AUTH48 status of draft-ietf-core-target-attr-06 (RFC-to-be 9423)

This document is in AUTH48 state as of 2024-01-18. It has not yet been published as an RFC. The RFC Editor is awaiting approvals from the author(s) as shown below (and anyone else listed) before continuing the publication process.

Name Approved? Date of Approval
C. Bormann N  


2024-01-18: questions sent to the author. 2024-01-25: This document is on hold pending a fix for 2024-02-01: has been fixed, but there is still an issue re. subseries references that contain only one RFC. Please see; this document now awaits a fix for #1095. 2024-02-09: #1095 has been fixed, so asked the author to review the latest and approve if OK. 2024-02-12: #1095 didn't resolve the issue for this particular document. Now waiting for the fix for #1100 ( 2024-02-23: Fix for #1100 came in yesterday, but now there's an issue with broken citation strings in PDF output; see Author looked at the fix for #1100. Asked if the author wants to now wait for fix for #685. 2024-02-23: Author reply is "yes". Back to TI state, pending a fix for trouble ticket #685 (

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