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Summary Statistics on queue states.

Format of Queue Entry:

  • Date Received by RFC Editor (yyyy/mm/dd)     Internet-Draft String
  • State Name
  • REF (list of normative references with status) [if any]
  • Document Author(s)
  • Document Title
  • Document size in Bytes (approximate)
  • Working Group [if any]


  • AUTH = Awaiting Author Action
  • AUTH48 = Awaiting final author approval
  • EDIT = Approved by the stream manager (e.g., IESG, IAB, IRSG, ISE), awaiting processing and publishing
  • I = Independent Submission
  • IANA = RFC-Editor/IANA Registration Coordination
  • IESG = Holding for IESG Action
  • ISR = Independent Submission Review by the ISE
  • ISR-AUTH = Independent Submission awaiting author update, or in discussion between author and ISE
  • REF = Holding for normative reference (followed by I-D string of referenced document)
  • RFC-EDITOR = Awaiting final rfc-editor review before AUTH48
  • TO = Time-out period during which the IESG reviews document for conflict/concurrence with other IETF working group work (followed by date)
  • MISSREF = Awaiting missing normative reference.

** For more detailed information on states, please see the RFC Editor Process Flow Chart.

IAB DOCUMENTS (by date received)

IESG DOCUMENTS (by date received)


2012-09-17	draft-ietf-idr-as0-06.txt
REF	draft-ietf-idr-error-handling	NOT-RECEIVED
W. Kumari, R. Bush, H. Schiller, K. Patel
Codification of AS 0 processing
Bytes: 12085
Working Group: Inter-Domain Routing

2012-12-21	draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-protocol-15.txt
REF	draft-ietf-nfsv4-rfc3530bis	NOT-RECEIVED
J. Lentini, R. Tewari, C. Lever, Ed.
NSDB Protocol for Federated Filesystems
Bytes: 125149
Working Group: Network File System Version 4

2012-12-21	draft-ietf-nfsv4-federated-fs-admin-15.txt
REF	draft-ietf-nfsv4-rfc3530bis	NOT-RECEIVED
J. Lentini, R. Tewari, C. Lever, Ed.
Administration Protocol for Federated Filesystems
Bytes: 76350
Working Group: Network File System Version 4

2013-01-16	draft-ietf-bliss-shared-appearances-15.txt
REF	draft-ietf-salud-alert-info-urns	NOT-RECEIVED
A. Johnston, Ed., M. Soroushnejad, V. Venkataramanan
Shared Appearances of a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Address of Record (AOR)
Bytes: 169950
Working Group: Basic Level of Interoperability for SIP Services

2013-01-24	draft-ietf-simple-chat-18.txt
REF	draft-ietf-precis-nickname	NOT-RECEIVED
A. Niemi, M. Garcia-Martin, G. Sandbakken
Multi-party Chat Using the Message Session Relay Protocol (MSRP)
Bytes: 99607
Working Group: SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions

2013-07-10	draft-ietf-appsawg-acct-uri-06.txt
REF	draft-ietf-precis-framework	NOT-RECEIVED
P. Saint-Andre
The 'acct' URI Scheme
Bytes: 18132
Working Group: Applications Area Working Group

2013-09-10	draft-ietf-alto-server-discovery-10.txt
S. Kiesel, M. Stiemerling, N. Schwan, M. Scharf, H. Song
ALTO Server Discovery
Bytes: 33415
Working Group: Application-Layer Traffic Optimization

2014-02-11	draft-ietf-mmusic-rfc2326bis-40.txt
REF	draft-ietf-avtcore-rtp-circuit-breakers	NOT-RECEIVED
	draft-ietf-mmusic-rtsp-nat	IN-QUEUE
H. Schulzrinne, A. Rao, R. Lanphier, M. Westerlund, M. Stiemerling, Ed.
Real Time Streaming Protocol 2.0 (RTSP)
Bytes: 764018
Working Group: Multiparty Multimedia Session Control

2014-06-11	draft-ietf-cuss-sip-uui-17.txt
REF	draft-ietf-cuss-sip-uui-isdn	NOT-RECEIVED
A. Johnston, J. Rafferty
A Mechanism for Transporting User to User Call Control Information in SIP
Bytes: 45043
Working Group: Call Control UUI Service for SIP

