2023-10-18      |    draft-ietf-teas-ietf-network-slices-25.txt    |    AUTH48

Authors:  A. Farrel, Ed., J. Drake, Ed., R. Rokui, S. Homma, K. Makhijani, L. Contreras, J. Tantsura

Title:  "A Framework for Network Slices in Networks Built from IETF Technologies"

Bytes: 130789

Working Group: Traffic Engineering Architecture and Signaling

2023-12-01      |    draft-ietf-ippm-pam-09.txt    |    AUTH48*R


  • draft-ietf-teas-ietf-network-slices   AUTH48

Authors:  G. Mirsky, J. Halpern, X. Min, A. Clemm, J. Strassner, J. François

Title:  "Precision Availability Metrics for Services Governed by Service Level Objectives (SLOs)"

Bytes: 30911

Working Group: IP Performance Measurement

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