Flowchart of RFC Editor Process


  • EDIT = Awaiting editing or being edited
  • RFC-EDITOR = Undergoing final internal review before AUTH48
  • AUTH48 = Awaiting final author approval(s)
  • AUTH48-DONE = Final approvals are complete
  • AUTH = Awaiting author action
  • IESG = Awaiting IESG action
  • IANA = Document has been edited but is holding for completion of IANA actions
  • TI = Tooling Issue. Publication of the document is on hold pending the resolution of an issue with the software tools used to create the files.
  • REF = Document has been edited but is holding for a normative reference that is in the queue. (Note: In addition, “REF” is used to mark a list of normative references shown on cluster pages. Each reference is listed as IN-QUEUE or NOT-RECEIVED.)
  • MISSREF = Awaiting a missing normative reference (i.e., the reference is NOT-RECEIVED) or there was a specific request from the stream manager or authors for simultaneous publication with another document. See below regarding MISSREF generation numbers.

See pages about the publication process and about the queue for more information.

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