreaking Tool M. LeechSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3604ASCII, PDF Requirements for Adding Optical Support to the General Switch Management Protocol version 3 (GSMPv3) H. Khosravi, G. Kullgren, S. Shew, J. Sadler, A. WatanabeOctober 2003    Informational
RFC 3603ASCII, PDF Private Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Proxy-to-Proxy Extensions for Supporting the PacketCable Distributed Call Signaling Architecture W. Marshall, Ed., F. Andreasen, Ed.October 2003Obsoleted by RFC 5503Informational
RFC 3599ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 3500-3599 S. GinozaDecember 2003    Informational
RFC 3589ASCII, PDF Diameter Command Codes for Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 5 J. LoughneySeptember 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3587ASCII, PDF IPv6 Global Unicast Address Format R. Hinden, S. Deering, E. NordmarkAugust 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2374Informational
RFC 3583ASCII, PDF Requirements of a Quality of Service (QoS) Solution for Mobile IP H. Chaskar, Ed.September 2003    Informational
RFC 3582ASCII, PDF Goals for IPv6 Site-Multihoming Architectures J. Abley, B. Black, V. GillAugust 2003    Informational
RFC 3580ASCII, PDF IEEE 802.1X Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) Usage Guidelines P. Congdon, B. Aboba, A. Smith, G. Zorn, J. RoeseSeptember 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 7268Informational
RFC 3579ASCII, PDF RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) Support For Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) B. Aboba, P. CalhounSeptember 2003Updates RFC 2869, Updated by RFC 5080Informational
RFC 3577ASCII, PDF Introduction to the Remote Monitoring (RMON) Family of MIB Modules S. Waldbusser, R. Cole, C. Kalbfleisch, D. RomascanuAugust 2003    Informational
RFC 3576ASCII, PDF Dynamic Authorization Extensions to Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) M. Chiba, G. Dommety, M. Eklund, D. Mitton, B. AbobaJuly 2003Obsoleted by RFC 5176Informational
RFC 3574ASCII, PDF Transition Scenarios for 3GPP Networks J. Soininen, Ed.August 2003    Informational
RFC 3572ASCII, PDF Internet Protocol Version 6 over MAPOS (Multiple Access Protocol Over SONET/SDH) T. Ogura, M. Maruyama, T. YoshidaJuly 2003Updated by RFC 8064Informational
RFC 3570ASCII, PDF Content Internetworking (CDI) Scenarios P. Rzewski, M. Day, D. GillettiJuly 2003Obsoleted by RFC 6770Informational
RFC 3569ASCII, PDF An Overview of Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) S. Bhattacharyya, Ed.July 2003    Informational
RFC 3568ASCII, PDF Known Content Network (CN) Request-Routing Mechanisms A. Barbir, B. Cain, R. Nair, O. SpatscheckJuly 2003    Informational
RFC 3567ASCII, PDF Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Cryptographic Authentication T. Li, R. AtkinsonJuly 2003Obsoleted by RFC 5304Informational
RFC 3564ASCII, PDF Requirements for Support of Differentiated Services-aware MPLS Traffic Engineering F. Le Faucheur, W. LaiJuly 2003Updated by RFC 5462Informational
RFC 3563ASCII, PDF Cooperative Agreement Between the ISOC/IETF and ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1/Sub Committee 6 (JTC1/SC6) on IS-IS Routing Protocol Development A. ZininJuly 2003Updated by RFC 6233Informational
RFC 3562ASCII, PDF Key Management Considerations for the TCP MD5 Signature Option M. LeechJuly 2003    Informational
RFC 3549ASCII, PDF Linux Netlink as an IP Services Protocol J. Salim, H. Khosravi, A. Kleen, A. KuznetsovJuly 2003    Informational
RFC 3548ASCII, PDF The Base16, Base32, and Base64 Data Encodings S. Josefsson, Ed.July 2003Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 4648Informational
RFC 3542ASCII, PDF Advanced Sockets Application Program Interface (API) for IPv6 W. Stevens, M. Thomas, E. Nordmark, T. JinmeiMay 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2292Informational
RFC 3541ASCII, PDF A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Web3D Consortium (Web3D) A. WalshMay 2003    Informational
RFC 3538ASCII, PDF Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) Supplement for the v1.0 Internet Open Trading Protocol (IOTP) Y. KawatsuraJune 2003    Informational
RFC 3536ASCII, PDFTerminology Used in Internationalization in the IETF P. HoffmanMay 2003Obsoleted by RFC 6365Informational
RFC 3535ASCII, PDF Overview of the 2002 IAB Network Management Workshop J. SchoenwaelderMay 2003    Informational
RFC 3533ASCII, PDF The Ogg Encapsulation Format Version 0 S. PfeifferMay 2003    Informational
RFC 3532ASCII, PDF Requirements for the Dynamic Partitioning of Switching Elements T. Anderson, J. BuerkleMay 2003    Informational
RFC 3531ASCII, PDF A Flexible Method for Managing the Assignment of Bits of an IPv6 Address Block M. BlanchetApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3523ASCII, PDF Internet Emergency Preparedness (IEPREP) Telephony Topology Terminology J. PolkApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3521ASCII, PDF Framework for Session Set-up with Media Authorization L-N. Hamer, B. Gage, H. ShiehApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3514ASCII, PDF The Security Flag in the IPv4 Header S. Bellovin1 April 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3512ASCII, PDF Configuring Networks and Devices with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) M. MacFaden, D. Partain, J. Saperia, W. TackaburyApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3511ASCII, PDF Benchmarking Methodology for Firewall Performance B. Hickman, D. Newman, S. Tadjudin, T. MartinApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3509ASCII, PDF Alternative Implementations of OSPF Area Border Routers A. Zinin, A. Lindem, D. YeungApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3508ASCII, PDF H.323 Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Scheme Registration O. LevinApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3507ASCII, PDF Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) J. Elson, A. CerpaApril 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3506ASCII, PDF Requirements and Design for Voucher Trading System (VTS) K. Fujimura, D. EastlakeMarch 2003    Informational
RFC 3505ASCII, PDF Electronic Commerce Modeling Language (ECML): Version 2 Requirements D. EastlakeMarch 2003    Informational
RFC 3504ASCII, PDF Internet Open Trading Protocol (IOTP) Version 1, Errata D. EastlakeMarch 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3499ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 3400-3499 S. GinozaDecember 2003    Informational
RFC 3496ASCII, PDF Protocol Extension for Support of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Service Class-aware Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Traffic Engineering A. G. Malis, T. HsiaoMarch 2003    Informational
RFC 3494ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol version 2 (LDAPv2) to Historic Status K. ZeilengaMarch 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1484, RFC 1485, RFC 1487, RFC 1777, RFC 1778, RFC 1779, RFC 1781, RFC 2559Informational
RFC 3493ASCII, PDF Basic Socket Interface Extensions for IPv6 R. Gilligan, S. Thomson, J. Bound, J. McCann, W. StevensFebruary 2003Obsoletes RFC 2553Informational
RFC 3488ASCII, PDF Cisco Systems Router-port Group Management Protocol (RGMP) I. Wu, T. EckertFebruary 2003    Informational
RFC 3487ASCII, PDF Requirements for Resource Priority Mechanisms for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) H. SchulzrinneFebruary 2003    Informational
RFC 3483ASCII, PDF Framework for Policy Usage Feedback for Common Open Policy Service with Policy Provisioning (COPS-PR) D. Rawlins, A. Kulkarni, M. Bokaemper, K. ChanMarch 2003    Informational
RFC 3482ASCII, PDF Number Portability in the Global Switched Telephone Network (GSTN): An Overview M. Foster, T. McGarry, J. YuFebruary 2003    Informational
