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RFC 2852, "Deliver By SMTP Service Extension", June 2000

Source of RFC: Legacy
Area Assignment: app

Errata ID: 2300
Status: Held for Document Update
Type: Editorial
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Alexey Melnikov
Date Reported: 2010-06-04
Held for Document Update by: Peter Saint-Andre

Section 4 says:

   by-parameter = "BY="by-value
   by-value     = by-time";"by-mode[by-trace]

It should say:

   by-parameter = "BY=" by-value
   by-value     = by-time ";" by-mode [by-trace]
                         ^   ^       ^


This is not a valid ABNF. BAP (ABNF parser) complains:

error: Concatenation of adjacent elements is not allowed (missing whitespace?)

So extra spaces need to be inserted.

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