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RFC 4601, "Protocol Independent Multicast - Sparse Mode (PIM-SM): Protocol Specification (Revised)", August 2006

Note: This RFC has been obsoleted by RFC 7761

Note: This RFC has been updated by RFC 5059, RFC 5796, RFC 6226

Source of RFC: pim (rtg)

Errata ID: 1193
Status: Held for Document Update
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Maren Peasley
Date Reported: 2007-12-21
Held for Document Update by: David Ward
Date Held: 2009-03-22

Section says:

   If only N (S,G,rpt) Prune entries fit into a maximum-sized Join/Prune
   message, but the router has more than N (S,G,rpt) Prunes to add, then
   the router MUST choose to include the first N (numerically smallest
   in network byte order) IP addresses.


Only N (S,G,rpt) Prune entries are transmitted in the biggest Join/Prune message, what about the remaining (S,G,rpt) entries? Are they ignored? Is a second message generated? This should be made clear.

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