RFC 3476ASCII, PDF Documentation of IANA Assignments for Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP), and Resource ReSerVation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) Extensions for Optical UNI Signaling B. RajagopalanMarch 2003Updated by RFC 3468Informational
RFC 3475ASCII, PDF Documentation of IANA assignments for Constraint-Based LSP setup using LDP (CR-LDP) Extensions for Automatic Switched Optical Network (ASON) O. Aboul-MagdMarch 2003Updated by RFC 3468Informational
RFC 3474ASCII, PDF Documentation of IANA assignments for Generalized MultiProtocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Resource Reservation Protocol - Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) Usage and Extensions for Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) Z. Lin, D. PendarakisMarch 2003    Informational
RFC 3469ASCII, PDF Framework for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based Recovery V. Sharma, Ed., F. Hellstrand, Ed.February 2003Updated by RFC 5462Informational
RFC 3468ASCII, PDF The Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Working Group decision on MPLS signaling protocols L. Andersson, G. SwallowFebruary 2003Errata, Updates RFC 3212, RFC 3472, RFC 3475, RFC 3476Informational
RFC 3467ASCII, PDF Role of the Domain Name System (DNS) J. KlensinFebruary 2003    Informational
RFC 3466ASCII, PDF A Model for Content Internetworking (CDI) M. Day, B. Cain, G. Tomlinson, P. RzewskiFebruary 2003Obsoleted by RFC 7336Informational
RFC 3457ASCII, PDF Requirements for IPsec Remote Access Scenarios S. Kelly, S. RamamoorthiJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3455ASCII, PDF Private Header (P-Header) Extensions to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for the 3rd-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) M. Garcia-Martin, E. Henrikson, D. MillsJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7315Informational
RFC 3453ASCII, PDF The Use of Forward Error Correction (FEC) in Reliable Multicast M. Luby, L. Vicisano, J. Gemmell, L. Rizzo, M. Handley, J. CrowcroftDecember 2002    Informational
RFC 3447ASCII, PDF Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) #1: RSA Cryptography Specifications Version 2.1 J. Jonsson, B. KaliskiFebruary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2437, Obsoleted by RFC 8017Informational
RFC 3446ASCII, PDF Anycast Rendevous Point (RP) mechanism using Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) and Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) D. Kim, D. Meyer, H. Kilmer, D. FarinacciJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3444ASCII, PDF On the Difference between Information Models and Data Models A. Pras, J. SchoenwaelderJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3441ASCII, PDF Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Package for the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) R. KumarJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3439ASCII, PDF Some Internet Architectural Guidelines and Philosophy R. Bush, D. MeyerDecember 2002Errata, Updates RFC 1958Informational
RFC 3435ASCII, PDF Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Version 1.0 F. Andreasen, B. FosterJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2705, Updated by RFC 3661Informational
RFC 3429ASCII, PDF Assignment of the 'OAM Alert Label' for Multiprotocol Label Switching Architecture (MPLS) Operation and Maintenance (OAM) Functions H. OhtaNovember 2002    Informational
RFC 3426ASCII, PDF General Architectural and Policy Considerations S. FloydNovember 2002    Informational
RFC 3424ASCII, PDF IAB Considerations for UNilateral Self-Address Fixing (UNSAF) Across Network Address Translation L. Daigle, Ed., IABNovember 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3423ASCII, PDF XACCT's Common Reliable Accounting for Network Element (CRANE) Protocol Specification Version 1.0 K. Zhang, E. ElkinNovember 2002    Informational
RFC 3422ASCII, PDF Forwarding Media Access Control (MAC) Frames over Multiple Access Protocol over Synchronous Optical Network/Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (MAPOS) O. Okamoto, M. Maruyama, T. SajimaNovember 2002    Informational
RFC 3410ASCII, PDF Introduction and Applicability Statements for Internet-Standard Management Framework J. Case, R. Mundy, D. Partain, B. StewartDecember 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2570Informational
RFC 3409ASCII, PDF Lower Layer Guidelines for Robust RTP/UDP/IP Header Compression K. SvanbroDecember 2002    Informational
RFC 3401ASCII, PDF Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Part One: The Comprehensive DDDS M. MeallingOctober 2002Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2915, RFC 2168, Updates RFC 2276Informational
RFC 3394ASCII, PDF Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Key Wrap Algorithm J. Schaad, R. HousleySeptember 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3391ASCII, PDF The MIME Application/Vnd.pwg-multiplexed Content-Type R. HerriotDecember 2002    Informational
RFC 3387ASCII, PDF Considerations from the Service Management Research Group (SMRG) on Quality of Service (QoS) in the IP Network M. Eder, H. Chaskar, S. NagSeptember 2002    Informational
RFC 3386ASCII, PDF Network Hierarchy and Multilayer Survivability W. Lai, Ed., D. McDysan, Ed.November 2002    Informational
RFC 3385ASCII, PDF Internet Protocol Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)/Checksum Considerations D. Sheinwald, J. Satran, P. Thaler, V. CavannaSeptember 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3384ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (version 3) Replication Requirements E. Stokes, R. Weiser, R. Moats, R. HuberOctober 2002    Informational
RFC 3379ASCII, PDF Delegated Path Validation and Delegated Path Discovery Protocol Requirements D. Pinkas, R. HousleySeptember 2002    Informational
RFC 3378ASCII, PDF EtherIP: Tunneling Ethernet Frames in IP Datagrams R. Housley, S. HollenbeckSeptember 2002    Informational
RFC 3375ASCII, PDF Generic Registry-Registrar Protocol Requirements S. HollenbeckSeptember 2002    Informational
RFC 3374ASCII, PDF Problem Description: Reasons For Performing Context Transfers Between Nodes in an IP Access Network J. Kempf, Ed.September 2002    Informational
RFC 3373ASCII, PDF Three-Way Handshake for Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Point-to-Point Adjacencies D. Katz, R. SalujaSeptember 2002Obsoleted by RFC 5303Informational
RFC 3364ASCII, PDF Tradeoffs in Domain Name System (DNS) Support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) R. AusteinAugust 2002Errata, Updates RFC 2673, RFC 2874Informational
RFC 3363ASCII, PDF Representing Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Addresses in the Domain Name System (DNS) R. Bush, A. Durand, B. Fink, O. Gudmundsson, T. HainAugust 2002Errata, Updates RFC 2673, RFC 2874, Updated by RFC 6672Informational
RFC 3359ASCII, PDF Reserved Type, Length and Value (TLV) Codepoints in Intermediate System to Intermediate System T. PrzygiendaAugust 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3358ASCII, PDF Optional Checksums in Intermediate System to Intermediate System (ISIS) T. PrzygiendaAugust 2002    Informational
RFC 3357ASCII, PDF One-way Loss Pattern Sample Metrics R. Koodli, R. RavikanthAugust 2002    Informational
RFC 3356ASCII, PDF Internet Engineering Task Force and International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunications Standardization Sector Collaboration Guidelines G. Fishman, S. BradnerAugust 2002Obsoletes RFC 2436, Obsoleted by RFC 6756Informational
RFC 3354ASCII, PDFInternet Open Trading Protocol Version 2 Requirements D. Eastlake 3rdAugust 2002    Informational
RFC 3353ASCII, PDF Overview of IP Multicast in a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Environment D. Ooms, B. Sales, W. Livens, A. Acharya, F. Griffoul, F. AnsariAugust 2002    Informational