2014-07-14	draft-ietf-mmusic-rtsp-nat-22.txt
REF	draft-ietf-mmusic-rfc2326bis	IN-QUEUE
J. Goldberg, M. Westerlund, T. Zeng
A Network Address Translator (NAT) Traversal Mechanism for Media Controlled by Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
Bytes: 82697
Working Group: Multiparty Multimedia Session Control

2014-08-25	draft-ietf-xrblock-rtcp-xr-psi-decodability-07.txt
J. Tong, C. Bi, Ed., R. Even, Q. Wu, Ed., R. Huang
RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Extended Report (XR) Block for MPEG2 Transport Stream (TS) Program Specific Information (PSI) Decodability Statistics Metrics reporting
Bytes: 22101
Working Group: Metric Blocks for use with RTCPs Extended Report Framework

2014-08-28	draft-ietf-appsawg-nullmx-10.txt
REF	draft-klensin-smtp-521code	NOT-RECEIVED
J. Levine, M. Delany
A "Null MX" No Service Resource Record for Domains that Accept No Mail
Bytes: 13891
Working Group: Applications Area Working Group

2014-09-02	draft-ietf-ipsecme-ikev2-fragmentation-10.txt
V. Smyslov
IKEv2 Fragmentation
Bytes: 48043
Working Group: IP Security Maintenance and Extensions

2014-09-03	draft-ietf-netext-pmip-cp-up-separation-07.txt
R. Wakikawa, R. Pazhyannur, S. Gundavelli, C. Perkins
Separation of Control and User Plane for Proxy Mobile IPv6
Bytes: 25688
Working Group: Network-Based Mobility Extensions

2014-09-08	draft-ietf-6lo-lowpan-mib-04.txt
J. Schoenwaelder, A. Sehgal, T. Tsou, C. Zhou
Definition of Managed Objects for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs)
Bytes: 53457
Working Group: IPv6 over Networks of Resource-constrained Nodes

2014-09-11	draft-ietf-pwe3-mspw-er-06.txt
P. Dutta, M. Bocci, L. Martini
Explicit Path Routing for Dynamic Multi-Segment Pseudowires
Bytes: 20429
Working Group: Pseudowire Emulation Edge to Edge

2014-09-11	draft-ietf-forces-protoextension-06.txt
J. Hadi Salim
ForCES Protocol Extensions
Bytes: 49172
Working Group: Forwarding and Control Element Separation

2014-09-15	draft-ietf-forces-model-extension-05.txt
E. Haleplidis
ForCES Model Extension
Bytes: 62006
Working Group: Forwarding and Control Element Separation

2014-09-22	draft-ietf-6lo-ghc-05.txt
C. Bormann
6LoWPAN Generic Compression of Headers and Header-like Payloads (GHC)
Bytes: 46096
Working Group: IPv6 over Networks of Resource-constrained Nodes

2014-09-22	draft-ietf-xmpp-websocket-10.txt
L. Stout, Ed., J. Moffitt, E. Cestari
An XMPP Sub-protocol for WebSocket
Bytes: 36195
Working Group: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol

2014-09-22	draft-ietf-netmod-snmp-cfg-08.txt
M. Bjorklund, J. Schoenwaelder
A YANG Data Model for SNMP Configuration
Bytes: 140874
Working Group: NETCONF Data Modeling Language

2014-09-24	draft-ietf-hip-rfc5202-bis-07.txt
REF	draft-ietf-hip-rfc5201-bis	NOT-RECEIVED
P. Jokela, R. Moskowitz, J. Melen
Using the Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) Transport Format with the Host Identity Protocol (HIP)
Bytes: 87395
Working Group: Host Identity Protocol

2014-09-29	draft-ietf-trill-loss-delay-08.txt
REF	draft-ietf-trill-oam-fm	NOT-RECEIVED
T. Mizrahi, T. Senevirathne, S. Salam, D. Kumar, D. Eastlake 3rd
Loss and Delay Measurement in Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL)
Bytes: 67577
Working Group: Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links

2014-10-06	draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-ttl-tlv-10.txt
S. Boutros, S. Sivabalan, G. Swallow, S. Saxena, V. Manral, S. Aldrin
Definition of Time-to-Live TLV for LSP-Ping Mechanisms
Bytes: 15750
Working Group: Multiprotocol Label Switching

2014-10-09	draft-ietf-straw-sip-traceroute-03.txt
H. Kaplan
A Media-based Traceroute Function for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
Bytes: 16014
Working Group: Sip Traversal Required for Applications to Work

