November 2013 -- Highlights

A new page, "RFC Status Changes", has been released that lists the RFCs whose statuses have changed since publication. The list indicates the date of the status change and links to the Document or Protocol Action or the RFC requesting the change are provided where possible.

In addition, the RFC Editor is retiring the practice of publishing RFCs xx99, the Request for Comments Summary for RFC Numbers xx00-xx99 because this information is readily available online (e.g., search results). RFC numbers typically reserved for these documents (i.e., numbers ending with 99) may be assigned to future RFCs. See the message to the IETF Announce list and the discussion on the RFC Interest list for more information (October and November mail).

March 2013 -- Highlights

On 14 March 2013, the IAB approved for publication the RFC Series Format Requirements and Future Development draft. This document sets the current requirements and direction for the format of RFCs and indicates that there will be changes forthcoming to both the traditional 100% ASCII format as well as to the RFC Style Guide.

January 2013 -- Highlights

2012 was a intense year of progress and change for the RFC Editor. With a new RFC Series Editor, a revival of the RFC Format discussion, several changes to the RFC Editor website, the beta rollout of a new search page, and 338 RFCs published, the RFC Editor is picking up the pace for an even more intense 2013. 2013 starts with final comments being received on the RFC Format Requirements draft and ramp up of the work on the Style Guide.

September 2012 -- Highlights

The RFC Series Format Development draft describing the requirements for changes in the format for RFCs has been posted. Discussions regarding the requirements will ooccur on the rfc-interest mailing list and at a BoF at IETF #85.

February 2012 -- Highlights

The focus this month, updating information on Copyright. See RFC Copyrights & IPR and RFC Editor Guidelines and Procedures.

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