RFC 3352ASCII, PDF Connection-less Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (CLDAP) to Historic Status K. ZeilengaMarch 2003Obsoletes RFC 1798Informational
RFC 3351ASCII, PDF User Requirements for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) in Support of Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Speech-impaired Individuals N. Charlton, M. Gasson, G. Gybels, M. Spanner, A. van WijkAugust 2002    Informational
RFC 3348ASCII, PDF The Internet Message Action Protocol (IMAP4) Child Mailbox Extension M. Gahrns, R. ChengJuly 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3346ASCII, PDF Applicability Statement for Traffic Engineering with MPLS J. Boyle, V. Gill, A. Hannan, D. Cooper, D. Awduche, B. Christian, W.S. LaiAugust 2002    Informational
RFC 3345ASCII, PDF Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Persistent Route Oscillation Condition D. McPherson, V. Gill, D. Walton, A. RetanaAugust 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3330ASCII, PDF Special-Use IPv4 Addresses IANASeptember 2002Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5735Informational
RFC 3325ASCII, PDF Private Extensions to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for Asserted Identity within Trusted Networks C. Jennings, J. Peterson, M. WatsonNovember 2002Errata, Updated by RFC 5876, RFC 8217Informational
RFC 3324ASCII, PDF Short Term Requirements for Network Asserted Identity M. WatsonNovember 2002    Informational
RFC 3322ASCII, PDF Signaling Compression (SigComp) Requirements & Assumptions H. HannuJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3316ASCII, PDF Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) for Some Second and Third Generation Cellular Hosts J. Arkko, G. Kuijpers, H. Soliman, J. Loughney, J. WiljakkaApril 2003Obsoleted by RFC 7066Informational
RFC 3314ASCII, PDF Recommendations for IPv6 in Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Standards M. Wasserman, Ed.September 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3313ASCII, PDFPrivate Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extensions for Media Authorization W. Marshall, Ed.January 2003    Informational
RFC 3310ASCII, PDF Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Digest Authentication Using Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) A. Niemi, J. Arkko, V. TorvinenSeptember 2002    Informational
RFC 3305ASCII, PDF Report from the Joint W3C/IETF URI Planning Interest Group: Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), URLs, and Uniform Resource Names (URNs): Clarifications and Recommendations M. Mealling, Ed., R. Denenberg, Ed.August 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3304ASCII, PDF Middlebox Communications (midcom) Protocol Requirements R. P. Swale, P. A. Mart, P. Sijben, S. Brim, M. ShoreAugust 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3303ASCII, PDF Middlebox communication architecture and framework P. Srisuresh, J. Kuthan, J. Rosenberg, A. Molitor, A. RayhanAugust 2002    Informational
RFC 3299ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 3200-3299 S. GinozaDecember 2003    Informational
RFC 3298ASCII, PDF Service in the Public Switched Telephone Network/Intelligent Network (PSTN/IN) Requesting InTernet Service (SPIRITS) Protocol Requirements I. Faynberg, J. Gato, H. Lu, L. SlutsmanAugust 2002    Informational
RFC 3294ASCII, PDF General Switch Management Protocol (GSMP) Applicability A. Doria, K. SundellJune 2002    Informational
RFC 3290ASCII, PDF An Informal Management Model for Diffserv Routers Y. Bernet, S. Blake, D. Grossman, A. SmithMay 2002    Informational
RFC 3286ASCII, PDF An Introduction to the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) L. Ong, J. YoakumMay 2002    Informational
RFC 3285ASCII, PDF Using Microsoft Word to create Internet Drafts and RFCs M. Gahrns, T. HainMay 2002Obsoleted by RFC 5385Informational
RFC 3283ASCII, PDF Guide to Internet Calendaring B. Mahoney, G. Babics, A. TalerJune 2002    Informational
RFC 3278ASCII, PDF Use of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Algorithms in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) S. Blake-Wilson, D. Brown, P. LambertApril 2002Obsoleted by RFC 5753Informational
RFC 3277ASCII, PDF Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Transient Blackhole Avoidance D. McPhersonApril 2002    Informational
RFC 3272ASCII, PDF Overview and Principles of Internet Traffic Engineering D. Awduche, A. Chiu, A. Elwalid, I. Widjaja, X. XiaoMay 2002Errata, Updated by RFC 5462Informational
RFC 3271ASCII, PDF The Internet is for Everyone V. CerfApril 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3269ASCII, PDF Author Guidelines for Reliable Multicast Transport (RMT) Building Blocks and Protocol Instantiation documents R. Kermode, L. VicisanoApril 2002    Informational
RFC 3260ASCII, PDF New Terminology and Clarifications for Diffserv D. GrossmanApril 2002Errata, Updates RFC 2474, RFC 2475, RFC 2597Informational
RFC 3259ASCII, PDF A Message Bus for Local Coordination J. Ott, C. Perkins, D. KutscherApril 2002    Informational
RFC 3258ASCII, PDF Distributing Authoritative Name Servers via Shared Unicast Addresses T. HardieApril 2002    Informational
RFC 3257ASCII, PDF Stream Control Transmission Protocol Applicability Statement L. CoeneApril 2002    Informational
RFC 3254ASCII, PDF Definitions for talking about directories H. AlvestrandApril 2002    Informational
RFC 3252ASCII, PDF Binary Lexical Octet Ad-hoc Transport H. Kennedy1 April 2002    Informational
RFC 3251ASCII, PDF Electricity over IP B. Rajagopalan1 April 2002    Informational
RFC 3249ASCII, PDF Implementers Guide for Facsimile Using Internet Mail V. Cancio, M. Moldovan, H. Tamura, D. WingSeptember 2002    Informational
RFC 3248ASCII, PDF A Delay Bound alternative revision of RFC 2598 G. Armitage, B. Carpenter, A. Casati, J. Crowcroft, J. Halpern, B. Kumar, J. SchnizleinMarch 2002    Informational
RFC 3247ASCII, PDF Supplemental Information for the New Definition of the EF PHB (Expedited Forwarding Per-Hop Behavior) A. Charny, J. Bennet, K. Benson, J. Boudec, A. Chiu, W. Courtney, S. Davari, V. Firoiu, C. Kalmanek, K. RamakrishnanMarch 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3245ASCII, PDF The History and Context of Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM) Operational Decisions: Informational Documents Contributed to ITU-T Study Group 2 (SG2) J. Klensin, Ed., IABMarch 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3244ASCII, PDF Microsoft Windows 2000 Kerberos Change Password and Set Password Protocols M. Swift, J. Trostle, J. BrezakFebruary 2002    Informational
RFC 3243ASCII, PDF RObust Header Compression (ROHC): Requirements and Assumptions for 0-byte IP/UDP/RTP Compression L-E. JonssonApril 2002    Informational
RFC 3240ASCII, PDF Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) - Application/dicom MIME Sub-type Registration D. Clunie, E. CordonnierFebruary 2002    Informational
RFC 3239ASCII, PDF Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): Requirements for Job, Printer, and Device Administrative Operations C. Kugler, H. Lewis, T. HastingsFebruary 2002    Informational
RFC 3238ASCII, PDF IAB Architectural and Policy Considerations for Open Pluggable Edge Services S. Floyd, L. DaigleJanuary 2002    Informational
RFC 3237ASCII, PDF Requirements for Reliable Server Pooling M. Tuexen, Q. Xie, R. Stewart, M. Shore, L. Ong, J. Loughney, M. StillmanJanuary 2002    Informational
RFC 3236ASCII, PDF The 'application/xhtml+xml' Media Type M. Baker, P. StarkJanuary 2002    Informational
RFC 3235ASCII, PDF Network Address Translator (NAT)-Friendly Application Design Guidelines D. SenieJanuary 2002    Informational
RFC 3234ASCII, PDF Middleboxes: Taxonomy and Issues B. Carpenter, S. BrimFebruary 2002    Informational
RFC 3232ASCII, PDF Assigned Numbers: RFC 1700 is Replaced by an On-line Database J. Reynolds, Ed.January 2002Obsoletes RFC 1700Informational
