How to Report Errata

  1. On the RFC Errata page, enter the RFC number under “Report New Errata”, and click the button.
  2. Read through the errata that have already been reported for that RFC (if any) to verify that the error you plan to report has not already been reported. If you have uncovered a new erratum, click the button at the end of the page to proceed.Note: To report an error in an existing erratum, please contact the RFC Editor.
  3. Complete the report form as follows:
    this field is filled automatically with the current date
    your name
    your email address (This address will be used to send you the emails described in steps 5 and 6.)
    select the type of error, where

    • Editorial – spelling, grammar, punctuation, or syntax error that does not affect the technical meaning
    • Technical – error in the technical content (Note that changes in the usage of RFC 2119 keywords are considered technical.)

    Tip: If the type is not clear, select Technical, and add your concern to the Notes.

    the section where the error appears

    Tip: If the error appears throughout the text, enter GLOBAL for Section.

    Tip: If the error appears outside of a numbered section (e.g., in the Abstract), you can enter the location. Note that this will appear as “Section Abstract says” until later corrected by the verifier.

    Publication format(s):
    indicate which format contains the error if the RFC was published in multiple formats (TEXT, PDF, and HTML). This is present only for RFC 8650 and beyond.
    Original Text:
    the text exactly as it appears in the RFC as available from
    Corrected Text:
    the text as you think it should appear
    any notes or rationale that are relevant to this report.
  4. Click Preview to review the report. Then choose Edit, Submit, or Submit and Start Another Errata Report (for the same RFC), or Cancel.
  5. Upon submission, this erratum will be posted online with its status as Reported, and an email (Subject: [Technical Errata Reported] or [Editorial Errata Reported]) will be sent to you, the authors of the RFC, and the verifying party. The verifying party is determined by the stream that produced the RFC: IETF, IAB, IRTF, or Independent Submission. If the RFC was the product of a working group, the email will be sent to the relevant Area Directors, WG chairs, and WG mailing list.
  6. Participate in discussion of the errata over email (if any). If you find an error in your report, please send an email noting the error. You will receive email notification when the status of your report is changed (to Verified, Rejected, or Held for Document Update) by the verifying party.

Go to the RFC Errata page.