2014-10-13	draft-ietf-websec-key-pinning-21.txt
REF	I-D.josefsson-pkix-textual	NOT-RECEIVED
C. Evans, C. Palmer, R. Sleevi
Public Key Pinning Extension for HTTP
Bytes: 63079
Working Group: Web Security

2014-10-20	draft-ietf-soc-overload-rate-control-10.txt
E. Noel, P. Williams
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Rate Control
Bytes: 29955
Working Group: SIP Overload Control

2014-10-20	draft-ietf-l2vpn-evpn-11.txt
A. Sajassi, R. Aggarwal, N. Bitar, A. Isaac, J. Uttaro, J. Drake, W. Henderickx
BGP MPLS Based Ethernet VPN
Bytes: 131081
Working Group: Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks

2014-10-20	draft-ietf-appsawg-authres-ptypes-registry-04.txt
M. Kucherawy
A Property Types Registry for the Authentication-Results Header Field
Bytes: 10099
Working Group: Applications Area Working Group

2014-10-24	draft-ietf-geopriv-uncertainty-04.txt
M. Thomson, J. Winterbottom
Representation of Uncertainty and Confidence in PIDF-LO
Bytes: 79558
Working Group: Geographic Location/Privacy


2014-10-06	draft-kyzivat-case-sensitive-abnf-02.txt
P. Kyzivat
Case-Sensitive String Support in ABNF
Bytes: 6946


2012-09-25	draft-ietf-abfab-usecases-05.txt
REF	draft-ietf-abfab-arch	IN-QUEUE
R. Smith, Ed.
Application Bridging for Federated Access Beyond web (ABFAB) Use Cases
Bytes: 34892
Working Group: Application Bridging for Federated Access Beyond web

2014-01-23	draft-ietf-payload-rtp-howto-13.txt
REF	draft-ietf-avtcore-rtp-circuit-breakers	NOT-RECEIVED
M. Westerlund
How to Write an RTP Payload Format
Bytes: 159341
Working Group: Audio/Video Transport Payloads

2014-08-14	draft-ietf-sidr-cps-04.txt
S. Kent, D. Kong, K. Seo
Template for a Certification Practice Statement (CPS) for the Resource PKI (RPKI)
Bytes: 81573
Working Group: Secure Inter-Domain Routing

2014-08-18	draft-ietf-ecrit-trustworthy-location-14.txt
H. Tschofenig, H. Schulzrinne, B. Aboba, Ed.
Trustworthy Location
Bytes: 72516
Working Group: Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies

2014-08-21	draft-ietf-tcpm-tcp-rfc4614bis-08.txt
REF	draft-ietf-tcpm-fastopen	IN-QUEUE
M. Duke, R. Braden, W. Eddy, E. Blanton, A. Zimmermann
A Roadmap for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Specification Documents
Bytes: 120486
Working Group: TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions

2014-08-22	draft-ietf-abfab-arch-13.txt
REF	draft-ietf-abfab-aaa-saml	NOT-RECEIVED
	draft-ietf-radext-nai	NOT-RECEIVED
J. Howlett, S. Hartman, H. Tschofenig, E. Lear, J. Schaad
Application Bridging for Federated Access Beyond Web (ABFAB) Architecture
Bytes: 111749
Working Group: Application Bridging for Federated Access Beyond web

2014-09-17	draft-ietf-core-groupcomm-25.txt
A. Rahman, Ed., E. Dijk, Ed.
Group Communication for CoAP
Bytes: 130745
Working Group: Constrained RESTful Environments

2014-09-23	draft-ietf-dime-app-design-guide-28.txt
L. Morand, Ed., V. Fajardo, H. Tschofenig
Diameter Applications Design Guidelines
Bytes: 69828
Working Group: Diameter Maintenance and Extensions

2014-09-29	draft-ietf-opsec-lla-only-11.txt
M. Behringer, E. Vyncke
Using Only Link-Local Addressing Inside an IPv6 Network
Bytes: 23289
Working Group: Operational Security Capabilities for IP Network Infrastructure

2014-09-30	draft-ietf-tcpm-fastopen-10.txt
Y. Cheng, J. Chu, S. Radhakrishnan, A. Jain
TCP Fast Open
Bytes: 58506
Working Group: TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions

2014-10-06	draft-ietf-pce-questions-08.txt
A. Farrel, D. King
Unanswered Questions in the Path Computation Element Architecture
Bytes: 69960
Working Group: Path Computation Element

2014-10-09	draft-ietf-tsvwg-rsvp-pcn-11.txt
G. Karagiannis, A. Bhargava
Generic Aggregation of Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) for IPv4 And IPv6 Reservations over PCN domains
Bytes: 80532
Working Group: Transport Area Working Group

2014-10-09	draft-ietf-ippm-lmap-path-07.txt
M. Bagnulo, T. Burbridge, S. Crawford, P. Eardley, A. Morton
A Reference Path and Measurement Points for Large-Scale Measurement of Broadband Performance
Bytes: 35859
Working Group: IP Performance Metrics

2014-10-09	draft-ietf-ecrit-unauthenticated-access-10.txt
H. Schulzrinne, S. McCann, G. Bajko, H. Tschofenig, D. Kroeselberg
Extensions to the Emergency Services Architecture for dealing with Unauthenticated and Unauthorized Devices
Bytes: 50909
Working Group: Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies

2014-10-10	draft-ietf-forces-packet-parallelization-03.txt
REF	draft-ietf-forces-model-extension	IN-QUEUE
E. Haleplidis, J. Halpern
ForCES Packet Parallelization
Bytes: 53258
Working Group: Forwarding and Control Element Separation

2014-10-10	draft-ietf-roll-security-threats-11.txt
T. Tsao, R. Alexander, M. Dohler, V. Daza, A. Lozano, M. Richardson, Ed.
A Security Threat Analysis for Routing Protocol for Low-power and lossy networks (RPL)
Bytes: 92809
Working Group: Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks

2014-10-10	draft-ietf-mpls-smp-requirements-09.txt
Y. Weingarten, S. Aldrin, P. Pan, J. Ryoo, G. Mirsky
Requirements for MPLS-TP Shared Mesh Protection
Bytes: 33489
Working Group: Multiprotocol Label Switching

2014-10-14	draft-ietf-bfd-intervals-05.txt
N. Akiya, M. Binderberger, G. Mirsky
Common Interval Support in Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
Bytes: 18583
Working Group: Bidirectional Forwarding Detection

2014-10-20	draft-ietf-opsawg-large-flow-load-balancing-15.txt
R. Krishnan, L. Yong, A. Ghanwani, N. So, B. Khasnabish
Mechanisms for Optimizing LAG/ECMP Component Link Utilization in Networks
Bytes: 57400
Working Group: Operations and Management Area Working Group

2014-10-20	draft-ietf-multimob-fmipv6-pfmipv6-multicast-10.txt
T. Schmidt, Ed., M. Waehlisch, R. Koodli, G. Fairhurst, D. Liu
Multicast Listener Extensions for MIPv6 and PMIPv6 Fast Handovers
Bytes: 72016
Working Group: Multicast Mobility

2014-10-23	draft-irtf-sdnrg-layer-terminology-04.txt
E. Haleplidis, Ed., K. Pentikousis, Ed., S. Denazis, J. Salim, D. Meyer, O. Koufopavlou
SDN Layers and Architecture Terminology
Bytes: 82719
Working Group: 100VG-AnyLAN MIB

2014-10-23	draft-dawkins-irtf-newrg-05.txt
S. Dawkins, Ed.
An IRTF Primer for IETF Participants
Bytes: 14830
Working Group: IRTF


2014-06-18-I	draft-goix-appsawg-enum-acct-uri-07.txt
REF	draft-ietf-appsawg-acct-uri	IN-QUEUE
L. Goix, K. Li
ENUM Service Registration for acct URI
Bytes: 16836

2014-09-18-I	draft-gilger-smart-object-security-workshop-03.txt
J. Gilger, H. Tschofenig
Report from the 'Smart Object Security Workshop', March 23, 2012, Paris, France
Bytes: 51137

2014-09-22-I	draft-deng-pcp-ddns-06.txt
X. Deng, M. Boucadair, Q. Zhao, J. Huang, C. Zhou
Using Port Control Protocol (PCP) to update dynamic DNS
Bytes: 29297

2014-10-21-I	draft-thornburgh-rtmfp-flash-07.txt
M. Thornburgh
Adobe's RTMFP Profile for Flash Communication
Bytes: 103529

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