RFC 3222ASCII, PDF Terminology for Forwarding Information Base (FIB) based Router Performance G. TrotterDecember 2001    Informational
RFC 3221ASCII, PDF Commentary on Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet G. HustonDecember 2001    Informational
RFC 3218ASCII, PDF Preventing the Million Message Attack on Cryptographic Message Syntax E. RescorlaJanuary 2002ErrataInformational
RFC 3217ASCII, PDF Triple-DES and RC2 Key Wrapping R. HousleyDecember 2001ErrataInformational
RFC 3216ASCII, PDF SMIng Objectives C. Elliott, D. Harrington, J. Jason, J. Schoenwaelder, F. Strauss, W. WeissDecember 2001    Informational
RFC 3215ASCII, PDF LDP State Machine C. Boscher, P. Cheval, L. Wu, E. GrayJanuary 2002    Informational
RFC 3213ASCII, PDF Applicability Statement for CR-LDP J. Ash, M. Girish, E. Gray, B. Jamoussi, G. WrightJanuary 2002    Informational
RFC 3210ASCII, PDFApplicability Statement for Extensions to RSVP for LSP-Tunnels D. Awduche, A. Hannan, X. XiaoDecember 2001    Informational
RFC 3199ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 3100-3199 S. GinozaFebruary 2003    Informational
RFC 3198ASCII, PDF Terminology for Policy-Based Management A. Westerinen, J. Schnizlein, J. Strassner, M. Scherling, B. Quinn, S. Herzog, A. Huynh, M. Carlson, J. Perry, S. WaldbusserNovember 2001    Informational
RFC 3197ASCII, PDF Applicability Statement for DNS MIB Extensions R. AusteinNovember 2001    Informational
RFC 3196ASCII, PDF Internet Printing Protocol/1.1: Implementor's Guide T. Hastings, C. Manros, P. Zehler, C. Kugler, H. HolstNovember 2001Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2639Informational
RFC 3194ASCII, PDF The H-Density Ratio for Address Assignment Efficiency An Update on the H ratio A. Durand, C. HuitemaNovember 2001Updates RFC 1715Informational
RFC 3188ASCII, PDF Using National Bibliography Numbers as Uniform Resource Names J. HakalaOctober 2001Obsoleted by RFC 8458Informational
RFC 3186ASCII, PDF MAPOS/PPP Tunneling mode S. Shimizu, T. Kawano, K. Murakami, E. BeierDecember 2001    Informational
RFC 3178ASCII, PDF IPv6 Multihoming Support at Site Exit Routers J. Hagino, H. SnyderOctober 2001    Informational
RFC 3177ASCII, PDF IAB/IESG Recommendations on IPv6 Address Allocations to Sites IAB, IESGSeptember 2001Obsoleted by RFC 6177Informational
RFC 3176ASCII, PDF InMon Corporation's sFlow: A Method for Monitoring Traffic in Switched and Routed Networks P. Phaal, S. Panchen, N. McKeeSeptember 2001    Informational
RFC 3174ASCII, PDF US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) D. Eastlake 3rd, P. JonesSeptember 2001Errata, Updated by RFC 4634, RFC 6234Informational
RFC 3170ASCII, PDF IP Multicast Applications: Challenges and Solutions B. Quinn, K. AlmerothSeptember 2001    Informational
RFC 3169ASCII, PDF Criteria for Evaluating Network Access Server Protocols M. Beadles, D. MittonSeptember 2001    Informational
RFC 3167ASCII, PDF Request to Move RFC 1745 to Historic Status D. Meyer, J. ScudderAugust 2001    Informational
RFC 3166ASCII, PDF Request to Move RFC 1403 to Historic Status D. Meyer, J. ScudderAugust 2001    Informational
RFC 3164ASCII, PDF The BSD Syslog Protocol C. LonvickAugust 2001Obsoleted by RFC 5424Informational
RFC 3160ASCII, PDF The Tao of IETF - A Novice's Guide to the Internet Engineering Task Force S. HarrisAugust 2001Obsoletes RFC 1718, Obsoleted by RFC 4677Informational
RFC 3158ASCII, PDF RTP Testing Strategies C. Perkins, J. Rosenberg, H. SchulzrinneAugust 2001    Informational
RFC 3157ASCII, PDF Securely Available Credentials - Requirements A. Arsenault, S. FarrellAugust 2001    Informational
RFC 3154ASCII, PDF Requirements and Functional Architecture for an IP Host Alerting Protocol J. Kempf, C. Castelluccia, P. Mutaf, N. Nakajima, Y. Ohba, R. Ramjee, Y. Saifullah, B. Sarikaya, X. XuAugust 2001    Informational
RFC 3151ASCII, PDF A URN Namespace for Public Identifiers N. Walsh, J. Cowan, P. GrossoAugust 2001    Informational
RFC 3149ASCII, PDF MGCP Business Phone Packages A. Srinath, G. Levendel, K. Fritz, R. KalyanaramSeptember 2001    Informational
RFC 3148ASCII, PDF A Framework for Defining Empirical Bulk Transfer Capacity Metrics M. Mathis, M. AllmanJuly 2001    Informational
RFC 3147ASCII, PDF Generic Routing Encapsulation over CLNS Networks P. ChristianJuly 2001    Informational
RFC 3143ASCII, PDF Known HTTP Proxy/Caching Problems I. Cooper, J. DilleyJune 2001ErrataInformational
RFC 3142ASCII, PDF An IPv6-to-IPv4 Transport Relay Translator J. Hagino, K. YamamotoJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3141ASCII, PDFCDMA2000 Wireless Data Requirements for AAA T. Hiller, P. Walsh, X. Chen, M. Munson, G. Dommety, S. Sivalingham, B. Lim, P. McCann, H. Shiino, B. Hirschman, S. Manning, R. Hsu, H. Koo, M. Lipford, P. Calhoun, C. Lo, E. Jaques, E. Campbell, Y. Xu, S. Baba, T. Ayaki, T. Seki, A. HameedJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3139ASCII, PDF Requirements for Configuration Management of IP-based Networks L. Sanchez, K. McCloghrie, J. SaperiaJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3138ASCII, PDF Extended Assignments in 233/8 D. MeyerJune 2001Obsoleted by RFC 5771Informational
RFC 3137ASCII, PDF OSPF Stub Router Advertisement A. Retana, L. Nguyen, R. White, A. Zinin, D. McPhersonJune 2001Obsoleted by RFC 6987Informational
RFC 3136ASCII, PDF The SPIRITS Architecture L. Slutsman, Ed., I. Faynberg, H. Lu, M. WeissmanJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3135ASCII, PDF Performance Enhancing Proxies Intended to Mitigate Link-Related Degradations J. Border, M. Kojo, J. Griner, G. Montenegro, Z. ShelbyJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3134ASCII, PDF Terminology for ATM ABR Benchmarking J. Dunn, C. MartinJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3133ASCII, PDF Terminology for Frame Relay Benchmarking J. Dunn, C. MartinJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3132ASCII, PDF Dormant Mode Host Alerting ("IP Paging") Problem Statement J. KempfJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3131ASCII, PDF 3GPP2-IETF Standardization Collaboration S. Bradner, P. Calhoun, H. Cuschieri, S. Dennett, G. Flynn, M. Lipford, M. McPhetersJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3130ASCII, PDF Notes from the State-Of-The-Technology: DNSSEC E. LewisJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3129ASCII, PDF Requirements for Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys M. ThomasJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3128ASCII, PDF Protection Against a Variant of the Tiny Fragment Attack (RFC 1858) I. MillerJune 2001Updates RFC 1858Informational
RFC 3127ASCII, PDF Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting: Protocol Evaluation D. Mitton, M. St.Johns, S. Barkley, D. Nelson, B. Patil, M. Stevens, B. WolffJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3126ASCII, PDF Electronic Signature Formats for long term electronic signatures D. Pinkas, J. Ross, N. PopeSeptember 2001Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5126Informational
RFC 3121ASCII, PDF A URN Namespace for OASIS K. Best, N. WalshJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3120ASCII, PDF A URN Namespace for XML.org K. Best, N. WalshJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3117ASCII, PDF On the Design of Application Protocols M. RoseNovember 2001    Informational
RFC 3116ASCII, PDF Methodology for ATM Benchmarking J. Dunn, C. MartinJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3114ASCII, PDF Implementing Company Classification Policy with the S/MIME Security Label W. NicollsMay 2002    Informational
RFC 3113ASCII, PDF 3GPP-IETF Standardization Collaboration K. Rosenbrock, R. Sanmugam, S. Bradner, J. KlensinJune 2001    Informational
RFC 3112ASCII, PDF LDAP Authentication Password Schema K. ZeilengaMay 2001    Informational
RFC 3109ASCII, PDF Request to Move STD 39 to Historic Status R. Braden, R. Bush, J. KlensinMay 2001    Informational
