Description of “Source of an RFC”

This page describes the “Source of RFC” displayed on the RFC errata pages. The document streams are as defined in RFC 8729. The acronyms are as listed for Active WGs and Concluded WGs.

How Source is displayed Meaning Examples
WG acronym (Area acronym) The RFC is from the IETF Stream and from a working group.
IETF – NON WORKING GROUP (optional: Area Assignment)* The RFC is from the IETF stream and is not from a working group.
IAB The RFC is from the IAB Stream.
INDEPENDENT The RFC is from the Independent Stream.
IRTF The RFC is from the IRTF Stream.
Editorial The RFC is from the Editorial Stream.
Legacy (optional: Area Assignment)* The RFC was published before a formal source (e.g., working group or stream) existed or was recorded.

*Note: an Area Assignment is listed if a specific area has been assigned to review the errata of an RFC. In Summary Table view, it is displayed in parentheses; in Full Record view, it is displayed following “Area Assignment:”.

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