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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 1131ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML OSPF specification J. MoyOctober 1989Obsoleted by RFC 1247Proposed Standard
RFC 1245ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML OSPF Protocol Analysis J. MoyJuly 1991    Informational
RFC 1246ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML Experience with the OSPF Protocol J. MoyJuly 1991    Informational
RFC 1247ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML OSPF Version 2 J. MoyJuly 1991Obsoletes RFC 1131, Obsoleted by RFC 1583, Updated by RFC 1349Draft Standard
RFC 1248ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF Version 2 Management Information Base F. Baker, R. ColtunJuly 1991Obsoleted by RFC 1252, Updated by RFC 1349Proposed Standard
RFC 1252ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF Version 2 Management Information Base F. Baker, R. ColtunAugust 1991Obsoletes RFC 1248, Obsoleted by RFC 1253Proposed Standard
RFC 1253ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF Version 2 Management Information Base F. Baker, R. ColtunAugust 1991Obsoletes RFC 1252, Obsoleted by RFC 1850Proposed Standard
RFC 1364ASCII, PDF, HTML BGP OSPF Interaction K. VaradhanSeptember 1992Obsoleted by RFC 1403Proposed Standard
RFC 1370ASCII, PDF, HTML Applicability Statement for OSPF Internet Architecture Board, L. ChapinOctober 1992    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 1403ASCII, PDF, HTML BGP OSPF Interaction K. VaradhanJanuary 1993Obsoletes RFC 1364Historic (changed from Proposed Standard August 2001)
RFC 1583ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML OSPF Version 2 J. MoyMarch 1994Obsoletes RFC 1247, Obsoleted by RFC 2178Draft Standard
RFC 1584ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML Multicast Extensions to OSPF J. MoyMarch 1994    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard November 2007)
RFC 1585ASCII, PDF, HTML MOSPF: Analysis and Experience J. MoyMarch 1994    Informational
RFC 1586ASCII, PDF, HTML Guidelines for Running OSPF Over Frame Relay Networks O. deSouza, M. RodriguesMarch 1994    Informational
RFC 1587ASCII, PDF, HTML The OSPF NSSA Option R. Coltun, V. FullerMarch 1994Obsoleted by RFC 3101Proposed Standard
RFC 1745ASCII, PDF, HTML BGP4/IDRP for IP---OSPF Interaction K. Varadhan, S. Hares, Y. RekhterDecember 1994    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard)
RFC 1765ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF Database Overflow J. MoyMarch 1995    Experimental
RFC 1793ASCII, PDF, HTML Extending OSPF to Support Demand Circuits J. MoyApril 1995Updated by RFC 3883Proposed Standard
RFC 1850ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF Version 2 Management Information Base F. Baker, R. ColtunNovember 1995Obsoletes RFC 1253, Obsoleted by RFC 4750Draft Standard
RFC 2096ASCII, PDF, HTML IP Forwarding Table MIB F. BakerJanuary 1997Obsoletes RFC 1354, Obsoleted by RFC 4292Proposed Standard
RFC 2154ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata OSPF with Digital Signatures S. Murphy, M. Badger, B. WellingtonJune 1997ErrataExperimental
RFC 2178ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF Version 2 J. MoyJuly 1997Obsoletes RFC 1583, Obsoleted by RFC 2328Draft Standard
RFC 2328 a.k.a. STD 54

ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata OSPF Version 2 J. MoyApril 1998Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2178, Updated by RFC 5709, RFC 6549, RFC 6845, RFC 6860, RFC 7474, RFC 8042, RFC 9355, RFC 9454Internet Standard
RFC 2329ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF Standardization Report J. MoyApril 1998    Informational
RFC 2370ASCII, PDF, HTML The OSPF Opaque LSA Option R. ColtunJuly 1998Obsoleted by RFC 5250, Updated by RFC 3630Proposed Standard
RFC 2676ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata QoS Routing Mechanisms and OSPF Extensions G. Apostolopoulos, S. Kama, D. Williams, R. Guerin, A. Orda, T. PrzygiendaAugust 1999ErrataExperimental
RFC 2740ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata OSPF for IPv6 R. Coltun, D. Ferguson, J. MoyDecember 1999Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 5340Proposed Standard
