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2023-02-01      |    draft-ietf-homenet-front-end-naming-delegation-27.txt    |    RFC-EDITOR


  • draft-ietf-uta-rfc6125bis   PUB

Authors:  D. Migault, R. Weber, M. Richardson, R. Hunter

Title:  "Simple Provisioning of Public Names for Residential Networks"

Bytes: 102503

Working Group: Home Networking

2023-02-01      |    draft-ietf-homenet-naming-architecture-dhc-options-24.txt    |    RFC-EDITOR*R


  • draft-ietf-homenet-front-end-naming-delegation   RFC-EDITOR

Authors:  D. Migault, R. Weber, T. Mrugalski

Title:  "DHCPv6 Options for Home Network Naming Authority"

Bytes: 34202

Working Group: Home Networking

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