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RFC 6901, "JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Pointer", April 2013

Source of RFC: appsawg (app)

Errata ID: 3981
Status: Rejected
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: David Phillips
Date Reported: 2014-05-06
Rejected by: Barry Leiba
Date Rejected: 2014-05-07

Section 3 says:

See Notes

It should say:

The following two examples from section 5 are different:

Original: "/a~1b"
Proposed: "/a//b"

Original: "/m~0n"
Proposed: "/m~n"

The other examples are the same.


The escape syntax seems weird and confusing. Rather than ~0 and ~1, why not use a repeated (double) slash to escape a slash? This is similar to how SQL escapes single quotes in string literals by using the single quote twice.

We have JSON functions in Presto (prestodb.io) that could benefit from an improved syntax (they currently use JSONPath), but I can't see understanding ~0 and ~1.
This is a change request, not an errata report. The suggested change isn't directly acceptable, but could well be useful input into a new version of the specification. In any case, it's not addressing an error, but a feature change.

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