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RFC 4745, "Common Policy: A Document Format for Expressing Privacy Preferences", February 2007

Source of RFC: geopriv (rai)
See Also: RFC 4745 w/ inline errata

Errata ID: 1455
Status: Verified
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Chris Newman
Date Reported: 2008-06-16
Verifier Name: Cullen Jennings
Date Verified: 2009-01-08

Section 7.4 says:

   pair.  Times are expressed in XML dateTime format.

It should say:

   pair.  Times are expressed in XML dateTime [W3C-Schema] format with a
   mandatory timezone.


The reference to W3C Schema is normative. The timezone needs to be mandatory
in order to ensure interoperability. An alternative would be to reference
RFC 3339 normatively.

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