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RFC 3931, "Layer Two Tunneling Protocol - Version 3 (L2TPv3)", March 2005

Source of RFC: l2tpext (int)

Errata ID: 6275
Status: Held for Document Update
Type: Editorial
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Casper van Eersel
Date Reported: 2020-09-02
Held for Document Update by: Eric Vyncke
Date Held: 2020-09-03

Section 6.5 says:

See Section 4.2 for a description of the keepalive mechanism.

It should say:

See Section 4.4 for a description of the keepalive mechanism.


Incorrect reference to section 4.2.

--- Reviewer / AD note ---
While the errata is correct, it does not impact implementation and is not really confusing so the status of 'verified' for IETF steam is not the right state.

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