RFC Editor: 12 Recent RFCs

NumberTitleAuthor or EdDateFormatMore Info (Obs and Upd)Status
RFC7090Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) CallbackH. Schulzrinne, H. Tschofenig, C. Holmberg, M. PatelApril 2014ASCII   PROPOSED STANDARD
RFC7155Diameter Network Access Server ApplicationG. Zorn, Ed.April 2014ASCIIObsoletes RFC4005PROPOSED STANDARD
RFC7156Diameter Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6 Localized RoutingG. Zorn, Q. Wu, J. KorhonenApril 2014ASCII   PROPOSED STANDARD
RFC7160Support for Multiple Clock Rates in an RTP SessionM. Petit-Huguenin, G. Zorn, Ed.April 2014ASCII   PROPOSED STANDARD
RFC7165Use Cases and Requirements for JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE)R. BarnesApril 2014ASCII   INFORMATIONAL
RFC7203An Incident Object Description Exchange Format (IODEF) Extension for Structured Cybersecurity InformationT. Takahashi, K. Landfield, Y. KadobayashiApril 2014ASCII   PROPOSED STANDARD
RFC7204Requirements for Labeled NFST. HaynesApril 2014ASCII   INFORMATIONAL
RFC7205Use Cases for Telepresence MultistreamsA. Romanow, S. Botzko, M. Duckworth, R. Even, Ed.April 2014ASCII   INFORMATIONAL
RFC7207A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for Eurosystem MessagingM. Ortseifen, G. DickfeldApril 2014ASCII   INFORMATIONAL
RFC7210Database of Long-Lived Symmetric Cryptographic KeysR. Housley, T. Polk, S. Hartman, D. ZhangApril 2014ASCII   PROPOSED STANDARD
RFC7215Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP) Network Element Deployment ConsiderationsL. Jakab, A. Cabellos-Aparicio, F. Coras, J. Domingo-Pascual, D. LewisApril 2014ASCII   EXPERIMENTAL
RFC7218Adding Acronyms to Simplify Conversations about DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE)O. GudmundssonApril 2014ASCII   PROPOSED STANDARD

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