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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 1299ASCII, PDF, HTML Summary of 1200-1299 M. KennedyJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1399ASCII, PDF, HTML Summary of 1300-1399 J. ElliottJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1499ASCII, PDF, HTML Summary of 1400-1499 J. ElliottJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1599ASCII, PDF, HTML Summary of 1500-1599 M. KennedyJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1699ASCII, PDF, HTML Summary of 1600-1699 J. ElliottJanuary 1997    Informational
RFC 1736ASCII, PDF, HTML Functional Recommendations for Internet Resource Locators J. KunzeFebruary 1995    Informational
RFC 1742ASCII, PDF, HTML AppleTalk Management Information Base II S. Waldbusser, K. FrisaJanuary 1995Obsoletes RFC 1243Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 1747ASCII, PDF, HTML Definitions of Managed Objects for SNA Data Link Control (SDLC) using SMIv2 J. Hilgeman, S. Nix, A. Bartky, W. Clark, Ed.January 1995    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 1752ASCII, PDF, HTML The Recommendation for the IP Next Generation Protocol S. Bradner, A. MankinJanuary 1995    Proposed Standard
RFC 1754ASCII, PDF, HTML IP over ATM Working Group's Recommendations for the ATM Forum's Multiprotocol BOF Version 1 M. LaubachJanuary 1995    Informational
RFC 1755ASCII, PDF, HTML ATM Signaling Support for IP over ATM M. Perez, F. Liaw, A. Mankin, E. Hoffman, D. Grossman, A. MalisFebruary 1995    Proposed Standard
RFC 1756ASCII, PDF, HTML Remote Write Protocol - Version 1.0 T. RinneJanuary 1995    Experimental
RFC 1757ASCII, PDF, HTML Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base S. WaldbusserFebruary 1995Obsoletes RFC 1271, Obsoleted by RFC 2819Draft Standard
RFC 1758ASCII, PDF, HTML NADF Standing Documents: A Brief Overview The North American Directory ForumFebruary 1995Obsoletes RFC 1417Informational
RFC 1759ASCII, PDF, HTML Printer MIB R. Smith, F. Wright, T. Hastings, S. Zilles, J. GyllenskogMarch 1995Obsoleted by RFC 3805Proposed Standard
RFC 1760ASCII, PDF, HTML The S/KEY One-Time Password System N. HallerFebruary 1995ErrataInformational
RFC 1761ASCII, PDF, HTML Snoop Version 2 Packet Capture File Format B. Callaghan, R. GilliganFebruary 1995    Informational
RFC 1762ASCII, PDF, HTML The PPP DECnet Phase IV Control Protocol (DNCP) S. SenumMarch 1995Obsoletes RFC 1376Draft Standard
RFC 1763ASCII, PDF, HTML The PPP Banyan Vines Control Protocol (BVCP) S. SenumMarch 1995    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 1764ASCII, PDF, HTML The PPP XNS IDP Control Protocol (XNSCP) S. SenumMarch 1995    Historic (changed from Proposed Standard March 2006)
RFC 1765ASCII, PDF, HTML OSPF Database Overflow J. MoyMarch 1995    Experimental
RFC 1766ASCII, PDF, HTML Tags for the Identification of Languages H. AlvestrandMarch 1995Obsoleted by RFC 3066, RFC 3282Proposed Standard
RFC 1767ASCII, PDF, HTML MIME Encapsulation of EDI Objects D. CrockerMarch 1995    Proposed Standard
RFC 1768ASCII, PDF, HTML Host Group Extensions for CLNP Multicasting D. MarlowMarch 1995    Experimental
RFC 1769ASCII, PDF, HTML Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) D. MillsMarch 1995Obsoletes RFC 1361, Obsoleted by RFC 2030, RFC 4330Informational