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Attendees: Heather, Sandy, Alice, Robert, Alissa, Allison RFC Editor - Stream Manager call Friday, 8 February 2018 @ 09:00-10:00 UTC-8 Action items:

20190208-00 - Heather to create a page on the RSE wiki to hold public copies of stream manager meeting notes

20190208-01 - Heather to take proposal process around creating/changing the SLA to the RSOC

0. Agenda bash

1. Administrivia

  • Changes to the stream manager meeting structure - While meetings started informally, this needs to be moved to a structured format. This call will now have published notes. We will create a site off the RFC Editor web page (or the wiki) to describe the group and store the notes for public visibility.
  • Documenting the process by which the SLA is changed - Would the IANA process apply to the RPC/Publisher? Right now, Michelle publishes this once a year, proposing any changes (or not), then incorporates comments, and then there’s a formal sign off process. We’d have some variation since there are more groups involved. The RSOC would be the group is the home for figuring this out, but the stream managers are the customers that need to validate whether or not any SLA changes meets their needs. If we want to publish an update to the RFC Editor model (6635bis-bis) we can do that. Heather to take this to the RSOC for discussion.
  • Meeting scheduling - Having them quarterly (between IETF meetings) works; we can adjust as needed if there are hot topics. Aim for the next one after the IAB/IESG retreat(s) this spring.

2. RPC Operations and RSE Info

  • SLA and Queue-related update - See - We don’t know what Tier the RPC will end up at by the end of Q1. There is a small surge likely due to the annual IESG turnover. Also, Adam Roach has indicated that C238 (biggest cluster ever) is expected to come through before IETF 104 (and so in this quarter). The RPC is also in progress of trying to bring a new editor on if possible; that will be difficult to do while also handling the doc surge.
  • RSE’s Outreach activities
    • Fifty Years of RFCs - talking to Greg Wood about some possibilities here. It’s a great marketing opportunity, but Allison points out that we need to be careful of the spin - is being a 50 year old tech dynamo actually a good thing, or are we really a dinosaur? Alissa points out that if we do a look back, we need to also do a look forward about new, exciting, promising things in the future.
    • Historical record - See the RFC Editor liaison report for February to the IAB re: RFC32. Robert suggests considering a one time archival note that just describes what happened rather than try to republish.

3. Format

  • Status and next steps
    • Testing: The RPC has signed off on their tests; the next step is to work with the Tools team and the community for broader testing and feedback. Heather is working on scheduling a meeting with Russ Housley and Robert Sparks to discuss.
    • PDF/A-3: Callas Software, a partner of Adobe and one of the few vendors that can create PDF/A-3 documents, is willing to donate their software to the RFC Editor. Heather will be verifying that the output of their tools is visually identical to the PDF created by xml2rfc v3.
    • Datatracker: Tools team is working on having v3 docs accepted in the ID repository. Probably won’t have that done before IETF 104. Expect shortly after Prague. One of the key changes is to allow the prep tool to take the SVG that was external and brings it into the file and yet still be editable. The submission tool will ask for the output of prep tool. (Alissa asks Robert to send a note to the IESG about the timing; he’ll do this after the Tools call on Tuesday)
    • Tutorial: Do we need broader messaging? Yes, that’s the conversation Heather will have with Russ and Robert. Alice states the tutorial will be “how to make use of the new features”. Given it’s recorded, Alissa suggests that there be at least a short section re: what to expect with format change/overview to frame it.

4. Stream updates

  • Independent Stream - see email from Adrian; submissions are steady, but there are a small flurry of drafts arriving recently. Probably not alarming; they tend to come in bunches. There is an appeal that begins with the Independent Stream, but which is probably about something else. That’s being handled by the IAB now.
  • IAB - Usual small number of IAB generated document in the queue. Output of the IASA2 work includes a set of documents that will come through the IAB stream; they are in WGLC and the WG have asked the IAB to accept them in the stream. Some back and forth on this. Expect this to hit the RPC in a chunk later.
  • IETF - surges and C238. Conclusion of Updates and Updated by posted to IETF list. Result is no conclusion, but possibly future work for something like an FYI relationship. Also in discussion, tomb stoning an I-D to help figure out the status of work brought into the IETF but abandoned for some reason or another.
  • IRTF - Allison will be stepping down as IRTF chair, and successor will be taking over before the next call. Expect 1-2 more docs in the IRTF stream before she goes.

5. AOB

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