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RFC 3464ASCII, PDF An Extensible Message Format for Delivery Status Notifications K. Moore, G. VaudreuilJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1894, Updated by RFC 4865, RFC 5337, RFC 6533Draft Standard
RFC 3470 a.k.a. BCP 70

ASCII, PDF Guidelines for the Use of Extensible Markup Language (XML) within IETF Protocols S. Hollenbeck, M. Rose, L. MasinterJanuary 2003ErrataBest Current Practice
RFC 3455ASCII, PDF Private Header (P-Header) Extensions to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for the 3rd-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) M. Garcia-Martin, E. Henrikson, D. MillsJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7315Informational
RFC 3461ASCII, PDF Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Service Extension for Delivery Status Notifications (DSNs) K. MooreJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1891, Updated by RFC 3798, RFC 3885, RFC 5337, RFC 6533, RFC 8098Draft Standard
RFC 3435ASCII, PDF Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Version 1.0 F. Andreasen, B. FosterJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2705, Updated by RFC 3661Informational
RFC 3458ASCII, PDF Message Context for Internet Mail E. Burger, E. Candell, C. Eliot, G. KlyneJanuary 2003Updated by RFC 3938Proposed Standard
RFC 3459ASCII, PDF Critical Content Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Parameter E. BurgerJanuary 2003Updates RFC 3204, Updated by RFC 5621Proposed Standard
RFC 3446ASCII, PDF Anycast Rendevous Point (RP) mechanism using Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) and Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) D. Kim, D. Meyer, H. Kilmer, D. FarinacciJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3460ASCII, PDF Policy Core Information Model (PCIM) Extensions B. Moore, Ed.January 2003Updates RFC 3060Proposed Standard
RFC 3471ASCII, PDF Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Signaling Functional Description L. Berger, Ed.January 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 4201, RFC 4328, RFC 4872, RFC 6002, RFC 6003, RFC 6205, RFC 7074, RFC 7699, RFC 8359Proposed Standard
RFC 3472ASCII, PDF Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Signaling Constraint-based Routed Label Distribution Protocol (CR-LDP) Extensions P. Ashwood-Smith, Ed., L. Berger, Ed.January 2003Updated by RFC 3468, RFC 4201Proposed Standard
RFC 3473ASCII, PDF Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Signaling Resource ReserVation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) Extensions L. Berger, Ed.January 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 4003, RFC 4201, RFC 4420, RFC 4783, RFC 4874, RFC 4873, RFC 4974, RFC 5063, RFC 5151, RFC 5420, RFC 6002, RFC 6003, RFC 6780, RFC 8359Proposed Standard
RFC 3443ASCII, PDF Time To Live (TTL) Processing in Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Networks P. Agarwal, B. AkyolJanuary 2003Updates RFC 3032, Updated by RFC 5462Proposed Standard
RFC 3477ASCII, PDF Signalling Unnumbered Links in Resource ReSerVation Protocol - Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) K. Kompella, Y. RekhterJanuary 2003Updated by RFC 6107Proposed Standard
RFC 3101ASCII, PDF The OSPF Not-So-Stubby Area (NSSA) Option P. MurphyJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1587Proposed Standard
RFC 3456ASCII, PDF Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv4) Configuration of IPsec Tunnel Mode B. Patel, B. Aboba, S. Kelly, V. GuptaJanuary 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3457ASCII, PDF Requirements for IPsec Remote Access Scenarios S. Kelly, S. RamamoorthiJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3320ASCII, PDF Signaling Compression (SigComp) R. Price, C. Bormann, J. Christoffersson, H. Hannu, Z. Liu, J. RosenbergJanuary 2003Updated by RFC 4896Proposed Standard
RFC 3321ASCII, PDF Signaling Compression (SigComp) - Extended Operations H. Hannu, J. Christoffersson, S. Forsgren, K.-C. Leung, Z. Liu, R. PriceJanuary 2003Updated by RFC 4896Proposed Standard
RFC 3322ASCII, PDF Signaling Compression (SigComp) Requirements & Assumptions H. HannuJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3448ASCII, PDF TCP Friendly Rate Control (TFRC): Protocol Specification M. Handley, S. Floyd, J. Padhye, J. WidmerJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5348Proposed Standard
RFC 3313ASCII, PDFPrivate Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extensions for Media Authorization W. Marshall, Ed.January 2003    Informational
RFC 3329ASCII, PDF Security Mechanism Agreement for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) J. Arkko, V. Torvinen, G. Camarillo, A. Niemi, T. HaukkaJanuary 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3441ASCII, PDF Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Package for the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) R. KumarJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3444ASCII, PDF On the Difference between Information Models and Data Models A. Pras, J. SchoenwaelderJanuary 2003    Informational
