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Published RFCs never change. Although every published RFC has been submitted to careful proofreading by the RFC Editor and the author(s), errors do sometimes go undetected. Use the form on this page to query the errata database for entries related to an RFC. Errata are for the RFCs as available from rfc-editor.org. Search results from the RFC search page will include hyperlinks to any corresponding errata entries.

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If you have new errata to report, use this form to first check that a report is not already in the system. If your issue is not listed, you will be able to submit a new report from that screen. [Note: To report an error in an existing erratum, please contact the RFC Editor.]

The HTML files for RFCs 1 through 8649 were generated from the text file using rfc2html; errors may be reported to the maintainer of rfc2html or RFC Editor

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