RFC 2844ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF over ATM and Proxy-PAR T. Przygienda, P. Droz, R. HaasMay 2000    Experimental
RFC 3101ASCII, PDF, HTML The OSPF Not-So-Stubby Area (NSSA) Option P. MurphyJanuary 2003Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1587Proposed Standard
RFC 3137ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF Stub Router Advertisement A. Retana, L. Nguyen, R. White, A. Zinin, D. McPhersonJune 2001Obsoleted by RFC 6987Informational
RFC 3166ASCII, PDF, HTML Request to Move RFC 1403 to Historic Status D. Meyer, J. ScudderAugust 2001    Informational
RFC 3509ASCII, PDF, HTML Alternative Implementations of OSPF Area Border Routers A. Zinin, A. Lindem, D. YeungApril 2003    Informational
RFC 3623ASCII, PDF, HTML Graceful OSPF Restart J. Moy, P. Pillay-Esnault, A. LindemNovember 2003    Proposed Standard
RFC 3630ASCII, PDF, HTML Traffic Engineering (TE) Extensions to OSPF Version 2 D. Katz, K. Kompella, D. YeungSeptember 2003Updates RFC 2370, Updated by RFC 4203, RFC 5786Proposed Standard
RFC 3883ASCII, PDF, HTML Detecting Inactive Neighbors over OSPF Demand Circuits (DC) S. Rao, A. Zinin, A. RoyOctober 2004Updates RFC 1793Proposed Standard
RFC 4061ASCII, PDF, HTMLBenchmarking Basic OSPF Single Router Control Plane ConvergenceV. Manral, R. White, A. ShaikhApril 2005    Informational
RFC 4062ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Benchmarking Terminology and ConceptsV. Manral, R. White, A. ShaikhApril 2005    Informational
RFC 4063ASCII, PDF, HTMLConsiderations When Using Basic OSPF Convergence BenchmarksV. Manral, R. White, A. ShaikhApril 2005    Informational
RFC 4136ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Refresh and Flooding Reduction in Stable TopologiesP. Pillay-EsnaultJuly 2005    Informational
RFC 4167ASCII, PDF, HTMLGraceful OSPF Restart Implementation ReportA. LindemOctober 2005    Informational
RFC 4203ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Extensions in Support of Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)K. Kompella, Ed., Y. Rekhter, Ed.October 2005Updates RFC 3630, Updated by RFC 6001, RFC 6002, RFC 7074Proposed Standard
RFC 4222 a.k.a. BCP 112

ASCII, PDF, HTMLPrioritized Treatment of Specific OSPF Version 2 Packets and Congestion AvoidanceG. Choudhury, Ed.October 2005Updated by RFC 9454Best Current Practice
RFC 4552ASCII, PDF, HTMLAuthentication/Confidentiality for OSPFv3M. Gupta, N. MelamJune 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4576ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataUsing a Link State Advertisement (LSA) Options Bit to Prevent Looping in BGP/MPLS IP Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)E. Rosen, P. Psenak, P. Pillay-EsnaultJune 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4577ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataOSPF as the Provider/Customer Edge Protocol for BGP/MPLS IP Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)E. Rosen, P. Psenak, P. Pillay-EsnaultJune 2006Errata, Updates RFC 4364Proposed Standard
RFC 4750ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataOSPF Version 2 Management Information BaseD. Joyal, Ed., P. Galecki, Ed., S. Giacalone, Ed., R. Coltun, F. BakerDecember 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1850Proposed Standard
RFC 4811ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Out-of-Band Link State Database (LSDB) ResynchronizationL. Nguyen, A. Roy, A. ZininMarch 2007Updated by RFC 9454Informational
RFC 4812ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataOSPF Restart SignalingL. Nguyen, A. Roy, A. ZininMarch 2007ErrataInformational
RFC 4813ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Link-Local SignalingB. Friedman, L. Nguyen, A. Roy, D. Yeung, A. ZininMarch 2007Obsoleted by RFC 5613Experimental
RFC 4915ASCII, PDF, HTMLMulti-Topology (MT) Routing in OSPFP. Psenak, S. Mirtorabi, A. Roy, L. Nguyen, P. Pillay-EsnaultJune 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4940 a.k.a. BCP 130

ASCII, PDF, HTMLIANA Considerations for OSPFK. Kompella, B. FennerJuly 2007ErrataBest Current Practice
