AUTH48 status of draft-zern-webp-12 (RFC-to-be 9403)

This document is in AUTH48 state as of 2023-05-12. It has not yet been published as an RFC. The RFC Editor is awaiting approvals from the author(s) as shown below (and anyone else listed) before continuing the publication process.

Name Approved? Date of Approval
J. Zern N  
P. Massimino N  
J. Alakuijala N  
AD - M. Kucherawy N  


2023-05-12: questions sent to authors. 2023-05-12: updates received. 2023-05-22: updated files sent. sent reminder that 23 queries remain unaddressed. 2023-05-22: Note regarding delay of this document from James Zern: "I think realistically this may take a few weeks to work through and allow for other changes to be made in the libwebp repository, which is the source of this content." 2023-05-23: response to queries received with additional updates. 2023-05-25: additional updates received. 2023-05-26: updated files sent with follow-up queries. 2023-05-30: response received with additional updates. 2023-06-01: updated files sent. 2023-06-02: XML file received. updated files sent. 2023-06-02: XML file received with additional updates. 2023-06-05: updated files sent. AD approval requested. ------------------- Note for RFC Editor - IANA updates prior to pub: a) "Intended usage: COMMON” has been moved to the end of the registration, b) “Name:” and “Email:” has been removed from the "Person & email address to contact for further information”, “Author”, and “Change controller” categories, and c) “RFC 9403,” has been added to the "Security considerations" and "Interoperability considerations" categories.

Instructions to author(s):

Please see the AUTH48 notification email from the RFC Editor that contains a link to the edited document and other information. To send your approval or changes, please Reply All to that message.

When all approvals have been received, publication is imminent. Upon publication as an RFC, this AUTH48 status page will no longer be available.

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