2016-01-04      |    draft-ietf-lwig-cellular-06.txt    |    RFC-EDITOR*R


  • draft-ietf-core-resource-directory   RFC-EDITOR*R

Authors:  J. Arkko, A. Eriksson, A. Keränen

Title:  "Building Power-Efficient CoAP Devices for Cellular Networks"

Bytes: 39751

Working Group: Light-Weight Implementation Guidance

2021-03-07      |    draft-ietf-core-resource-directory-28.txt    |    RFC-EDITOR*R


  • draft-ietf-core-echo-request-tag   AUTH48

Authors:  C. Amsüss, Ed., Z. Shelby, M. Koster, C. Bormann, P. van der Stok

Title:  "CoRE Resource Directory"

Bytes: 186620

Working Group: Constrained RESTful Environments

2021-05-27      |    draft-ietf-core-new-block-14.txt    |    RFC-EDITOR*R


  • draft-ietf-core-echo-request-tag   AUTH48

Authors:  M. Boucadair, J. Shallow

Title:  "Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) Block-Wise Transfer Options Supporting Robust Transmission"

Bytes: 109645

Working Group: Constrained RESTful Environments

2021-10-08      |    draft-ietf-core-echo-request-tag-14.txt    |    AUTH48

Authors:  C. Amsuess, J. Mattsson, G. Selander

Title:  "CoAP: Echo, Request-Tag, and Token Processing"

Bytes: 96088

Working Group: Constrained RESTful Environments

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