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RFC 2028, "The Organizations Involved in the IETF Standards Process", October 1996

Source of RFC: poised95 (gen)

Errata ID: 2742
Status: Rejected
Type: Editorial
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Mykyta Yevstifeyev
Date Reported: 2011-03-05
Rejected by: Russ Housley
Date Rejected: 2011-06-07

Section 5 says:

  [F] IANA Charter, Work in Progress.

  [G] RFC Editor Charter, Work in Progress.

It should say:

  [F] Carpenter, B., Baker, F., and M. Roberts, "Memorandum of Understanding 
      Concerning the Technical Work of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority", 
      RFC 2860, June 2000.

  [G] Daigle, L., Ed., and Internet Architecture Board, "The RFC Series and
      RFC Editor", RFC 4844, July 2007.


These documents were not yet complete at the time RFC 2028 was written.

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