RFC 3106ASCII, PDF ECML v1.1: Field Specifications for E-Commerce D. Eastlake 3rd, T. GoldsteinApril 2001Obsoletes RFC 2706, Updated by RFC 4112Informational
RFC 3099ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 3000-3099 S. GinozaNovember 2001    Informational
RFC 3098 a.k.a. FYI 38

ASCII, PDF How to Advertise Responsibly Using E-Mail and Newsgroups or - how NOT to $$$$$ MAKE ENEMIES FAST! $$$$$ T. Gavin, D. Eastlake 3rd, S. HambridgeApril 2001    Informational
RFC 3096ASCII, PDF Requirements for robust IP/UDP/RTP header compression M. Degermark, Ed.July 2001    Informational
RFC 3094ASCII, PDF Tekelec's Transport Adapter Layer Interface D. Sprague, R. Benedyk, D. Brendes, J. KellerApril 2001    Informational
RFC 3093ASCII, PDF Firewall Enhancement Protocol (FEP) M. Gaynor, S. Bradner1 April 2001    Informational
RFC 3092ASCII, PDF Etymology of "Foo" D. Eastlake 3rd, C. Manros, E. Raymond1 April 2001ErrataInformational
RFC 3091ASCII, PDF Pi Digit Generation Protocol H. Kennedy1 April 2001ErrataInformational
RFC 3089ASCII, PDF A SOCKS-based IPv6/IPv4 Gateway Mechanism H. KitamuraApril 2001    Informational
RFC 3087ASCII, PDF Control of Service Context using SIP Request-URI B. Campbell, R. SparksApril 2001    Informational
RFC 3086ASCII, PDF Definition of Differentiated Services Per Domain Behaviors and Rules for their Specification K. Nichols, B. CarpenterApril 2001    Informational
RFC 3085ASCII, PDF URN Namespace for NewsML Resources A. Coates, D. Allen, D. Rivers-MooreMarch 2001    Informational
RFC 3083ASCII, PDF Baseline Privacy Interface Management Information Base for DOCSIS Compliant Cable Modems and Cable Modem Termination Systems R. WoundyMarch 2001ErrataInformational
RFC 3079ASCII, PDF Deriving Keys for use with Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE) G. ZornMarch 2001    Informational
RFC 3078ASCII, PDF Microsoft Point-To-Point Encryption (MPPE) Protocol G. Pall, G. ZornMarch 2001    Informational
RFC 3076ASCII, PDF Canonical XML Version 1.0 J. BoyerMarch 2001    Informational
RFC 3073ASCII, PDF Portable Font Resource (PFR) - application/font-tdpfr MIME Sub-type Registration J. CollinsMarch 2001    Informational
RFC 3072ASCII, PDF Structured Data Exchange Format (SDXF) M. WildgrubeMarch 2001    Informational
RFC 3071ASCII, PDF Reflections on the DNS, RFC 1591, and Categories of Domains J. KlensinFebruary 2001    Informational
RFC 3069ASCII, PDF VLAN Aggregation for Efficient IP Address Allocation D. McPherson, B. DykesFebruary 2001ErrataInformational
RFC 3067ASCII, PDF TERENA'S Incident Object Description and Exchange Format Requirements J. Arvidsson, A. Cormack, Y. Demchenko, J. MeijerFebruary 2001    Informational
RFC 3064ASCII, PDF MGCP CAS Packages B. FosterFebruary 2001    Informational
RFC 3061ASCII, PDF A URN Namespace of Object Identifiers M. MeallingFebruary 2001Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3001Informational
RFC 3058ASCII, PDF Use of the IDEA Encryption Algorithm in CMS S. Teiwes, P. Hartmann, D. KuenziFebruary 2001    Informational
RFC 3054ASCII, PDF Megaco IP Phone Media Gateway Application Profile P. Blatherwick, R. Bell, P. HollandJanuary 2001    Informational
RFC 3053ASCII, PDF IPv6 Tunnel Broker A. Durand, P. Fasano, I. Guardini, D. LentoJanuary 2001    Informational
RFC 3052ASCII, PDF Service Management Architectures Issues and Review M. Eder, S. NagJanuary 2001ErrataInformational
RFC 3051ASCII, PDF IP Payload Compression Using ITU-T V.44 Packet Method J. Heath, J. BorderJanuary 2001    Informational
RFC 3050ASCII, PDF Common Gateway Interface for SIP J. Lennox, H. Schulzrinne, J. RosenbergJanuary 2001    Informational
RFC 3048ASCII, PDF Reliable Multicast Transport Building Blocks for One-to-Many Bulk-Data Transfer B. Whetten, L. Vicisano, R. Kermode, M. Handley, S. Floyd, M. LubyJanuary 2001    Informational
RFC 3045ASCII, PDF Storing Vendor Information in the LDAP root DSE M. MeredithJanuary 2001    Informational
RFC 3043ASCII, PDF The Network Solutions Personal Internet Name (PIN): A URN Namespace for People and Organizations M. MeallingJanuary 2001    Informational
RFC 3040ASCII, PDF Internet Web Replication and Caching Taxonomy I. Cooper, I. Melve, G. TomlinsonJanuary 2001    Informational
RFC 3037ASCII, PDF LDP Applicability B. Thomas, E. GrayJanuary 2001ErrataInformational
RFC 3027ASCII, PDF Protocol Complications with the IP Network Address Translator M. Holdrege, P. SrisureshJanuary 2001    Informational
RFC 3026ASCII, PDF Liaison to IETF/ISOC on ENUM R. BlaneJanuary 2001    Informational
RFC 3022ASCII, PDF Traditional IP Network Address Translator (Traditional NAT) P. Srisuresh, K. EgevangJanuary 2001Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1631Informational
RFC 3002ASCII, PDF Overview of 2000 IAB Wireless Internetworking Workshop D. MitzelDecember 2000    Informational
RFC 3001ASCII, PDF A URN Namespace of Object Identifiers M. MeallingNovember 2000Obsoleted by RFC 3061Informational
RFC 2999ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 2900-2999 S. GinozaAugust 2001    Informational
RFC 2998ASCII, PDF A Framework for Integrated Services Operation over Diffserv Networks Y. Bernet, P. Ford, R. Yavatkar, F. Baker, L. Zhang, M. Speer, R. Braden, B. Davie, J. Wroclawski, E. FelstaineNovember 2000    Informational
RFC 2995ASCII, PDF Pre-Spirits Implementations of PSTN-initiated Services H. Lu, Ed., I. Faynberg, J. Voelker, M. Weissman, W. Zhang, S. Rhim, J. Hwang, S. Ago, S. Moeenuddin, S. Hadvani, S. Nyckelgard, J. Yoakum, L. RobartNovember 2000    Informational
RFC 2994ASCII, PDF A Description of the MISTY1 Encryption Algorithm H. Ohta, M. MatsuiNovember 2000    Informational
RFC 2993ASCII, PDF Architectural Implications of NAT T. HainNovember 2000    Informational
RFC 2992ASCII, PDF Analysis of an Equal-Cost Multi-Path Algorithm C. HoppsNovember 2000    Informational
RFC 2991ASCII, PDF Multipath Issues in Unicast and Multicast Next-Hop Selection D. Thaler, C. HoppsNovember 2000    Informational
RFC 2990ASCII, PDF Next Steps for the IP QoS Architecture G. HustonNovember 2000    Informational
RFC 2989ASCII, PDFCriteria for Evaluating AAA Protocols for Network AccessB. Aboba, P. Calhoun, S. Glass, T. Hiller, P. McCann, H. Shiino, P. Walsh, G. Zorn, G. Dommety, C. Perkins, B. Patil, D. Mitton, S. Manning, M. Beadles, X. Chen, S. Sivalingham, A. Hameed, M. Munson, S. Jacobs, B. Lim, B. Hirschman, R. Hsu, H. Koo, M. Lipford, E. Campbell, Y. Xu, S. Baba, E. JaquesNovember 2000    Informational
RFC 2986ASCII, PDF PKCS #10: Certification Request Syntax Specification Version 1.7 M. Nystrom, B. KaliskiNovember 2000Obsoletes RFC 2314, Updated by RFC 5967Informational
RFC 2985ASCII, PDF PKCS #9: Selected Object Classes and Attribute Types Version 2.0 M. Nystrom, B. KaliskiNovember 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2983ASCII, PDF Differentiated Services and Tunnels D. BlackOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2980ASCII, PDF Common NNTP Extensions S. BarberOctober 2000Updated by RFC 3977, RFC 4643, RFC 4644, RFC 6048Informational
RFC 2979ASCII, PDF Behavior of and Requirements for Internet Firewalls N. FreedOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2977ASCII, PDF Mobile IP Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Requirements S. Glass, T. Hiller, S. Jacobs, C. PerkinsOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2975ASCII, PDF Introduction to Accounting Management B. Aboba, J. Arkko, D. HarringtonOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2973ASCII, PDF IS-IS Mesh Groups R. Balay, D. Katz, J. ParkerOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2972ASCII, PDF Context and Goals for Common Name Resolution N. Popp, M. Mealling, L. Masinter, K. SollinsOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2970ASCII, PDF Architecture for Integrated Directory Services - Result from TISDAG L. Daigle, T. EklofOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2969ASCII, PDF Wide Area Directory Deployment - Experiences from TISDAG T. Eklof, L. DaigleOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2968ASCII, PDF Mesh of Multiple DAG servers - Results from TISDAG L. Daigle, T. EklofOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2967ASCII, PDF TISDAG - Technical Infrastructure for Swedish Directory Access Gateways L. Daigle, R. HedbergOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2966ASCII, PDF Domain-wide Prefix Distribution with Two-Level IS-IS T. Li, T. Przygienda, H. SmitOctober 2000Obsoleted by RFC 5302Informational