RFC 3462ASCII, PDF The Multipart/Report Content Type for the Reporting of Mail System Administrative Messages G. VaudreuilJanuary 2003Obsoletes RFC 1892, Obsoleted by RFC 6522, Updated by RFC 5337Draft Standard
RFC 3463ASCII, PDF Enhanced Mail System Status Codes G. VaudreuilJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1893, Updated by RFC 3886, RFC 4468, RFC 4865, RFC 4954, RFC 5248Draft Standard
RFC 3447ASCII, PDF Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) #1: RSA Cryptography Specifications Version 2.1 J. Jonsson, B. KaliskiFebruary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2437, Obsoleted by RFC 8017Informational
RFC 3466ASCII, PDF A Model for Content Internetworking (CDI) M. Day, B. Cain, G. Tomlinson, P. RzewskiFebruary 2003Obsoleted by RFC 7336Informational
RFC 3484ASCII, PDFDefault Address Selection for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) R. DravesFebruary 2003Obsoleted by RFC 6724Proposed Standard
RFC 3493ASCII, PDF Basic Socket Interface Extensions for IPv6 R. Gilligan, S. Thomson, J. Bound, J. McCann, W. StevensFebruary 2003Obsoletes RFC 2553Informational
RFC 3468ASCII, PDF The Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Working Group decision on MPLS signaling protocols L. Andersson, G. SwallowFebruary 2003Errata, Updates RFC 3212, RFC 3472, RFC 3475, RFC 3476Informational
RFC 3469ASCII, PDF Framework for Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)-based Recovery V. Sharma, Ed., F. Hellstrand, Ed.February 2003Updated by RFC 5462Informational
RFC 3478ASCII, PDF Graceful Restart Mechanism for Label Distribution Protocol M. Leelanivas, Y. Rekhter, R. AggarwalFebruary 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3479ASCII, PDF Fault Tolerance for the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) A. Farrel, Ed.February 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3480ASCII, PDF Signalling Unnumbered Links in CR-LDP (Constraint-Routing Label Distribution Protocol) K. Kompella, Y. Rekhter, A. KullbergFebruary 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3481 a.k.a. BCP 71

ASCII, PDF TCP over Second (2.5G) and Third (3G) Generation Wireless Networks H. Inamura, Ed., G. Montenegro, Ed., R. Ludwig, A. Gurtov, F. KhafizovFebruary 2003    Best Current Practice
RFC 3487ASCII, PDF Requirements for Resource Priority Mechanisms for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) H. SchulzrinneFebruary 2003    Informational
RFC 3485ASCII, PDF The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Session Description Protocol (SDP) Static Dictionary for Signaling Compression (SigComp) M. Garcia-Martin, C. Bormann, J. Ott, R. Price, A. B. RoachFebruary 2003Updated by RFC 4896Proposed Standard
RFC 3486ASCII, PDF Compressing the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) G. CamarilloFebruary 2003Updated by RFC 5049Proposed Standard
RFC 3482ASCII, PDF Number Portability in the Global Switched Telephone Network (GSTN): An Overview M. Foster, T. McGarry, J. YuFebruary 2003    Informational
RFC 3465ASCII, PDF TCP Congestion Control with Appropriate Byte Counting (ABC) M. AllmanFebruary 2003    Experimental
RFC 3467ASCII, PDF Role of the Domain Name System (DNS) J. KlensinFebruary 2003    Informational
RFC 3199ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 3100-3199 S. GinozaFebruary 2003    Informational
RFC 3488ASCII, PDF Cisco Systems Router-port Group Management Protocol (RGMP) I. Wu, T. EckertFebruary 2003    Informational
RFC 3501ASCII, PDFINTERNET MESSAGE ACCESS PROTOCOL - VERSION 4rev1 M. CrispinMarch 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2060, Updated by RFC 4466, RFC 4469, RFC 4551, RFC 5032, RFC 5182, RFC 5738, RFC 6186, RFC 6858, RFC 7817, RFC 8314Proposed Standard
RFC 3504ASCII, PDF Internet Open Trading Protocol (IOTP) Version 1, Errata D. EastlakeMarch 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3505ASCII, PDF Electronic Commerce Modeling Language (ECML): Version 2 Requirements D. EastlakeMarch 2003    Informational
RFC 3506ASCII, PDF Requirements and Design for Voucher Trading System (VTS) K. Fujimura, D. EastlakeMarch 2003    Informational
RFC 3495ASCII, PDF Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Option for CableLabs Client Configuration B. Beser, P. Duffy, Ed.March 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3490ASCII, PDF Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) P. Faltstrom, P. Hoffman, A. CostelloMarch 2003Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5890, RFC 5891Proposed Standard
RFC 3491ASCII, PDF Nameprep: A Stringprep Profile for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) P. Hoffman, M. BlanchetMarch 2003Obsoleted by RFC 5891Proposed Standard
RFC 3492ASCII, PDF Punycode: A Bootstring encoding of Unicode for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) A. CostelloMarch 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 5891Proposed Standard
RFC 3498ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) Linear Automatic Protection Switching (APS) Architectures J. Kuhfeld, J. Johnson, M. ThatcherMarch 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3318ASCII, PDFFramework Policy Information Base R. Sahita, Ed., S. Hahn, K. Chan, K. McCloghrieMarch 2003    Historic (changed from Informational April 2016)
