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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 1411ASCII, PDF Telnet Authentication: Kerberos Version 4 D. Borman, Ed.January 1993    Experimental
RFC 1510ASCII, PDF The Kerberos Network Authentication Service (V5) J. Kohl, C. NeumanSeptember 1993Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 4120, RFC 6649Historic (changed from Proposed Standard April 2012)
RFC 1964ASCII, PDF The Kerberos Version 5 GSS-API Mechanism J. LinnJune 1996Updated by RFC 4121, RFC 6649Proposed Standard
RFC 2623ASCII, PDF NFS Version 2 and Version 3 Security Issues and the NFS Protocol's Use of RPCSEC_GSS and Kerberos V5 M. EislerJune 1999    Proposed Standard
RFC 2712ASCII, PDF Addition of Kerberos Cipher Suites to Transport Layer Security (TLS) A. Medvinsky, M. HurOctober 1999ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 2942ASCII, PDF Telnet Authentication: Kerberos Version 5 T. Ts'oSeptember 2000    Proposed Standard
RFC 3244ASCII, PDF Microsoft Windows 2000 Kerberos Change Password and Set Password Protocols M. Swift, J. Trostle, J. BrezakFebruary 2002    Informational
RFC 3962ASCII, PDF Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Encryption for Kerberos 5 K. RaeburnFebruary 2005    Proposed Standard
RFC 3961ASCII, PDF Encryption and Checksum Specifications for Kerberos 5 K. RaeburnFebruary 2005Errata, Updated by RFC 8429Proposed Standard
RFC 4121ASCII, PDFThe Kerberos Version 5 Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Mechanism: Version 2L. Zhu, K. Jaganathan, S. HartmanJuly 2005Updates RFC 1964, Updated by RFC 6112, RFC 6542, RFC 6649, RFC 8062Proposed Standard
RFC 4120ASCII, PDFThe Kerberos Network Authentication Service (V5)C. Neuman, T. Yu, S. Hartman, K. RaeburnJuly 2005Errata, Obsoletes RFC 1510, Updated by RFC 4537, RFC 5021, RFC 5896, RFC 6111, RFC 6112, RFC 6113, RFC 6649, RFC 6806, RFC 7751, RFC 8062, RFC 8129, RFC 8429Proposed Standard
RFC 4402ASCII, PDFA Pseudo-Random Function (PRF) for the Kerberos V Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) MechanismN. WilliamsFebruary 2006Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 7802Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2016)
RFC 4537ASCII, PDFKerberos Cryptosystem Negotiation ExtensionL. Zhu, P. Leach, K. JaganathanJune 2006Updates RFC 4120Proposed Standard
RFC 4556ASCII, PDFPublic Key Cryptography for Initial Authentication in Kerberos (PKINIT)L. Zhu, B. TungJune 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 6112, RFC 8062Proposed Standard
RFC 4557ASCII, PDFOnline Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Support for Public Key Cryptography for Initial Authentication in Kerberos (PKINIT)L. Zhu, K. Jaganathan, N. WilliamsJune 2006ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 4559ASCII, PDFSPNEGO-based Kerberos and NTLM HTTP Authentication in Microsoft WindowsK. Jaganathan, L. Zhu, J. BrezakJune 2006ErrataInformational
RFC 4752ASCII, PDFThe Kerberos V5 ("GSSAPI") Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) MechanismA. Melnikov, Ed.November 2006Errata, Obsoletes RFC 2222Proposed Standard
RFC 4757ASCII, PDFThe RC4-HMAC Kerberos Encryption Types Used by Microsoft WindowsK. Jaganathan, L. Zhu, J. BrezakDecember 2006Errata, Updated by RFC 6649Historic (changed from Informational May 2018)
RFC 5021ASCII, PDFExtended Kerberos Version 5 Key Distribution Center (KDC) Exchanges over TCPS. JosefssonAugust 2007Updates RFC 4120Proposed Standard
RFC 5179ASCII, PDFGeneric Security Service Application Program Interface (GSS-API) Domain-Based Service Names Mapping for the Kerberos V GSS MechanismN. WilliamsMay 2008    Proposed Standard
RFC 5349ASCII, PDFElliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Support for Public Key Cryptography for Initial Authentication in Kerberos (PKINIT)L. Zhu, K. Jaganathan, K. LauterSeptember 2008    Informational
RFC 5403ASCII, PDFRPCSEC_GSS Version 2M. EislerFebruary 2009Updates RFC 2203, Updated by RFC 7861Proposed Standard
RFC 5868ASCII, PDFProblem Statement on the Cross-Realm Operation of KerberosS. Sakane, K. Kamada, S. Zrelli, M. IshiyamaMay 2010    Informational
RFC 6113ASCII, PDFA Generalized Framework for Kerberos Pre-AuthenticationS. Hartman, L. ZhuApril 2011Updates RFC 4120Proposed Standard
RFC 6112ASCII, PDFAnonymity Support for KerberosL. Zhu, P. Leach, S. HartmanApril 2011Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 8062, Updates RFC 4120, RFC 4121, RFC 4556Historic (changed from Proposed Standard February 2017)