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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 9157HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRevised IANA Considerations for DNSSECP. HoffmanDecember 2021Updates RFC 5155, RFC 6014, RFC 8624Proposed Standard
RFC 9156HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Query Name Minimisation to Improve PrivacyS. Bortzmeyer, R. Dolmans, P. HoffmanNovember 2021Obsoletes RFC 7816Proposed Standard
RFC 9120HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLNameservers for the Address and Routing Parameter Area ("arpa") DomainK. Davies, J. ArkkoOctober 2021Updates RFC 3172Informational
RFC 9108HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLYANG Types for DNS Classes and Resource Record TypesL. Lhotka, P. ŠpačekSeptember 2021    Proposed Standard
RFC 9103HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Zone Transfer over TLSW. Toorop, S. Dickinson, S. Sahib, P. Aras, A. MankinAugust 2021Updates RFC 1995, RFC 5936, RFC 7766Proposed Standard
RFC 9102HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLTLS DNSSEC Chain ExtensionV. Dukhovni, S. Huque, W. Toorop, P. Wouters, M. ShoreAugust 2021    Experimental
RFC 9077HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLNSEC and NSEC3: TTLs and Aggressive UseP. van DijkJuly 2021Updates RFC 4034, RFC 4035, RFC 5155, RFC 8198Proposed Standard
RFC 9076HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Privacy ConsiderationsT. Wicinski, Ed.July 2021Obsoletes RFC 7626Informational
RFC 9018HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLInteroperable Domain Name System (DNS) Server CookiesO. Sury, W. Toorop, D. Eastlake 3rd, M. AndrewsApril 2021Updates RFC 7873Proposed Standard
RFC 8976HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLMessage Digest for DNS ZonesD. Wessels, P. Barber, M. Weinberg, W. Kumari, W. HardakerFebruary 2021ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 8945 a.k.a. STD 93

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLSecret Key Transaction Authentication for DNS (TSIG)F. Dupont, S. Morris, P. Vixie, D. Eastlake 3rd, O. Gudmundsson, B. WellingtonNovember 2020Obsoletes RFC 2845, RFC 4635Internet Standard
RFC 8914HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLExtended DNS ErrorsW. Kumari, E. Hunt, R. Arends, W. Hardaker, D. LawrenceOctober 2020    Proposed Standard
RFC 8932 a.k.a. BCP 232

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRecommendations for DNS Privacy Service OperatorsS. Dickinson, B. Overeinder, R. van Rijswijk-Deij, A. MankinOctober 2020ErrataBest Current Practice
RFC 8901HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLMulti-Signer DNSSEC ModelsS. Huque, P. Aras, J. Dickinson, J. Vcelak, D. BlackaSeptember 2020    Informational
RFC 8906 a.k.a. BCP 231

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataA Common Operational Problem in DNS Servers: Failure to CommunicateM. Andrews, R. BellisSeptember 2020ErrataBest Current Practice
RFC 8904HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Whitelist (DNSWL) Email Authentication Method ExtensionA. VeselySeptember 2020    Informational
RFC 8882HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS-Based Service Discovery (DNS-SD) Privacy and Security RequirementsC. Huitema, D. KaiserSeptember 2020    Informational
RFC 8880HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLSpecial Use Domain Name 'ipv4only.arpa'S. Cheshire, D. SchinaziAugust 2020Updates RFC 7050Proposed Standard
RFC 8764HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLApple's DNS Long-Lived Queries ProtocolS. Cheshire, M. KrochmalJune 2020    Informational
RFC 8766HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDiscovery Proxy for Multicast DNS-Based Service DiscoveryS. CheshireJune 2020    Proposed Standard
RFC 8765HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Push NotificationsT. Pusateri, S. CheshireJune 2020    Proposed Standard
RFC 8806HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRunning a Root Server Local to a ResolverW. Kumari, P. HoffmanJune 2020Obsoletes RFC 7706Informational
RFC 8777HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataDNS Reverse IP Automatic Multicast Tunneling (AMT) DiscoveryJ. HollandApril 2020Errata, Updates RFC 7450Proposed Standard
RFC 8767HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLServing Stale Data to Improve DNS ResiliencyD. Lawrence, W. Kumari, P. SoodMarch 2020Updates RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 2181Proposed Standard
RFC 8749HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLMoving DNSSEC Lookaside Validation (DLV) to Historic StatusW. Mekking, D. MahoneyMarch 2020Updates RFC 6698, RFC 6840Proposed Standard