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Network Working Group                                     Alex McKenzie
RFC # 622                                                 BBN-NET
NIC # 21995                                               March 13, 1974

                      Scheduling IMP/TIP Down Time

From time to time it is necessary for an IMP or TIP to be taken down
other than during its scheduled Preventive Maintenance period.  Examples
of such cases are retrofit programs and the off-line diagnosis and
repair of intermittent problems. In the past we have scheduled these
downs with our "primary site contact" at the affected site; in our view
this individual was responsible for representing all of the hosts (and
TIP users) connected to that IMP/TIP. Although this policy has worked
well in the past, the recent proliferation of Very Distant Hosts,
together with complaints from representatives of other (local or
distant) Hosts, has caused us to review our procedures.

This note announces a modification of the previous policy. We will
continue to schedule IMP/TIP downs with our "primary site contact."  We
will continue to consider this individual a representative of all Hosts
connected to that IMP/TIP, with the following exception. Any Host
organization wishing to be notified by telephone that down time has been
scheduled for their IMP/TIP may nominate some individual as a "secondary
contact."  The name of the secondary contact, together with a telephone
number where he/she can be reached, should be submitted to me by any of
the following methods:

    US mail

        Network Control Center
        Bolt, Beranek and Newman Inc.
        50 Moulton Street
        Cambridge, Mass. 02138
        ATTN: Alexander McKenzie

    Journal system

        Ident = AAM

    Network mail


The NCC operators will notify the secondary contact by telephone after
scheduling down time with the primary contact.

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RFC 622               Scheduling IMP/TIP Down Time            March 1974

Following is the current list of "primary site contacts" (and backup
"primary" contacts):

    UCLA - Anita Coley (Dave Crocker, Lou Nelson)
    SRI - Jim White (Don Wallace)
    UCSB - Ron Stoughton (Bob Ploger)
    Utah - Dennis Ting
    BBN (IMP) - Steve Chipman
    MIT-MAC - Al Vezza (Abhay Bhushan)
    RAND - Roy Yashimura
    SDC - Ken Brandon (Doug Pintar)
    Harvard - Bob Nickerson
    Lincoln - John Laynor
    Stanford - Ted Panofsky (Lester Earnest)
    Illinois - Jack Bouknight (Gary Grossman)
    Case - Dave Reide (Alan Rosenfeld)
    Carnegie - Bill Broadley
    AMES IMP - John McConnell (Paul Zima, Dick Brown)
    AMES TIP  - Bob Linebarger (Toby Gonzales, Glen Holtzer)
    MITRE -   Jean Iseli (Susan Poh)
    RADC - Tom Lawrence (Grant Strength)
    NBS - Tom Pyke (Bob Rosenthal)
    ETAC - Capt. Petregal (John Smith)
    LLL - Robert Abbott (Bob Sherwood)
    ISI - Tom Boynton (Jerry Pipes)
    USC - James Pepin
    GWC - Capt. Goldsmith (Peggy Irving)
    DOCB - Dave Lillie (Sky Stevenson)
    SDAC - Buz Owen (Vernon Bruffey, Rick Perez, Bill Whyte)
    Belvoir - Ken Gibson (Larry Wright)
    ARPA - Steve Crocker (Pam Cutler)
    Aberdeen - Melvin Wrublewski
    CCA - Phil Peterson (Hal Murray)
    Xerox - Robert Taylor (Bob Metcalfe)
    FNWC -  R. Mottencamper (Merrill Peterson)
    LBL - Bob Fink (Jose Alvarez)
    UCSD - Jim Madden (Grant Rostad)
    Hawaii - John Davidson
    RML - Mike Young
    NORSAR - Per Tveitane (Oddnund Hansen)
    London - Peter Kirstein (Hugh Gamble)
    Tymshare - Mike Marrah (Robert Martinez)
    MIT-IPG - Leo J. Ryan (Mike Padlipsky)
    Moffett - Ed Mortenson (Gene Lichner)
    Rutgers - Tom Webb (Jeff Broido)
    Wright-Patterson - Capt. Woodward (Fred Pitts)

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RFC 622               Scheduling IMP/TIP Down Time            March 1974

Please let me know if the "primary" contact for your site should be

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