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  • draft-ietf-tcpm-rfc8312bis   RFC-EDITOR

Authors:  Q. Wu, Y. Yang, Y. Lee, D. Dhody, S. Randriamasy, L. Contreras

Title:  "ALTO Performance Cost Metrics"

Bytes: 79551

Working Group: Application-Layer Traffic Optimization

2023-01-31      |    draft-ietf-tcpm-rfc8312bis-15.txt    |    RFC-EDITOR


  • draft-ietf-tcpm-hystartplusplus   PUB

Authors:  L. Xu, S. Ha, I. Rhee, V. Goel, L. Eggert, Ed.

Title:  "CUBIC for Fast and Long-Distance Networks"

Bytes: 92609

Working Group: TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions

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