RFC 2963ASCII, PDF A Rate Adaptive Shaper for Differentiated Services O. Bonaventure, S. De CnodderOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2962ASCII, PDF An SNMP Application Level Gateway for Payload Address Translation D. Raz, J. Schoenwaelder, B. SuglaOctober 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2958ASCII, PDF The application/whoispp-response Content-type L. Daigle, P. FaltstromOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2957ASCII, PDF The application/whoispp-query Content-Type L. Daigle, P. FaltstromOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2956ASCII, PDF Overview of 1999 IAB Network Layer Workshop M. KaatOctober 2000    Informational
RFC 2953ASCII, PDF Telnet Encryption: DES 64 bit Output Feedback T. Ts'oSeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2952ASCII, PDF Telnet Encryption: DES 64 bit Cipher Feedback T. Ts'oSeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2951ASCII, PDF TELNET Authentication Using KEA and SKIPJACK R. Housley, T. Horting, P. YeeSeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2936ASCII, PDF HTTP MIME Type Handler Detection D. Eastlake 3rd, C. Smith, D. SorokaSeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2928ASCII, PDF Initial IPv6 Sub-TLA ID Assignments R. Hinden, S. Deering, R. Fink, T. HainSeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2927ASCII, PDF MIME Directory Profile for LDAP Schema M. WahlSeptember 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2926ASCII, PDF Conversion of LDAP Schemas to and from SLP Templates J. Kempf, R. Moats, P. St. PierreSeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2924ASCII, PDF Accounting Attributes and Record Formats N. Brownlee, A. BlountSeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2923ASCII, PDF TCP Problems with Path MTU Discovery K. LaheySeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2922ASCII, PDF Physical Topology MIB A. Bierman, K. JonesSeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2921ASCII, PDF 6BONE pTLA and pNLA Formats (pTLA) B. FinkSeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2917ASCII, PDF A Core MPLS IP VPN Architecture K. Muthukrishnan, A. MalisSeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2906ASCII, PDF AAA Authorization Requirements S. Farrell, J. Vollbrecht, P. Calhoun, L. Gommans, G. Gross, B. de Bruijn, C. de Laat, M. Holdrege, D. SpenceAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2905ASCII, PDF AAA Authorization Application Examples J. Vollbrecht, P. Calhoun, S. Farrell, L. Gommans, G. Gross, B. de Bruijn, C. de Laat, M. Holdrege, D. SpenceAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2904ASCII, PDF AAA Authorization Framework J. Vollbrecht, P. Calhoun, S. Farrell, L. Gommans, G. Gross, B. de Bruijn, C. de Laat, M. Holdrege, D. SpenceAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2902ASCII, PDF Overview of the 1998 IAB Routing Workshop S. Deering, S. Hares, C. Perkins, R. PerlmanAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2901 a.k.a. FYI 37

ASCII, PDF Guide to Administrative Procedures of the Internet Infrastructure Z. Wenzel, J. Klensin, R. Bush, S. HuterAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2899ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 2800-2899 S. GinozaMay 2001    Informational
RFC 2898ASCII, PDFPKCS #5: Password-Based Cryptography Specification Version 2.0 B. KaliskiSeptember 2000Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 8018Informational
RFC 2897ASCII, PDF Proposal for an MGCP Advanced Audio Package D. CromwellAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2896ASCII, PDF Remote Network Monitoring MIB Protocol Identifier Macros A. Bierman, C. Bucci, R. IddonAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2892ASCII, PDF The Cisco SRP MAC Layer Protocol D. Tsiang, G. SuwalaAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2889ASCII, PDF Benchmarking Methodology for LAN Switching Devices R. Mandeville, J. PerserAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2888ASCII, PDF Secure Remote Access with L2TP P. SrisureshAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2887ASCII, PDF The Reliable Multicast Design Space for Bulk Data Transfer M. Handley, S. Floyd, B. Whetten, R. Kermode, L. Vicisano, M. LubyAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2884ASCII, PDF Performance Evaluation of Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) in IP Networks J. Hadi Salim, U. AhmedJuly 2000    Informational
RFC 2882ASCII, PDF Network Access Servers Requirements: Extended RADIUS Practices D. MittonJuly 2000    Informational
RFC 2881ASCII, PDF Network Access Server Requirements Next Generation (NASREQNG) NAS Model D. Mitton, M. BeadlesJuly 2000    Informational
RFC 2880ASCII, PDF Internet Fax T.30 Feature Mapping L. McIntyre, G. KlyneAugust 2000    Informational
RFC 2877ASCII, PDF5250 Telnet EnhancementsT. Murphy Jr., P. Rieth, J. StevensJuly 2000Obsoleted by RFC 4777, Updates RFC 1205Informational
RFC 2876ASCII, PDF Use of the KEA and SKIPJACK Algorithms in CMS J. PawlingJuly 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2871ASCII, PDF A Framework for Telephony Routing over IP J. Rosenberg, H. SchulzrinneJune 2000    Informational
RFC 2869ASCII, PDF RADIUS Extensions C. Rigney, W. Willats, P. CalhounJune 2000Updated by RFC 3579, RFC 5080Informational
RFC 2868ASCII, PDF RADIUS Attributes for Tunnel Protocol Support G. Zorn, D. Leifer, A. Rubens, J. Shriver, M. Holdrege, I. GoyretJune 2000Errata, Updates RFC 2865, Updated by RFC 3575Informational
RFC 2867ASCII, PDF RADIUS Accounting Modifications for Tunnel Protocol Support G. Zorn, B. Aboba, D. MittonJune 2000Errata, Updates RFC 2866Informational
RFC 2866ASCII, PDFRADIUS Accounting C. RigneyJune 2000Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2139, Updated by RFC 2867, RFC 5080, RFC 5997Informational
RFC 2860ASCII, PDF Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Technical Work of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority B. Carpenter, F. Baker, M. RobertsJune 2000    Informational
RFC 2854ASCII, PDF The 'text/html' Media Type D. Connolly, L. MasinterJune 2000Obsoletes RFC 2070, RFC 1980, RFC 1942, RFC 1867, RFC 1866Informational
RFC 2843ASCII, PDF Proxy-PAR P. Droz, T. PrzygiendaMay 2000    Informational
RFC 2840ASCII, PDF TELNET KERMIT OPTION J. Altman, F. da CruzMay 2000    Informational
RFC 2839ASCII, PDF Internet Kermit Service F. da Cruz, J. AltmanMay 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2838ASCII, PDF Uniform Resource Identifiers for Television Broadcasts D. Zigmond, M. VickersMay 2000    Informational
RFC 2832ASCII, PDF NSI Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) Version 1.1.0 S. Hollenbeck, M. SrivastavaMay 2000Updated by RFC 3632Informational
RFC 2828ASCII, PDF Internet Security Glossary R. ShireyMay 2000Obsoleted by RFC 4949Informational
RFC 2826ASCII, PDF IAB Technical Comment on the Unique DNS Root Internet Architecture BoardMay 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2825ASCII, PDF A Tangled Web: Issues of I18N, Domain Names, and the Other Internet protocols IAB, L. Daigle, Ed.May 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2824ASCII, PDF Call Processing Language Framework and Requirements J. Lennox, H. SchulzrinneMay 2000    Informational
