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NumberFilesTitleAuthorsDateMore InfoStatus
RFC 698ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet extended ASCII option T. MockJuly 1975Obsoleted by RFC 5198Proposed Standard
RFC 726ASCII, PDF, HTML Remote Controlled Transmission and Echoing Telnet option J. Postel, D. CrockerMarch 1977    Proposed Standard
RFC 727ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet logout option M.R. CrispinApril 1977    Proposed Standard
RFC 736ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet SUPDUP option M.R. CrispinOctober 1977    Proposed Standard
RFC 735ASCII, PDF, HTML Revised Telnet byte macro option D. Crocker, R.H. GumpertzNovember 1977Obsoletes RFC 729Proposed Standard
RFC 749ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet SUPDUP-Output option B. GreenbergSeptember 1978    Proposed Standard
RFC 779ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet send-location option E. KillianApril 1981    Proposed Standard
RFC 885ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet end of record option J. PostelDecember 1983    Proposed Standard
RFC 927ASCII, PDF, HTML TACACS user identification Telnet option B.A. AndersonDecember 1984    Proposed Standard
RFC 933ASCII, PDF, HTML Output marking Telnet option S. SilvermanJanuary 1985    Proposed Standard
RFC 946ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet terminal location number option R. NedvedMay 1985    Proposed Standard
RFC 977ASCII, PDF, HTML Network News Transfer Protocol B. Kantor, P. LapsleyFebruary 1986Obsoleted by RFC 3977Proposed Standard
RFC 1043ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Data Entry Terminal option: DODIIS implementation A. Yasuda, T. ThompsonFebruary 1988Updates RFC 732Proposed Standard
RFC 1073ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet window size option D. WaitzmanOctober 1988    Proposed Standard
RFC 1079ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet terminal speed option C.L. HedrickDecember 1988    Proposed Standard
RFC 1091ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet terminal-type option J. VanBokkelenFebruary 1989Obsoletes RFC 930Proposed Standard
RFC 1096ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet X display location option G.A. MarcyMarch 1989    Proposed Standard
RFC 1116ASCII, PDF, HTML Telnet Linemode option D.A. BormanAugust 1989Obsoleted by RFC 1184Proposed Standard
RFC 1131ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTML OSPF specification J. MoyOctober 1989Obsoleted by RFC 1247Proposed Standard
RFC 1134ASCII, PDF, HTML Point-to-Point Protocol: A proposal for multi-protocol transmission of datagrams over Point-to-Point links D. PerkinsNovember 1989Obsoleted by RFC 1171Proposed Standard
RFC 1139ASCII, PDF, HTML Echo function for ISO 8473 R.A. HagensJanuary 1990Obsoleted by RFC 1574, RFC 1575Proposed Standard
RFC 1144ASCII, PDF, PS, PDF with Images, HTMLCompressing TCP/IP Headers for Low-Speed Serial LinksV. JacobsonFebruary 1990    Proposed Standard
RFC 1158ASCII, PDF, HTML, HTML with inline errata Management Information Base for network management of TCP/IP-based internets: MIB-II M.T. RoseMay 1990Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 1213Proposed Standard
RFC 1172ASCII, PDF, HTML Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) initial configuration options D. Perkins, R. HobbyJuly 1990Errata, Obsoleted by RFC 1331, RFC 1332Proposed Standard
RFC 1195ASCII, PDF, PDF with Images, PS Use of OSI IS-IS for routing in TCP/IP and dual environments R. CallonDecember 1990Errata, Updated by RFC 1349, RFC 5302, RFC 5304Proposed Standard