RFC 3483ASCII, PDF Framework for Policy Usage Feedback for Common Open Policy Service with Policy Provisioning (COPS-PR) D. Rawlins, A. Kulkarni, M. Bokaemper, K. ChanMarch 2003    Informational
RFC 3317ASCII, PDFDifferentiated Services Quality of Service Policy Information Base K. Chan, R. Sahita, S. Hahn, K. McCloghrieMarch 2003    Historic (changed from Informational April 2016)
RFC 3489ASCII, PDF STUN - Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Through Network Address Translators (NATs) J. Rosenberg, J. Weinberger, C. Huitema, R. MahyMarch 2003Obsoleted by RFC 5389Proposed Standard
RFC 3497ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) 292M Video L. Gharai, C. Perkins, G. Goncher, A. MankinMarch 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3474ASCII, PDF Documentation of IANA assignments for Generalized MultiProtocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Resource Reservation Protocol - Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) Usage and Extensions for Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) Z. Lin, D. PendarakisMarch 2003    Informational
RFC 3475ASCII, PDF Documentation of IANA assignments for Constraint-Based LSP setup using LDP (CR-LDP) Extensions for Automatic Switched Optical Network (ASON) O. Aboul-MagdMarch 2003Updated by RFC 3468Informational
RFC 3476ASCII, PDF Documentation of IANA Assignments for Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP), and Resource ReSerVation Protocol-Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) Extensions for Optical UNI Signaling B. RajagopalanMarch 2003Updated by RFC 3468Informational
RFC 3352ASCII, PDF Connection-less Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (CLDAP) to Historic Status K. ZeilengaMarch 2003Obsoletes RFC 1798Informational
RFC 3494ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol version 2 (LDAPv2) to Historic Status K. ZeilengaMarch 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1484, RFC 1485, RFC 1487, RFC 1777, RFC 1778, RFC 1779, RFC 1781, RFC 2559Informational
RFC 3496ASCII, PDF Protocol Extension for Support of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Service Class-aware Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Traffic Engineering A. G. Malis, T. HsiaoMarch 2003    Informational
RFC 3502ASCII, PDF Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) - MULTIAPPEND Extension M. CrispinMarch 2003Updated by RFC 4466, RFC 4469Proposed Standard
RFC 3503ASCII, PDF Message Disposition Notification (MDN) profile for Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) A. MelnikovMarch 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3343ASCII, PDF The Application Exchange (APEX) Presence Service M. Rose, G. Klyne, D. CrockerApril 2003    Historic (changed from Experimental July 2012)
RFC 3510ASCII, PDF Internet Printing Protocol/1.1: IPP URL Scheme R. Herriot, I. McDonaldApril 2003Updates RFC 2910Proposed Standard
RFC 3527ASCII, PDF Link Selection sub-option for the Relay Agent Information Option for DHCPv4 K. Kinnear, M. Stapp, R. Johnson, J. KumarasamyApril 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3519ASCII, PDF Mobile IP Traversal of Network Address Translation (NAT) Devices H. Levkowetz, S. VaaralaApril 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3316ASCII, PDF Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) for Some Second and Third Generation Cellular Hosts J. Arkko, G. Kuijpers, H. Soliman, J. Loughney, J. WiljakkaApril 2003Obsoleted by RFC 7066Informational
RFC 3513ASCII, PDF Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Addressing Architecture R. Hinden, S. DeeringApril 2003Obsoletes RFC 2373, Obsoleted by RFC 4291Proposed Standard
RFC 3531ASCII, PDF A Flexible Method for Managing the Assignment of Bits of an IPv6 Address Block M. BlanchetApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3518ASCII, PDF Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Bridging Control Protocol (BCP) M. Higashiyama, F. Baker, T. LiaoApril 2003Obsoletes RFC 2878Proposed Standard
RFC 3511ASCII, PDF Benchmarking Methodology for Firewall Performance B. Hickman, D. Newman, S. Tadjudin, T. MartinApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3512ASCII, PDF Configuring Networks and Devices with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) M. MacFaden, D. Partain, J. Saperia, W. TackaburyApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3520ASCII, PDF Session Authorization Policy Element L-N. Hamer, B. Gage, B. Kosinski, H. ShiehApril 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3521ASCII, PDF Framework for Session Set-up with Media Authorization L-N. Hamer, B. Gage, H. ShiehApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3509ASCII, PDF Alternative Implementations of OSPF Area Border Routers A. Zinin, A. Lindem, D. YeungApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3530ASCII, PDF Network File System (NFS) version 4 Protocol S. Shepler, B. Callaghan, D. Robinson, R. Thurlow, C. Beame, M. Eisler, D. NoveckApril 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3010, Obsoleted by RFC 7530Proposed Standard