RFC 2820ASCII, PDF Access Control Requirements for LDAP E. Stokes, D. Byrne, B. Blakley, P. BeheraMay 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2818ASCII, PDF HTTP Over TLS E. RescorlaMay 2000Errata, Updated by RFC 5785, RFC 7230Informational
RFC 2816ASCII, PDF A Framework for Integrated Services Over Shared and Switched IEEE 802 LAN Technologies A. Ghanwani, J. Pace, V. Srinivasan, A. Smith, M. SeamanMay 2000    Informational
RFC 2813ASCII, PDFInternet Relay Chat: Server ProtocolC. KaltApril 2000Errata, Updates RFC 1459Informational
RFC 2812ASCII, PDFInternet Relay Chat: Client ProtocolC. KaltApril 2000Errata, Updates RFC 1459Informational
RFC 2811ASCII, PDF Internet Relay Chat: Channel Management C. KaltApril 2000Updates RFC 1459Informational
RFC 2810ASCII, PDF Internet Relay Chat: Architecture C. KaltApril 2000Errata, Updates RFC 1459Informational
RFC 2809ASCII, PDF Implementation of L2TP Compulsory Tunneling via RADIUS B. Aboba, G. ZornApril 2000    Informational
RFC 2808ASCII, PDF The SecurID(r) SASL Mechanism M. NystromApril 2000    Informational
RFC 2807ASCII, PDF XML Signature Requirements J. ReagleJuly 2000    Informational
RFC 2805ASCII, PDF Media Gateway Control Protocol Architecture and Requirements N. Greene, M. Ramalho, B. RosenApril 2000    Informational
RFC 2804ASCII, PDFIETF Policy on WiretappingIAB, IESGMay 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2803ASCII, PDF Digest Values for DOM (DOMHASH) H. Maruyama, K. Tamura, N. UramotoApril 2000    Informational
RFC 2802ASCII, PDF Digital Signatures for the v1.0 Internet Open Trading Protocol (IOTP) K. Davidson, Y. KawatsuraApril 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2801ASCII, PDF Internet Open Trading Protocol - IOTP Version 1.0 D. BurdettApril 2000    Informational
RFC 2799ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 2700-2799 S. GinozaSeptember 2000    Informational
RFC 2798ASCII, PDF Definition of the inetOrgPerson LDAP Object Class M. SmithApril 2000Updated by RFC 3698, RFC 4519, RFC 4524Informational
RFC 2795ASCII, PDF The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite (IMPS) S. Christey1 April 2000    Informational
RFC 2792ASCII, PDF DSA and RSA Key and Signature Encoding for the KeyNote Trust Management System M. Blaze, J. Ioannidis, A. KeromytisMarch 2000    Informational
RFC 2791ASCII, PDF Scalable Routing Design Principles J. YuJuly 2000    Informational
RFC 2785ASCII, PDF Methods for Avoiding the "Small-Subgroup" Attacks on the Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Method for S/MIME R. ZuccheratoMarch 2000    Informational
RFC 2783ASCII, PDF Pulse-Per-Second API for UNIX-like Operating Systems, Version 1.0 J. Mogul, D. Mills, J. Brittenson, J. Stone, U. WindlMarch 2000    Informational
RFC 2781ASCII, PDF UTF-16, an encoding of ISO 10646 P. Hoffman, F. YergeauFebruary 2000    Informational
RFC 2779ASCII, PDF Instant Messaging / Presence Protocol Requirements M. Day, S. Aggarwal, G. Mohr, J. VincentFebruary 2000    Informational
RFC 2778ASCII, PDF A Model for Presence and Instant Messaging M. Day, J. Rosenberg, H. SuganoFebruary 2000    Informational
RFC 2777ASCII, PDF Publicly Verifiable Nomcom Random Selection D. Eastlake 3rdFebruary 2000Obsoleted by RFC 3797Informational
RFC 2775ASCII, PDF Internet Transparency B. CarpenterFebruary 2000    Informational
RFC 2772ASCII, PDF 6Bone Backbone Routing Guidelines R. Rockell, R. FinkFebruary 2000Obsoletes RFC 2546, Updated by RFC 3152Informational
RFC 2771ASCII, PDF An Abstract API for Multicast Address Allocation R. FinlaysonFebruary 2000    Informational
RFC 2768ASCII, PDF Network Policy and Services: A Report of a Workshop on Middleware B. Aiken, J. Strassner, B. Carpenter, I. Foster, C. Lynch, J. Mambretti, R. Moore, B. TeitelbaumFebruary 2000    Informational
RFC 2767ASCII, PDF Dual Stack Hosts using the "Bump-In-the-Stack" Technique (BIS) K. Tsuchiya, H. Higuchi, Y. AtarashiFebruary 2000Obsoleted by RFC 6535Informational
RFC 2764ASCII, PDF A Framework for IP Based Virtual Private Networks B. Gleeson, A. Lin, J. Heinanen, G. Armitage, A. MalisFebruary 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2763ASCII, PDF Dynamic Hostname Exchange Mechanism for IS-IS N. Shen, H. SmitFebruary 2000Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5301Informational
RFC 2761ASCII, PDF Terminology for ATM Benchmarking J. Dunn, C. MartinFebruary 2000    Informational
RFC 2760ASCII, PDF Ongoing TCP Research Related to Satellites M. Allman, Ed., S. Dawkins, D. Glover, J. Griner, D. Tran, T. Henderson, J. Heidemann, J. Touch, H. Kruse, S. Ostermann, K. Scott, J. SemkeFebruary 2000    Informational
RFC 2759ASCII, PDF Microsoft PPP CHAP Extensions, Version 2 G. ZornJanuary 2000ErrataInformational
RFC 2757ASCII, PDF Long Thin Networks G. Montenegro, S. Dawkins, M. Kojo, V. Magret, N. VaidyaJanuary 2000    Informational
RFC 2755ASCII, PDF Security Negotiation for WebNFS A. Chiu, M. Eisler, B. CallaghanJanuary 2000    Informational
RFC 2753ASCII, PDF A Framework for Policy-based Admission Control R. Yavatkar, D. Pendarakis, R. GuerinJanuary 2000    Informational
RFC 2731ASCII, PDF Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML J. KunzeDecember 1999Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5791Informational
RFC 2729ASCII, PDF Taxonomy of Communication Requirements for Large-scale Multicast Applications P. Bagnall, R. Briscoe, A. PoppittDecember 1999    Informational
RFC 2723ASCII, PDF SRL: A Language for Describing Traffic Flows and Specifying Actions for Flow Groups N. BrownleeOctober 1999    Informational
RFC 2722ASCII, PDF Traffic Flow Measurement: Architecture N. Brownlee, C. Mills, G. RuthOctober 1999Obsoletes RFC 2063Informational
RFC 2721ASCII, PDF RTFM: Applicability Statement N. BrownleeOctober 1999    Informational
RFC 2719ASCII, PDF Framework Architecture for Signaling Transport L. Ong, I. Rytina, M. Garcia, H. Schwarzbauer, L. Coene, H. Lin, I. Juhasz, M. Holdrege, C. SharpOctober 1999    Informational
RFC 2718ASCII, PDF Guidelines for new URL Schemes L. Masinter, H. Alvestrand, D. Zigmond, R. PetkeNovember 1999Obsoleted by RFC 4395Informational
RFC 2715ASCII, PDF Interoperability Rules for Multicast Routing Protocols D. ThalerOctober 1999    Informational
RFC 2714ASCII, PDF Schema for Representing CORBA Object References in an LDAP Directory V. Ryan, R. Lee, S. SeligmanOctober 1999    Informational
RFC 2713ASCII, PDF Schema for Representing Java(tm) Objects in an LDAP Directory V. Ryan, S. Seligman, R. LeeOctober 1999    Informational
RFC 2709ASCII, PDF Security Model with Tunnel-mode IPsec for NAT Domains P. SrisureshOctober 1999    Informational
RFC 2708ASCII, PDF Job Submission Protocol Mapping Recommendations for the Job Monitoring MIB R. BergmanNovember 1999    Informational
RFC 2707ASCII, PDF Job Monitoring MIB - V1.0 R. Bergman, T. Hastings, S. Isaacson, H. LewisNovember 1999    Informational
RFC 2706ASCII, PDF ECML v1: Field Names for E-Commerce D. Eastlake 3rd, T. GoldsteinOctober 1999Obsoleted by RFC 3106Informational
RFC 2705ASCII, PDF Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Version 1.0 M. Arango, A. Dugan, I. Elliott, C. Huitema, S. PickettOctober 1999Obsoleted by RFC 3435, Updated by RFC 3660Informational
RFC 2704ASCII, PDF The KeyNote Trust-Management System Version 2 M. Blaze, J. Feigenbaum, J. Ioannidis, A. KeromytisSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2703ASCII, PDF Protocol-independent Content Negotiation Framework G. KlyneSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2702ASCII, PDF Requirements for Traffic Engineering Over MPLS D. Awduche, J. Malcolm, J. Agogbua, M. O'Dell, J. McManusSeptember 1999ErrataInformational
RFC 2701ASCII, PDF Nortel Networks Multi-link Multi-node PPP Bundle Discovery Protocol G. MalkinSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2699ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 2600-2699 S. GinozaMay 2000    Informational
