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RFC 4534, "Group Security Policy Token v1", June 2006

Source of RFC: msec (sec)

Errata ID: 64
Status: Held for Document Update
Type: Editorial
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Alfred Hoenes
Date Reported: 2006-11-09
Held for Document Update by: Tim Polk
Date Held: 2010-07-20


There are three terminology issues

The combination of the two roles of "Group Controller" and
"Key Server" is usually abbreviated as  "GC/KS" , and such
does RFC 4534.  Consistently, the full expansion should be
spelled  "Group Controller / Key Server"  to match the "/"
present in the acronym and to avoid the mis-understandable
unstructured word grouping, "Group Controller Key Server".

This affects Section 3.2, in the second line on page 7, and
the second line of Section B.1.1, on page 13.

IMHO, the wording, "[the] rekey" is sluggish and should be
replaced by "[the] rekeying".
This affects the Section titles,
"3.3. Rekey Policy", that better should be: "3.3. Rekeying Policy"
as well as
    "B.5. GSAKMPv1 Rekey Policy"  and all
    "B.5.*. Rekey ___"  , and
    "B.6. GSAKMPv1 Rekey Policy ASN.1 Module"

Other changes:
  "rekey protocol" --> "rekeying protocol"  and
  "rekey message"  --> "rekeying message"    (Section 3, page 5),
  "Rekey SA"       --> "Rekeying SA"   and
  "During Rekey,"  --> "During Rekeying,"    (Section 3.3, page 7),
  "Rekey SAs"      --> "Rekeying SAs"        (Appendix B, page 13),
  "Rekey Protocol" --> "Rekeying Protocol" (2x) ,
  "rekey policy"   --> "rekeying policy"   (2x) ,
  "rekey messages" --> "rekeying messages" ,
  "rekey event"    --> "rekeying event"    (2x) ,
  "rekey message"  --> "rekeying message" ,
  "rekey interval" --> "rekeying interval" ,
  "rekey process"  --> "rekeying process" ,
  "the rekey"      --> "the rekeying" ,
  "rekey delivery" --> "rekeying delivery" ,
  "handle rekey."  --> "handle rekeying." ,  (all in B.5., on page 22),
  etc. ...


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