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RFC 4322, "Opportunistic Encryption using the Internet Key Exchange (IKE)", December 2005

Area Assignment: sec

Errata ID: 2453
Status: Held for Document Update
Type: Editorial
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Alfred Hoenes
Date Reported: 2006-03-20
Held for Document Update by: Sean Turner
Date Held: 2010-08-06

Section 3.2.7 says:

The second paragraph of that section refers to [RFC1034]:

   The DNS query and answer that lead to the expiring connection state
   are also examined.  The DNS query may become stale.  (A negative,
   i.e., no such record, answer is valid for the period of time given by
   the MINIMUM field in an attached SOA record.  See [RFC1034] section
   4.3.4.)  [...]

This reference is not very appropriate, and hence misleading.
RFC 1034, and in particular section 4.3.4 of RFC 1034, has been
substantially clarified and updated by RFC 2308.
The Abstract of RFC 2308 says:
   "This document ... replaces [RFC1034 Section 4.3.4]."
(The precise rule for determining the 'negative caching TTL' is a
bit more complicated, taking the minimum of SOA.MINIMUM and SOA.TTL.)

Therefore, RFC 4322 should better refer to RFC 2308, in this place,
perhaps with a detailed hint pointing to section 5 of RFC 2308.


To facilitate the recognition of the text changes proposed,
I have added change bars ('|') in column 1, and up/down pointing
marker lines ('^^^'/'vvv').

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