RFC 3517ASCII, PDF A Conservative Selective Acknowledgment (SACK)-based Loss Recovery Algorithm for TCP E. Blanton, M. Allman, K. Fall, L. WangApril 2003Obsoleted by RFC 6675Proposed Standard
RFC 3522ASCII, PDF The Eifel Detection Algorithm for TCP R. Ludwig, M. MeyerApril 2003    Experimental
RFC 3523ASCII, PDF Internet Emergency Preparedness (IEPREP) Telephony Topology Terminology J. PolkApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3524ASCII, PDF Mapping of Media Streams to Resource Reservation Flows G. Camarillo, A. MonradApril 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3515ASCII, PDF The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Refer Method R. SparksApril 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 7647, RFC 8217Proposed Standard
RFC 3508ASCII, PDF H.323 Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Scheme Registration O. LevinApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3516ASCII, PDF IMAP4 Binary Content Extension L. NerenbergApril 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 4466Proposed Standard
RFC 3528ASCII, PDF Mesh-enhanced Service Location Protocol (mSLP) W. Zhao, H. Schulzrinne, E. GuttmanApril 2003    Experimental
RFC 3529ASCII, PDF Using Extensible Markup Language-Remote Procedure Calling (XML-RPC) in Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP) W. HaroldApril 2003    Experimental
RFC 3507ASCII, PDF Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) J. Elson, A. CerpaApril 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3514ASCII, PDF The Security Flag in the IPv4 Header S. Bellovin1 April 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3542ASCII, PDF Advanced Sockets Application Program Interface (API) for IPv6 W. Stevens, M. Thomas, E. Nordmark, T. JinmeiMay 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2292Informational
RFC 3526ASCII, PDF More Modular Exponential (MODP) Diffie-Hellman groups for Internet Key Exchange (IKE) T. Kivinen, M. KojoMay 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3537ASCII, PDF Wrapping a Hashed Message Authentication Code (HMAC) key with a Triple-Data Encryption Standard (DES) Key or an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Key J. Schaad, R. HousleyMay 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3532ASCII, PDF Requirements for the Dynamic Partitioning of Switching Elements T. Anderson, J. BuerkleMay 2003    Informational
RFC 3535ASCII, PDF Overview of the 2002 IAB Network Management Workshop J. SchoenwaelderMay 2003    Informational
RFC 3533ASCII, PDF The Ogg Encapsulation Format Version 0 S. PfeifferMay 2003    Informational
RFC 3534ASCII, PDF The application/ogg Media Type L. WalleijMay 2003Obsoleted by RFC 5334Proposed Standard
RFC 3536ASCII, PDFTerminology Used in Internationalization in the IETF P. HoffmanMay 2003Obsoleted by RFC 6365Informational
RFC 3541ASCII, PDF A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Web3D Consortium (Web3D) A. WalshMay 2003    Informational
RFC 3538ASCII, PDF Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) Supplement for the v1.0 Internet Open Trading Protocol (IOTP) Y. KawatsuraJune 2003    Informational
RFC 3539ASCII, PDF Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) Transport Profile B. Aboba, J. WoodJune 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3546ASCII, PDF Transport Layer Security (TLS) Extensions S. Blake-Wilson, M. Nystrom, D. Hopwood, J. Mikkelsen, T. WrightJune 2003Obsoleted by RFC 4366, Updates RFC 2246Proposed Standard
RFC 3559ASCII, PDF Multicast Address Allocation MIB D. ThalerJune 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3540ASCII, PDFRobust Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) Signaling with NoncesN. Spring, D. Wetherall, D. ElyJune 2003    Historic (changed from Experimental November 2017)
RFC 3525ASCII, PDF Gateway Control Protocol Version 1 C. Groves, Ed., M. Pantaleo, Ed., T. Anderson, Ed., T. Taylor, Ed.June 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3015, Obsoleted by RFC 5125Historic (changed from Proposed Standard February 2008)
RFC 3553 a.k.a. BCP 73

ASCII, PDF An IETF URN Sub-namespace for Registered Protocol Parameters M. Mealling, L. Masinter, T. Hardie, G. KlyneJune 2003    Best Current Practice
RFC 3575ASCII, PDF IANA Considerations for RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) B. AbobaJuly 2003Errata, Updates RFC 2865, RFC 2868, Updated by RFC 6929Proposed Standard
RFC 3568ASCII, PDF Known Content Network (CN) Request-Routing Mechanisms A. Barbir, B. Cain, R. Nair, O. SpatscheckJuly 2003    Informational
RFC 3570ASCII, PDF Content Internetworking (CDI) Scenarios P. Rzewski, M. Day, D. GillettiJuly 2003Obsoleted by RFC 6770Informational
RFC 3315ASCII, PDF Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) R. Droms, Ed., J. Bound, B. Volz, T. Lemon, C. Perkins, M. CarneyJuly 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 4361, RFC 5494, RFC 6221, RFC 6422, RFC 6644, RFC 7083, RFC 7227, RFC 7283, RFC 7550Proposed Standard
RFC 3573ASCII, PDF Signalling of Modem-On-Hold status in Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) I. GoyretJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3544ASCII, PDF IP Header Compression over PPP T. Koren, S. Casner, C. BormannJuly 2003Obsoletes RFC 2509Proposed Standard
