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RFC 3665, "Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Basic Call Flow Examples", December 2003

Source of RFC: sipping (rai)

Errata ID: 4723
Status: Rejected
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Benoit Entzmann
Date Reported: 2016-06-30
Rejected by: Ben Campbell
Date Rejected: 2016-06-30

Throughout the document, when it says:

CSeq: 1 BYE

It should say:

CSeq: 2 BYE


RFC 3261:
Section 15.1.1 UAC Behavior
A BYE request is constructed as would any other request within a
dialog, as described in Section 12.

Section Generating the Request
A request within a dialog is constructed by using many of the
components of the state stored as part of the dialog...
... Requests within a dialog MUST contain strictly monotonically
increasing and contiguous CSeq sequence numbers (increasing-by-one)
in each direction

Each direction of the dialog shows CSeq: 1 so whatever is the direction that generates the BYE it must increase the value to 2
The CSeq numbering space is independent for each peer. Alice's CSeq values do not affect Bob's. The intent of the phrase "in each direction" in the quote is to say that each "direction" has increments independently of the other.

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