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RFC 8843HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLNegotiating Media Multiplexing Using the Session Description Protocol (SDP)C. Holmberg, H. Alvestrand, C. JenningsJanuary 2021Updates RFC 3264, RFC 5888, RFC 7941Proposed Standard
RFC 8829HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLJavaScript Session Establishment Protocol (JSEP)J. Uberti, C. Jennings, E. Rescorla, Ed.January 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8867HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLTest Cases for Evaluating Congestion Control for Interactive Real-Time MediaZ. Sarker, V. Singh, X. Zhu, M. RamalhoJanuary 2021    Informational
RFC 8868HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLEvaluating Congestion Control for Interactive Real-Time MediaV. Singh, J. Ott, S. HolmerJanuary 2021    Informational
RFC 8851HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRTP Payload Format RestrictionsA.B. Roach, Ed.January 2021Updates RFC 4855Proposed Standard
RFC 8853HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLUsing Simulcast in Session Description Protocol (SDP) and RTP SessionsB. Burman, M. Westerlund, S. Nandakumar, M. ZanatyJanuary 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8864HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLNegotiation Data Channels Using the Session Description Protocol (SDP)K. Drage, M. Makaraju, R. Ejzak, J. Marcon, R. Even, Ed.January 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8866HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLSDP: Session Description ProtocolA. Begen, P. Kyzivat, C. Perkins, M. HandleyJanuary 2021Obsoletes RFC 4566Proposed Standard
RFC 8865HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLT.140 Real-Time Text Conversation over WebRTC Data ChannelsC. Holmberg, G. HellströmJanuary 2021Updates RFC 8373Proposed Standard
RFC 8888HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Feedback for Congestion ControlZ. Sarker, C. Perkins, V. Singh, M. RamalhoJanuary 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8852HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRTP Stream Identifier Source Description (SDES)A.B. Roach, S. Nandakumar, P. ThatcherJanuary 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8854HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLWebRTC Forward Error Correction RequirementsJ. UbertiJanuary 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8855HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP)G. Camarillo, K. Drage, T. Kristensen, J. Ott, C. EckelJanuary 2021Obsoletes RFC 4582Proposed Standard
RFC 8857HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe WebSocket Protocol as a Transport for the Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP)V. Pascual, A. Román, S. Cazeaux, G. Salgueiro, R. RavindranathJanuary 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8856HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLSession Description Protocol (SDP) Format for Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP) StreamsG. Camarillo, T. Kristensen, C. HolmbergJanuary 2021Obsoletes RFC 4583Proposed Standard
RFC 8837HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDifferentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) Packet Markings for WebRTC QoSP. Jones, S. Dhesikan, C. Jennings, D. DrutaJanuary 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8836HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLCongestion Control Requirements for Interactive Real-Time MediaR. Jesup, Z. Sarker, Ed.January 2021    Informational
RFC 8869HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLEvaluation Test Cases for Interactive Real-Time Media over Wireless NetworksZ. Sarker, X. Zhu, J. FuJanuary 2021    Informational
RFC 8830HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLWebRTC MediaStream Identification in the Session Description ProtocolH. AlvestrandJanuary 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8858HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIndicating Exclusive Support of RTP and RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Multiplexing Using the Session Description Protocol (SDP)C. HolmbergJanuary 2021Updates RFC 5761Proposed Standard
RFC 8859HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLA Framework for Session Description Protocol (SDP) Attributes When MultiplexingS. NandakumarJanuary 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8841HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLSession Description Protocol (SDP) Offer/Answer Procedures for Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) over Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) TransportC. Holmberg, R. Shpount, S. Loreto, G. CamarilloJanuary 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8842HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLSession Description Protocol (SDP) Offer/Answer Considerations for Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Transport Layer Security (TLS)C. Holmberg, R. ShpountJanuary 2021Updates RFC 5763, RFC 7345Proposed Standard
RFC 8840HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLA Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Usage for Incremental Provisioning of Candidates for the Interactive Connectivity Establishment (Trickle ICE)E. Ivov, T. Stach, E. Marocco, C. HolmbergJanuary 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 8844HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLUnknown Key-Share Attacks on Uses of TLS with the Session Description Protocol (SDP)M. Thomson, E. RescorlaJanuary 2021Updates RFC 8122Proposed Standard