RFC 4970ASCII, PDF, HTMLExtensions to OSPF for Advertising Optional Router CapabilitiesA. Lindem, Ed., N. Shen, JP. Vasseur, R. Aggarwal, S. ShafferJuly 2007Obsoleted by RFC 7770Proposed Standard
RFC 4972ASCII, PDF, HTMLRouting Extensions for Discovery of Multiprotocol (MPLS) Label Switch Router (LSR) Traffic Engineering (TE) Mesh MembershipJP. Vasseur, Ed., JL. Leroux, Ed., S. Yasukawa, S. Previdi, P. Psenak, P. MabbeyJuly 2007    Proposed Standard
RFC 4973ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF-xTE: Experimental Extension to OSPF for Traffic EngineeringP. Srisuresh, P. JosephJuly 2007    Experimental
RFC 5088ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataOSPF Protocol Extensions for Path Computation Element (PCE) DiscoveryJL. Le Roux, Ed., JP. Vasseur, Ed., Y. Ikejiri, R. ZhangJanuary 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 9353Proposed Standard
RFC 5185ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Multi-Area AdjacencyS. Mirtorabi, P. Psenak, A. Lindem, Ed., A. OswalMay 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5187ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv3 Graceful RestartP. Pillay-Esnault, A. LindemJune 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5243ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Database Exchange Summary List OptimizationR. OgierMay 2008Errata, Updated by RFC 9454Informational
RFC 5250ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe OSPF Opaque LSA OptionL. Berger, I. Bryskin, A. Zinin, R. ColtunJuly 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2370Proposed Standard
RFC 5252ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataOSPF-Based Layer 1 VPN Auto-DiscoveryI. Bryskin, L. BergerJuly 2008ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5329ASCII, PDF, HTMLTraffic Engineering Extensions to OSPF Version 3K. Ishiguro, V. Manral, A. Davey, A. Lindem, Ed.September 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5340ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataOSPF for IPv6R. Coltun, D. Ferguson, J. Moy, A. LindemJuly 2008Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2740, Updated by RFC 6845, RFC 6860, RFC 7503, RFC 8362, RFC 9454Proposed Standard
RFC 5392ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Extensions in Support of Inter-Autonomous System (AS) MPLS and GMPLS Traffic EngineeringM. Chen, R. Zhang, X. DuanJanuary 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5449ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Multipoint Relay (MPR) Extension for Ad Hoc NetworksE. Baccelli, P. Jacquet, D. Nguyen, T. ClausenFebruary 2009ErrataExperimental
RFC 5523ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv3-Based Layer 1 VPN Auto-DiscoveryL. BergerApril 2009    Experimental
RFC 5613ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Link-Local SignalingA. Zinin, A. Roy, L. Nguyen, B. Friedman, D. YeungAugust 2009Obsoletes RFC 4813Proposed Standard
RFC 5614ASCII, PDF, HTMLMobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) Extension of OSPF Using Connected Dominating Set (CDS) FloodingR. Ogier, P. SpagnoloAugust 2009Updated by RFC 7038, RFC 9454Experimental
RFC 5642ASCII, PDF, HTMLDynamic Hostname Exchange Mechanism for OSPFS. Venkata, S. Harwani, C. Pignataro, D. McPhersonAugust 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5643ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataManagement Information Base for OSPFv3D. Joyal, Ed., V. Manral, Ed.August 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5709ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv2 HMAC-SHA Cryptographic AuthenticationM. Bhatia, V. Manral, M. Fanto, R. White, M. Barnes, T. Li, R. AtkinsonOctober 2009Errata, Updates RFC 2328, Updated by RFC 7474Proposed Standard
RFC 5786ASCII, PDF, HTMLAdvertising a Router's Local Addresses in OSPF Traffic Engineering (TE) ExtensionsR. Aggarwal, K. KompellaMarch 2010Errata, Updates RFC 3630, Updated by RFC 6827, RFC 8687Proposed Standard
RFC 5787ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv2 Routing Protocols Extensions for Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) RoutingD. PapadimitriouMarch 2010Obsoleted by RFC 6827Experimental
