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RFC 6350, "vCard Format Specification", August 2011

Note: This RFC has been updated by RFC 6868

Source of RFC: vcarddav (app)

Errata ID: 6746
Status: Reported
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: b4D8
Date Reported: 2021-11-19

Section 8 says:


It should say:



As specified in section 6.5.1.: "The default is a single text value. It can also be reset to a single URI or utc-offset value." Accordingly, the "utc-offset" value data-type should be explicitely set or the property value should be interpreted as text.

The section 6.5.1. further states that "utc-offset values SHOULD NOT be used" so probably using the timezone as an example is more consistent.

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