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RFC 9016HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLFlow and Service Information Model for Deterministic Networking (DetNet)B. Varga, J. Farkas, R. Cummings, Y. Jiang, D. FedykMarch 2021    Informational
RFC 9006HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLTCP Usage Guidance in the Internet of Things (IoT)C. Gomez, J. Crowcroft, M. ScharfMarch 2021    Informational
RFC 8998HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLShangMi (SM) Cipher Suites for TLS 1.3P. YangMarch 2021    Informational
RFC 8980HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLReport from the IAB Workshop on Design Expectations vs. Deployment Reality in Protocol DevelopmentJ. Arkko, T. HardieFebruary 2021    Informational
RFC 8978HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLReaction of IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) to Flash-Renumbering EventsF. Gont, J. Žorž, R. PattersonMarch 2021    Informational
RFC 8975HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLNetwork Coding for Satellite SystemsN. Kuhn, Ed., E. Lochin, Ed.January 2021    Informational
RFC 8971HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataBidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN)S. Pallagatti, Ed., G. Mirsky, Ed., S. Paragiri, V. Govindan, M. MudigondaDecember 2020ErrataInformational
RFC 8969HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLA Framework for Automating Service and Network Management with YANGQ. Wu, Ed., M. Boucadair, Ed., D. Lopez, C. Xie, L. GengJanuary 2021    Informational
RFC 8965HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLApplicability of the Babel Routing ProtocolJ. ChroboczekJanuary 2021    Informational
RFC 8963HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataEvaluation of a Sample of RFCs Produced in 2018C. HuitemaJanuary 2021ErrataInformational
RFC 8962HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLEstablishing the Protocol PoliceG. Grover, N. ten Oever, C. Cath, S. Sahib1 April 2021ErrataInformational
RFC 8959HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe "secret-token" URI SchemeM. NottinghamJanuary 2021ErrataInformational
RFC 8953HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLCoordinating Attack Response at Internet Scale 2 (CARIS2) Workshop ReportK. MoriartyDecember 2020    Informational
RFC 8952HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLCaptive Portal ArchitectureK. Larose, D. Dolson, H. LiuNovember 2020    Informational
RFC 8938HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDeterministic Networking (DetNet) Data Plane FrameworkB. Varga, Ed., J. Farkas, L. Berger, A. Malis, S. BryantNovember 2020    Informational
RFC 8937HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRandomness Improvements for Security ProtocolsC. Cremers, L. Garratt, S. Smyshlyaev, N. Sullivan, C. WoodOctober 2020    Informational
RFC 8924HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLService Function Chaining (SFC) Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) FrameworkS. Aldrin, C. Pignataro, Ed., N. Kumar, Ed., R. Krishnan, A. GhanwaniOctober 2020    Informational
RFC 8923HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLA Minimal Set of Transport Services for End SystemsM. Welzl, S. GjessingOctober 2020    Informational
RFC 8922HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLA Survey of the Interaction between Security Protocols and Transport ServicesT. Enghardt, T. Pauly, C. Perkins, K. Rose, C. WoodOctober 2020    Informational
RFC 8921HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDynamic Service Negotiation: The Connectivity Provisioning Negotiation Protocol (CPNP)M. Boucadair, Ed., C. Jacquenet, D. Zhang, P. GeorgatsosOctober 2020    Informational
RFC 8907HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus (TACACS+) ProtocolT. Dahm, A. Ota, D.C. Medway Gash, D. Carrel, L. GrantSeptember 2020    Informational
RFC 8905HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe 'payto' URI Scheme for PaymentsF. Dold, C. GrothoffOctober 2020    Informational
RFC 8904HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDNS Whitelist (DNSWL) Email Authentication Method ExtensionA. VeselySeptember 2020    Informational
RFC 8901HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLMulti-Signer DNSSEC ModelsS. Huque, P. Aras, J. Dickinson, J. Vcelak, D. BlackaSeptember 2020    Informational
RFC 8897HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRequirements for Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Relying PartiesD. Ma, S. KentSeptember 2020    Informational