RFC 2698ASCII, PDF A Two Rate Three Color Marker J. Heinanen, R. GuerinSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2697ASCII, PDF A Single Rate Three Color Marker J. Heinanen, R. GuerinSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2696ASCII, PDF LDAP Control Extension for Simple Paged Results Manipulation C. Weider, A. Herron, A. Anantha, T. HowesSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2695ASCII, PDF Authentication Mechanisms for ONC RPC A. ChiuSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2694ASCII, PDF DNS extensions to Network Address Translators (DNS_ALG) P. Srisuresh, G. Tsirtsis, P. Akkiraju, A. HeffernanSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2691ASCII, PDF A Memorandum of Understanding for an ICANN Protocol Support Organization S. BradnerSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2690ASCII, PDF A Proposal for an MOU-Based ICANN Protocol Support Organization S. BradnerSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2689ASCII, PDF Providing Integrated Services over Low-bitrate Links C. BormannSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2683ASCII, PDFIMAP4 Implementation RecommendationsB. LeibaSeptember 1999Errata, Updated by RFC 7162Informational
RFC 2682ASCII, PDF Performance Issues in VC-Merge Capable ATM LSRs I. Widjaja, A. ElwalidSeptember 1999    Informational
RFC 2666ASCII, PDF Definitions of Object Identifiers for Identifying Ethernet Chip Sets J. FlickAugust 1999    Informational
RFC 2664 a.k.a. FYI 4

ASCII, PDF FYI on Questions and Answers - Answers to Commonly Asked "New Internet User" Questions R. Plzak, A. Wells, E. KrolAugust 1999Obsoletes RFC 1594Informational
RFC 2663ASCII, PDF IP Network Address Translator (NAT) Terminology and Considerations P. Srisuresh, M. HoldregeAugust 1999ErrataInformational
RFC 2650ASCII, PDF Using RPSL in Practice D. Meyer, J. Schmitz, C. Orange, M. Prior, C. AlaettinogluAugust 1999    Informational
RFC 2648ASCII, PDF A URN Namespace for IETF Documents R. MoatsAugust 1999Errata, Updated by RFC 6924Informational
RFC 2647ASCII, PDF Benchmarking Terminology for Firewall Performance D. NewmanAugust 1999    Informational
RFC 2643ASCII, PDFCabletron's SecureFast VLAN Operational ModelD. Ruffen, T. Len, J. YanacekAugust 1999    Informational
RFC 2642ASCII, PDF Cabletron's VLS Protocol Specification L. KaneAugust 1999    Informational
RFC 2641ASCII, PDF Cabletron's VlanHello Protocol Specification Version 4 D. Hamilton, D. RuffenAugust 1999    Informational
RFC 2639ASCII, PDF Internet Printing Protocol/1.0: Implementer's Guide T. Hastings, C. ManrosJuly 1999Obsoleted by RFC 3196Informational
RFC 2638ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with Images A Two-bit Differentiated Services Architecture for the Internet K. Nichols, V. Jacobson, L. ZhangJuly 1999ErrataInformational
RFC 2637ASCII, PDFPoint-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) K. Hamzeh, G. Pall, W. Verthein, J. Taarud, W. Little, G. ZornJuly 1999ErrataInformational
RFC 2636ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with Images Wireless Device Configuration (OTASP/OTAPA) via ACAP R. GellensJuly 1999Obsoletes RFC 2604Informational
RFC 2635 a.k.a. FYI 35

ASCII, PDF DON'T SPEW A Set of Guidelines for Mass Unsolicited Mailings and Postings (spam*) S. Hambridge, A. LundeJune 1999    Informational
RFC 2629ASCII, PDF Writing I-Ds and RFCs using XML M. RoseJune 1999Obsoleted by RFC 7749Informational
RFC 2628ASCII, PDF Simple Cryptographic Program Interface (Crypto API) V. SmyslovJune 1999    Informational
RFC 2627ASCII, PDF Key Management for Multicast: Issues and Architectures D. Wallner, E. Harder, R. AgeeJune 1999    Informational
RFC 2626ASCII, PDF The Internet and the Millennium Problem (Year 2000) P. Nesser IIJune 1999ErrataInformational
RFC 2624ASCII, PDF NFS Version 4 Design Considerations S. SheplerJune 1999    Informational
RFC 2621ASCII, PDF RADIUS Accounting Server MIB G. Zorn, B. AbobaJune 1999Obsoleted by RFC 4671Informational
RFC 2620ASCII, PDF RADIUS Accounting Client MIB B. Aboba, G. ZornJune 1999Obsoleted by RFC 4670Informational
RFC 2614ASCII, PDF An API for Service Location J. Kempf, E. GuttmanJune 1999    Informational
RFC 2612ASCII, PDF The CAST-256 Encryption Algorithm C. Adams, J. GilchristJune 1999    Informational
RFC 2607ASCII, PDF Proxy Chaining and Policy Implementation in Roaming B. Aboba, J. VollbrechtJune 1999    Informational
RFC 2604ASCII, PDF Wireless Device Configuration (OTASP/OTAPA) via ACAP R. GellensJune 1999Obsoleted by RFC 2636Informational
RFC 2599ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 2500-2599 A. DeLaCruzMarch 2000    Informational
RFC 2588ASCII, PDF IP Multicast and Firewalls R. FinlaysonMay 1999    Informational
RFC 2586ASCII, PDF The Audio/L16 MIME content type J. Salsman, H. AlvestrandMay 1999    Informational
RFC 2583ASCII, PDF Guidelines for Next Hop Client (NHC) Developers R. Carlson, L. WinklerMay 1999    Informational
RFC 2577ASCII, PDF FTP Security Considerations M. Allman, S. OstermannMay 1999    Informational
RFC 2570ASCII, PDF Introduction to Version 3 of the Internet-standard Network Management Framework J. Case, R. Mundy, D. Partain, B. StewartApril 1999Obsoleted by RFC 3410Informational
RFC 2556ASCII, PDF OSI connectionless transport services on top of UDP Applicability Statement for Historic Status S. BradnerMarch 1999    Informational
RFC 2555ASCII, PDF 30 Years of RFCs RFC Editor, et al.April 1999    Informational
RFC 2553ASCII, PDFBasic Socket Interface Extensions for IPv6 R. Gilligan, S. Thomson, J. Bound, W. StevensMarch 1999Obsoletes RFC 2133, Obsoleted by RFC 3493, Updated by RFC 3152Informational
RFC 2552ASCII, PDF Architecture for the Information Brokerage in the ACTS Project GAIA M. Blinov, M. Bessonov, C. ClissmannApril 1999    Informational
RFC 2551ASCII, PDF The Roman Standards Process -- Revision III S. Bradner1 April 1999    Informational
RFC 2550ASCII, PDF Y10K and Beyond S. Glassman, M. Manasse, J. Mogul1 April 1999    Informational
RFC 2549ASCII, PDF IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service D. Waitzman1 April 1999Errata, Updates RFC 1149Informational
RFC 2548ASCII, PDFMicrosoft Vendor-specific RADIUS Attributes G. ZornMarch 1999ErrataInformational
RFC 2547ASCII, PDF BGP/MPLS VPNs E. Rosen, Y. RekhterMarch 1999Obsoleted by RFC 4364Informational
RFC 2546ASCII, PDF 6Bone Routing Practice A. Durand, B. BuclinMarch 1999Obsoleted by RFC 2772Informational
RFC 2544ASCII, PDF Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect Devices S. Bradner, J. McQuaidMarch 1999Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1944, Updated by RFC 6201, RFC 6815Informational
RFC 2542ASCII, PDF Terminology and Goals for Internet Fax L. MasinterMarch 1999    Informational
RFC 2541ASCII, PDF DNS Security Operational Considerations D. Eastlake 3rdMarch 1999Obsoleted by RFC 4641Informational
RFC 2528ASCII, PDF Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Representation of Key Exchange Algorithm (KEA) Keys in Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificates R. Housley, W. PolkMarch 1999    Informational
RFC 2527ASCII, PDF Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Policy and Certification Practices Framework S. Chokhani, W. FordMarch 1999Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 3647Informational
RFC 2525ASCII, PDF Known TCP Implementation Problems V. Paxson, M. Allman, S. Dawson, W. Fenner, J. Griner, I. Heavens, K. Lahey, J. Semke, B. VolzMarch 1999    Informational
RFC 2524ASCII, PDF Neda's Efficient Mail Submission and Delivery (EMSD) Protocol Specification Version 1.3 M. BananFebruary 1999    Informational
RFC 2519ASCII, PDF A Framework for Inter-Domain Route Aggregation E. Chen, J. StewartFebruary 1999    Informational
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RFC 2504 a.k.a. FYI 34

ASCII, PDF Users' Security Handbook E. Guttman, L. Leong, G. MalkinFebruary 1999    Informational
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