How we update your file

When your document enters the publication queue, it will be converted to XML (a.k.a. RFCXML as defined in the vocabulary reference) and the following formatting steps will be taken:

  • We will look for UTF-8 characters and mark them appropriately.
  • We will update the DOCTYPE to the following:
   <!DOCTYPE rfc [
    <!ENTITY nbsp    "&#160;">
    <!ENTITY zwsp   "&#8203;">
    <!ENTITY nbhy   "&#8209;">
    <!ENTITY wj     "&#8288;">
  • We will check the following elements for accuracy and update them if needed:
  • We will add the <seriesInfo> element to capture the RFC number.
  • If your document has key words from BCP 14 (e.g., “MUST”, “RECOMMENDED”), we will tag those key words with the <bcp14> element, which provides text formatting.
  • We will check the contents of anything tagged with <artwork> to assess whether it should be converted to a table, a list, or tagged with <sourcecode> instead.
  • We clean up any blank spaces or lines around <artwork> or <sourcecode> and may make edits to get the the contents to fit within the width limit.
  • We check lists for correct semantics and update if necessary (e.g., changing a bulleted list to a definition list).
    • Note that <ul empty=”true”> is not a preferred mechanism for indentation. Another, more appropriate tag will be applied instead (e.g., <blockquote>, <aside>, or <t indent=”6″>).
  • We will adjust <table> formatting if needed.
  • Subscripts and superscripts are tagged with <sub> and <sup> respectively.
  • We add <contact> elements around each person’s name.
  • We remove markdown source and any empty paragraphs (<t/>).
  • We update any long-format references to RFCs and Internet-Drafts to use the XInclude mechanism so that information from the citation library can be pulled into the document.
    <xref target="URI"/>
    <reference anchor="URI" target=""> 
    • Updated to use XInclude:
    <xref target="RFC3986"/>
    <displayreference target="RFC3986" to="URI"/>
    <xi:include href=""/>

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