RFC 3549ASCII, PDF Linux Netlink as an IP Services Protocol J. Salim, H. Khosravi, A. Kleen, A. KuznetsovJuly 2003    Informational
RFC 3562ASCII, PDF Key Management Considerations for the TCP MD5 Signature Option M. LeechJuly 2003    Informational
RFC 3567ASCII, PDF Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Cryptographic Authentication T. Li, R. AtkinsonJuly 2003Obsoleted by RFC 5304Informational
RFC 3561ASCII, PDF Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) Routing C. Perkins, E. Belding-Royer, S. DasJuly 2003    Experimental
RFC 3569ASCII, PDF An Overview of Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) S. Bhattacharyya, Ed.July 2003    Informational
RFC 3554ASCII, PDF On the Use of Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) with IPsec S. Bellovin, J. Ioannidis, A. Keromytis, R. StewartJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3547ASCII, PDF The Group Domain of Interpretation M. Baugher, B. Weis, T. Hardjono, H. HarneyJuly 2003Obsoleted by RFC 6407Proposed Standard
RFC 3560ASCII, PDF Use of the RSAES-OAEP Key Transport Algorithm in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) R. HousleyJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3565ASCII, PDF Use of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Encryption Algorithm in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) J. SchaadJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3564ASCII, PDF Requirements for Support of Differentiated Services-aware MPLS Traffic Engineering F. Le Faucheur, W. LaiJuly 2003Updated by RFC 5462Informational
RFC 3545ASCII, PDF Enhanced Compressed RTP (CRTP) for Links with High Delay, Packet Loss and Reordering T. Koren, S. Casner, J. Geevarghese, B. Thompson, P. RuddyJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3550 a.k.a. STD 64

ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with ImagesRTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications H. Schulzrinne, S. Casner, R. Frederick, V. JacobsonJuly 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1889, Updated by RFC 5506, RFC 5761, RFC 6051, RFC 6222, RFC 7022, RFC 7160, RFC 7164, RFC 8083, RFC 8108Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard)
RFC 3551 a.k.a. STD 65

ASCII, PS, PDF, PDF with Images RTP Profile for Audio and Video Conferences with Minimal Control H. Schulzrinne, S. CasnerJuly 2003Obsoletes RFC 1890, Updated by RFC 5761, RFC 7007Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard)
RFC 3555ASCII, PDF MIME Type Registration of RTP Payload Formats S. Casner, P. HoschkaJuly 2003Obsoleted by RFC 4855, RFC 4856, Updated by RFC 3625, RFC 4629Proposed Standard
RFC 3556ASCII, PDF Session Description Protocol (SDP) Bandwidth Modifiers for RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Bandwidth S. CasnerJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3557ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) European Standard ES 201 108 Distributed Speech Recognition Encoding Q. Xie, Ed.July 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3558ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for Enhanced Variable Rate Codecs (EVRC) and Selectable Mode Vocoders (SMV) A. LiJuly 2003Updated by RFC 4788Proposed Standard
RFC 3319ASCII, PDF Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv6) Options for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Servers H. Schulzrinne, B. VolzJuly 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3552 a.k.a. BCP 72

ASCII, PDF Guidelines for Writing RFC Text on Security Considerations E. Rescorla, B. KorverJuly 2003ErrataBest Current Practice
RFC 3548ASCII, PDF The Base16, Base32, and Base64 Data Encodings S. Josefsson, Ed.July 2003Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 4648Informational
RFC 3563ASCII, PDF Cooperative Agreement Between the ISOC/IETF and ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1/Sub Committee 6 (JTC1/SC6) on IS-IS Routing Protocol Development A. ZininJuly 2003Updated by RFC 6233Informational
RFC 3572ASCII, PDF Internet Protocol Version 6 over MAPOS (Multiple Access Protocol Over SONET/SDH) T. Ogura, M. Maruyama, T. YoshidaJuly 2003Updated by RFC 8064Informational
RFC 3576ASCII, PDF Dynamic Authorization Extensions to Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) M. Chiba, G. Dommety, M. Eklund, D. Mitton, B. AbobaJuly 2003Obsoleted by RFC 5176Informational
RFC 3543ASCII, PDF Registration Revocation in Mobile IPv4 S. Glass, M. ChandraAugust 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3587ASCII, PDF IPv6 Global Unicast Address Format R. Hinden, S. Deering, E. NordmarkAugust 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2374Informational
RFC 3574ASCII, PDF Transition Scenarios for 3GPP Networks J. Soininen, Ed.August 2003    Informational
RFC 3577ASCII, PDF Introduction to the Remote Monitoring (RMON) Family of MIB Modules S. Waldbusser, R. Cole, C. Kalbfleisch, D. RomascanuAugust 2003    Informational
RFC 3571ASCII, PDF Framework Policy Information Base for Usage Feedback D. Rawlins, A. Kulkarni, K. Ho Chan, M. Bokaemper, D. DuttAugust 2003    Historic (changed from Informational April 2016)
