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RFC 3220, "IP Mobility Support for IPv4", January 2002

Note: This RFC has been obsoleted by RFC 3344

Source of RFC: mobileip (int)

Errata ID: 320
Status: Rejected
Type: Editorial
Publication Format(s) : TEXT

Reported By: "Charles E. Perkins"
Date Reported: 2002-04-23
Rejected by: Brian Haberman
Date Rejected: 2012-06-06

In Section (after current page 41), insert the following text:

   The Lifetime field is chosen as follows:

    -  If the mobile node is registering with a foreign agent, the
       Lifetime SHOULD NOT exceed the value in the Registration Lifetime
       field of the Agent Advertisement message received from the
       foreign agent.  When the method by which the care-of address is
       learned does not include a Lifetime, the default ICMP Router
       Advertisement Lifetime (1800 seconds) MAY be used.

    -  The mobile node MAY ask a home agent to delete a particular
       mobility binding, by sending a Registration Request with the
       care-of address for this binding, with the Lifetime field set to
       zero (Section 3.8.2).

    -  Similarly, a Lifetime of zero is used when the mobile node
       deregisters all care-of addresses, such as upon returning home.

   The Home Address field MUST be set to the mobile node's home address,
   if this information is known.  Otherwise, the Home Address MUST be
   set to zeroes.

   The Home Agent field MUST be set to the address of the mobile node's
   home agent, if the mobile node knows this address.  Otherwise, the
   mobile node MAY use dynamic home agent address resolution to learn
   the address of its home agent.  In this case, the mobile node MUST
   set the Home Agent field to the subnet-directed broadcast address
   of the mobile node's home network.  Each home agent receiving such
   a Registration Request with a broadcast destination address MUST
   reject the mobile node's registration and SHOULD return a rejection
   Registration Reply indicating its unicast IP address for use by the
   mobile node in a future registration attempt.

   The Care-of Address field MUST be set to the value of the particular
   care-of address that the mobile node wishes to (de)register.  In the
   special case in which a mobile node wishes to deregister all care-of
   addresses, it MUST set this field to its home address.

   The mobile node chooses the Identification field in accordance with
   the style of replay protection it uses with its home agent.  This is
   part of the mobility security association the mobile node shares with
   its home agent.  See Section 5.7 for the method by which the mobile
   node computes the Identification field. Extensions

   This section describes the ordering of any mandatory and any optional
   Extensions that a mobile node appends to a Registration Request.
   This following ordering MUST be followed:


RFC 3220 has been obsoleted by RFC 3344.

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