RFC 5820ASCII, PDF, HTMLExtensions to OSPF to Support Mobile Ad Hoc NetworkingA. Roy, Ed., M. Chandra, Ed.March 2010Updated by RFC 7137Experimental
RFC 5838ASCII, PDF, HTMLSupport of Address Families in OSPFv3A. Lindem, Ed., S. Mirtorabi, A. Roy, M. Barnes, R. AggarwalApril 2010Errata, Updated by RFC 6969, RFC 7949, RFC 8362, RFC 9454Proposed Standard
RFC 6506ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataSupporting Authentication Trailer for OSPFv3M. Bhatia, V. Manral, A. LindemFebruary 2012Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7166Proposed Standard
RFC 6549ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataOSPFv2 Multi-Instance ExtensionsA. Lindem, A. Roy, S. MirtorabiMarch 2012Errata, Updates RFC 2328Proposed Standard
RFC 6565ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv3 as a Provider Edge to Customer Edge (PE-CE) Routing ProtocolP. Pillay-Esnault, P. Moyer, J. Doyle, E. Ertekin, M. LundbergJune 2012    Proposed Standard
RFC 6571ASCII, PDF, HTMLLoop-Free Alternate (LFA) Applicability in Service Provider (SP) NetworksC. Filsfils, Ed., P. Francois, Ed., M. Shand, B. Decraene, J. Uttaro, N. Leymann, M. HornefferJune 2012ErrataInformational
RFC 6827ASCII, PDF, HTMLAutomatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) Routing for OSPFv2 ProtocolsA. Malis, Ed., A. Lindem, Ed., D. Papadimitriou, Ed.January 2013Obsoletes RFC 5787, Updates RFC 5786Proposed Standard
RFC 6845ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Hybrid Broadcast and Point-to-Multipoint Interface TypeN. Sheth, L. Wang, J. ZhangJanuary 2013Updates RFC 2328, RFC 5340Proposed Standard
RFC 6860ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataHiding Transit-Only Networks in OSPFY. Yang, A. Retana, A. RoyJanuary 2013Errata, Updates RFC 2328, RFC 5340Proposed Standard
RFC 6863ASCII, PDF, HTMLAnalysis of OSPF Security According to the Keying and Authentication for Routing Protocols (KARP) Design GuideS. Hartman, D. ZhangMarch 2013    Informational
RFC 6969ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataOSPFv3 Instance ID Registry UpdateA. Retana, D. ChengJuly 2013Errata, Updates RFC 5838Proposed Standard
RFC 6987ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Stub Router AdvertisementA. Retana, L. Nguyen, A. Zinin, R. White, D. McPhersonSeptember 2013Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3137, Updated by RFC 8770Informational
RFC 6992ASCII, PDF, HTMLRouting for IPv4-Embedded IPv6 PacketsD. Cheng, M. Boucadair, A. RetanaJuly 2013    Informational
RFC 7038ASCII, PDF, HTMLUse of OSPF-MDR in Single-Hop Broadcast NetworksR. OgierOctober 2013Updates RFC 5614Experimental
RFC 7096ASCII, PDF, HTMLEvaluation of Existing GMPLS Encoding against G.709v3 Optical Transport Networks (OTNs)S. Belotti, Ed., P. Grandi, D. Ceccarelli, Ed., D. Caviglia, F. Zhang, D. LiJanuary 2014    Informational
RFC 7137ASCII, PDF, HTMLUse of the OSPF-MANET Interface in Single-Hop Broadcast NetworksA. Retana, S. RatliffFebruary 2014Updates RFC 5820Experimental
RFC 7138ASCII, PDF, HTMLTraffic Engineering Extensions to OSPF for GMPLS Control of Evolving G.709 Optical Transport NetworksD. Ceccarelli, Ed., F. Zhang, S. Belotti, R. Rao, J. DrakeMarch 2014    Proposed Standard
RFC 7166ASCII, PDF, HTMLSupporting Authentication Trailer for OSPFv3M. Bhatia, V. Manral, A. LindemMarch 2014Obsoletes RFC 6506Proposed Standard
RFC 7471ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Traffic Engineering (TE) Metric ExtensionsS. Giacalone, D. Ward, J. Drake, A. Atlas, S. PrevidiMarch 2015    Proposed Standard
RFC 7474ASCII, PDF, HTMLSecurity Extension for OSPFv2 When Using Manual Key ManagementM. Bhatia, S. Hartman, D. Zhang, A. Lindem, Ed.April 2015Updates RFC 2328, RFC 5709Proposed Standard
RFC 7503ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv3 AutoconfigurationA. Lindem, J. ArkkoApril 2015Updates RFC 5340Proposed Standard
RFC 7580ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF-TE Extensions for General Network Element ConstraintsF. Zhang, Y. Lee, J. Han, G. Bernstein, Y. XuJune 2015    Proposed Standard
RFC 7684ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv2 Prefix/Link Attribute AdvertisementP. Psenak, H. Gredler, R. Shakir, W. Henderickx, J. Tantsura, A. LindemNovember 2015    Proposed Standard