RFC 3582ASCII, PDF Goals for IPv6 Site-Multihoming Architectures J. Abley, B. Black, V. GillAugust 2003    Informational
RFC 3584 a.k.a. BCP 74

ASCII, PDF Coexistence between Version 1, Version 2, and Version 3 of the Internet-standard Network Management Framework R. Frye, D. Levi, S. Routhier, B. WijnenAugust 2003Obsoletes RFC 2576Best Current Practice
RFC 3585ASCII, PDF IPsec Configuration Policy Information Model J. Jason, L. Rafalow, E. VynckeAugust 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3586ASCII, PDF IP Security Policy (IPSP) Requirements M. Blaze, A. Keromytis, M. Richardson, L. SanchezAugust 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3578ASCII, PDF Mapping of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) User Part (ISUP) Overlap Signalling to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) G. Camarillo, A. B. Roach, J. Peterson, L. OngAugust 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3581ASCII, PDF An Extension to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for Symmetric Response Routing J. Rosenberg, H. SchulzrinneAugust 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3597ASCII, PDF Handling of Unknown DNS Resource Record (RR) Types A. GustafssonSeptember 2003Errata, Updates RFC 2163, RFC 2535, Updated by RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 4035, RFC 5395, RFC 6195, RFC 6895Proposed Standard
RFC 3594ASCII, PDF PacketCable Security Ticket Control Sub-Option for the DHCP CableLabs Client Configuration (CCC) Option P. DuffySeptember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3590ASCII, PDF Source Address Selection for the Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) Protocol B. HabermanSeptember 2003Updates RFC 2710Proposed Standard
RFC 3591ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the Optical Interface Type H-K. Lam, M. Stewart, A. HuynhSeptember 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3592ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the Synchronous Optical Network/Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SONET/SDH) Interface Type K. TesinkSeptember 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2558Draft Standard
RFC 3593ASCII, PDF Textual Conventions for MIB Modules Using Performance History Based on 15 Minute Intervals K. Tesink, Ed.September 2003Obsoletes RFC 2493Draft Standard
RFC 3588ASCII, PDF Diameter Base Protocol P. Calhoun, J. Loughney, E. Guttman, G. Zorn, J. ArkkoSeptember 2003Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6733, Updated by RFC 5729, RFC 5719, RFC 6408Proposed Standard
RFC 3635ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the Ethernet-like Interface Types J. FlickSeptember 2003Obsoletes RFC 2665Proposed Standard
RFC 3636ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.3 Medium Attachment Units (MAUs) J. FlickSeptember 2003Obsoletes RFC 2668, RFC 1515, Obsoleted by RFC 4836Proposed Standard
RFC 3637ASCII, PDF Definitions of Managed Objects for the Ethernet WAN Interface Sublayer C.M. Heard, Ed.September 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3638ASCII, PDF Applicability Statement for Reclassification of RFC 1643 to Historic Status J. Flick, C. M. HeardSeptember 2003Obsoletes RFC 1643Informational
RFC 3609ASCII, PDF Tracing Requirements for Generic Tunnels R. Bonica, K. Kompella, D. MeyerSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3612ASCII, PDF Applicability Statement for Restart Mechanisms for the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) A. FarrelSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3630ASCII, PDF Traffic Engineering (TE) Extensions to OSPF Version 2 D. Katz, K. Kompella, D. YeungSeptember 2003Updates RFC 2370, Updated by RFC 4203, RFC 5786Proposed Standard
RFC 3566ASCII, PDF The AES-XCBC-MAC-96 Algorithm and Its Use With IPsec S. Frankel, H. HerbertSeptember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3602ASCII, PDF The AES-CBC Cipher Algorithm and Its Use with IPsec S. Frankel, R. Glenn, S. KellySeptember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3583ASCII, PDF Requirements of a Quality of Service (QoS) Solution for Mobile IP H. Chaskar, Ed.September 2003    Informational
RFC 3579ASCII, PDF RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) Support For Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) B. Aboba, P. CalhounSeptember 2003Updates RFC 2869, Updated by RFC 5080Informational
RFC 3580ASCII, PDF IEEE 802.1X Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) Usage Guidelines P. Congdon, B. Aboba, A. Smith, G. Zorn, J. RoeseSeptember 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 7268Informational
RFC 3589ASCII, PDF Diameter Command Codes for Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 5 J. LoughneySeptember 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3595ASCII, PDF Textual Conventions for IPv6 Flow Label B. WijnenSeptember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3598ASCII, PDF Sieve Email Filtering -- Subaddress Extension K. MurchisonSeptember 2003Obsoleted by RFC 5233Proposed Standard
