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RFC 9554HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLvCard Format Extensions for JSContactR. Stepanek, M. LoffredoMay 2024Updates RFC 6350Proposed Standard
RFC 9555HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLJSContact: Converting from and to vCardM. Loffredo, R. StepanekMay 2024Updates RFC 6350Proposed Standard
RFC 9553HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLJSContact: A JSON Representation of Contact DataR. Stepanek, M. LoffredoMay 2024    Proposed Standard
RFC 9562HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataUniversally Unique IDentifiers (UUIDs)K. Davis, B. Peabody, P. LeachMay 2024Errata, Obsoletes RFC 4122Proposed Standard
RFC 9560HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLFederated Authentication for the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Using OpenID ConnectS. HollenbeckApril 2024    Proposed Standard
RFC 9557HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDate and Time on the Internet: Timestamps with Additional InformationU. Sharma, C. BormannApril 2024Updates RFC 3339Proposed Standard
RFC 9536HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLRegistration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Reverse SearchM. Loffredo, M. MartinelliApril 2024    Proposed Standard
RFC 9537HTML, TEXT, PDF, XML, HTML with inline errataRedacted Fields in the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) ResponseJ. Gould, D. Smith, J. Kolker, R. CarneyMarch 2024ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 9535HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLJSONPath: Query Expressions for JSONS. Gössner, Ed., G. Normington, Ed., C. Bormann, Ed.February 2024    Proposed Standard
RFC 9475HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLMessaging Use Cases and Extensions for Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR)J. Peterson, C. WendtDecember 2023    Proposed Standard
RFC 9485HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLI-Regexp: An Interoperable Regular Expression FormatC. Bormann, T. BrayOctober 2023    Proposed Standard
RFC 9404HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLJSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP) Blob Management ExtensionB. Gondwana, Ed.August 2023Updates RFC 8620Proposed Standard
RFC 9410HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLHandling of Identity Header Errors for Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR)C. WendtJuly 2023    Proposed Standard
RFC 9409HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLThe 'sip-trunking-capability' Link Relation TypeK. Inamdar, S. Narayanan, D. Engi, G. SalgueiroJuly 2023    Informational
RFC 9122HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIANA Registry for Sieve ActionsA. Melnikov, K. MurchisonJune 2023    Proposed Standard
RFC 9425HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLJSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP) for QuotasR. Cordier, Ed.June 2023    Proposed Standard
RFC 9394HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLIMAP PARTIAL Extension for Paged SEARCH and FETCHA. Melnikov, A. P. Achuthan, V. Nagulakonda, L. AlvesJune 2023Updates RFC 4731, RFC 5267Proposed Standard
RFC 9366HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLMultiple SIP Reason Header Field ValuesR. SparksMarch 2023Updates RFC 3326Proposed Standard
RFC 9277HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLOn Stable Storage for Items in Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR)M. Richardson, C. BormannAugust 2022ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 9253HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLSupport for iCalendar RelationshipsM. DouglassAugust 2022Updates RFC 5545Proposed Standard
RFC 9248HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLInteroperability Profile for Relay User EquipmentB. RosenJune 2022    Proposed Standard
RFC 9239HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLUpdates to ECMAScript Media TypesM. Miller, M. Borins, M. Bynens, B. FariasMay 2022Obsoletes RFC 4329Informational
RFC 9185HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLDTLS Tunnel between a Media Distributor and Key Distributor to Facilitate Key ExchangeP. Jones, P. Ellenbogen, N. OhlmeierApril 2022    Informational
RFC 9219HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLS/MIME Signature Verification Extension to the JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP)A. MelnikovApril 2022    Proposed Standard
RFC 9224 part of STD 95

HTML, TEXT, PDF, XMLFinding the Authoritative Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) ServiceM. BlanchetMarch 2022Obsoletes RFC 7484Internet Standard