RFC 7688ASCII, PDF, HTMLGMPLS OSPF Enhancement for Signal and Network Element Compatibility for Wavelength Switched Optical NetworksY. Lee, Ed., G. Bernstein, Ed.November 2015    Proposed Standard
RFC 7770ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataExtensions to OSPF for Advertising Optional Router CapabilitiesA. Lindem, Ed., N. Shen, JP. Vasseur, R. Aggarwal, S. ShafferFebruary 2016Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4970Proposed Standard
RFC 7777ASCII, PDF, HTMLAdvertising Node Administrative Tags in OSPFS. Hegde, R. Shakir, A. Smirnov, Z. Li, B. DecraeneMarch 2016    Proposed Standard
RFC 7884ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Extensions to Advertise Seamless Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (S-BFD) Target DiscriminatorsC. Pignataro, M. Bhatia, S. Aldrin, T. RanganathJuly 2016    Proposed Standard
RFC 7949ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv3 over IPv4 for IPv6 TransitionI. Chen, A. Lindem, R. AtkinsonAugust 2016Updates RFC 5838Proposed Standard
RFC 8042ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Two-Part MetricZ. Zhang, L. Wang, A. LindemDecember 2016Updates RFC 2328Proposed Standard
RFC 8099ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Topology-Transparent ZoneH. Chen, R. Li, A. Retana, Y. Yang, Z. LiuFebruary 2017    Experimental
RFC 8258ASCII, PDF, HTMLGeneralized SCSI: A Generic Structure for Interface Switching Capability Descriptor (ISCD) Switching Capability Specific Information (SCSI)D. Ceccarelli, L. BergerOctober 2017    Proposed Standard
RFC 8330ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Traffic Engineering (OSPF-TE) Link Availability Extension for Links with Variable Discrete BandwidthH. Long, M. Ye, G. Mirsky, A. D'Alessandro, H. ShahFebruary 2018    Proposed Standard
RFC 8362ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv3 Link State Advertisement (LSA) ExtensibilityA. Lindem, A. Roy, D. Goethals, V. Reddy Vallem, F. BakerApril 2018Updates RFC 5340, RFC 5838Proposed Standard
RFC 8363ASCII, PDF, HTMLGMPLS OSPF-TE Extensions in Support of Flexi-Grid Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) NetworksX. Zhang, H. Zheng, R. Casellas, O. Gonzalez de Dios, D. CeccarelliMay 2018    Proposed Standard
RFC 8379ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Graceful Link ShutdownS. Hegde, P. Sarkar, H. Gredler, M. Nanduri, L. JalilMay 2018    Proposed Standard
RFC 8444ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPFv2 Extensions for Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER)P. Psenak, Ed., N. Kumar, IJ. Wijnands, A. Dolganow, T. Przygienda, J. Zhang, S. AldrinNovember 2018Updated by RFC 9272Proposed Standard
RFC 8476ASCII, PDF, HTMLSignaling Maximum SID Depth (MSD) Using OSPFJ. Tantsura, U. Chunduri, S. Aldrin, P. PsenakDecember 2018    Proposed Standard
RFC 8510ASCII, PDF, HTMLOSPF Link-Local Signaling (LLS) Extensions for Local Interface ID AdvertisementP. Psenak, Ed., K. Talaulikar, W. Henderickx, P. Pillay-EsnaultJanuary 2019    Proposed Standard
RFC 8541ASCII, PDF, HTMLImpact of Shortest Path First (SPF) Trigger and Delay Strategies on IGP Micro-loopsS. Litkowski, B. Decraene, M. HornefferMarch 2019    Informational
RFC 8665HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataOSPF Extensions for Segment RoutingP. Psenak, Ed., S. Previdi, Ed., C. Filsfils, H. Gredler, R. Shakir, W. Henderickx, J. TantsuraDecember 2019ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 8666HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOSPFv3 Extensions for Segment RoutingP. Psenak, Ed., S. Previdi, Ed.December 2019    Proposed Standard
RFC 8687HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOSPF Routing with Cross-Address Family Traffic Engineering TunnelsA. Smirnov, A. Retana, M. BarnesNovember 2019Updates RFC 5786Proposed Standard
RFC 8770HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLHost Router Support for OSPFv2K. Patel, P. Pillay-Esnault, M. Bhardwaj, S. BayraktarApril 2020Updates RFC 6987Proposed Standard
