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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 9567HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Error ReportingR. Arends, M. LarsonApril 2024    Proposed Standard
RFC 9558HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLUse of GOST 2012 Signature Algorithms in DNSKEY and RRSIG Resource Records for DNSSECB. Makarenko, V. Dolmatov, Ed.April 2024    Informational
RFC 9540HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDiscovery of Oblivious Services via Service Binding RecordsT. Pauly, T. Reddy.KFebruary 2024    Proposed Standard
RFC 9539HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataUnilateral Opportunistic Deployment of Encrypted Recursive-to-Authoritative DNSD. K. Gillmor, Ed., J. Salazar, Ed., P. Hoffman, Ed.February 2024ErrataExperimental
RFC 9527HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDHCPv6 Options for the Homenet Naming AuthorityD. Migault, R. Weber, T. MrugalskiJanuary 2024    Proposed Standard
RFC 9526HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataSimple Provisioning of Public Names for Residential NetworksD. Migault, R. Weber, M. Richardson, R. HunterJanuary 2024ErrataExperimental
RFC 9520HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLNegative Caching of DNS Resolution FailuresD. Wessels, W. Carroll, M. ThomasDecember 2023Errata, Updates RFC 2308, RFC 4035, RFC 4697Proposed Standard
RFC 9499 a.k.a. BCP 219

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS TerminologyP. Hoffman, K. FujiwaraMarch 2024Obsoletes RFC 8499, Updates RFC 2308Best Current Practice
RFC 9471HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Glue Requirements in Referral ResponsesM. Andrews, S. Huque, P. Wouters, D. WesselsSeptember 2023Updates RFC 1034Proposed Standard
RFC 9464HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLInternet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2) Configuration for Encrypted DNSM. Boucadair, T. Reddy.K, D. Wing, V. SmyslovNovember 2023    Proposed Standard
RFC 9463HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataDHCP and Router Advertisement Options for the Discovery of Network-designated Resolvers (DNR)M. Boucadair, Ed., T. Reddy.K, Ed., D. Wing, N. Cook, T. JensenNovember 2023ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 9462HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDiscovery of Designated ResolversT. Pauly, E. Kinnear, C. A. Wood, P. McManus, T. JensenNovember 2023    Proposed Standard
RFC 9461HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLService Binding Mapping for DNS ServersB. SchwartzNovember 2023    Proposed Standard
RFC 9460HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLService Binding and Parameter Specification via the DNS (SVCB and HTTPS Resource Records)B. Schwartz, M. Bishop, E. NygrenNovember 2023ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 9445HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRADIUS Extensions for DHCP-Configured ServicesM. Boucadair, T. Reddy.K, A. DeKokAugust 2023Updates RFC 4014Proposed Standard
RFC 9432HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Catalog ZonesP. van Dijk, L. Peltan, O. Surý, W. Toorop, C.R. Monshouwer, P. Thomassen, A. SargsyanJuly 2023    Proposed Standard
RFC 9364 a.k.a. BCP 237

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)P. HoffmanFebruary 2023    Best Current Practice
RFC 9313HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLPros and Cons of IPv6 Transition Technologies for IPv4-as-a-Service (IPv4aaS)G. Lencse, J. Palet Martinez, L. Howard, R. Patterson, I. FarrerOctober 2022    Informational
RFC 9276 a.k.a. BCP 236

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataGuidance for NSEC3 Parameter SettingsW. Hardaker, V. DukhovniAugust 2022Errata, Updates RFC 5155Best Current Practice
RFC 9267HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLCommon Implementation Anti-Patterns Related to Domain Name System (DNS) Resource Record (RR) ProcessingS. Dashevskyi, D. dos Santos, J. Wetzels, A. AmriJuly 2022    Informational
RFC 9250HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataDNS over Dedicated QUIC ConnectionsC. Huitema, S. Dickinson, A. MankinMay 2022ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 9230HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOblivious DNS over HTTPSE. Kinnear, P. McManus, T. Pauly, T. Verma, C.A. WoodJune 2022ErrataExperimental
RFC 9224 part of STD 95

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLFinding the Authoritative Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) ServiceM. BlanchetMarch 2022Obsoletes RFC 7484Internet Standard
RFC 9210 a.k.a. BCP 235

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Transport over TCP - Operational RequirementsJ. Kristoff, D. WesselsMarch 2022Updates RFC 1123, RFC 1536Best Current Practice
RFC 9199HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLConsiderations for Large Authoritative DNS Server OperatorsG. Moura, W. Hardaker, J. Heidemann, M. DavidsMarch 2022    Informational