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RFC 7998, ""xml2rfc" Version 3 Preparation Tool Description", December 2016

Source of RFC: IAB

Errata ID: 7169
Status: Reported
Type: Technical
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: Carsten Bormann
Date Reported: 2022-10-16

Section 5.5.1 says:

   5.  If an <artwork> element has type='binary-art', the data needs to
       be in an "src" attribute with a URI scheme of "data:".  If the
       "src" URI scheme is "file:", "http:", or "https:", resolve the
       URL.  Replace the "src" attribute with a "data:" URI, and add an
       "originalSrc" attribute with the value of the URI.  For the
       "http:" and "https:" URI schemes, the mediatype of the "data:"
       URI will be the Content-Type of the HTTP response.  For the
       "file:" URI scheme, the mediatype of the "data:" URI needs to be
       guessed with heuristics (this is possibly a bad idea).  This also
       fails for content that includes binary images but uses a type
       other than "binary-art".  Note: since this feature can't be used
       for RFCs at the moment, this entire feature might be

It should say:

   5.  There is no step 5.


binary-art is an undefined concept in RFC799x. This paragraph appears to be a remnant of an earlier attempt to accommodate something called that way, but the process didn't even result in a complete sentence (and certainly not any semantics).
'binary-art' needs to be removed from RFC 7998 (and its apocryphal mention in RFC 7991) as its presence is actively confusing.

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