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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 3164ASCII, PDF, HTML The BSD Syslog Protocol C. LonvickAugust 2001Obsoleted by RFC 5424Informational
RFC 3195ASCII, PDF, HTML Reliable Delivery for syslog D. New, M. RoseNovember 2001    Proposed Standard
RFC 5424ASCII, PDF, HTMLThe Syslog ProtocolR. GerhardsMarch 2009Errata, Obsoletes RFC 3164Proposed Standard
RFC 5425ASCII, PDF, HTMLTransport Layer Security (TLS) Transport Mapping for SyslogF. Miao, Ed., Y. Ma, Ed., J. Salowey, Ed.March 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5426ASCII, PDF, HTMLTransmission of Syslog Messages over UDPA. OkmianskiMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5427ASCII, PDF, HTMLTextual Conventions for Syslog ManagementG. KeeniMarch 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5674ASCII, PDF, HTMLAlarms in SyslogS. Chisholm, R. GerhardsOctober 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5675ASCII, PDF, HTMLMapping Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Notifications to SYSLOG MessagesV. Marinov, J. SchoenwaelderOctober 2009    Proposed Standard
RFC 5676ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errataDefinitions of Managed Objects for Mapping SYSLOG Messages to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) NotificationsJ. Schoenwaelder, A. Clemm, A. KarmakarOctober 2009ErrataProposed Standard
RFC 5848ASCII, PDF, HTMLSigned Syslog MessagesJ. Kelsey, J. Callas, A. ClemmMay 2010    Proposed Standard
RFC 6012ASCII, PDF, HTMLDatagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) Transport Mapping for SyslogJ. Salowey, T. Petch, R. Gerhards, H. FengOctober 2010Updated by RFC 8996Proposed Standard
RFC 6587ASCII, PDF, HTMLTransmission of Syslog Messages over TCPR. Gerhards, C. LonvickApril 2012    Historic