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RFC 4730, "A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Package for Key Press Stimulus (KPML)", November 2006

Source of RFC: sipping (rai)
See Also: RFC 4730 w/ inline errata

Errata ID: 3209
Status: Verified
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Alfred Hoenes
Date Reported: 2012-05-03
Verifier Name: Gonzalo Camarillo
Date Verified: 2013-04-04

Section 7.4, 7.5 says:


It should say:



The headlines of Sections 7.4 and 7.5 contain garbled versions of
the IETF protocol parameter sub-namespaces defined in the RFC:
the hierarchical element "params:" is missing.

This flaw also is mirrored in the Table of Contents of the RFC.

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