RFC 3601ASCII, PDF Text String Notation for Dial Sequences and Global Switched Telephone Network (GSTN) / E.164 Addresses C. AllocchioSeptember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3607ASCII, PDF Chinese Lottery Cryptanalysis Revisited: The Internet as a Codebreaking Tool M. LeechSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3610ASCII, PDF Counter with CBC-MAC (CCM) D. Whiting, R. Housley, N. FergusonSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3614ASCII, PDF A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) J. SmithSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3616ASCII, PDF A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA) F. Bellifemine, I. Constantinescu, S. WillmottSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3625ASCII, PDF The QCP File Format and Media Types for Speech Data R. Gellens, H. GarudadriSeptember 2003Errata, Updates RFC 3555Informational
RFC 3627ASCII, PDF Use of /127 Prefix Length Between Routers Considered Harmful P. SavolaSeptember 2003Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 6547Historic (changed from Informational)
RFC 3615ASCII, PDF A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for SWIFT Financial Messaging J. Gustin, A. GoyensSeptember 2003    Informational
RFC 3596 a.k.a. STD 88

ASCII, PDFDNS Extensions to Support IP Version 6 S. Thomson, C. Huitema, V. Ksinant, M. SouissiOctober 2003Obsoletes RFC 3152, RFC 1886Internet Standard (changed from Draft Standard May 2017)
RFC 3645ASCII, PDF Generic Security Service Algorithm for Secret Key Transaction Authentication for DNS (GSS-TSIG) S. Kwan, P. Garg, J. Gilroy, L. Esibov, J. Westhead, R. HallOctober 2003Updates RFC 2845Proposed Standard
RFC 3626ASCII, PDF Optimized Link State Routing Protocol (OLSR) T. Clausen, Ed., P. Jacquet, Ed.October 2003ErrataExperimental
RFC 3618ASCII, PDF Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) B. Fenner, Ed., D. Meyer, Ed.October 2003ErrataExperimental
RFC 3620ASCII, PDF The TUNNEL Profile D. NewOctober 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3604ASCII, PDF Requirements for Adding Optical Support to the General Switch Management Protocol version 3 (GSMPv3) H. Khosravi, G. Kullgren, S. Shew, J. Sadler, A. WatanabeOctober 2003    Informational
RFC 3605ASCII, PDF Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP) attribute in Session Description Protocol (SDP) C. HuitemaOctober 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3608ASCII, PDF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension Header Field for Service Route Discovery During Registration D. Willis, B. HoeneisenOctober 2003Updated by RFC 5630Proposed Standard
RFC 3639ASCII, PDF Considerations on the use of a Service Identifier in Packet Headers M. St. Johns, Ed., G. Huston, Ed., IABOctober 2003    Informational
RFC 3603ASCII, PDF Private Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Proxy-to-Proxy Extensions for Supporting the PacketCable Distributed Call Signaling Architecture W. Marshall, Ed., F. Andreasen, Ed.October 2003Obsoleted by RFC 5503Informational
RFC 3617ASCII, PDF Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Scheme and Applicability Statement for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) E. LearOctober 2003    Informational
RFC 3619ASCII, PDF Extreme Networks' Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS) Version 1 S. Shah, M. YipOctober 2003    Informational
RFC 3641ASCII, PDF Generic String Encoding Rules (GSER) for ASN.1 Types S. LeggOctober 2003Updated by RFC 4792Proposed Standard
RFC 3642ASCII, PDF Common Elements of Generic String Encoding Rules (GSER) Encodings S. LeggOctober 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3613ASCII, PDF Definition of a Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for the Middleware Architecture Committee for Education (MACE) R. Morgan, K. HazeltonOctober 2003    Informational
RFC 3655ASCII, PDF Redefinition of DNS Authenticated Data (AD) bit B. Wellington, O. GudmundssonNovember 2003Obsoleted by RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 4035, Updates RFC 2535Proposed Standard
RFC 3606ASCII, PDF Definitions of Supplemental Managed Objects for ATM Interface F. Ly, M. Noto, A. Smith, E. Spiegel, K. TesinkNovember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3644ASCII, PDF Policy Quality of Service (QoS) Information Model Y. Snir, Y. Ramberg, J. Strassner, R. Cohen, B. MooreNovember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3654ASCII, PDF Requirements for Separation of IP Control and Forwarding H. Khosravi, Ed., T. Anderson, Ed.November 2003    Informational
RFC 3623ASCII, PDF Graceful OSPF Restart J. Moy, P. Pillay-Esnault, A. LindemNovember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3628ASCII, PDF Policy Requirements for Time-Stamping Authorities (TSAs) D. Pinkas, N. Pope, J. RossNovember 2003    Informational
RFC 3647ASCII, PDF Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate Policy and Certification Practices Framework S. Chokhani, W. Ford, R. Sabett, C. Merrill, S. WuNovember 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2527Informational
RFC 3611ASCII, PDF RTP Control Protocol Extended Reports (RTCP XR) T. Friedman, Ed., R. Caceres, Ed., A. Clark, Ed.November 2003ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 3640ASCII, PDF RTP Payload Format for Transport of MPEG-4 Elementary Streams J. van der Meer, D. Mackie, V. Swaminathan, D. Singer, P. GentricNovember 2003Updated by RFC 5691Proposed Standard
