How to use rsync to download RFCs

[1] To get the list of modules available

type rsync

This will return results as follows:

Module Names Comments
everything-ftp Everything FTP
rfcs Contents of in-notes/ and subdirectories bcp/, fyi/, ien/, and std/
rfcs-text-only Text files from [rfcs]
rfc-ed-all Entire repository (excluding Internet-Drafts)
rfcs-pdf-only PDF versions of ASCII RFCs to ensure correct page breaks, etc.
rfcs-exclude-json Contents of [rfcs] excluding JSON files
rfcs-json-only Only the JSON files from the directories in [rfcs]

[2] To create a mirror using a module

Type rsync -avz --delete Target-Directory
For example: To create a mirror of the text versions of all the RFCs, i.e.,

type rsync -avz --delete my-rfc-mirror
(The --delete option is useful for removing local copies of files that have been deleted from the repository. This is helpful to remove expired Internet-Drafts.)

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