RFC 8920HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOSPF Application-Specific Link AttributesP. Psenak, Ed., L. Ginsberg, W. Henderickx, J. Tantsura, J. DrakeOctober 2020Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 9492Proposed Standard
RFC 9013HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataOSPF Advertisement of Tunnel EncapsulationsX. Xu, Ed., B. Decraene, Ed., R. Raszuk, L. Contreras, L. JalilApril 2021ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 9084HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOSPF Prefix Originator ExtensionsA. Wang, A. Lindem, J. Dong, P. Psenak, K. Talaulikar, Ed.August 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 9085HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataBorder Gateway Protocol - Link State (BGP-LS) Extensions for Segment RoutingS. Previdi, K. Talaulikar, Ed., C. Filsfils, H. Gredler, M. ChenAugust 2021Errata, Updated by RFC 9356Proposed Standard
RFC 9089HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLSignaling Entropy Label Capability and Entropy Readable Label Depth Using OSPFX. Xu, S. Kini, P. Psenak, C. Filsfils, S. Litkowski, M. BocciAugust 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 9127HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLYANG Data Model for Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)R. Rahman, Ed., L. Zheng, Ed., M. Jethanandani, Ed., S. Pallagatti, G. MirskyOctober 2021Updated by RFC 9314Proposed Standard
RFC 9129HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLYANG Data Model for the OSPF ProtocolD. Yeung, Y. Qu, Z. Zhang, I. Chen, A. LindemOctober 2022    Proposed Standard
RFC 9160HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLExport of MPLS Segment Routing Label Type Information in IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX)T. GrafDecember 2021    Informational
RFC 9214HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOSPFv3 Code Point for MPLS LSP PingN. Nainar, C. Pignataro, M. AissaouiApril 2022Updates RFC 8287Proposed Standard
RFC 9247HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLBGP - Link State (BGP-LS) Extensions for Seamless Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (S-BFD)Z. Li, S. Zhuang, K. Talaulikar, Ed., S. Aldrin, J. Tantsura, G. MirskyJune 2022    Proposed Standard
RFC 9294HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLApplication-Specific Link Attributes Advertisement Using the Border Gateway Protocol - Link State (BGP-LS)K. Talaulikar, Ed., P. Psenak, J. TantsuraAugust 2022    Proposed Standard
RFC 9314HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLYANG Data Model for Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)M. Jethanandani, Ed., R. Rahman, Ed., L. Zheng, Ed., S. Pallagatti, G. MirskySeptember 2022Updates RFC 9127Proposed Standard
RFC 9339HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOSPF Reverse MetricK. Talaulikar, Ed., P. Psenak, H. JohnstonDecember 2022    Proposed Standard
RFC 9351HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLBorder Gateway Protocol - Link State (BGP-LS) Extensions for Flexible Algorithm AdvertisementK. Talaulikar, Ed., P. Psenak, S. Zandi, G. DawraFebruary 2023    Proposed Standard
RFC 9355HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOSPF Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) Strict-ModeK. Talaulikar, Ed., P. Psenak, A. Fu, M. RajeshFebruary 2023Updates RFC 2328Proposed Standard
RFC 9356HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLAdvertising Layer 2 Bundle Member Link Attributes in OSPFK. Talaulikar, Ed., P. PsenakJanuary 2023Updates RFC 9085Proposed Standard
RFC 9454HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLUpdate to OSPF TerminologyM. Fox, A. Lindem, A. RetanaAugust 2023Updates RFC 2328, RFC 4222, RFC 4811, RFC 5243, RFC 5340, RFC 5614, RFC 5838Proposed Standard
RFC 9492HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOSPF Application-Specific Link AttributesP. Psenak, Ed., L. Ginsberg, W. Henderickx, J. Tantsura, J. DrakeOctober 2023Obsoletes RFC 8920Proposed Standard
RFC 9513HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataOSPFv3 Extensions for Segment Routing over IPv6 (SRv6)Z. Li, Z. Hu, K. Talaulikar, Ed., P. PsenakDecember 2023ErrataProposed Standard