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RFC 8439, "ChaCha20 and Poly1305 for IETF Protocols", June 2018

Source of RFC: IRTF

Errata ID: 5675
Status: Rejected
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Stefan Heiss
Date Reported: 2019-03-25
Rejected by: Colin Perkins
Date Rejected: 2019-04-15

Section 2.5.1 says:

for i=1 upto ceil(msg length in bytes / 16)
   n = le_bytes_to_num(msg[((i-1)*16)..(i*16)] | [0x01])
   a += n
   a = (r * a) % p

It should say:

for i=1 upto floor(msg length in bytes / 16)
   j = min(i*16-1, msg length in bytes - 1)
   n = le_bytes_to_num(msg[((i-1)*16)..j] | [0x01])
   a += n
   a = (r * a) % p


Corection for lengths of msg blocks (full blocks are of size 16, NOT 17 and last blocks of size != 16 have to be treated separately).
Rejected in favour of errata 5689.

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