RFC 3624ASCII, PDF The Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Bulk Audit Package B. Foster, D. Auerbach, F. AndreasenNovember 2003    Informational
RFC 3629 a.k.a. STD 63

ASCII, PDF UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646 F. YergeauNovember 2003Obsoletes RFC 2279Internet Standard
RFC 3650ASCII, PDF Handle System Overview S. Sun, L. Lannom, B. BoeschNovember 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3651ASCII, PDF Handle System Namespace and Service Definition S. Sun, S. Reilly, L. LannomNovember 2003ErrataInformational
RFC 3652ASCII, PDF Handle System Protocol (ver 2.1) Specification S. Sun, S. Reilly, L. Lannom, J. PetroneNovember 2003    Informational
RFC 3600ASCII, PDF Internet Official Protocol Standards J. Reynolds, Ed., S. Ginoza, Ed.November 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3300, Obsoleted by RFC 3700Historic (changed from Internet Standard May 2008)
RFC 3632ASCII, PDF VeriSign Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) Version 2.0.0 S. Hollenbeck, S. Veeramachaneni, S. YalamanchilliNovember 2003Updates RFC 2832Informational
RFC 3648ASCII, PDF Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Ordered Collections Protocol J. Whitehead, J. Reschke, Ed.December 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3658ASCII, PDF Delegation Signer (DS) Resource Record (RR) O. GudmundssonDecember 2003Obsoleted by RFC 4033, RFC 4034, RFC 4035, Updates RFC 3090, RFC 3008, RFC 2535, RFC 1035, Updated by RFC 3755Proposed Standard
RFC 3633ASCII, PDF IPv6 Prefix Options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) version 6 O. Troan, R. DromsDecember 2003Errata, Updated by RFC 6603, RFC 7550Proposed Standard
RFC 3634ASCII, PDF Key Distribution Center (KDC) Server Address Sub-option for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) CableLabs Client Configuration (CCC) Option K. Luehrs, R. Woundy, J. Bevilacqua, N. DavoustDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3646ASCII, PDF DNS Configuration options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) R. Droms, Ed.December 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3621ASCII, PDF Power Ethernet MIB A. Berger, D. RomascanuDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3653ASCII, PDF XML-Signature XPath Filter 2.0 J. Boyer, M. Hughes, J. ReagleDecember 2003    Informational
RFC 3643ASCII, PDF Fibre Channel (FC) Frame Encapsulation R. Weber, M. Rajagopal, F. Travostino, M. O'Donnell, C. Monia, M. MerharDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3649ASCII, PDF HighSpeed TCP for Large Congestion Windows S. FloydDecember 2003    Experimental
RFC 3665 a.k.a. BCP 75

ASCII, PDF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Basic Call Flow Examples A. Johnston, S. Donovan, R. Sparks, C. Cunningham, K. SummersDecember 2003ErrataBest Current Practice
RFC 3666 a.k.a. BCP 76

ASCII, PDF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Call Flows A. Johnston, S. Donovan, R. Sparks, C. Cunningham, K. SummersDecember 2003ErrataBest Current Practice
RFC 3631ASCII, PDF Security Mechanisms for the Internet S. Bellovin, Ed., J. Schiller, Ed., C. Kaufman, Ed.December 2003    Informational
RFC 3677 a.k.a. BCP 77

ASCII, PDF IETF ISOC Board of Trustee Appointment Procedures L. Daigle, Ed., Internet Architecture BoardDecember 2003ErrataBest Current Practice
RFC 3656ASCII, PDF The Mailbox Update (MUPDATE) Distributed Mailbox Database Protocol R. SiemborskiDecember 2003    Experimental
RFC 3661ASCII, PDF Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Return Code Usage B. Foster, C. SivachelvanDecember 2003Updates RFC 3435Informational
RFC 3662ASCII, PDF A Lower Effort Per-Domain Behavior (PDB) for Differentiated Services R. Bless, K. Nichols, K. WehrleDecember 2003    Informational
RFC 3663ASCII, PDF Domain Administrative Data in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) A. NewtonDecember 2003    Experimental
RFC 3671ASCII, PDF Collective Attributes in the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) K. ZeilengaDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3672ASCII, PDF Subentries in the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) K. ZeilengaDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3673ASCII, PDF Lightweight Directory Access Protocol version 3 (LDAPv3): All Operational Attributes K. ZeilengaDecember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3674ASCII, PDF Feature Discovery in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) K. ZeilengaDecember 2003Obsoleted by RFC 4512Proposed Standard
RFC 3299ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 3200-3299 S. GinozaDecember 2003    Informational
RFC 3499ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 3400-3499 S. GinozaDecember 2003    Informational
RFC 3599ASCII, PDF Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 3500-3599 S. GinozaDecember 2003    Informational
RFC 3660ASCII, PDF Basic Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) Packages B. Foster, F. AndreasenDecember 2003Updates RFC 2705Informational