RFC 9344

CCNinfo: Discovering Content and Network Information in Content-Centric Networks, February 2023

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H. Asaeda
A. Ooka
X. Shao

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This document describes a mechanism named "CCNinfo" that discovers information about the network topology and in-network cache in Content-Centric Networks (CCNs). CCNinfo investigates 1) the CCN routing path information per name prefix, 2) the Round-Trip Time (RTT) between the content forwarder and the consumer, and 3) the states of in-network cache per name prefix. CCNinfo is useful to understand and debug the behavior of testbed networks and other experimental deployments of CCN systems.

This document is a product of the IRTF Information-Centric Networking Research Group (ICNRG). This document represents the consensus view of ICNRG and has been reviewed extensively by several members of the ICN community and the RG. The authors and RG chairs approve of the contents. The document is sponsored under the IRTF, is not issued by the IETF, and is not an IETF standard. This is an experimental protocol and the specification may change in the future.

For the definition of Status, see RFC 2026.

For the definition of Stream, see RFC 8729.

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