Independent Submissions Editorial Board

The Independent Submissions Editorial Board (ISEB) provides reviews of independent submissions and offers advice to the Independent Submissions Editor (ISE). The volunteer ISEB exists at the pleasure of the ISE, and the members serve at the pleasure of the ISE. This group meets at IETF meetings, but most business is conducted by email.

The present composition of the board (in alphabetical order) is:

  • Harald Alvestrand
  • Scott Bradner
  • Nevil Brownlee
  • Richard Clayton
  • Aaron Falk
  • Adrian Farrel
  • Sharon Goldberg
  • Joel Halpern
  • Sue Hares
  • Ole Jacobsen
  • John Klensin
  • Subramanian Moonesamy (SM)
  • Kathleen Moriarty
  • Craig Partridge
  • Martin Thomson

The ISEB can be reached at

For background, the RFC Editorial Board was originally formed in September 2003 to provide a broad range of editorial advice on RFC Editor operations, and in particular, to provide substantial help with the task of reviewing independent submissions.

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